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Mia McKinley Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Spiral Into The Abyss

Mia McKinley, stunningly beautiful blond southern bell with a seemingly insatiable appetite for pleasure turned out to be another one of my absolutely amazing subjects and believe me the intensity with which Mia surrendered her control is quite impossible to put into words. Mia is besides being very beautiful extremely sexual and naturally submissive, after putting up a bit of a fight that is, just to make sure that the surrender is real and inevitable. You will see what I mean once you watch her clips.

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Mia McKinley Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
First choice less surrender Where are the missing girls

Mia feels her hands and arms helplessly pulled behind her head, her legs are spread wide and hear screaming and begging makes it perfectly clear that she is ready to surrender her control. Being kept at the verge of a powerful orgasm without being allowed to cum, is not only an new experience for her but obviously an incredible turn on as well. I decide to keep her screaming and begging for a while, just to make sure she knows who is in control. She keeps repeating, ďI have no choice. until I finally allow her to explode.



Mia McKinley Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Pretty little girls like me don not need a mind

Miaís training continues and it is now time for her to find out what it feels like to be in mindless bliss. This next segment is certainly for our rolling eyes, waving hand-trick, intense stares, mantras, slow mind reduction, mindless orgasms and complete surrender lovers. Miaís half naked body shivers and shakes into convulsions but her repetitions become slower and slower while her stares are becoming more intense and unblinking. Of course there is a whole lot of standing up bottomless masturbation, intense hands free orgasm on command as well as begging going on in this very sensual and highly charged part of Miaís training.



Mia McKinley Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to please you master, I was born to be your slave

Mia has been ordered to go down on her knees with her arms stretched out in front of her. She has to repeat the word thoughtless over and over until I can feel her drifting into just that, absolute thoughtlessness. Her masturbation becomes more intense the deeper she drops and I decide that this is a good time to slowly drain every ounce of mind and physical strength out of her until my beautiful new toy turns into a mindless shell of herself. Her empty unblinking wide open eyes donít even so much as blink when ever I wave my hand in front of them and it is obvious that she is gone. Of course that is all just the warm up. Wait until you see her bend over ass out mindless masturbation while repeating each and every one of my orders. As I mentioned, Miaís session was so intense that is is very hard to describe her screams eye roles, mindless stares, intense orgasms and genuine surrender which are part of every segment.



Mia McKinley Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Rolling eyes into zombie like trance and complete submission

This next segment is for our rolling eyes, zombie walk, lots of yes masters, forced and denied orgasms, empty stares and re-induction lovers. First I decide to let my beautiful female in training feel and experience how intense and orgasmic her big breasts can make her feel. Simply through massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples, Mia experiences ecstasy unlike ever felt before.



Mia McKinley Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Smelling the money is not always a good thing You get what you pay for

Mia believes to be a dominatrix who has just arrived at a clientís house. Unfortunately, her new client, although taken by her beauty is not the least bit interested in being dominated and what makes the situation even more awkward is the fact that she asks for a lot more money then I like to spend. Naturally my little dominatrix does not badge when it comes to her ďpayĒ and unfortunately she keeps insisting on kicking my ass, in case we come to an agreement.

We all know that being dominated is absolutely not my thing but as mentioned, Mia just does not seem to understand any of what I am saying. Believe it or not she even gets upset when I suggest that I will make her obedient. Well, what can I say, I eventually pay her the $500. Something strange though happens as soon as she feels the money in her hands. Mia seems to be attracted to the smell of the money and that is pretty much the last thing she remembers. Breath by breath, Mia sinks deeper and deeper until she is finally firmly back under my control.

Her beautiful eyes are wide open and stare into absolute nothingness. I wave my hand in front of her eyes and there is obviously nobody home. I am an obedient slave master. Watch how a dominatrix is turned into an obedient slave. Ass out bend over self spanking, slow and monotone repetitions, zombie walk, empty stares, yes masters, some rolling eyes and more of your favorites.



Mia McKinley Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I will orgasm myself into complete mindlessness master

I donít know where to start with this one. There is too much going on to describe it all without getting too lengthy. My little dominatrix has to now learn how it feels to be driven into mindlessness. Put on her back with her pussy wide open, Mia is now ordered to masturbate and although I can feel her being extremely horny and ready to explode, she is not allowed to orgasm. I tell her that I will now take her mind as well as her will and that she will be my love slave for as long as I want to. Mia certainly tries to hold on to at least some of her mind but eventually the desire to orgasm and the deep seated need to submit, win and Miaís remaining mind drains out into the swinging watch. Lotís of yes masters, breath controlled and or denied orgasms, re-induction with the watch, repetitions and a really hot scene towards the end in which Mia gives it all up and drifts into oblivion after trying to beat it.




