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Mia & Kristen Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes master, yes daddy!

Why is she making me orgasm? oh no I can not stop!

After having taken control over both girls in the last segment, it is now time to take them to the bedroom for some intense female training. First the girls are put on their knees and now they have to learn how to please us by masturbating their wet pussies as they are taken into deeper mindlessness. In the last segment, Mia had started to lick her Step 's pussy without letting her orgasm and I decide to have her go down on Kristen again, this time Kristen is helplessly frozen yet fully aware. Kristen goes nuts and before long she surrenders to Mia's tongue and finger in her pussy. Of course that all happens after Kristen tries her best not to give in to her lust. Time to wave my hand in front of her face again which we all know renders her mindless and more manageable. Let's see what happens when Mia is put on her back while Kristen gives her a taste of her own medicine. Mia's beautifully rounded body goes in lustful convulsions under Kristen's intense tongue lashing and she as well succumbs.

Do you think it would be interesting to watch both girls become aware of what has just happened and to see their reactions? Oh yes, so go ahead and enjoy. Stares, rolling eyes, bitching, humiliation, embarrassment, lots of yes master, yes daddy and very intense orgasms. When I talked to the girls after the session about the last two segments, they told me that it was incredibly exciting and fun. Well, I think we all have a dirty mind. . I am your mindless slave master

Now it is time for Mia to be driven into oblivious bliss. With her legs spread wide, she has no choice but to succumb to Kristen's intense tongue lashing. Mia's wide open eyes role and flicker again and I can feel her drifting into intense yet mindless lust. Kristen gets turned on by having to please her friend and her body starts to quiver and shake as well. Both girls end up exhausted and they are merely mindless shells of themselves who have only one desire and that is to please. Time for the zombie walk back and forth the room, some mindless masturbation and more slow and monotone mantras. All the excitement and intensity of this segment is almost impossible to put into words.




Mia & Kristen Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Who needs IQ anyways

Is it permanent? Yes, but you won't care

My two sweeties believe to be contestants in a late night quiz show. Both are straight laced, married women with absolutely no interest in each other or myself, which hurts BTW. Anyway the rules are simple, answer the questions right and go home with a lot of money; answer the questions wrong and go home (my home that is) very horny with not a shred of IQ and or dignity. Of course the girls don't really know that part. As far as they are concerned, the rules state that they have to simply take off a piece of clothing or face the IQ reducer for a few seconds whenever they lose a round. It all depends on what the game show host (guess who that is) determines before each round.

The girls do not seem too concerned about losing a few IQ points or a piece of clothing here and there, after all they are smart. It all looks very good at first. Both score some points by answering the questions right but then it happens. Kristen loses her first round and she has to face the IQ reducer. No big deal, right? Mia eventually, after being almost half naked has to face the reducer as well. Oh, it makes my eyes fuzzy.

What can I say, the girls slowly turn into horny, giggly, oversexed little bimbos who can not seem to get enough of each other's pussies. I think by the time they get their names confused, my sexy little girls are not really interested to play the game any longer. It is a lot of fun to watch them slowly lose their IQ, giggle about pretty much anything then become horny and playful as well as really silly. Of course the girls deny to the bitter end that anything could possibly be the way it appears.



Mia & Kristen Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sharp as a nail

I am a horny little bimbo

This is the best game I have ever played

Looks like our two game show candidates are more interested in pussy then in answering my question. Kristen, who at first was very much against having sex with a woman, suddenly keeps talking about wanting pussy on her face. Mia wants the prize money anyways, just because we are so cute and no we are not playing and kissing. Before you know it, they don't seem to mind the IQ reducer so much and they even offer to fuck me so that I stop asking those stupid questions, nobody knows the answer to anyways. Absolutely hot clip, watching the girls' complete transformation and eating each other is a delight and well worth watching. Guess who gets to go home with the two horny little bimbos?



Mia & Kristen Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
My master's wishes will be obeyed

Why would we want to play with you?

Mia and Kristen seem to be confused about the fact that they are the only guest at my house warming party. Seems actually kind of understandable, given the fact that they believe to be my ex-wives who don't really like each other. The fact that they are in matching outfits is easily explained by the fact that it is a theme party. Anyway both seem a bit upset and unfortunately their mood does not improve when I mention the fact that I will now play the robot game with them. Oh no, you and your....."I am a robot". Much better, don't you think?

The programming begins. My horny robots have so much to learn, like for example to lift their skirts, expose their naked pussies, masturbate each other without being allowed to orgasm, salute, stand at attention, spank each other's asses, eat each other's pussies while in the 69 position on the floor, come on command, feel fucked, dance and so much more. Of course there are many slow and monotone repetitions, nipple pinching and more, "I am a horny little robot". Obedience is important.




