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Megan Sweetz Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Feel without consequence

Megan Sweets, beautiful sexy and incredibly cute blond was an absolute delight to "play" with. Sweet, sexy, intelligent and naturally submissive would probably describe her best. Megan is yet another one of my girls who makes you want to take her in your arms and then do all kinds of, let's call it, fun things to and with her, which is exactly what I did that afternoon at our studio. Enjoy her screaming hard surrender, her stiffly frozen body, her feet, her stares and rolling eyes and so much more.

Slow closing eyes after following the movement of the watch. Slow close ups of her body, feet and so on.

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Megan Sweetz Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Second lesson in pleasing your master

Good little girls cum hard

Megan learns that it is not about her pleasure as much as it is about pleasing her master. It does not take long for her young body to quiver and shake under my suggestions. As soon as she feels helplessly penetrated and used, her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams. Needless to say, she has to wait until she is finally ordered to orgasm as her sign of her obedience. Looks like we need to take her back into mindless stillness. Her eyes are fixated on the light and I can feel how she slowly drops into stillness with her eyes wide open. I wave my hand in front of her eyes just to make sure that there is nobody home. Let's take a closer look at her sexy young body, shall we?



Megan Sweetz Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Third Lesson in pleasing your master

My body is here to be enjoyed by my master

I am cuming for you master

I am here to be trained by my master

Here Megan is learning that being close to orgasm does not always mean she is allowed to cum. I decided to take her close to orgasm a few times throughout the segment and instead of letting her cum, I drop her back into mindless stillness. Of course there are still a few orgasms she is allowed to feel, particularly when she is on all four on the couch (great close ups of her ass and feet) Of course there is more as Megan is made to feel fucked (while standing up) like never before in her life. She keeps screaming, you are my master, which eventually makes her cum hard. Zombie pose, slow repetitions of mantra, stares, yes masters, screaming hard orgasm training, some crawling. I am cuming for you master



Megan Sweetz Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Fourth Lesson in pleasing your master

I am my masters possession

I am just an object of my master's desire

This next segment has a whole lot going on, everything from crawling, rolling eyes, intense stares, mindless posing, kneeling, nipple torture, Foot worship while she is aware as well as when she is rendered dim and mindless, bend over ass out masturbation, orgasm slave training and soooo much more. As mentioned, there is too much to describe to list it all. Megan goes from denied orgasms, interrupted orgasms to the most extreme hard orgasms in her young life. She is dropped into mindless obedience while her feet are checked out and inspected and, and, and.



Megan Sweetz Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Fifth lesson in pleasing your master

I am only here to please you master

I am a sex slave and you are my master

I surrender to you master

Let's take a look at Megan's final surrender. Our little girl is wet and horny from before and now she learns that her master can take all of her strength and energy until she while she is going through a series of intense breath controlled orgasm. Megan's quivering and shaking body slowly goes down as all strength is sucked out of her. I have to say, it takes her a bit to give it all up but eventually, the quivering subsides and her body remains limp. Time to perform a few eye checks, orgasm her while holding her eyes open, play with her neck and limp body.




Megan Sweetz Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Sixth Lesson in pleasing your master

All men suck!

Megan, a bratty little school girl who is also made to believe to be my stepdaughter, is yet again skipping school. What makes it even worse is the fact that she is snooping around in my study. I can't tell you all her snooty remarks and the way she tries to explain why she is not in school but it all boils down to her needing a pen. Well, I can certainly help her with that, after all, I have this very "special" pen with the fast rotating fan on top. I guess you know by now where this is going, right? Sure enough, my bratty little girl entrances herself and now she is ready for some serious attitude adjustment which includes but is not limited to, Hitachi masturbation as ordered, denied orgasm training, kneeling, stripping, forced arm raises, rolling eyes, yes masters, slow repetitions and so much more. Megan's comments and her reactions are priceless.


