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Milan  Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Uninhibited and free for the first time

Milan, drop gorgeous young woman with a beautiful natural body, is certainly one of those girls who can easily drive any red blooded man nuts, if you know what I mean. Not only is she beautiful but she is also extremely sensual and naturally horny and yes, submissive. Of course, like many submissive women, Milan needs a firm hand, so to speak, to be able to let go and to accept the fact and with that, the pleasure that comes with being controlled. I could go on and on about her sweet and almost shy nature, her intense desire to please, her soft spoken sensuality as well as her cat like fights (you will know what I mean by this once you watch her clips) but I think it is best if you just go ahead and take a look. One more thing, Milan has never, even remotely, done anything like this and I feel honored that she decided to show her beautiful body to all of us, during our session.

I decided to include a different deepener into her induction which is often used with subjects who have a hard time relaxing. The subject is brought back up from the initial trance only to go right back under but this time they are instructed to go even deeper than before. Repeated a few times it can be very powerful, besides all that, it is hot to watch them slowly open their eyes and then slowly close them again. Go check it out.

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Milan  Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to obey you

Learn to follow and obey each and every word I say.

Milan's sexy young body starts to slowly move under my suggestions. I can feel that she is slowly but surely getting more and more excited as she is made to feel my voice as hundreds of hands all over her silky skin. Now it is time to make it clear to her that she has already lost control over what she is feeling and that being under my, let's call it, care, makes her feel better than she has felt in a long time. It works like a charm. Milan's body starts to quiver and her hands are "magically" drawn between her legs. Time for the panties to come off so that we can all get a closer look at her tight pussy. Milan is starting to go nuts and I can feel that she is ready to orgasm for me. In fact, she finger fucks herself so hard that she almost orgasm but as we all know, that does not happen without my permission. After keeping her very close to feeling that orgasm, she is finally allowed to explode on my count to three. She keeps screaming, I am cuming for you, I am here to obey. Intense orgasm and obedience training.



Milan  Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under your control master

First mantra : "I am you entranced slave"
"I have no choice, no control"

First open eyed orgasm, mind reduction via the green laser light eye fixation, slow repetitions, touch less orgasm, zombie/sleepwalker pose, marathon orgasm, mindless stillness and intensified programming.

Milan is forced to open her eyes so that I can start taking her deeper by making her fixate her eyes on the light which makes it much easier to get through to her subconscious. She keeps repeating, I am under your control. Suddenly she is hit by a powerful orgasm which makes it perfectly clear to her, who is in control. She is not allowed to close her eyes which makes it even more clear to her that she is here to learn to obey, no matter what. Let's see what is hiding underneath her dress.

Almost naked and still excessively horny, our little girl is now made to feel helplessly fucked and used. I want her to feel and know that she is orgasmed at my will. She keeps screaming, I am cuming for you master. Oh boy, this looks like another long clip description and we have not even mentioned the slow mind sucking, repetition of mantras, more screaming hard orgasms, the laser light, the zombie pose and, and, and. Towards the end, the camera slowly expects her quivering young body.



Milan  Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am nothing but an obedient slave

I was born to be your slave master

Milan's initial training continues. I think I mentioned it before, the first three or four clips are really one segment in which I train our girls to become submissive and very obedient which than makes it a lot easier to program them for the rest of the session. Milan is placed on her knees as she repeats, I am just your slave, I am her to obey. Her hands are forced between her legs and she finger fucks her wet pussy so hard that it almost knocks her over. I can feel that all she wants now, is to please me and to show me that she is mine.

Finally she is allowed to make herself orgasm for me. She keeps repeating, I was born to be your slave, and I can feel that she gets more and more turned on with every repetition. Time for her to learn that all good slaves have to learn to crawl for their master while feeling helplessly fucked and taken. Great close ups of her ass, feet and face, BTW. Of course there is more. Milan is ordered to bend over the couch with her ass pushed out at me while finger fucking her wet pussy. That girl has a seriously beautiful ass and watching her quivering and shaking while her fingers slam into her wet pussy, is really, really hot. She keeps screaming, I am just a horny slave. Of course there is still the mindless zombie walk, some forced orgasms, slow repetitions and more to come.



