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Milan  Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Deeper than ever

Milan, drop gorgeous young woman with a beautiful body, is certainly one of those girls who can easily drive any red blooded man nuts, if you know what I mean. Not only is she beautiful but she is also extremely sensual and naturally horny and yes, submissive. Of course, like many submissive women, Milan needs a firm hand, so to speak, to be able to let go and to accept the fact and with that, the pleasure that comes with being controlled. That is how I described her the first time and besides the fact that her boobs are bigger now, nothing has changed. Milan is sweet and seductive as ever and as it turned out, she was an even better subject the second time around. How much more can one ask for, right? Sit back and enjoy another hot one.

It did not take me long to get her back under my control. All I had to do was to take her gently deeper and then remind her of her feelings during her first session. Slow eye closing, close ups of her body and feet during the induction. I seemed like Milan was getting aroused just by listening to my voice and I decided to take her slowly to the next level.

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Milan  Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am in deep trance for my master

I have no mind, no thoughts, no will, I am under your control master

Milan's sexy young body starts to slowly move under my suggestions. I can feel that she is slowly but surely getting more and more excited as she is made to feel my voice as hundreds of hands all over her silky skin. Now it is time to make it clear to her that she has already lost control over how and what she is allowed to feel. She keeps screaming, I am helpless for you master, and it is obvious that every repetition turns her on even more.

Milan is learning that the second time around, she has to follow and obey even better and that having her own will is not an option. I reward her for being a good little girl by allowing her to feel the orgasm a little bit longer before I take her down into dim mindlessness again. Her eyes are fixed on the blinking light as she slowly repeats, I have no min, no will, no thoughts, over and over. Lots of action and a very intense start, including mindless stares, long slow and monotone repetitions, open eyed screaming hard orgasms and...



Milan  Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master put my brain to sleep

More mantras, crawling, kneeling, zombie/sleepwalker position mind reduction and intense orgasm training on command are just a few of the highlights of this segment.

Watching Milan's sexy young body quiver and shake under my control is sizzling hot as she wants to proof that she is a good little girl who missed being controlled. We start her off in the sleepwalker position while her brain is slowly put to rest. Her repetitions of, please master put my brain to sleep, become slower and slower. Entranced and in a blissful daze, Milan slowly repeats, I follow and I obey master. I can feel that she is ready for more intense training. Out of the blue, I make her feel hit by another orgasms which makes her cum so hard that her body wobbles and almost fall to the ground. I am cuming for you master. Next she has to learn that love slaves crawl for their master whenever they are ordered to do so. She is still slowly repeating, I follow and I obey master when she is all of a sudden made to feel helplessly fucked and used. I keep toying with her before letting her explode which seems to drive her crazy for lust. Once allowed to orgasm, she screams, I was born to be your slave master.



Milan Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for allowing me to serve you master!

Milan's beautiful body is going into lustful convulsions as she is ordered to make herself cum for her master. I can feel that all she wants to do is to please me and to obey. Her eyes are wide open as she is not allowed to close her eyes during the orgasm. As we all know, open eyed orgasms are a lot more intense as they make the subject even more controlled, vulnerable and with that, under control. Milan is made to remember how wonderful it feel to be helplessly controlled by her master. She keeps screaming, thank you for allowing me to orgasm master. Still, it is all just warm up. Next comes the bend over ass out masturbation which gives us a nice view of her beautiful cherry ass and bouncing tits. I can feel her exhaustion which is always a good time to take the subject deeper. Milan is drifting again and her repetitions of, I am your mindless slave, please use me master, become more and more slow and zombie like. Still, there is more to come. Milan is driven into ....



Milan  Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
My masters wish is my command

I am your mindless shell

Want more mindlessly repeated mantras, mental bondage while being fucked and used, intense orgasms, blank stares, begging and final surrender? I thought so.

Milan has proven to be a great subject and now it is time for her final surrender. Her beautiful eyes are staring into nothingness, her arms are stretched out in front of her body as she slowly repeats, I am your mindless shell. I can feel her dropping with every repetition. Slowly but surely I make her feel tied up to the point where she cannot move. Suddenly she is made to feel deeply penetrated while her clit is being caressed. Milan goes nuts and it her body goes into even more intense lustful convulsions when I don't let her orgasm, after all, slave don't decide when they orgasm. I keep toying with her for a while before letting her have it. Now that she is nicely exhausted, it is time to take her deeper yet again. Her eyes are glued to the watch while she slowly repeats, I will obey my master. Mindlessly dim and empty, Milan is now ready for the final take over. Watch it. Eye checks, slow neck play and limp body manipulation.