Megan Sweetz Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Seventh Lesson in pleasing your master

Wait until Mom finds out

Our bratty young lady wakes up with no recollection of what might have happened. Needless to say, she has a hard time explaining her nakedness and the fact that there is a Hitachi rumbling in the back ground. Could it be that she tries to hit on me. Of course not, it is just hot and she needs a pen. Here we go again with the pen. Well, let's see how we can help her this time. How about the laser pointer. I know it is not a pen but by the time Megan finds out, it is already too late and she finds herself frozen and at my mercy. Of course once she becomes fully aware of her situation, she tries to threaten, plead and what have you but all that does not help her from experiencing the power of the Hitachi. At some point she mindlessly masturbates with the Hitachi which is fun until she is made to become aware of her actions. Needless to say, being frozen and forced to orgasm in front of your stepdad can be quite embarrassing. Too much fun going on to list it all. At the end, Megan believes to be my girl friend who wants to...




Megan Sweetz Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
The socks stay on

Megan, our sexy young gymnast, has agreed to work out and train with the neighborhood geek ( ok, that would be me) Anyway, it becomes quite apparent that our young lady has, besides working out with me, no other interests in me what so ever. Oh well, I am used to it. Needless to say, she gets a bit upset when I mention my love for pretty feet like hers. You all know me by know and so you might figure that I will find a way to make her, let's call it, comply. Showing her my neat grandfather watch does the trick. Megan drops with rolling eyes and the fun begins. Of course, besides the foot worship, mindless sucking and kissing of her feet and more rolling eyes, there is also some hot posing as well as foot-slave training going on. Did I mention those uncomfortable freezes in the midst of her posing and of course the "waving hand "trick. Yes masters, stares and so much more.




Megan Sweetz Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not fair Looks like it's not your day honey

Megan, still confused and embarrassed tries to get dressed as soon as she wakes up but, of course, that does not go too far. Suddenly she jumps around as if tickled all over her sexy little body. Needless to say, that makes her feel even more embarrassed and confused. I even mention to her that I had previously hypnotized her but she does not believe me, what so ever. Oh well, maybe we should let her freeze up and play with her so that she might realize that she infect is under P H suggestions. No, that still does not convince her which makes me send her back into mindlessness rolling eyes btw) Let's watch her masturbate (while doing the splits) What makes this more fun is the fact that even when she snaps out of it, the insurmountable need to masturbate is still there, much to her dismay.



Megan Sweetz Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
The Robotized thief

Megan, who believes to be a smalltime thief, finds out how dangerous it can be to try to rob the wrong house. Caught in the middle of the act, she tries to talk her way out of her peculiar and quite unpleasant situation, only to find out that she is screwed. Poor girl fall for the "RING" trick which instantaneously takes her into a "programmable" state of mind, if you know what I mean. Time to load all those robot programs which turn her into an owned object and with that into a sexy play toy. Loading and increasing of programs, bottomless masturbation, yes masters, rolling eye, robot speech, repetition of orders and deactivation due to...




Megan Sweetz Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I wish I had known all this

Not new but always fun. Megan wakes up and now she has absolutely no clue as to what thieves do and how they behave. Luckily though, she believes everything the first man she sees tells her. As we all know, thieves undress so no one can hold on to their clothes while trying to catch them, they look back through their spread legs when scooping out the room, masturbate, call who ever catches them "master" and most importantly, they never over think the situation( waving hand) and, and, and





Megan Sweetz Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
You move like my grandmother

Ready for penetration

This next segment has three parts to it. First Megan shows us that she really does not have what it takes to be a burglar on the run. Poor thing moves in slow motion while slowly getting more and more tiered. It gets so bad that she during her attempt to get out. After a bit of programming she seems to feel up and strong one minute, only pass out the next minute. Can it get worse? Imagine her being tricked to look at THE RING again. Well what can I say, now she firmly believes to be my willing sex slave who is, as usual, ready to get fucked. Sleep, entrancement, funny excuses and so much more.