Milan  Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
"I am a controlled slave"
Please master make me cum. I surrender to you master"

Milan still walks around with her arms stretched out in front of her while repeating, I am a mindless slave. What a beautiful and very obedient little girl she already is. Looks like it is time for the final takeover. Placed on her back in the spread eagle position, Milan has another chance to show me and to let me feel that she surrenders to my power over her. Again, her fingers slam into her tight pussy as she begs me to make her orgasm. Her body goes into lustful convulsions and she keeps screaming, I surrender to you master. Now it is time to have her give it up by draining her energy and mind to the point where there is nothing left and she goes out for as long as I want her to. Very intense final trainings segment, definitely not for the weak.



Milan  Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Command me master

Milan, who believes to be my wife, insist on us going out tonight for our anniversary dinner. That is just not what I had in mind but unfortunately (for her) she insists on going for dinner instead of playing the harems game. The idea of being my harems slave (among many others) is just not her idea of fun. Too bad because I already bought the costume. Well, to make a long story short, my new laser light in the mirror, changes her mind, or I should better say, takes her mind. Milan tries to take her eyes off the light as it hits her right between the eyes but sure enough, after only a few seconds, she drifts into deep mindless and very obedient trance.

The long and slow repetition of, command me master, while standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her body, takes her down even further. After being ordered to change into the harems costume and then sleep walk towards the bed, my now obedient slave is placed on all four. I think I mentioned it before but that girl really has a beautiful ass. Milan feels helplessly fucked and used from behind which seems to turn her on beyond believe. Lots of yes masters, great close ups of her feet, ass and face, mantra, zombie/sleepwalker pose, intense transformation and re-induction via the laser light in the mirror, intense vibrator masturbation and sleep.




Milan  Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh my god, not the foot game

There is a lot of freeze fun (mainly while the camera is inspecting her feet and body) another laser light induced mindlessness, yes masters galore, foot worship, orgasms as soon as she feels the gentle touch of my hand on her helplessly immobilized feet, mindless stares, doggy style position, masturbation and more. Describing all the details of this intense foot/freeze/mindless orgasm training segment, is almost impossible without it getting too lengthy.

Anyway, my sexy yet disobedient wife wakes up and believe it or not, she still wants to go out for dinner. Looks like the laser pointer has to come out yet again. Just as before, Milan drifts into mindless obedience and now it is time for her to slowly take off those closed toe shoes and to show us her sexy feet. After all the above described, I decide to let her become aware of what is going on and yes, she bitches but not for long. The second she sees the laser in my hand, she knows where she is going next. Oh no, please not again. Really hot and definitely not only for our foot lovers.




Milan  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Please not the light again

I will be a good wife now master

My sexy wife is still not done paying for her disobedience, after all, we don't want this to ever happen again, right? Milan is still very aroused from the last segment and I decide to have her show me her skills in giving me a slow foot job. Her sexy feet slowly stroke up and down the dildo and believe me, watching this really makes you want to have your dick between her feet. Of course, I had to sap her little mind first, after all, who does not like to see a mindlessly and very horny girl, be of service. Time to have her strip and to put her on her knees so that we all can enjoy looking at her ass and feet as well as her mindlessly dim eyes.

The second I make her aware of what is going on, she still shows a bit of an attitude and I looks like, the laser has to come out yet again. Oh please, not the la... Of course there is a lot more going on. I think I have not yet mentioned the yes masters, her helplessly weakened body, the orgasm on command. After putting her to sleep, I orgasm her again while holding her eyes open, play with her limp head and body and take another close look (camera) of her feet.



Milan  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not sexually unfulfilled!
Women's liberation is important...
Brain cleaning and reprogramming initiated

Milan, our somewhat prudish young lady, who believes to be collecting donations for her very active women's (empowerment) group, seems quite surprised when she finds out that she must have gone to the wrong house. Instead of finding a likeminded lady of the house, she stumbles into me and imagine her shock when I tell her what I do for a living. Oh my god. What can I say, all the women who come to see me, leave here happy and very satisfied. Of course that is something our prudish young lady cannot imagine and she sure as hell does not want to try it for herself. I guess, some people don't know what they are missing. I have a very distinct feeling though that I can make her a believer.

