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You know you like it

Mia, beautiful, bi sexual young girl with an insatiable appetite for sexual adventures finally made it back after more than two years. We had tried to hook up many times since her first visit but our scheduling was always somewhat off, until now that is. Many of you who have been with us since the early days will certainly remember Mia and her very sensual and sexual first session. In case you have not seen it check it out, just click on her picture in the gallery. Needless to say, I was looking forward to seeing her again and yes I have to admit, I could not wait to put her under again and to take her to even deeper places.

As you might remember, Mia although submissive by nature likes to put up a fight here and there just to feel her surrender with even more intensity. Just the way I like it and I am sure you will enjoy her second visit just as much as I did.

I decided to start her off with the magnetic hands test. Once her hands were stuck together, I made her feel the force of the magnets pulling her legs and feet together, thus rendering her helpless. Mia started to wiggle and tried to free herself and I increased the feeling of being immobile by making her freeze up. I could just feel how she got excited already and her comments made it pretty clear that she was going right back under my control. Nice slow eye closing during the actual induction. Who could ever forget those eyes?

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Mia Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
I surrender all control

Mia's body slowly starts to shiver and shake and her breathing is getting deeper. I remember that she likes the feeling of being helplessly tied up and fucked without her being able to do anything about it and that is exactly what she was feeling now. Her hands are pulled together by the invisible yet powerful magnets and her body is strapped in, giving her no choice but to hold still. I keep encouraging her to fight it and the more she does the more aroused she gets. Her nipples feel pinched and the vibration on her clit is starting to drive her nuts. I make it perfectly clear that in order for her to orgasm she has to surrender her will as well as her control. Of course by now, Mia has no more control over anything but I want her to feel exactly that with even more intensity. Her sexy little body goes into convulsions and it is time for her to learn to beg and to understand that I decide how good she feels.



Mia Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
am ready for you master

First rolling eyes and forced masturbation

Mia's body is still shivering from before when I decide to take her even deeper. Her big dark eyes role back and I have her come again during the deepening. It is always good to distract the subject's mind and what better way to do just that is to let them cum. During that time they are wide open for suggestions to sink in. I order her to take off her panties which makes her feel even more exposed and vulnerable. Her hands are magically forced between her legs and she is unable to stop them from pleasuring her tight little pussy: "I have no choice, master". That's right and you certainly have to be ready to orgasm for your master whenever he tells you to do so. I keep driving her further up the wall until she tells me that she is ready and from now on, she will always be ready: "I am ready for you master".



Mia Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
am your obedient slave master

Mia has been put on her knees, she is staring at the crystal and I can feel how her mind is slowly leaving. Again her beautiful eyes role back into the back of her head and she seems completely absorbed by lust: "I am your obedient slave master". I have her cum on three and that almost knocks her out. Mia' s eyes cross briefly and role even further back. Pinching her own nipples seems to increase her arousal even more and her sexy body is quivering under my voice. Very intense training and lots of rolling eyes action.



Mia Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless shell, master

Mantras, stares and very intense mind reduction

Mia's body is bent over the couch and her sexy ass is pushed out at me. Again her hands are forced between her legs and she can not stop to pleasure herself. It is time for her to learn how wonderful it feels to be mindless. My little girl is incredibly aroused and repeating: "I want to let go of my mind for you" makes it even more intense. After being stripped of mind and will, Mia just stands in front of me with her eyes wide open while staring into nothingness. Her mantric repetitions of "I am a mindless shell for you master" are slow and monotone. I decide to send her through another round of orgasms without her being allowed to touch herself. She keeps repeating "mindless shell", over and over while Cumming. Again intense with a lot of your favorites.



Mia Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Passing out in the middle of the orgasm is only the beginning

Mia's arms are pulled up straight in the air and she is still repeating the words, "mindless shell", over and over. Made to feel helplessly penetrated, my little girl is now orgasmed at will. I can feel how her lustfully shivering and shaking body is trying to free itself but the poor girl has no choice. Let's do some arms out, mindless stare zombie walk, just for fun that is.

Mia is ordered to sit down on the couch and to make herself cum for her master. She keeps screaming, "I am a good girl master", and finally passes out in the middle of her orgasm. Wait there is a lot more to cum. Mia's body is limp and exhausted and I decide to play with her a bit, you know, move her around, lift her arms and let them drop and of course do some very intense eye checks.

All I see in her eyes is the white and just for fun I have her cum again while in deep trance. Mia's eyes open again during this intense orgasm and while she is drifting even deeper her eyes role all the way back into her head. Intense from beginning to the end.



