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Megan Skye Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Submission an bliss

Megan Skye, sexy, horny, extremely sweet and soft spoken brunet was more than intrigued when she found out what my sessions are all about. The idea of just letting herself go while under control of a complete stranger, seemed arousing and interesting. Unfortunately we did experience a few technical problems that afternoon, like a short power outage and some camera/tape problems. I am not sure why but when I transferred the raw footage into my computer, I saw that there was a part missing and that a couple of the segments showed dropped frames. Now for the good news, the missing part seems to only be about 20 min and the few dropped frames are hardly noticeable. All right, here we go. Megan, as mentioned, is a very sweet young girl and the fact that she is submissive by nature makes her absolutely lovable and lot's of fun to play with. Enjoy.

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Megan Skye Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Please entrance me master

As mentioned, we lost some of the footage and this segment starts about 15 to 20 minutes into the session (after the initial induction) Megan's beautiful green eyes are focused on the blue light I am holding while taking her deeper. She slowly repeats, please entrance me master, while her eyes seem to become more and more dim. I have her stand up and assume the sleepwalker/zombie position while she is still repeating the mantra. Time to take her slowly into orgasmic bliss and with that, open and receptive for more programming. Now the repetitions of, please entrance me master, turn her on and increase her lust with every repetition until all she wants is to cum for me. Megan's mouth starts to quiver, her body wobbles and I can feel that she is close but before she has a chance to orgasm, she is send back into mindless obedience by the "waving hand." Megan ends up crawling on all four while feeling helplessly fucked and orgasmed at the snap of my fingers. I am here to obey you master.



Megan Skye Clip Three  
Feel that you are controlled

Learn and feel that you are a love slave

This next segment shows Megan being taken from mindless bliss to orgasmic heights. Her beautiful body is posed and her mouth opened while she just stands there in mindless bliss. Tears from staring into nothingness roll down her face without her even realizing it while her big green eyes are focused on my finger. Of course there is a lot of orgasm training and programming going on as well. Place on all four, she is made to feel fucked and used from behind while masturbating for her master. Her mind is taken again by the "laser" while her hands start to pleasure her pussy as if they had a mind of their own. In short, Megan learns that she has no control over her body and... I am cuming for you master.



Megan Skye Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
It feels so wonderful to please you master

Megan is orgasmed at will as she just stands there. She keeps screaming, I am cuming for you master. Again, I decide to take her deeper before having her bend over the couch for more training. With her round ass pushed out at me, Megan masturbates herself to orgasm for me while screaming, I am cuming for you master. I can feel how much our little girl wants to please me and show me that she is turned on by everything I make her do or say. Next comes the part for our foot lovers. Megan is suddenly intensely aroused by showing me her feet from every angle. The idea that I might be turned on by her feet and that she is pleasing me with them, drives her nuts. She starts begging me to touch them. She keeps repeating, it feels so wonderful to please you master. Her hands are forced between her legs again while she is desperately awaiting my touch on her feet.



Megan Skye Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to sleep for you master

I am in deep trance for you master, thank you for training me.

Finally, Megan is allowed to feel my touch on her feet which makes her instantaneously orgasm. The second the laser beam hits her forehead she drops back into mindless stillness. Now it is time for some "nipple/breast" training. Megan learns that her nipples are just as sensitive as her clit and that she can feel the same sensation she would feel between her legs, by simply touching and caressing her tits. Back into mindlessness and the repetition of another mantra. I am in deep trance for you master. Megan is placed on the couch for more "breast induced" orgasm training before she finds out how intense it feels to have her breathing controlled while being driven to cum on command. Looks like it is time to send her exhausted little body to sleep for more programming...



Megan Skye Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Unruly maid in training

I love being under your hypnotic control master

What do you do with maids who have an attitude and don't believe that hypnosis works. It is quite simple, you adjust them and with that, turn them into horny and quite mindless slaves.

The above described is exactly what happens to our maid who has no compassion and or understanding for her employers messy teenage son. In fact, she berates the poor young guy for being messy and for keeping his room in the kind of shape it is in. Guess who the poor young guy is. Of course she is not willing to fool around with him either which is really too bad because it was always his dream to learn from an older girl like her.

I think we all know what he wants to learn from her. At some point her attitude becomes just too much for him to handle and he decides to show her the beautiful RING he bought for her. Needless to say, she thinks the ring is big and ugly but that does not help her escape the effect it has on her as soon as she twists the top part of the monstrosity.



Megan Skye Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
What did you do to me

Power extraction initiated

Our, not so, unruly maid slowly wakes up and as expected, she is not only confused but also a bit upset about what might have just happened. Although she cannot seem to put it all together, she does seem to believe that I had something to do with the fact that she finds herself almost naked in my bed. Oh well, let's take her attention off the subject and talk about another favorite of mine, which is the robot game. You know the one where young and unsuspecting girls are turned into obedient robots. Of course she does not want to play that game either but then she remembers the ring which is still on her finger. What can I say, the second she looks at it, she is gone again.

After taking her mind, will and thoughts, I begin the programming of my new toy. I am robot Megan. I think it is time for her to finally clean up the room, after all, robots are designed to work and please. Robot walk and talk, repetition of orders, yes masters, extraction of power leading to immobilization, adjusted orgasm settings, masturbation, disrupted orgasms and salutation. Needless to say, we have to make her aware of her situation at some point but the problem is that by then she is...



