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Michelle & Amanda Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


There is a first step in every journey

Michelle and Amanda, two very beautiful, lusty, sensual and very sweet young girls with very little experience, if any, when it comes to playing with another girl, made the idea of me being the one to take them on a journey, they always wanted to take deep down inside, certainly incredibly exciting. Besides being beautiful, sexy and very horny, my two lovers to be, were quite nervous and the fact that neither one of them was familiar with what I do, did not make it any less exciting for them. Needless to say, I decided to start them off easy and then have them slowly ease into the experience. Did it work? Oh yes, it sure did and I have a feeling you will agree with me after having watched the girls' hot and wet clips .

We started with the raising arms test, the eye fixation and some breathing exercises and it was interesting to watch which girl went under at what point. It almost seemed like my two sweeties were both waiting for the other girl to go first but then they pretty much went, where I needed them to be, at the same time.
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Michelle & Amanda Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
step Two Being horny and excited makes you a better subject

Letting go of all control is the first step to bliss

After a nice long induction it is now time to get my two beauties horny and very excited. As I always say, a horny subject is a good subject. Once the subject's attention is diverted the programming becomes a lot easier. Both of their young bodies are slowly starting to writher and shake under my suggestions. Their legs are opening and I can feel that it is only a question of time when all they want to do is orgasm and that is the perfect time to have my suggestions sink in deep. The feeling of having no control turns both of them on and it seems like the more they hear each other moan, groan and finally scream the more turned on they get. What can be better than watching and hearing two young beauties quiver, shake and scream just because you say so.



Michelle & Amanda Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
step three Getting to know the other girl's wet pussy

I let go of all mind and will, the first mantra to bliss

Now it is time to not only make the girls touch and play with each other's wet pussies but to also make them mindlessly surrender. Who does not like to watch a couple of horny girls mindlessly masturbate each others' pussies. I can feel them slowly getting more and more excited, their hands and fingers are starting to move faster and their desire to make each other cum becomes insurmountable. The mantra, "I let go of all mind and will", is starting to take effect and the girls are now all over the couch. Of course the first orgasm is just the warm up. Now it is time to get them to quiver and shiver even harder, to beg and to scream even louder and to finally submit.



Michelle & Amanda Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
step four Getting to feel the power of the open eyed mind removal

Waving my hand in front of your empty eyes

I think you all agree that it is time to take a closer look at the girl's beautiful young bodies and to let them feel even more who is in control. I have them sit up straight, right there in front of me and again their hands are in each others' wet pussies. Starting with Michelle, I slowly remove every ounce of their remaining mind and will power by having them drive each other crazy for lust. Michelle's beautiful and intriguing eyes are wide open while she is staring into the light shaker. The mantra, "I let go of my mind", sinks in deep and she is starting to feel Amanda's hand between her legs with an intensity she has never experienced before. After she is orgasmed and empty, it is now time to take care of Amanda. The words, "mindless and empty", become her mantra into blissful surrender. It is not easy to describe the growing intensity of this segment and the way the girls fall into mindless bliss and then just sit there with big open eyes while absently playing with each other. Making each other mindlessly cum for me is all the girls want and their horny quivering and withering bodies, the empty wide open eyes throughout their orgasms, are really hot to watch.



Michelle & Amanda Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
step five Learn to make mindless love to each other and please your master

This next segment is short but very sweet and sensual. This one is for everybody who loves to watch a couple of young girls make sweet yet very passionate love to each other. Mindless and in deep trance, with their empty eyes wide open, our two beauties are starting to French kiss while gently exploring each other's body. Slowly but surely their gentle lovemaking becomes more and more passionate and after just a little more mind removal the desire to make each other cum for their master turns them into orgasmic love slaves.



Michelle & Amanda Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
step six Trained to be a couple of perfect love slaves

I feel what you tell me to feel master, I am a mindless shell

In this segment the girls learn what it means to be a perfect love slaves and how to please their master. Put on their knees with their arms stretched out in front of them, my two horny beauties are now shaking under my orders. Not allowed to touch themselves and or each other, they are now experiencing the power of the touch less orgasm on the count of three. I can feel how much they want to please me and decide to take it further. Every good slave has to learn to crawl while feeling helplessly fucked at the same time.

