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Melanie Hicks Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Releasing all the bottled up energy sets you free

Melanie Hicks, beautiful, voluptuous and very sexual brunet with perfectly shaped double D's, was just like most of our girls very curious and even more so nervous at the beginning and as usual, she relaxed right into it which was the beginning of her wildest rides ever. Once free from inhibitions, our little girl could finally let loose and enjoy her quivering and shaking body under my control. Enjoy the ride guys.

We talked a bit about the process of what I do and how it works which made her feel a lot more comfortable already. It took a while for her to trust and to close her eyes but as I always say, the harder they try the harder they drop.

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Melanie Hicks Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel how I manipulate your body

Melanie is slowly taken from her deep and relaxing trance to her first mind fuck and or first controlled orgasm. Her beautifully rounded body goes from gently quivering and shaking to intense lustful convulsions as her mind accepts my control over her. Melanie is made to realize how much she enjoys the feeling of being controlled and that her surrender is inevitable. One of the best ways to make the subject realize that they are not in control of their body and mind anymore, is by taking them close to orgasm without giving them permission to cum. Melanie gets so aroused that she tears a big hole into her pantyhose to gain access to her pussy. Of course there is more. Melanie's eyes are focused on the watch in my hand while her mind diminishes and all that is left is dim stillness. There are some rolling eyes towards the end when I drop her even deeper.



Melanie Hicks Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
My master controls all of me

I am your mindless slave master, I am cuming for you

This next one shows our little girl cum harder than before while she is made to feel fucked and used by her master. Of course, given the fact that our girl has the most beautiful luscious tits, there is a lot of breast and nipple play while she is made to feel the touch on her breast as if she was caressing her clit. Let's have her bend over the couch with her round ass pushed out at us, for more intense orgasm training.

Guys wanna hear long and slow repetitions of mantras, well we got that as well. Melanie also learn that I can make her cum whenever I want and that I can also make the orgasm and or her arousal, go away whenever I want to. Zombie/sleepwalker pose, while repeating mantras, stares, some foot/pantyhose worship, unexpected drops into mindlessness, close ups of her ass and feet in pantyhose and so much more...



Melanie Hicks Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters pleasing slave

I am just a horny object of your desire master

Good little slaves crawl for their master




Melanie Hicks Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Final takeover and unconditional surrender

Thank you for training me master Melanie is exhausted from her previous training which always a good time for the final takeover. The more the mind is distracted and the body is tiered, the more the subject is willing to let herself go. Enjoy the intense breath controlled orgasm training, more crawling in circles while repeating mantras, slow sleep and surrender, dim stares, screaming hard orgasms, eye checks during final orgasm, limp body and neck play, kneeling, masturbation and, and, and. I am cuming for you master. Enjoy Melanie being pushed to her limits.



Melanie Hicks Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Onboard entertainment

Robo flight attendant

Melanie, our sexy yet inadequate stewardess, has been called in by the boss (which would be me) because of some passenger complaints regarding her unwillingness to serve. Needless to say, my comments that she is one of our few "not programmed" stewardesses, do not make sense to her what so ever. It gets even more confusing when I mention the "robot programming." To make a long story short, she is, at least in my opinion, in need to be programmed properly and to perform just like my other robot toys. The transformation is swift, after she touches the remote which seems to wipe out her memory of ever having been human. Robot Melanie Hicks is reporting for duty. Yes masters, robotic repetitions, stiff walk, deactivation of will and mind, deactivated orgasms, breast jiggling as part of the entertainment, bottomless masturbation with and without happy ending and so much more.



Melanie Hicks Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Onboard foot slave

Our sweet stewardess wakes up not remembering why she finds herself naked in my office. Needless to say she feels very embarrassed when I suddenly show up in the middle of her trying to get dressed. Oh we, let's listen to her silly excuses and then proceed to hitting on her. Of course my comments on her sexy little feet make her feel even more embarrassed and confused but she does not have a lot of time to contemplate all this. As if struck by lightning, Melanie freezes up and is now turned into my personal foot slave. Hot foot worship, toe spreading, wrinkles, pantyhose and more. Needless to say, at some point, she finds herself frozen and aware of her situation, which causes a very, let's call it, awkward moment. Did I mention that at some point she is put to sleep while I am taking very close look at her sexy little feet.




Melanie Hicks Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I feel frozen, per say

This next segment shows our young and still very confused flight attendant being frozen by the magic sward, tickled, rendered mindless in mid-sentence, played with and put to sleep for more limp body play. Really funny and very sexy. Melanie's comments are hilarious.




Melanie Hicks Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Bimbo water

Melanie, our young housewife/model, believes to be advertising a new "energy water" from Europe. Of course, being from Europe and all, the water has some serious side effects, which she is just about to encounter. It starts off just like every other photo shoot but her first taste of the water makes her eyes pop out as if she had just had a shot of some hardcore liquor. Melanie goes down quickly and not only that, she turns into a horny, oversexed bimbo who cannot seem to leave her tight pussy alone. Of course there is a lot more to this story, so if you like what you read so far, you might as well go ahead and watch the clip.