Mia McKinley Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Whoís your Daddy?

Thinking that I am her Step Daddy who just married into the family, Mia seems attracted to her momís new husband but would not dare to ever get near him. Mom would not like that at all. Mia is just the cutest southern bell and the way she innocently flirts yet tries to not get close to her step-father is just too cute. Of course, my little step daughter is way too cute to let her get away, donít you think? Luckily my little girl seems very attracted by the beautiful hanging crystal and is even more fascinated by it when I have her turn it on. That is so beautiful Daddy, what does it do? Well, it takes you somewhere real nice, just keep looking at it. Mia sinks into deep trance; her unblinking eyes keep staring at the crystal while she is drifting under daddyís control. Yes, I want to be a good girl for you. Suddenly promiscuous and horny Mia strips and dances, orgasms and obeys each and every order I give her. Really hot segment with lots of action and as mentioned, Mia is absolutely cute and very sexy in this one as well.




Mia McKinley Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
This one is for you Daddy

This one has it all, from rolling eyes to a horny and playful little kitten to yes masters and more. First my little girl learns how to please her new stepdad by acknowledge every order she is given by saying yes master. I take of her cute shoes and take a close look at her sexy little white socks while taking her even deeper. Turned into a horny little kitten, Miaís little paws try to grab the rope I am dangling in front of her. Just too cute. Meow. Of course that is all just the warm up. Mia suddenly turns into a very sensual seductress who has nothing else on her mind than to seduce her step daddy and to be as pleasing as possible. Of course at some point I have to snap her out of it and for some reason my little sweetie does not seem to remember what just happened. Naturally she feels embarrassed about being sleepy and naked. Very intense orgasm, even more intense rolling eyes every time I take her deeper, yes masters, complete obedience and more.



Mia McKinley Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Doesnít that hurt your back

X-ray vision After waking up from a brief deepening, Mia believes that she can see right through my pants and what she sees is the biggest dick she has ever come across. At first she tries very hard not to look but what she sees is just too fascinating. The best part about all this though is that it seems to turn her on. Poor girl has not clue as to what has happened so far in the session and all she can think of is to suck a strangerís huge dick. Watching her trying to persuade me to shove it down her throat as well as the way she sucks that lollypop is absolutely hot. From shy and intimidated to horny and oversexed.




Mia McKinley Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Thatís what women do for their master.

Just like in the last segment, Mia seems to have no clue as to what has happened so far in the session and yet again, she does not believe that what I do really works. After a brief deepening, my little non-believer wakes up and seems a bit surprised as to why that lollypop is stuck to her hair. I wonder why and how that could have happened. Anyway this time she believes that being naked in front of a man is the most normal thing to do. Despite my protests and attempts to stop her, she seems to be determined to get butt naked as quickly as possible. Of course, what I do does not work, right? Mia also seems to be convinced that every man is a master and that he has to be addressed as such. Lots of yes masters. It gets even weirder when she starts masturbating in front of me. ďThat is what we do for the master.Ē Of course honey. The poor thing gets so close to orgasm but unfortunately, just when it starts to feel really good, my little non-believer goes out like a light. Oops. Nice flickering eyelids at the beginning of this segment.




Mia McKinley Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am normally a classy person

This next segment is all about freeze fun, embarrassment, confusion, apologies, waving hand mindlessness and bouncing breasts. This time Mia wakes up feeling terribly embarrassed about being naked in front of somebody she barely knows. Naturally, she tries to get dressed while apologizing profusely for being naked and clueless. Almost all the way dressed, Mia suddenly freezes up and her mind goes dim and blank. Of course that would be a good time to undress her again, donít you think? Letís see what happens when her mind comes back while she is still frozen. Well, maybe that was not one of my better ideas but luckily as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes, her mind goes instantaneously blank again. Zombie kike and frozen, Mia has no choice but to let me play with her. Of course there is a whole lot more freezing, mindlessness, confusion and strange orgasms going on. Where are the bouncing breasts, you might ask? Go check it out.



