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Mia Vallis Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Resistance is futile

Mia V, beautiful tall, athletic and very horny blond with perfect natural breasts, is another one of my all time favorites. Just like with Honey L, I noticed right away that Mia could be an excellent subject but that was not even close. As it turned out, Mia became one of my favorites. and I cannot wait for her to come back.

 I could go on and on about how amazing her session went and how well she responded to my suggestions throughout the entire session but you will see all that as soon as you watch her clips. Get ready for another hundred percent real and incredibly intense session. Needless to say, the fact that our sexy blond is naturally horny and definitely kinky made this one even more fun. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Different induction, questions and entranced answers, right arm raise towards the end to check depth of her

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Mia Vallis Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny ragdoll

Uninhibited surrender

This next segment already leaves no doubt that Mia is completely under control and that her body responds to my programming like a charm. Here we make her feel either heavy and immobilized while not only messing with her helpless body but also driving her up the wall for lust. Of course we also get to enjoy watching her beautifully rounded body go into intense lustful convulsions while her hands claw into the couch as if she was holding on for the ride of her life. She keeps screaming "good little girl" and it is obvious how much she wants to please and obey.

I cannot describe the intensity of her orgasms and or her completely zoned out stares while she mindlessly masturbates herself into oblivion. This one features lot's of stares, convulsive orgasms, ragdoll/limp play while making her cum over and over, neck brace, eye checks and more. The moment I checked out her pussy, I could feel that...



Mia Vallis Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Use me as you wish

Mia cannot wait to get out of her remaining clothes as soon as I suggest that it would make it feel even more intense and pleasurable. Her hands are drawn to her perfect tits and she learns how sensitive they are and that she can be orgasmed just by touching them. Time to take it up a notch. Her hands feel suddenly pulled up in the air while she is made to feel a powerfully thrusting Hitachi between her legs. Mia goes crazy and she starts to scream and beg me to use her as I wish.

Again, her body goes into intense lustful convulsions while she screams, I am cuming for you master. I can feel that she is completely under and more than willing to follow each and every order I give her. At some point her sweaty and very excited body just stands (wobbly) there while her big green eyes stare into nothingness Time to put her to sleep for more programming.

It gets really hot when she opens her eyes again in deep trance while she has no control over her muscles. Even her eye lids have to stay open because it takes muscle control to open your eyes. Helpless and limp, she has no other choice than to let me mess with her while staring at me. Of course there is a lot more to be seen here but I have a feeling you are getting the picture. Orgasm spot trigger planting, begging, yes masters and very intense




Mia Vallis Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Hot feet and wet pussy

If you enjoy watching a beautiful entranced blond show of her feet and wet pussy, pose, crawl and orgasm (like crazy) on command then this one is for you. Needless to say, there is a lot more going on than just that though. Mia is an absolutely fantastic subject and it shows that my suggestions drive her into completely unconditional surrender. Watching her pose her beautiful body and feet, seductively crawl, stare blank and mindless into nothingness, scream and beg is really intense.

 Mia's body is covered in sweat which shows that she is intensely involved and in deep trance. We end with very slow ragdoll/limp play where I take my time to check her (empty) eyes, mess with her mouth, check her pussy, move her and so on. More entranced stares and... Yes masters, waving hand




Mia Vallis Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your trained doll

Highlights : mindless mannequin posing, slow and monotone repetition of mantras, blank unblinking stares, intense (breath controlled) orgasms, Doll play (I pose her like a doll) kneeling masturbation, ragdoll/ limp play, yes masters, zombie/sleepwalker pose and so much more.

The description might sound familiar but it sure is a different kind of segment. Mia is so deeply under that, at this point, I could do pretty much anything I want with her. I can feel that when I suggest that she is a trained doll, her thinking stops completely and she just exists with no will or mind of her own. Towards the end, she loses all muscle control again (wide open eyed stares) while being made to feel fucked to orgasm and then put to sleep by the




Mia Vallis Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
This is my City

Another director's choice.