Mia & Kristen Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Why do I feel a draft on my pussy?

Mia and Kristen are snapped out of it again with only a very vague memory of what has just happened. Confused and embarrassed about the fact that their pussies are wet and their clothes are off, they scramble to pick up their clothes to get dressed again. Of course I mention that I prefer them to be naked but do they care? No, of course not! This is probably a good time to freeze them and help them with their "clothing issues." Well, my kind of help, of course. Let's see whether they are still bitchy when I let them become aware of the fact that they are frozen. Yes, they are and the fact that I keep playing with them does not seem to help either.

Kristen talks about feeling a draft around her pussy and how that could have happened and Mia does not seem to have a clue as to why her big breasts are exposed. The waving hand renders them mindless and heavenly quite again. Of course there is a whole lot more going on in this one as well, like for example, mindless stripping, interrupted masturbation due to another freeze attack and more confused bitching. The girls end up excessively horny and very well trained to obey - amazing what lust can do.



Mia & Kristen Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless and horny ex-wives

More training for my very horny ex-wives. This one is not only for our foot fetish and stockings lovers but also for everybody who loves to watch a couple of deeply entranced girls, sensually and almost lovingly suck and kiss each others feet. After having been frozen and played with in the last segment, it is now time for my two sweeties to mindlessly play with each other sexy little feet. This one is really hot to watch, both girls keep drifting deeper with their eyes rolling back in blissful lust as they satisfy each other with their feet.

Of course at some point I have them become aware of what they are doing, one at a time that is, but by then it is already to late for them to stop. In fact, Kristen is so turned on by Mia's helplessness that she makes herself orgasm using Mia's feet in her pussy. Of course Mia gets her chance to use her mindless friends feet to bring herself to another eye rolling orgasm. After putting them to sleep again, I take my time to do some eye checks, just to make sure they are back in lala land.


Mia & Kristen Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
I have control over my mind

Tonight's talk show is about same sex relationships and the effect hypnosis might have on various subjects. Unfortunately our two candidates do not think much of either subject. In fact they seem to agree that same sex relationships are disgusting and the hypnosis stuff is just silly. As they are going on about how this all does not work, something very strange happens. Kristen, for no apparent reason, all of a sudden loses all strength in her body and sinks back into the couch. Somewhat ware yet completely helpless, the poor thing just stares into nothingness. Things become even more strange when Mia, all of a sudden seems incredibly attracted by the site of her helpless victim. In fact the desire to go down on Kristen as she has no way of doing anything about it, seems to drive her crazy for lust. There is a whole lot of pussy eating and helpless stares going on in this one.



Mia & Kristen Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
How can anybody let go of themselves like that?

Freeze, tickle and final fun

My two sexy non-believers wake up again, feeling very confused and even more embarrassed about the situation they are in. Who could blame them? After the initial shock wears off, my two sweeties still don't seem to think much of what I do and both agree that they just can not understand how anyone can let go of themselves like that?

Can they explain the sudden tickling attack that seems to hit them out of the blue? No, but that does not mean anything. Both of my little girls start to giggle, laugh and eventually scream their heads off until I finally stop the tickling. Do you think they got it by now? No, not really. The funny remarks and eye roles continue as I mention the trance. Well, let's see what happens when they suddenly freeze up and the tickling starts again. Do you think they eventually get it? Really fun clip, the girls’ comments are funny, the freezes are great and the laughter is contagious.



Mia & Kristen Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I need to re-charge, I need to re-char.....

This one is really special and loosely based on a very famous animation. Mia my new, well let's call her, girlfriend was in the middle of recharging her battery as she receives my call. Of course at the time I had no idea as to what was going on and all I wanted her to do is to open the door for my exes new boyfriend, a guy named Jim or John or what ever, who was supposed to pick up some of my exes belongings. Well, I do have to admit that I wanted to show her off a bit and that is probably why I told her to be nice to him, offer him a drink and yes, tell him that I think she is so much sexier than my ex, Kristen.

Being the perfectly programmed fembot, Mia must have left the recharging station to wait by the door for him. Well, as I found out later, the guy never made it and Kristen came by herself but that was hours later and by then my sexy little toy had almost no juice left. Things must have gotten bad and by the time I came home, Kristen was upset and my beautiful sex toy was in pretty bad shape. I don't know what got into me but to watch the two of them making love, made me convince my bi-sexual ex to help me fix her.

Great idea, at first that is. Once fixed and quick charged, Mia was back to being promiscuous, sexy and insatiably hungry for dick and pussy alike. The girls are really hot together in this one and Mia is sensational as my pleasing fembot. Kristen as my ex is prize less and I am sure you will enjoy this one.




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