Mia McKinley Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not a foot bimbo

Mia believes to be a model who has agreed to test our new foot lotion. Of course our test candidate does not believe in the side effects our new product might have on women. How would lotion make me suddenly go crazy over my own feet, how could it possibly make me horny, how could it possibly diminish my IQ and my ability to think and how could it possibly make me addicted? I donít really know either but what do you guys think? Will any of this happen to her? Will she turn into an oversexed and orgasmic foot-bimbo? Will she be put to sleep before having a chance to orgasm? Will she beg me to give her more of the mysterious lotion? Is this one of the hottest foot segments and more?


Mia McKinley Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, tickled and almost orgasmed by the magic hand

Mia wakes up after a brief deepening and again she just can not seem to remember what just happened. Don't you love the power of suggestion? Again she does not believe that what I do really works and the idea that foot lotion could do anything else then make her feet feel nice, seems quite stupid to her.

Slowly but surely though, my little non-believer is starting to find out that my special lotion is starting to make her cute little feet feel terribly ticklish. It starts with a slight tingle and a cute smile and it ends with a full blown tickle attack. Mia is jumping and screaming all over the place and begs me to help her. I do anything, please, please, please. OK, how about showing me your breast? The poor thing has no choice and her breasts pop out. Suddenly she freezes up and that sure makes her feel the tickling even more intense.

Can things get even worse than that. How about having your hands helplessly and almost magically pick up the lip stick vibrator and then disappear between your legs. Now she is begging me to let her cum but unfortunately she goes out like a light right before she orgasms. I am so sorry. Great eye checks and finally a sleepy orgasm.



Mia McKinley Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
I need to learn to be obedient, I am a Robot

From nasty divorce lawyer to obedient robot in the blink of an eye

Mia believes to be my wife's divorce lawyer, who has simply no compassion for my side of the story. The fact that I interrupt her day by popping up unscheduled in her office seems to make her feel even more upset. There seems to be no way for me to get my baseball cards and or my new car back. Mia is sort of repulsed by the idea that I like to turn women into obedient robots, which I am sure is something my soon to be ex-wife must have told her. That's just too bad because that is exactly what will happen to her in just a few seconds.

Of course she does not believe me when I tell her what I am going to do next but as we all know, a few seconds later my sexy little lawyer stands at attention. "I am a robot, I need to be programmed." First she is programmed to acknowledge each and every order by saying "yes master." The removal of her personality comes next. Of course she has to strip and clean for me, as every good robot should do for their master. My favorite part is where she knows that her system will not allow her to orgasm and that the more exited she feels the more likely it is that she will shut down before having a chance to discharge one of her powerful orgasms. Lot's of yes masters, hot and wet action and a surprise signature at the end.




Mia McKinley Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
Final fun and a whole lot of sleepy time

In this final segment of her session, Mia goes back and forth between remembering the session and absolutely not remembering a thing but no matter what, she certainly still responds to all the post hypnotic triggers particularly the sleep triggers which make her pass out like a light. Mia tells us what a great time she had and in the middle of her talking, she suddenly drops like a rock. Out and in lala land, my sexy toy has no clue as to what I am doing with her. After having had some fun with her limp body and eyelids, I decide to wake her up, this time though thinking that all the post hypnotic suggestions have been removed but as soon as she mentions her name, she goes back to sleep. Next comes the part where all she wants to do, is give me a blow job. Of course she does not really know why that is but then again, who cares. Lot more sleep fun, unexpected turns and twists as well as lots of passing out "sleepy action" with eye checks.


Mia McKinley Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Where are the missing girls

Special agent Mia Mc Kinley is looking for a number of missing girls like the supermodel and a few call girls who seemed to have all disappeared in this neighborhood. Why was she looking for them at my house? I think you all know. Anyway, finding a reprogramming device on my table certainly did not help my case, for her though to accidently hit some of the buttons on the device certainly did not help her case. Thing changed quickly and when she started to talk gibberish, I just knew, I had found myself another Play toy. Malfunctions, glitches and more.





Mia McKinley Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
What missing girls and do you want to shove it down my throat?

After having had some fun with my new toy in the last segment, Officer Mia started to talk about the missing girls again. She seems particularly interested in the fate of officer Fox. Strange, do you guys remember her? Oh well, looks like she needs a bit more programming. After some more fiddling with her, it looked like I finally got it right. My new toy is just the way I like her, seductive, promiscuous and obedient. I guess you will have to watch this clip if you want to see the surprise ending.





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