From Superheroine to bimbo and back to Superheroine and back to....

Mia, who seriously believes to be a Superheroine, bust into my hypnosis show to put an end to my evil doings, like my entrancing of young women and to them have them make money for me. It is a long story but you will see what she is trying to make me stop. Anyway, she does not believe that I can entrance her and she keeps going on and on about how I am nothing compared to her. Well let's see about that honey. Sure enough, in the midst of making fun of me, she slows down and sinks deeper and deeper with every word I say.

Her transformation is really incredible. Mia goes so deep that she does not even feel me messing with her body, check her pussy and expose her goodies. The fun begins when she wakes up. Mia is programmed that the word Bimbo instantaneously removes her IQ and turns her into a horny, willing and pretty dumb bimbo. Of course we have to switch her back and forth for more fun. Like to see an open wet pussy, a smart girl turn dumb and horny and....




Mia Vallis Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and fucked nudist

More directors choice

Did I mention the freeze fun, the waving hand that renders her mindless, the forced orgasm by her own hand and the limp/ragdoll play and completely blank and mindless stares.

Like the title says, our Superheroine is rendered limp and weak while being (under protest) h-fucked and orgasmed. Needless to say, she bitches and screams at first but then she begs me to let her have it. Looks like we need to put her to sleep for more programming. Up and awake, our Superheroine (who still wants to kick my ass) now believes to be an avid nudist who really does not like wearing clothes. Of course the possibility that she might be h- seems (to her) out of the question. Let's see what happens when I freeze her while she is pleasuring herself. Sure enough, frozen yet fully aware our Superheroine... Very intense.





Mia Vallis Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless slut

I am your voice controlled bimbo master

Mia, our still quite upset Superheroine, cannot seem to get dressed quickly enough while bitching at me. The problem though is that as soon as she is dressed, her clothes seem to itch the hell out of her. In fact it gets so bad that she has to (under protest) strip out of them again. Poor thing tries to cover up as good as possible. Still, she believes to have the power, which is why she laughs at me when I mention that she will be a completely mindless harems slave on my count of three. Oops, here we go. What follows is absolutely amazing. Mia goes crazy for lust and by the end, she is willing to do anything I want. Before she ends up being a voice controlled oversexed bimbo, she has to go through more freeze fun, bitching, forced orgasm and so much more. Again, this is an intense one.




Mia Vallis Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Cat Woman

Have you ever seen a Superheroine (fully aware) being stuck in a cat body. What makes this even worse is the fact that she can only meow and hiss. Oh yes, she seems upset and hisses (a lot) while showing her claws and teeth. It gets even more humiliating for our Superheroine when she cannot resist chasing the laser light and or suddenly feels fucked by.... She hisses even more when I tell her that she will end up being my slave. A little bit of (harmless) smoke makes her pass-out and a final (very intense and long) orgasm takes all her will and mind. Limp/ragdoll play




Mia Vallis Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This next one is not easy to describe because it goes through different stages but let me tell you this much, Mia goes absolutely crazy for lust and her desire to show us her wet pussy and feet is what drives her there. Yes she does show us her feet and it drives her wild but that is by far not all of it.

It all starts pretty harmless as she believes that I am her roommates boyfriend who just disturbed her during her morning exercise. We talk about her having checked me out in the shower the other day which actually makes her blush while denying it at the same time. Anyway, we also talk about the fact that I hypnotize my girlfriend and I cannot help but notice that she, here again, despite her denying it, seems interested in it.

To make a long story short, I entrance her by using the pocket watch before she even knows it. Up and awake, she suddenly wants me to look at her feet and to check her out without really knowing why she feels that way all of a sudden. It is fun listing to her praising her feet while desperately trying to make me interested in them.