The background music suddenly gets very loud, her hands shoot up to her head but by then it is already too late. After a brief struggle, her brainwaves are altered and all she seems to be able to say is, I am a robot. Her body snaps at attention and now she is ready for more brain cleaning and programming. Robot Milan is then tested (strip, arm raises, arms out in front pose, salutations and so on) and then ordered to masturbate without being allowed to orgasm while showing off her blowjob skills. Many of you asked me to make the girls walk around while being in robot mood( stiff legged) for a longer period of time. Well here it is, the long walk around the room. Of course there is more, like the bend over ass out masturbation, forced and denied orgasms, plenty of yes masters as well as monotone and robotic repetitions and, and, and. I had a lot of fun with this one which is why I got carried away and well, it became a lot longer than our usual obedient robot segment. There will be a part one and two available for everybody who does not want to download a big clip like this. Better watched together though.




Milan  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
More power to women

Our young lady wakes up from her, let's call it, experience and yes, she is still not, how can I say this, convinced that she is missing out on live. Her freedom though, does not last for long. All of a sudden, she feels like a helpless puppet on strings who has no control over how and what her body does. I think that all power hungry little puppets need to learn how to crawl, masturbate, open and close their mouth, say things they might not mean, slowly go the ground and be played with. Finally our not so prudish young lady agrees that what I do is fun. Hot puppet segment, if you are into the whole, helpless female, type thing.



Milan  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Final wife training

I am a mindless slave

This next segment should actually be clip nine because it is part of the wife/harems girl segment. I almost overlooked this part when I went through the raw footage and boy am I glad I saw it. My still not perfectly trained wife wakes up again and yes, she bitches. I think we all know what the laser pointer does to her but this time I decided that it also makes her feel tickled as soon as she sees it pointed at her body. Needless to say, our little girl does not find it quite as amusing as I do do but then again, who cares. After tickling her for a while, I decide to freeze her and yes, tickle her even more. OK, enough tickling, after all, I am a nice guy. How about an orgasm. No, she does not think that I can make her orgasm simply by holding the dildo between her legs. Oops, here we go. Still, she does not want to be a good little girl which means, I have to take her mind, deplete her of all strength and then have my way with her. Mindless and empty, she repeats, "I am a mindless slave." Limp body and neck play, eye check and more towards the end. Really intense segment.



Milan  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Gogo dancers don't masturbate in public

Being the guest of honor on our late night TV show, seems to make our sexy young gogo dancer quite nervous. After all, she has never been in front of a these TV cameras and a rather strange show host. She seems a bit upset when I ask her for the name of the strip club she is working at. Oh no, gogo dancers are not strippers. Oops, sorry about that. My next question about her relationship statues seems to also make her feel uncomfortable because she does not seem to be seeing anybody at the moment.

Of course she denies to be sexually unfulfilled but then again, why does she start to masturbate without even being aware of it. Could it be that she is unfulfilled after all. No, of course not. I mention that the last young lady who came to our show, was sent by an evil hypnotist who had prepped her with post hypnotic suggestions but that is of course something that could never happen to her, after all, hypnosis does not work. Why the hell does she flash her ass all of a sudden? I guess we will never know but it sure is fun watching her as she becomes aware of her more than strange behavior. Fun and sexy segment with lots of mind games and confusion.



Milan  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Gogo dancers never lose control

More fun with our sexy gogo girl. Still there is no way that she would ever strip in public, no matter how much money it would pay. How the hell did she end up butt naked. Could it be that she as well was prepped by the evil hypnotist? No, of course not. Why in god's name does she suddenly fight her own hand which seems to not only pull her nose but also pleasures her pussy. I guess, we will never know.


Milan  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am picking up signals from the missing chip

I am not an android

This weeks fembot story is about a beautiful undercover agent, who foolishly believes, that she can arrest a mad scientist, who is accused of having and then not only tempered with but also destroyed, highly classified androids, from a science lab. Self-assured and ready to make her arrest, she faces our mad scientist who seems to have no worries about her barging into his place. The poor thing has no idea that she just stumbled into a very well laid out trap and that she had been expected. She goes on and on about the missing androids and that they were found naked and with their batteries depleted.

I have to hand it to her, she did try her best but when she suddenly picks up a signal from a mysterious missing chip, she gets effected by its frequency and that sets of a series of unfortunate events. Her glitches, repetitions and sudden changes in demeanor become more and more obvious and the fact that her body stiffens up at times, finally gives it away that she herself is an android, which makes her the perfect prey for our mad scientist.


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