Megan Skye Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Halloween nurse in trouble

This next segment is about a cleaning lady who would rather be a nurse and ends up as an obedient foot slave who has to learn to please her master. Thinking that she is all by herself she parades around in one of the hospital rooms while checking out all "stuff" that is so foreign to her. Unfortunately for her though, she gets caught by one of the doctor's (yes that would be me) who just cannot seem to believe that she really is one of the hospital nurses. Needless to say, she tries to LIE herself out of this one and being the nice guy that I am, I go along with it, at least for now. The second I leave the room, our cute and very sexy nurse keeps checking out the medical instruments and that is when it happens. Somehow, she finds the syringe and a couple of seconds later, she is in deep mindless trance. (you have to see what she does with it) I warned you honey. Anyway, now she is ready to learn to please her master by offering her feet to him. Slow and seductive Foot worship, entrancement, strip and mindless lust.



Megan Skye Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen foot slave

Our wane be nurse slowly wakes up frozen and helpless. Her eyes widen when I mention that she has become my personal foot slave and that I can orgasm her anytime, simply by touching her feet. Somehow she does not seem to believe me but that changes quickly when I touch her feet. Time to send her back into mindless lust with a swift move of the "waving hand" trick. Megan is becoming increasingly aroused by the idea that worshipping and offering me her feet, is pleasing her master. She starts begging me to look at her feet and to touch them. I have her slowly take off those hot stockings before...


Megan Skye Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
No please, oh yes, oh yes, oh..

Megan, our sexy nurse impostor wakes up again and believe it or not, she does (at least somewhat) agree with the doctor that she needs to be punished for what she did. Of course she did not anticipate that her punishment would be a severe which was a big mistake. All of a sudden she squirms and begs under my special tickle and freeze torture which is of course hands free and only applied through the mind. As I always say, I love the power of suggestion. Poor thing squirms and begs, freezes up mindlessly while being played with and eventually succumbs to an unwanted yet unstoppable orgasm on the good doctor's count of three. Eye checks



Megan Skye Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

I like your stamina and endurance  

At the snap of my fingers

Megan believes to be talking to her stern boss about getting a long and well deserved raise. Needless to say, she tries her best to convince her boss to give her more money and she does mention a few good reasons why she should get it. Unfortunately for her though, she does not seem to be able to stay awake. Of course she tries her best not to yawn in front of him but sooner or later she loses her futile fight against the impending sleep.

I guess, some people are just not well prepared. Anyway, upon awakening, she now believes that I called her into my office to actually give her a raise. I can understand that she is happy when she hears about the raise but why on earth does she have to take off her top in front of the boss. Things get even worse (for her) when she drops back into deep sleep in the middle of our conversation about the effects of hypnosis on developing stamina and endurance. Poor thing is very confused after this one which is why I decided to... 


Megan Skye Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I love to work long hours, really

Megan, our eager young secretary slowly wakes up and believe it or not, now she starts to masturbate in front of her married boss. I know, it is quite embarrassing. Anyway, she does not even get herself to fully cum because, for some weird reason, she falls asleep again (quick and hard). Up and very apologetic, she now tries to make me see how professional she is but in the same sentence, she starts to chase the laser light as if nothing else is more important than that. Maybe I should give the raise to somebody else. Let's put her back to sleep so the begging finally stops. Megan's day does not get any better when she wakes up with a very hard orgasm, here again, in front of her married boss. Oh no, now she is chasing the laser again, just like a little kitten. Sleep.


Megan Skye Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
A little bit of everything

This last segment shows our eager secretary being frozen in the middle of her trying to show me how energetic she is, being turned into an obedient robot who has no other desire then to please her master and finally turned into a timid slave girl who sure does not need a raise. Needless to say, there is a lot of stuff going on along the way, like our conversation about what I do and how it would not ever work on her. Megan does not sound quite so convinced anymore by the time she realizes her hand/finger is frozen in her mouth while her other hand masturbates her wet pussy without her being able to do anything about it. Of course she is rendered mindless by the "waving hand trick" a few times which stops her orgasm (right in the middle) her constant talking and her, not needed, mind. Watching her say, no master, robots do not need a raise, is definitely fun. BTW, slaves don't need raises as well. Fun segment with too many details to list them all.



Megan Skye Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not glit...chy, glitchy glit..glit ...ch

The second I opened the door, I knew something was wrong, yet again. The horrible smell of burned wires and circuits was in the air and nobody was there to greet me. Sure enough, there she was, just standing there frozen in the middle of the living room with a broom in her hand and no sign of life in her eyes. Dam honey, what did you do this time? It did not take me long to jump start her again an as usual she denies having done anything wrong. She keeps going on and on about all the cleaning, washing, dusting and what ever else she did but it is quite obvious that she is not all there.

One look around the room and I knew what had happened. Mr. Happy, her favorite battery operated companion was sitting on the couch and just as last time, she must have overdone it again. Of course she knew that she was not supposed to play with herself when I am not around but does she ever listen. Maybe I should have been a bit firmer with her but I just could never stay angry with her for too long. Sure enough, she tries to get out of her predicament by offering me sex and by telling me that she did it only because she got so horny thinking of me. Well, what can I say, besides being "glitchy" she seemed to be ok and it seemed easy enough to fix her and then have some fun with her.

After exchanging a few circuits and a couple of wires, my horny little toy seems perfectly fine and she passes all my tests with flying colors. Maybe it was too early to have her masturbate and play with Mr. Happy and yes her malfunction in the middle of her orgasm should have made me call in the professionals but then again, I was broke and very horny.


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