Megan Sweetz Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not an electronic device

Megan: Hey what's going on? Is this how you treat all your guest.

Frank: Do you know why we asked you back here?

Megan: Asked!!, more like dragged…………I demand to see the manager.

Mr. Demarco takes a very dim view of card-counting in his casino.

Megan: Card Counting? that's ridiculous. Just because a girl wins a few hands, doesn't make her a cheater. I'm sure if I lost those hands you would have been all too happy to take my money, but since its the houses turn to pay, now there's a problem.

Frank: A few hands, Ms.

Megan: Sweetz

Frank: Ms. Sweetz I'd say you won more than a few hands. Why don't you just save us the trouble of searching you and tell us where the device is.

Megan: What device, what are you talking about?

Frank: The device you're using to count cards. I've met allot of card counters in my day, but no one is that good. It's obvious that you're using some sort of computer. So what is it? perhaps a Smartphone with a probability app. All electronic devices are strictly prohibited on the casino floor. Just surrender the device and this time we'll let you off the hook with just a warning.

Megan: Look I don't have any device, I just had a lucky streak. Now if you don't mind I would like to cash in my chips and be on my way.

Frank: No device huh, Well see about that……….

(Frank Walks over to a table and picks up a wand. Megan appears visibly concerned by his actions) Megan: Hey what is that? Get away from me………..you have no right to just detain someone without their permission. I assure you that you'll be hearing from my attorney about this

(Frank Approaches Megan and begins to wave the Wand up and down her body)

Frank: What ever you're using it must be small, I don't imagine you could hide a laptop in that dress

(Frank waves the wand and is surprised when he is met by a loud consistent beep. He pulls it away from attractive woman and then swipes it next her again only to hear the sustained beep again. )

Frank: What the hell is going on with this thing.

(Frank then waves the wand over his own arm without so much as a blip and then up and down Megan's firm body. The device beeps again and again.)
Frank: Okay lady, why don't you save the trouble of searching you just give me whatever device it is that you're hiding under that dress.

Megan: I do know it's wrong with your little gadget thingy, but the only thing under the this dress is me.

Frank: You think you're kidding, you're giving off the strongest electronic signature that I've ever seen.

Megan: That's ridiculous, you're just waiting for an excuse to get me and my address pervert. I'm not about to let…

.. let…let…let… You strip-searched me you little creep. Frank: What the hell, could it be, no way, I mean it's impossible

Megan: Impossible? What are you talking about

(Frank then waves the wand up and down Megan's bare legs and arms. Again the wand beeps loudly with each pass over the girl's body)

Megan: She I told you that thing was broken, now can I go?

Frank: You're not hiding an electronic device, you are an electronic device.

Frank: Wow she looks so real, I can't even see any seems. There's got to be an access panel or something.

Megan: Get away from me, watch sci-fi channel much? Oh My God this is your big revelation? 1st I am hiding a computer, and now I am a computer? If that's the best that you can come up with, I think I'll be on my way.

Frank: Don't forget your chips ma'am.

Megan: I didn't plan too. After all I won them fair and square.

(Frank grabs the chips and extends his arm as if he's about to drop the chips into camps waiting hand, but he intentionally releases the chips too soon, allowing them to fall to the floor. Megan/is him a dirty look and with her knees straight, she bends at the waist to pick up the fallen chips. As Megan grabs that the scattered chips Frank grabs a glass of water from his desk and pours the contents onto the small of Megan's back.

Megan: What………..What have you done to me……. warning…….. Warning…… I am short-circuiting……….This unit… Is short-circuiting……. look what you did……… what you did………. I am not designed for water………….not designed for water…….I am an electronic device………….an electronic device…….an electronic device………. I told you that thing was broken………….broken……….broken…………I am broken………..I am broken……Please initiate repair…………I need to be repaired……… Error…….Error……….Megan... Unit is shorting out……….short...short...shorting out……..


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