Mia Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless addiction

Love potion, that is too funny

Mia believes to be in an interview in which she is applying for the position of our new sales rep. I am not sure whether she is really the type we are looking for, after all she seems very proper, quite prudish and even more importantly, not at all interested in me. She keeps talking about her happy marriage and what have you. Things get even more awkward when I tell her that our new line of cosmetics, called mindless addiction, was designed to make women, well just that, mindlessly addicted and loving towards any male who is close by. Scary thought, now isn't it? Not for Mia, she does not believe that a perfume and some lotions could ever do that and to make a good impression on her interview she has no problems trying them out. Of course she loves the smell and feel of our new line but that is about all she feels. Well, I never said that it has to happen, all I said was that some women who have tried it before felt the above mentioned symptoms.

Despite her denial, I think it is safe to say that by the time she takes off her panties and tells us that her marriage is just whatever, our little sales rep might have felt some of the effects of our mindless addiction. The fact that her IQ seems to diminish, is something Mia will never know about. I think it becomes even more obvious that there might be something to the love potion effect of our new line when she starts to blatantly play with herself while she is telling me how sexy I am and that she could easily fall in love with me. I want you really bad, please, please, please. From proper prude to loving bimbo, who would have thought that?




Mia Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I could fall in love with you a thousand times

My little sales rep has turned into a horny mess by now and she keeps telling me how much she loves me. Although her eyes are starting to role back while she is blatantly masturbating for me, Mia still seems to feel non of the above described IQ and or mind reducing effects of the cosmetics. How could she, right? Her eyes light up when I hand her the lipstick vibrator and shortly after she can't seem to remember her own name! All I am getting is a mindless stares and more of the love talk. I guess our cosmetics are not as strong as I thought they might be. Horny and almost out of her mind, Mia all of a sudden seems to want to hold on to whatever little is left. I hold up the crystal and suggest that her mind will be completely gone by the time she orgasms. Will she try to fight me? Will she try not to orgasm and give it all up. Will she turn into a mindless eye rolling shell of herself?




Mia Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you think that is professional?

I am very professional, master

Mia wakes back up not remembering what has just happened. All she know is that she is naked and confused in the middle of a very important interview. Naturally, she keeps apologizing while frantically trying to get dressed. What makes it even more awkward is the fact that she keeps calling me master without having a clue as to why she is doing that. Mia's facial expressions are priceless every time she calls me master without knowing why the heck she is addressing a stranger as master. I am so sorry, I am so sorry, blablabla.

All of a sudden my oh so professional prude feels tickled and starts to jump all over the place. Again, I am so sorry. It gets even worse when her shirt seems to tickle her and naturally she has to get out of it. That should prove to be pretty tough, after all there are lots of buttons to tackle. Don't you hate it when they get naked during the interview, as if that would help in getting the job. Can things get worse? Oh yes, watch her trying to suppress a sudden and unexpected orgasm. Let's put her to sleep for just a bit.



Mia Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Would you like to be my personal slave?

The waving hand that causes mindlessness

Usually, I don' bother asking the girls that question, as you all know, I just make em slaves. This time is a bit different though. Remember, Mia calls me master every time she addresses me. Keep that in mind. Anyway we start by waking her up and this time I ask her to hold my hand. Confused and maybe thinking that I might help her, Mia reaches out her little hand. Again her face is priceless when I tell her that by holding her hand, I will make her freeze up and turn her into a statue. No you...What....OK, that is done.

Frozen and helpless, Mia just stares at me and when I ask her whether she wants to become my mindless slave, she says: "no master". Well then why do you call me master? I don't know master! Weird, don't you think? Now is time to wave my hand in front of her face and render her mindless. Mia stares mindlessly into the distance while I take care of all her extra clothing. I keep telling the girls that they are always wearing too much but do they ever listen?

The second I snap her out of it again, Mia is so confused and embarrassed that she runs around like a chicken with her head cut off. Do you like being a slave? "No master"... Here we go again. All of a sudden she feels tickled again and on top of all that she has to orgasm. Do you like to orgasm for your master? "No master". You like to orgasm, don't you? "Yes master". Can you stop it? "No master". Make up your mind girl. Well it all ends with a mindless stare and a horny girl in bliss for her Master.




Mia Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I better leave

Everything from freeze, rolling and crossing eyes, confusion, embarrassment, mindless stares, intense orgasms to futile attempts to prevent the inevitable.

Mia's interview from hell is not quite over yet. I have her snap out of it again feeling confused and apologetic. This time though she figures that it might be a good time to get out. The problem is that in the middle of her frantic attempt to collect all her things and get dressed, the poor thing freezes up again. Seems a bit frustrating, now doesn't it? I think I need a little peace and quiet around her and the only way that might happen is by rendering her mindless again. My hand barely waves in front of her face and Mia stares quietly into lala land. Looks like I have to peel her out of all those warm clothes again. Mia is so sexy, just standing there, naked and helpless and when I suggest that she feels ice cubes gently touching her nipples, those little pointers get rock hard.