Repeating, "I am a mindless shell master", is starting to drive them up the wall and eventually makes them orgasm deep and hard. Of course that is all just the warm up. Bend over the couch with their sexy little asses pushed out at me, the girls are finally allowed to masturbate for me. Again, the two can not seem to wait for me to finally allow them to explode for me. Put on their backs in the spread eagle position, my two lovers experience the power of the breath controlled orgasm and believe me the intensity of their staring wide open eyes is almost impossible to describe. Very intense with lots of action.



Michelle & Amanda Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Step seven Reluctant Roommate, entranced and used

Amanda surprises her sexy new roommate, who is just about ready to go to sleep, and suddenly starts to come on to her. Michelle tries to let her know that she might not be interested in playing with her but that is not what Amanda likes to hear and she whips out her h crystal. Michelle has no chance, fascinated by the crystal in her roommate's hand, she is unable to keep her eyes from staring at it and before you know it the sexy little blond is in deep trance. Amanda, who is ordered by her master to seduce her new roommate, starts immediately to train her new toy into submission. Michelle's intriguingly beautiful eyes are dull, empty and wide open and she follows her new mistress's orders like a zombie. Michelle is about to learn what it means to eat pussy, orgasm on command and to please her owner in anyway she is ordered to.




Michelle & Amanda Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Step eight Two roommates entranced and used

First the still deeply entranced Michelle gets a chance to let Amanda have some of her own medicine or I should say, let Amanda have some of her wet pussy. Amanda is just as mindless and zombie like as Michelle and both have to learn what it feels like to have a master. Great training segment and the way Michelle rides Amanda's face until she comes all over her, is hot.




Michelle & Amanda Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
nine The Lunchroom of transformation

As you all know, we like to conduct experiments, strictly in the name of science of course, here at our Robolust institute. Today we are testing a new lunchroom design in order to find out whether subliminal messages in music, carefully chosen artwork, harmoniously matched colors and so on, can really help to make our employees feel better. Prior tests, although inconclusive as of now, have shown that females, in particular, seem to have experienced symptoms of sudden unexplainable arousal, over friendliness, reduced brain activity and the need to expose their bodies.

In order to elevate some of the above mentioned possible symptoms, we decided to choose two of our employees who really do not like each other and who seem to have no interest what so ever in the male person who conducts the experiment which btw would be me.

As expected both of our female testers are bitching at each other, thus showing how little they like each other and unfortunately both of them think that I am a bit (ok, a lot) too old for them. The idea that a lunchroom design and some blabla music in the background can change them seems hideous to both of them which makes them the perfect test.



Michelle & Amanda Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Step Ten Lunchroom transformation completed

Although it seems that our, by now oversexed test subjects have nothing else on their minds (I am using the word "minds" loosely here) than making love to each other in order to get my attention, both of them still insist that the experiment is a complete and utter failure. Test subject Amanda's head is disappearing between her coworker's legs and it seems like she is at a loss for words but this might also be caused by the fact that her tongue is deep in Michelle's wet pussy which might make for her limited ability to answer my questions. The experiment continues and if you like to see all the details of the "lunchroom study" you might want to pick up our video clip which shows all the details including the part where our subjects end up in the 69 position. Needless to say that in order to prevent our subjects from exhausting each other by inflicting multiple orgasms on each other, both of them have to be put to sleep, in a Robolust kind of manner of course.




Michelle & Amanda Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Step eleven Toys for boys eighteen and up

This next segment is a great example how a combination of short term amnesia and P. H. suggestions can easily turn even the most doubtful young girls into helpless, mindless thus very willing little puppets. Who does not like to play with a couple of toys as beautiful as they are. Of course my two beauties think that I am somewhat nuts when I mention that, that is exactly what is going to happen in a few seconds. Sure enough the hissing sound of the wand is all it takes for them to suddenly loose all of their minds and will and to turn into blankly staring shells of themselves.

