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Mia McKinley Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I am back under your control

First rolling eyes, mantras, yes masters and a burning hot sensation that brings her to orgasm without so much as having a choice.

Mia McKinley, drop gorgeous blond, looked meaner leaner and even more vibrant than I remembered her. Seriously, I don't know what the girl did but she looks even more beautiful than during her last visits. I am sure you all remember her and Kristen in their hot girl/girl session. Of course Mia's solo visits were just as hot and I am sure, the question on everybody's mind is, how did it go this time. It is not easy to describe but Mia was even more responsive to my suggestions and yes, she dropped even deeper this time than before.

Watch and enjoy one of my all time favorite sessions. Right from the start, Mia proves what an exceptional subject she is. The second I leave her alone for a few minutes, her eyes get caught in the slowly rotating crystal (see picture) and she drops almost instantaneously. I start her off with a slowly repeated mantra, (thank you for having me back master) while her arms are stretched out in front of her body. The sound of my voice not only takes her deeper but it also reminds her (subconsciously) of her last training and how it made her feel. Her body starts to quiver and shake under my suggestions and I decide to let her feel the penetration as a hot, almost painful yet intensely stimulating, stream of energy. Mia orgasms uncontrollably, leaving her mind open for..... Yes master I am back under your control.

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Mia McKinley Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your crawling slave master

As I expected, Mia has gone right back under my control and now she has to learn to trust her master, meaning whatever he makes her do and feel, is good for her. Mia responds by being intensely aroused and I can feel her need to please. She understands that the degree of lust and pleasure, she is allowed to feel, depends on her masters good will. Time to take down even further. Her remaining mind is sucked out by the laser and her slow repetitions of, please master take my mind, take her into mindless bliss.

Mia is made aware of the fact that she is here to please and to obey. Just hearing me say this, drives up the wall for lust again and she is eventually allowed to orgasm on my count of three. She keeps repeating, I am here to pleasure my master, over and over. Of course that is all just warm up. Lead by her hair, Mia learns that slaves crawl and beg. She slowly repeats, I am your crawling slave master, while crawling around me. Of course there is a lot more, everything from rolling eyes, kneeling, slowly repeated mantras, mind absorption, orgasms on command, begging lot's of yes masters and...Most importantly though, Mia learns that she is now sexually dependent
on?! ...



Mia McKinley Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Intensified training

I am here to be trained to perfection by my master

Mia has been in before which means that this time, we have to intensify her training even more. I the last segment, I made her feel her dependency and helplessness and now it is time for the intensified obedience training which includes, denied orgasms, begging to be allowed to cum for me, nipple clits (intense nipple stimulation which is felt like clit manipulation) temporary brain removal, marathon orgasm, mindlessly repeated mantras, yes masters, various poses which expose every part of her beautiful body and more. Towards the end Mia has to show me how she would give me a blow job and how intensely turned on it makes her feel just thinking about it. Very intense.



Mia McKinley Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves don't need a brain

I don't need a brain, I have a master

This next one is for our rolling eyes, entranced stares, intense breath controlled orgasms (whenever she feels the hot laser light on her throat) glass dildo fucking, slowly repeated mantras during brain function removal, intense orgasm training and mindless surrender lovers. Watching her slamming the dildo into her wet pussy until her cum pores out and or sinking into mindless bliss while being played with, is seriously hot. As mentioned, Mia is really even more amazing as before and seeing her beautiful body going from lustful convulsions to becoming completely limp while I am inserting her fingers in her mouth, cannot be described.



Mia McKinley Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
The perfect love slave

This last segment of her initial training (as mentioned before, the first few segments are really one long training session which prepares the subject for whatever else I am planning on doing with them throughout the rest of the session) includes: mental bondage as well as immobilizing her physically (hands behind her back) lot's of freezes, denied orgasms, the feeling of being helplessly fucked and taken by her master, kneeling, slowly repeated mantras, stares and rolls, brain function removal and programming. Of course that is all just the beginning. Again, our little girl goes from ecstatically horny to completely mindless at the snap of my fingers, so to speak and her willingness to serve and to obey seems to have no limitations. She posed, frozen, orgasmed, made to beg for more and finally slowly put to sleep before she can manage to orgasm one last time, after all, slaves have to learn that what they want is not all that...



Mia McKinley Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I dream of my Genie

Hold it and time stands still

Do you have some allergy medicine

The last Genie segment we did was so successful that I decided to try something similar with Mia. Needless to say, Mia's subconscious has very different point of reference and her internal interpretation is quite different. Anyway, our aspiring young actress, who BTW is quite full of herself, turns into a beautiful stone sculpture every time I mention the words, HOLD IT. Suddenly time seems to stand still and all awareness is gone, just like it happened in some of the scenes in the old TV series. Mia freezes up with a smile on her face and wakes up with her tongue hanging out. Then there are other times when she snaps out of it and all of her body, EXCEPT her head and neck can move. Try posing with you head being frozen to the right. Yes, she begs me to work with her but I decide to freeze her again. Her next awakening is not much more fun either as she now seems to have her hands stuck to her head. Again, not a good way to pose. Needless to say, she tries desperately to explain all this (mainly to herself) but then again, her exposed breasts and pussy make a rational explanation difficult to come up with. Besides all that, the tongue that does not want to slide back into her mouth, make her a bit hard to understand anyways.




Mia McKinley Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
The power of Lingerie

In lust with herself

This next segment shows our horny model make love to herself in front of a mirror. Mesmerized by her own image, she completely forgets everything and everybody around her as her hands gently glide over her perfectly rounded body.

