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Mia Vega Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Letting go of yourself is just the beginning

Mia Vega, stunningly beautiful blond beauty from Puerto Rico with the longest legs I have seen in a while had never ever done anything like this but believe it or not, she did not seem the least bit nervous. There she was, 5 feet 11inches tall, tanned, wild and untamed and very curious. Can it get any better than that? Yes it can; Mia turns out to be another one of my absolutely amazing subjects who learns that being put into submission is exactly what turns her on more than anything else.

Well, I think it is safe to say that she came to the right place and yes, we had a lot of fun together and I am sure you will enjoy watching her sexy little body quiver and shake, her eyes mindlessly gaze into nothingness and listen to her slow and monotone “yes masters”. Of course, there is a whole lot more going on. Mia turns out to be very intelligent (when not mindless and blank) and she definitely has a wonderful sense of humor which together with the fact that she is naturally submissive and sweet, makes her the ideal playmate. Were there a couple of futile attempts to resist and to see who really has the power? Yes, but then again, that is all part of the fun and I would not want it any other way. We have a treat especially for our Spanish speaking viewers; which is switching Mia who is fluent in Spanish in some segments from speaking English to Spanish for a little while.

We start her off with some breathing exercises, Balloon test with great stares, eyes following the swinging watch, lots of close ups of her body and bare feet.

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Mia Vega Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to follow and obey each and every word I say

Mia's beautiful body starts to rhythmically move under my suggestions as her breathing slowly turns into moaning and groaning. As you all know, I am a firm believer that the first couple of segments following the initial induction are the most important and the programming during those segments sets the stage for the rest of the session. I had a feeling that Mia might be turned on by the feeling of having no control and that having to be a good little girl for me would drive her up the wall and I was right. Turned on by the sound of my voice and the intense penetration, I make her feel, Mia lets go of her inhibitions and with that her body goes into lustful convulsions. I keep driving her up the wall by making her feel her own body with more intensity than ever before and as soon as I feel her being consumed by lust, I strip her of all inhibitions and will. Still there is more; Mia has to learn that for as long as we are together, there will be nothing more important than to please me “No mind, no will, no thoughts of your own”.



Mia Vega Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a choice-less slave master

First yes masters, slow mantras, mindless stares and repetitions, intense orgasms on command, zombie pose and much more… Taking control of the subject’s mind is often achieved by putting them into a state of lustful bliss which leaves them wide open for suggestions to go unfiltered into the subconscious mind. Mia is finger fucking her wet pussy as her eyes are focused on the watch in my hand. Intensely horny and too aroused to even notice what is going on, her mind and will drift right into me. She starts calling me master without me having to mention it and I know she loves every second of her surrender. Now she has to learn to orgasm on my command for as long as I want her to.

Mia's body goes into lustful convulsions as she screams “I am a choice less slave”. I tell her that she needs to show me what a good little girl she is and that really turns her on. Finally empty and exhausted, our little girl is just standing there with her arms stretched out in front of her as she stares right through my waving hand in front of her face. She keeps repeating the words “mindless entranced slave” over and over (slow and monotone mantra). Her beautiful body quivers and shakes all the way into her long legs and I decide to send my horny little girl through another screaming hard marathon orgasm while she keeps repeating “you are my master”. Too intense to describe and well worth watching if you are into female training.



Mia Vega Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to learn to obey my master

I follow and obey master

More fun for our extreme female training, mantra, stares, kneeling, crawling, begging, mind reduction, breathe controlled orgasm and obedience training lovers.

Mia is placed on her knees and then ordered to go on all four for her master. With her ass pushed out, she now feels helplessly fucked and used as she repeats “I am nothing without you master”. Watching her sexy ass go up and down with every thrust is too hot to describe. OK, enough of the warm up. Back on her knees, Mia learns that the bitter sweet pain of pinching her rock hard nipples for her master makes her orgasm harder than ever before. Her little body is still quivering and shaking from her last orgasm as I have her look at the watch again.

The slow and monotone repetition of “I hear and I obey” takes her into an even deeper mindless trance “I want to cum for you master, please”. Just saying “I have a master” makes her feel aroused again and it is time to put her on her back for more obedience training. Mia slams her fingers so hard into her wet pussy that she almost orgasm without permission. She keeps saying “I am nothing without you master”, “I am a controlled slave”. Now comes the first breathe controlled orgasm which is something our little girl has never experienced before. It is absolutely amazing how long she holds her breath for me and the intensity of the orgasm cannot be described.



Mia Vega Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Completely mindless surrender

Now it is time to find out how far we can take our little girl down the road of complete surrender to her master. Can she orgasm harder for me than ever before in her life? Will she show me her complete surrender with every orgasm, in her wide open eyes? Again, Mia finger fucks her wet pussy harder than even before but what really makes her orgasm is the repetition of “I hear and I obey”. I keep driving her to the verge another orgasm but this time she has to remain there until she is aroused beyond belief. All she wants to do is cum for me, which makes her wide open and receptive for my programming.