She keeps sensually and seductively showing them off while running her fingers through her toes. Like I said in the beginning, it gets really crazy after I put her to sleep for some programming. Mindless and horny, my little girl has no other desire than to show, kiss and suck her feet while bring herself to orgasm. Of course there is a lot more yet to come and believe me, it is forth watching her go nuts. I am your horny slut, I want to show you my wet pussy.



Mia Vallis Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Voice controlled    

Haunted house and bewitched socks    

This one is a bit different and I don't think I have done it since Wenona's session. Mia believes to have just gotten up

and she is now getting ready for her morning exercise routine. What she does not know though is that she is programmed to think that whenever she hears my voice, it feels like a though of hers. In other words, she believes that whenever I say something that it is her own thought. Needless to say, her morning workout turns into a very confusing routine. All of a sudden the 5 pound weight she is using becomes way too heavy for her to lift, she feels poked in the ass a few times and her feet feel terribly cold. Why cold feet you might ask? Well, the second she puts on the warm socks, she cannot stop dancing and that is when I come in. Poor thing can't stop dancing around  despite her best attempts. Needless to say, she tries to cover up her precarious situation but....



Mia Vallis Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny Bimbo, I have no inhibitions

Mia, who does not remember much from before, wakes up and now she is forced by her right hand and arm to pleasure herself with the vibrator. Man does she try to fight it and or explain her strange behavior but we all know what that does. At first she does not believe me when I tell her that I have seized power over her but then all of a sudden it turns her on and she goes crazy for lust again. I keep driving her up the wall so to speak until she comes over and over although she knows that it will leave her mindless and controlled. It is amazing what lust can do to a girl. Orgasmed out, she just stands there dimly staring into nothingness while I mess with her.


Mia Vallis Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Would you mind being my Robot

Must follow my master

We start a little differently here. We start off by talking about the advantages of being a well programmed, uninhibited and pleasing robot and I cannot help but notice that Mia, despite her (weak) denial, seems quite intrigued by the idea and before she knows it, her transformation has already taken place. Again, Mia goes through another intense transformation and at that point she deeply believes to be a pleasing robot. Robot walk, talk, zombie pose, monotone repetitions, yes masters and very intense orgasm sequence. Definitely one of my favorites.



Mia Vallis Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
For this last segment, I decided to let Mia (who still believes to be my girlfriends roommate) remember what had happened before. Well, I guess the title says it, she is not all pleased. Anyway, despite her anger and the need to tell me off, she keeps laughing like crazy for no apparent reason. Things get worse when she gets dressed after finally noticing that she is naked in front of me, but the minute she puts on her clothes, she tries to get out of them again. Could they be itchy.

Enough of the warm up. Suddenly she orgasms out of the blue just because I say so. Needless to say, she has a hard time explaining that one.

It gets really intense when she loses all strength in her body while I mess with her and then make her cum like crazy. Did I mention the part towards the end where she feels like a little kitten and....




Mia Vallis Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Never trust your creator

Beautiful female android, Mia is working for the robotics company that originally built her. Her job is to create a virus that will be used to infect androids built by her company's main competitor. When she tells her boss, Frank, that the virus is completed and ready for testing, he tells her that he has a test subject in mind. Little does she know that he is talking about her. She pulls a thumb drive from her computer and hands him a copy of the virus.

Frank asks her to pull up a document on her computer and as she leans over to look at the screen, he sneaks up behind her. While the android is distracted, he grabs her around the neck with his left arm, while he reaches around with his right arm. He lifts her blouse and inserts the thumb drive into the navel of the unsuspecting robot. She struggles, but the virus begins to effect her systems . It attacks her logic circuits, causing her to become confused and incapable of formulating an effective escape plan. It also effects her motor functions causing her legs to freeze up when she tries to flee. The virus then unleashes an obedience program, that causes her to malfunction if she resist the commands of her boss.

It is quite amazing what some people do just to beat the Japanese competition

There is a lot more to come so go ahead and enjoy the clip  


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