It all begins as Mia's awareness slowly comes back and it seems like she does not remember much of her Genie experience. Well, that is good because I have something very different in mind for this one. I have her switch into some sexy lingerie in front of the camera (she is made to believe that I left the room so she has some privacy) and her transformation begins.



Mia McKinley Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
The wrong costume yet again

Mia, who is made to believe that she is wearing the wrong outfit yet again, changes again in front of the camera. The next costume seems to make her laugh uncontrollably. Despite her best attempts to remain profession, she does not seem to be able to regain any kind of control over her body and or mind for that matter. If that wasn't all embarrassing enough, all of a sudden the HOLD IT trigger, makes her freeze up again. Being the nice guy that I am, I offer to help her by hypnotizing her but, she just cannot believe how this could possibly help her situation. Well, I guess then we have to go back to the uncontrollable laughing attacks. Maybe we could try a laser induced orgasm. Not a good idea, now she is even stiffer than before.



Mia McKinley Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
A woman's place is in slavery

Women as oversexed as you are make great love slaves

We have one more piece of lingerie for our sexy model to slip into. Of course we all (including Mia) know that lingerie cannot turn a woman like her into a love slave. Or can it? Needless to say that she gets a bit upset when I call her oversexed and horny but all that changes when she slips into the lingerie. To proof it, I make her walk in circles with her arms stretched out in front of her body while repeating, A woman's place is in slavery. Of course there is a lot more to come, like the mannequin (fucking machine) ride which brings her to orgasm, plenty of yes masters and, and, and.. Towards the end, we snap her out of it and before she can run out, she finds herself frozen again with her fingers in her mouth.



Mia McKinley Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a winner!

Ooooonneeeeeeee mooore tiiiiii me

Mia, a very intelligent, strong-minded and victory loving contestant on our new TV show, has no doubts in her mind that she will walk out of here with a fortune. A woman with an IQ over 150 should not really have to worry about not inning. The rules are simple. Answer the question right and win ten grant, miss the answer and enough the swirling chair. That right, every time she misses to answer the question correctly, the chair she is sitting on, is activated and starts to spin he around.

OK, sounds like fun but there is a bit of a prize to pay. A few IQ points are removed with every spin. Not problem, as mentioned, she can afford it. This is most likely one of the best bimbofication segments I have made. Mia's slow transformation from being self assured and strong minded to becoming an oversexed, uninhibited and quite stupid young girl is sensational. Her comments, facial expressions and uninhibited ways of pleasuring herself while trying to keep it all together, is intense. Who cares just spin the chair, becomes her motto.




Mia McKinley Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Not with a body like mine

Yes master my brain is subsiding

Mia, a beautiful yet very lazy and at times unruly secretary, does not seem to believe that all the employee rules of our company apply to her as well. For example, she like to come late, go for lunch without bunching the time card and so on. Needless to say, she does not show any respect to the assistant manager who tries to talk some sense into her. What is the poor guy to do about all this. Well, how about turning her into an obedient robot, who, strips naked for him, cleans the desk and floor, salutes, masturbates and orgasms on his command. Of course he as to deactivate part of her old personality and replace it with carefully suggested programs and triggers. Yes masters, repetition of orders and...



Mia McKinley Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me how much you love them

I sure would not go mindless over it

Mia, who believes that the session just started, cannot seem to believe that she is still under the influence of some of the triggers that have been planted in her previous session. Well, let's see about that. Sure enough, she slowly starts to run her hands down her legs ad as if by accident, she takes off her shoes. Her hands gently glide over her well taken care of feet as if it was the most natural thing to do. There a blissful expression on her face that can hardly be described. Mia get turned on more and more by showing off her feet and she starts to talk about them as if in lust with beautiful wrinkles on the bottom of her feet. Really hot to watch her almost making love to her feet and being turned on by the fact that I watch her every move. I know, some of you like it mindless which make me decide to pull out the laser which sends her into mindless bliss. More mindless foot worship and a couple of intense orgasms yet to come.



Mia McKinley Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
From Doll to Marionette

Mia wakes up from her last bit of fun and decides to get dressed. And we've provided her with the perfect outfit - a cute little dolly dress, with frills and pastel colors. But we can't let such a perfect opportunity to pass, can we? We activate her dolly program, and turn her into a horny little dolly with a big smile, where she introduces us to her favorite games, "Rub The Dolly" and "Rub The Fanny". But then we have to wind her down.

But only because we're turning her into a marionette! At first, she's a mindless marionette, flashing her adorable panties and bra, before stripping her cute little dress off. We bring her mind back a piece at a time, leaving her embarrassed and giggly before we hit her with the orgasm laser again. Then we cut her strings and she falls gently to the floor exactly like a real marionette. We use this opportunity to demonstrate exactly how limp and helpless she is!



Mia McKinley Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not an android !

Mia, a beautiful young woman (so she believes) accidentally overhears her husband's phone conversation with one of the sales guys at the Cybertech center. What the hell is he talking about and what does he mean by wanting to trade her in because of some recent problems with her soft- ware which makes her "glitchy". This can all just be a misunderstanding or does he want a younger woman? Confused and upset, she confronts her husband who, despite his best efforts, cannot deny the conversation and his explanations sound ludicrous to her, after all, she is not an android. Unfortunately for her though, his concerns seem to be right on and even she has to slowly but surely admit to her true nature. Mia is absolutely amazing.

Mia Robot Kendra Taylor Robot

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