The final take over is close. Bent over the chair, Mia's body goes into intense lustful convulsions as she feels fucked from behind. She keeps screaming “mindless surrender”. I tell her that I want to see and feel her unconditional surrender which drives her out of her mind until all she wants is, to show me that she has no will of her own left. Her final orgasm is so long and intense that it takes all strength out of her and puts her to sleep as she keeps repeating all the way to the last second, “mindless surrender”. Intense orgasm training, slow and quiet mind reduction, yes masters galore, many slow repetitions and eye checks which show the white of her eyes.



Mia Vega Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Bi-lingual RoboMaid

Mia our unruly and disobedient maid is switched back and forth between speaking English and then repeating it in Spanish

“I am not designed to think, I am a horny robot master”

Our young and very sexy maid is cleaning the one room in the house which I told her does not need any cleaning. Believe it or not, the little gives me the "but your wife told me so" excuse and to top things off, she lets me know that what I say does not really matter around here anyway. Now that hurts almost as bad as the fact that she does not seem to be the least bit interested in me, if you know what I mean. Well, what can I do? Of course she does not believe me when I mention that the girl on the floor next to her was once just as disobedient as she is. In fact it makes her laugh. Maybe if I had not warned about touching the "brain wave transformer on the floor, she might have never even seen it but then again, where would be the fun in that. Sure enough, the second I leave the room, our sexy yet unruly maid picks up the "transformer" and what do you know?

Two seconds later, after being hit by the rays, she stands at attention, robot style that is. Now is time to deactivate her ability to think and then have her masturbate and repeat all my orders in English and then in Spanish as well. I do not recall what, “I am a horny robot”, “yes master” and “I am not designed to think” in Spanish is but you will hear it in the clip. Of course there is the standing up masturbation, plenty of yes master, some cleaning of the floor with her panties, denied orgasms, salutations, bowing and crawling, stiff robotic moves as well as monotone speech and more, that makes this one a very hot obedient robot segment.



Mia Vega Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Doll syndrome

I am too young to have this kind of problem

Our sexy young maid snaps out of it again and no, she has not learned a thing. OK, maybe the reason that she does not remember exactly what just happened might have something to do with that. At any rate, she remembers enough to feel confused, embarrassed and more than eager to tell my wife about all this. Of course the first thing she does is get dressed again but that stops the second she loses the ability to move freely, meaning when she finds herself mindlessly frozen. After moving her around for a bit it is now time to at least make her aware of the fact that she cannot move which surprises the hell out of her. Could it be that she suffers from "Doll syndrome"? Of course not!

Again, she does not believe that the girl on the floor was once just like her. Speaking in different languages with a feather duster in her mouth is certainly not easy for our sexy maid but it sure is a lot of fun to watch, if you ask me. Maybe we should shut her up and send her back into a mindless and obedient state by using the waving hand? No, she does not believe that anything like that is possible until she drops into blissful mindlessness in mid sentence. Let's see how sexy she looks with her arms stretched out in front of her while gazing into nothingness.

I snap her out of it in the middle of a very powerful orgasm and now our confused little maid has to learn that her hands are under my control and they go and do whatever I want. Unable to stop her hands from masturbating her pussy while being otherwise frozen again, our little maid is now showing signs of surrender. Of course there are more freezes, helpless vibrator orgasms, begging and final surrender yet to come. Mia ends up being liquefied and unable to move when I decide to…Bi lingual, great eye checks and very intense.




Mia Vega Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make it stop master

One more round of fun with our sexy young maid. Confused yet still stand offish our horny maid talks about telling my wife about all this as she suddenly jumps and screams all over the place. It seems almost like her clothes are tickling her which is of course absurd. Well, may not be that absurd. Mia fights long and hard before exposing her beautiful body but at some point, the tickling is just too much to handle and she reluctantly gets naked right there in front of me. Of course the worst is yet to come. In the midst of feeling tickled, her body suddenly freezes up and now she starts to beg me to make it stop.

The strange part about all this is that she keeps calling me “master” without really knowing why. Being the nice guy that I am, I make the stiffness of her body go away but now she orgasms while still being tickled. Now she begs me to make that go away as well although she does admit that the orgasm feels good. Again, I help her by making her body feel limp and completely strength less. Now she just lays there with her eyes wide open. I remember how she enjoyed the orgasm which makes me decide to put a vibrator on her clit which makes her limp and helpless little body orgasm yet again.



Mia Vega Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Women should not be controlled!

I cannot stop looking at it.

Mia believes to be a webcam girl who is trying to get rid of a customer who was not supposed to call her anymore in the first place. I guess, she does not like the guy’s ideas about keeping women sedated and manageable through mind control. Our conversation goes on for a while and my webcam girl makes it quite clear that she does not believe in the whole mind control idea and that women should be in control anyways. Luckily, before she is ready to disconnect, she is willing to read the E card I sent her for her birthday. You guessed it that was a big mistake. Mindlessly entranced and willing, my cam girl learns that being a slave is what she always wanted. With her arms stretched out in front of her she keeps repeating “I am your mindless slave”. What comes next is very intense female/slave training with lots of yes masters, denied orgasms, amazing stares, some rolling eyes, finger fucking, kneeling begging, nipple pinching, forced vibrator masturbation and orgasms as well as mantras. Mia's surrender is very intense with lots of screaming and begging.