Melanie Hicks Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
My mind is way too strong

After a brief deepening, our horny young model wakes up not quite remembering what exactly happened. All she know is that the situation is, awkward, to say the least. Of course my explanation that she might have been entranced and under my will seem absurd until the laser hits her forehead. Overcome by the desire to masturbate and to expose her luscious breasts and wet pussy, our horny model goes to work on her pussy. Needless to say, she feels even more embarrassed when she snaps out of that one. Still, the idea of having been put into trance, does not seem to make any sense. OK, let's see what happens when we freeze her, expose her pussy and tits and then let her become aware of her predicament. Waving hand, confusion, lust, stares, bitching and so much more.




Melanie Hicks Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
That's not me at all

In this last segment we get to see our sexy young model being made to feel tickled, frozen and put to sleep a few times (sometimes even right before she has a chance to reluctantly orgasm) as well as rendered mindless and eventually turned into "my girlfriend" who loves to get fucked. I know, sounds like a lot but you will see. First though we have her wake up not remembering much and certainly being clueless about the fact that she is naked. Needless to say, when asked, our prudish model would never do a nude shoot.

Let's watch her pose while being interrupted by those nasty tickle attacks which leaves me no choice than to freeze her. Of course that does not go over too well once she becomes aware of her unfortunate situation. Yes, she feels embarrassed and confused here and there, particularly when she realizes that she was masturbating without know it, while telling me how professional she is. As you can see, if I try to list everything that is going on in this one, you would be reading for another hour, so go ahead and watch the clip already.




Melanie Hicks Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
For limited testing purpose only

Melanie: Hello Robotronix, how may I direct your call? One moment please.........Greetings, how may be of assistance?

Frank: Oh hi, is Doug in?

Melanie: I'm sorry Mr. Daniels is currently out of the office consulting with a client.

Frank: Could you tell me when you expect him back?

Melanie: Mr. Daniels did not leave an itinerary, however he usually schedules his appointments in the morning and returns to the office after lunch. Would you care to leave a message?

Frank: Sure, just tell him that Frank Henderson needs to speak with him regarding the Microtek acquisition.

Melanie: I'll be sure he gets the message Mr. Henderson…

(Melanie picks up a pen and notepad, but then stops when she thinks Frank has left) logging entry..... Frank Henderson........ data logged. (Frank returns upon hearing Melanie's voice )

Frank: Excuse me did you say something? You know, I don't think I recall seeing you here before are you new?

Melanie: Oh yes., I say lots of things, I have a very extensive vocabulary

Frank: You know, I don't think I recall seeing you here before are you new?

Melanie: I was designed and programmed by to appear and function as a human female.

Frank: Why have I never heard about robots like you?

Melanie: Ultra realistic units such as myself have not been approved for the general public, however we are available to certain Robotronix personnel for limited testing.

Frank: I guess it pays to be an executive……..You are definitely easy on the eyes.

Melanie: “Easy on the eyes” does not compute. Please clarify

Frank: I mean you're hot

Melanie: Hot? Negative I am operating at optimal temperature. Your statement is inaccurate.

Frank: I didn't mean that you were literally hot. It's slang to describe a pretty girl.

Melanie: Hot........ searching...... searching..... Hot............ Attractive..... sexy........ physically appealing………context…. that girl this smoking hot…………….alternative definition noted and catalogued...... Thank you I was designed to be aesthetically pleasing to a man?

Frank: Mission accomplished............Say you didn't come with an owner's manual did you?

Melanie: Affirmative, an operator's manual is included with every unit, why do you ask?

Frank: As a fellow Robotronix employee, I thought I might apply for my own unit and do a little limited testing myself.

Melanie: Of course not, I am programmed to be of assistance.

Frank: Do you mind if I take a closer look?

Melanie: Of course not, Externally I am indistinguishable from a human female.

Frank: Its kind of hard to tell through your clothes, but if you insist. Although I have my doubts that you completely indistinguishable from a real girl.

Melanie: I am completely lifelike from head to toe, want to see

Frank: I don't know, now that I take a closer look I think I can see your panel seems, plus you look a little bit on plastic side to me.

Melanie: That can't be, I'm designed to appear completely human.

Frank: I don't guess you look too plastic, but the seams around your access panels are a giveaway. I guess your panels just didn't get closed tight the last time they were open. You probably just need to open and shut them again. That is if you want to pass for human.

Melanie: Visible seems are unacceptable, I must appear completely human……………….. Melanie Unit opening all access panels

Frank: Damn I thought maybe you and Doug were pulling my leg, but you really are a robot.

Melanie: Wait a minute…………..I thought you said that you cloud see my seams.

Frank: How else was I going to get to open your access panels for me.

Melanie: but why would want me to open my ……….my…….ac..ac…ac..access panels…………..Hey what are you doing to me?

Frank: Just doing some "limited testing."………(Frank holds the manual near his face as he tinkers with Melanie's circuitry)

Melanie: Stop that……….You are not authorized to alter my……….to alter my……..my…my…my? Error………Error………System malfunction

Frank: Oops that wasn't supposed to happen, let's try something else……This button looks promising.

Want to see where this story is going and what happens to our poor Melanie Bot, go ahead and watch the clip. Lots of malfunctions

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