Now it is time to pull the strings and to move my toys into any kind of position I like to see them in. Their hands are pulled between their legs and their little fingers go where it makes them feel sooooo good. Let's see what my little puppets have to say when their awareness comes back but they are unable to stop those magic strings from making them orgasm. Uhhhhh, that feels strange, now doesn't it. Unfortunately, right in the middle of their orgasm, my little puppets are drifting back into a state of complete mindlessness.

Next time when their awareness comes back, they find themselves on their backs in the spread eagle position while playing with each others pussies. Still, they insist that they are not good subjects. Go figure. Lots of back and forth between mindless puppet play, unexpected orgasms, magic strings and confusion.




Michelle & Amanda Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Step twelve What do you mean by obedient Robots, that's crazy

The girls wake up, feeling very confused and even more apologetic about the fact that they are on the floor with their fingers in each others crotches. Embarrassed and confused both keep apologizing for doing this in front of me, a person they just met. Wonder what gave them that idea. Anyway, the suggestion that they will turn into a couple of obedient little robots does not go over to well either. That's just crazy. Next thing that comes out of there mouth is;" I am a Robot, robots do not need underwear." That is correct and not only do they not need underwear, they also do not need a personality and or a mind of their own. What they do need though is orgasm training, walking in circles to show off their bodies and to pleasure one another in front of their owner. Of course there is more they need and you will find out what by watching this clip. Will they end up deactivated so they can be used again at a later point in time?



Michelle & Amanda Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Step thirteen Frozen, lovemaking, apologetic, tickled, mindless and reluctant Bikini models.

I tried to cramp everything that is going on in this last segment into the title but it did not work. Why, you might ask? Well, there is just too much going on. My two reluctant and not very friendly bikini models are frozen a lot, played with even more and rendered mindless when they least expect it. You guys like the "waving hand " in front of the subjects eyes which renders them mindless? Well, if you do, you will see it here. If you like to see a couple of embarrassed confused and very apologetic sexy young models, you will certainly find it here. Everybody who likes to watch girls being frozen and played with while aware and confused and or unaware and helpless, will find it here.

Anybody here likes to see a couple of unfriendly bikini models feeling senselessly tickled while frozen or do you prefer to watch them jump around? Well, what ever it is, you will find it here. How about a couple of mindless lovemaking bikini models who snap out of their bliss in the middle of orgasming each other. Sure we got that. Want more? Go check out the clip and see what else is there.


Michelle & Amanda Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
No more Blowjobs

At first I thought it was just another repair job but when I saw her just sitting there repeating: "No more blowjobs" over and over, I could not help but wonder whether this was more than just a glitch in her system. What made it even more awkward was the fact that her very worried girlfriend Michelle seemed to have no idea about the fact that her obviously malfunctioning friend was a fembot. She kept talking about Amanda having a nervous breakdown and that I should help her. Michelle had no clue about her own identity either, which dawned on me when I mentioned the fact that I would have to open up Amanda's rear panel in order to fix her. What are you talking about, opening her up?

To make a long story short, I was in quite a bit of a mess. I always knew that the T31F series fembot is not known for their reliability but they sure make beautiful dancers, strippers and escorts which is why I usually love going down to the local strip joint. Tonight, as I mentioned already, was different. Michelle kept running around like a chicken with her head cut off and there was no way for me to work on her friend Amanda with her being around. Yes, I know its not good for them to be turned off cold but I just did not see any other way than to do just that.

Finally peace and quite, except for Amanda's slow and monotone repetitions of: "no more blowjobs". Good as I am, it did not take me long to get both of them back up and the fun began.





Michelle & Amanda Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Blowjobs anyone?

In the last segment, I got my little strippers to make love, dance and even pass the orgasm test but all of a sudden Amanda started to go bananas again. Here we go again, Michelle still oblivious to the fact that she was a fembot herself, started talking about her friend having a nervous breakdown again. What a mess. Anyway, both were in bad shape and when they started bumping into each other, things did not look good at all. You all know me by now and I am sure you have figured out already that I was not about to give up. Believe it or not, I even got Michelle to help me fix Amanda and the fun began yet again. The girls are hot and sexy together, as long as they function right, that is.





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