You think Mia might be suggestible? I decide to take her even deeper and her eyes first seem to cross and then role all the way back into her head again. Let's snap her out of it one more time for the grand finale. I suggest that simply by looking at me, her mind will diminish and she will remain an empty shell of herself. Boy does she try not to look at me. Will that help her not to slowly sink into mindless bliss? Will my encouragement to try to look the other way make a difference?




Mia Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mia's deep throat

Watch the transformation of a not so nice Porn star into an obedient Robot, which is programmed to please her master. Mia believes to be a famous porn star who is known for her "deep throat" action movies. Just the thought of that makes me get hot. Anyway, she does not appear to be a nice girl at all, in fact she is down right rude to one of her devoted admirers who is trying to get an autograph from her. Guess who the admirer is? OK, you guessed it. Our sexy little porn star seems bored and quite unwilling to give me her autograph or even talk to me. How about that! She almost gets upset when I tell her how much I liked her last movie in which she played a fembot.

That's not really me, I am not into that kind of stuff at all. Interesting, don't you think. It is probably time for the light shaker to come out and do its magic. Mia stares at the light pointed at her forehead and despite her futile fight, turns into my obedient little robot: "I am just a robot master", "I am sorry for having been disobedient". It is fun watching her try to avoid the transformation. Now it is time to teach, I mean program some manners into my new toy. There is a whole lot of yes masters, crawling, parading, orgasms on three, bend over ass out bottomless masturbation, great stares and other programming going on.



Mia Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The musical chairs are back

Since the unforgettable Heather Silk many of you have asked us to bring back the musical chairs. Well, here they are. Mia believes to be a candidate on a live TV game show. The game is simple, the stakes are high and Mia is ready to play. The idea of possibly winning a huge amount of money seems to make her forget that when she loses, she might lose more then just a game. As mentioned, the game is simple. Mia has to walk or in her case, dance around four chairs as long as the music plays and sit down on the closest chair whenever the music stops. As I mentioned, the stakes are high. Chair number one is the money chair, chair number two is the orgasmer, chair number three is the tickler and chair number four is the mind- or- IQ reducer. In order to be fair, the music is randomly turned off and then back on by a computer.

OK, that is what Mia believes. Who ever said I am fair? Anyway, as mentioned, Mia can not wait to get started. Not the least bit worried about possible losing some of her IQ or having to orgasm in front of everybody, Mia dances around the chairs until the music stops. Oh, oh the mind reducer, “OH no, please”. Sorry girl, you know the rules. Mia's amazing rolling eyes and the way she slowly recuperates after every time she has to endure the mind - reducer, her intense orgasms on the orgasmer, her laughing and screaming on the tickler and last but not least her funny comments are impossible to describe. Mia starts off confident, smart and witty and gradually ends up horny and quite bimboish. You know what I mean by that.


Mia Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
The musical chairs are back and the mind is gone

I am here to be mindlessly fucked

After a few rounds of the musical chairs, Mia still believes that she is not affected by any of the chairs and particularly not by the mind-reducer. Well, I think the fact that her speech is a bit sloppy and her hands are where they should not be in public or her talking about her pussy feeling good, has absolutely nothing to do with the mind-reducer. What do you think? Ok, her titts are popping out but hey that could happen to anybody. What hurts most is the fact that she laughs at me when I ask her to go out with me.

Go out with you, don't be silly. No problem, let's keep playing then. At some point I offer her, to up the stakes and to set the mind-reducer to twice the strength for twice the money. Oh sure that is great, still no reaction? Mia slowly turns into a stupefied, oversexed little fuck bunny with nothing else on her mind than just that. Again, amazing eye roles and confused reactions during the mind-reduction, slow and gradual demise into a completely empty, mindless and promiscuous fuck toy. I think her favorite chair ended up being the orgasmer. Who would have thought?



Mia Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Harems slave with minor flaws

Is my master satisfied with me?

At first I was actually more than happy with my new
R 23Xt/ Harems girl edition. She asked all the right questions, her pussy was sensitive and damp, her dance incredibly sensual and seductive and it seemed like she was ready for anything. I have to admit, I did not expect that kind of perfection from a "bargain buy" like she was. Not exactly brand new and reprogrammed from a cleaning unit, my new toy had been on sale and that was really the only reason that I could afford her in the first place. Anyway, everything seemed fine at first and I had a lot of fun watching her dance and play with herself while desperately trying to please me. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the first warning signs, like her twitches and the incoherent speech but then again who could have known?



Mia Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Harems slave with not so minor flaws

What more can I do for you master?

That is a good question. Maybe you could stop overheating or maybe you could clean out my pipes instead of the couch. “I must relax master, I am overheating”. I have to say, in her defense though, that she was not just malfunctioning. Come to think of it, for the most part she was just hot and that made up for some of her little quirks. Let's face it, what real woman would dance like that, offer blowjobs, bring herself to orgasm in front of me and promise to do anything I want. Both segments are hot and Mia is great.






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