Mia Vega Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Not you again

It is so hard not to look at it.

Now our webcam girl believes to be talking to her least favorite customer who wants her to worship her feet for him and to show them off, slowly and seductively while she is getting off. Oh no, that is just not her. Well, what can I say, Mia makes the same mistake as before. She looks at the computer screen in front of her and again, she is mesmerized by what she sees and taken into mindless trance. If you like foot worship combined with female training, you are going to love this one. Mia shows off her beautiful feet, very slowly and seductively, spreads her toes and wrinkles them up. Mindless and horny she even starts to finger fuck herself while I am close to her feet.

Unfortunately for her however, she is put to sleep before she has a chance to cum which gives me more time to take an even closer look at her feet. Of course that is not all, by any means. Our foot slave wakes up again and now she is fully aware that she serves and pleases her master by showing her feet. Mia gets so excited and horny that I decide to allow her to orgasm before putting her under again. Yes masters galore, some Spanish, stares, eye checks and intense close ups of her feet.



Mia Vega Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I would never fall in love with you!

Mia believes to be some kind of Superheroin who came to my place in order to match her powers with me. She goes on and on about the fact that she is stronger than me and that mind control would not work on her until I get tired of her rambling on and decide to send her to sleep. I use the time while she is out to open her hot costume and to take a closer look at her beautiful breasts. Of course that makes her feel a bit upset the second she wakes up but nevertheless, she is ready for the next challenge. I bet you that eating those grapes will make you fall in love with me within 60 seconds. You guessed it; she does not believe it and that is a big mistake on her part. As soon as she bites in first grape, her face changes and she is mindlessly in love with me “You are everything for me, I love you” “I want you master, I love you”. I think you are getting the picture.



Mia Vega Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Cigarettes and Superheroins don't go together

Our beautiful Superheroin is quite embarrassed by now but still not convinced that I am in control of here. Of course she does not turn around for me to show off her sexy ass or does she? Yes she does and that makes her even more upset. Let's see our next challenge is who can smoke these very strong specially selected cigarettes and not get aroused and somewhat mindless? Mia keeps smoking away and she does not even realize at first that she is starting to fondle herself. Slowly but surely her mind seems to slow down as she starts to masturbate herself to orgasm while completely unable to stop the smoking or the masturbation. Finally, our Superheroin has to admit that she is aroused and that this one went to me as well. I guess I should have let her orgasm before snapping her out of it again but where would the fun be in that?



Mia Vega Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Remote controlled Bi lingual Superheroin

It is kind of boring to match powers with someone who just stands there

Mia snaps out of it again and I can tell she is not so sure about her power anymore but she is not quite ready to give up. For some reason, although reluctantly, she keeps calling me master which not only confuses her but also makes her feel a bit upset. Let's see whether she can handle the remote control in my hand. First I switch her to speaking Spanish without her being aware of it. Our Superheroin goes on and on about who knows what until I decide to mute her which does not stop her from moving her lips.

Again, she has no awareness of being muted which makes watching her even more fun. Let’s freeze her and see what she does. Nothing of course but I can tell, she is not too thrilled about me exposing her breasts. From the looks of it, she sure tries not to orgasm either but after some struggle it happens anyway. All of a sudden she goes to sleep. I wonder, what might have happened? Oh well, let’s see what happens when she wakes up. Do you think I can get her to undress for me without even knowing it or while telling me that she would never do such thing? What else can go wrong for our Superheroin?


Mia Vega Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I eat Star Ninjas for breakfast!

Our Superheroin StarNinja enters the evil mad scientist’s lab and immediately demands that he comes out and show himself. She continues her search and cautiously moves about the room “You know you’re in here.” Realizing the gig is up, the evil scientist shows himself. He announces his presence and states “It looks like you found me, however I think you may find it significantly difficult to capture me.” Our heroine places her hands on her hips and stares down her opponent and threatens “you’ll come quietly if you know what’s good for you.”

The evil scientist does not waste any time and pulls out his electro magnetic frequency light in an attempt to slowly destroy her system…StarNinja stagers back as her arms reach out in an attempt to regain her balance. She quickly regains her composure and resumes her original pose. “Nice try, but I am impermeable to your weapons. The scientist remarks in his usual sarcastic tone that she has been programmed to believe that she is some sort of Superheroin, when in reality she is nothing but a glorified windup doll.

She still insists assertively that she is “nobody’s doll, and that he better surrender… The scientist annoyed with her persistence, fires the electro magnetic pulse light again, capable of disrupting or even destroying any electrical device in its path. StarNinja begins to stiffly stagger backwards with her mouth gaped open staring off into space as she malfunctions repeating and protesting “she is not a robot… Impossible, Not possible, I am a human female, I am StarNinja…. I’m not a robot; I’m not a robot, a robot. He approaches the malfunctioning heroine, leans over and reaches behind her back. Amused by her repetitive denial he begins to reprogram her into his personal Intergalactic Escort and there is only one way to find out what becomes of our Superheroin and the mad Scientist… Yes you guessed it again.


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