Milan  Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't play with this kind of stuff!

Thank you master for letting me play with myself

This next segment has it all, from crawling, begging, simulated blowjob, freezes, mindless stares, self entrancement, slow and monotone repetitions to intense orgasms on command.

Milan, who believes to work at my "toy store" does not seem to be thrilled about her new job at all. In fact the only reason she works here is because times are tough and that was the only job she could find. Anyway, our little girl is not into the kind of toys I am selling and she is certainly not into fetishes, which would explain why she does not particularly care for the cage either. Things get even worse when I ask her to stay after hours to help me demonstrate some of our toy to some very important customers.

No way, she would ever do that. There is one thing in the store she does like and that would be the new line of crystals I just bought. I guess you can see in the pictures what happens as soon as she looks at one of those crystals. Mindless and dim, Milan is ordered to crawl into the cage where she is frozen and then she is fed the vibrator for a blowjob demonstration. At some point I decide to let her become aware for a while just so she can be rendered mindless again by the hand. Needless to say, there is a whole lot more going on when it comes to her training but I think you need to watch the clip already. Neck play, eye checks and more at the end.




Milan  Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I can no longer be human

I am a robot, command me master

Milan wakes up not remembering what just happened. Needless to say, she feels confused about being naked on the floor. I had her programmed to get dressed in a different costume before I come back into the room. Why did I want her to put on a different dress. Well, because I think it is more appropriate for what comes next. First though we talk about the new line of robot costumes and that there are a lot of guys who are into all that. Of course, she does not think it is for her but then again, who cares. The mind altering sound devise changes her behavior drastically and now she is a perfectly programmed robot, ready to serve and to obey. Deactivation of programs. bottomless standing up masturbation, robot walk and talk, yes masters, salutations and so much more.




Milan  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I like to put shoes on them

This next one is certainly for our foot and legs lovers. Milan just came back from a two day beauty show where she worked for a tanning salon company who also sells those self tanning lotions which explains why the bottoms of her feet are a lot darker than usual. Milan is made to believe that she is my bosses wife who finally shows some interest in her husband's beauty salon. Having never been in the salon and all, she has no idea who amazing our body and foot lotions are and it seems like she does not really believe me when I mention some of the effects our lotions can have on women. What can I say, the second I pretend to leave the room, she starts to gently apply lotion all over her legs and feet. Yes, you might have guessed it, she becomes addicted quickly and by the time I come back, it is already too late to stop her from worshipping her feet. Things get really intense when she all of a sudden loses all inhibitions and even masturbates in front of me. Oh, my husband wouldn't mind, blablabla. Of course I have to make her aware of those very sensitive pressure points on the bottoms of her feet which make her orgasms without having any control over it. Too much happening to describe it all but after being put to sleep, Milan has no other choice than being helplessly played with. Great close ups



Milan  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
That is not funny

Believe it or not but upon awakening from the last segment, our young lady denies having ever touched those lotions which drove her out of her mind. Oh well, I guess we have to leave her alone again so she can try a few more of our "special lotions". Whatever she tries next seems to cause a delayed reaction, meaning after having applied it to most parts of her body, she slowly starts to feel the tingling effect. It seems to slowly get even worse and before she knows what hit her, her whole body is driving her nuts and she keeps laughing her head off. Things get progressively worse for her when her body starts to freeze up while the lotion still does a number her. Being the nice guy that I am, I try to help her as much as I can but that only leads to unwanted orgasms, more freezes and eventually sleep. I take my to inspect her limp body, expose her pussy and...



Milan  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Fast freeze

Milan, who is applying for a job at a cryogenics lab, you know the kind of lab where they freeze people real fast to keep them preserved for the future, has no idea what she is in for. All that freeze talk does not seem to faze her at all until I ask her to perform some motor function/flexibility tests for me. Suddenly she seems mindlessly stuck in place just like a statue. This is probably a good time to mess with her before waking her up again. Poor thing wakes up with one hand over her eyes and the other one in her mouth, which does seem to confuse her. Like all professional though, she tries to keep her cool but that only lasts until we perform yet another agility/flexibility test.

 Mindlessly frozen yet again, our little girl has no clue what I am doing until I wake her up, while still being frozen. I think the only explanation for her breast to be exposed is the fact that she tries to hit on me to get the job. Of course she denies that vehemently but, I think I know better. As usual, I try to help by using the green laser beam between her legs in order to warm her up so that she can move again. Oh well, that only heats up her pussy and eventually brings her (against her wishes) to orgasm. More feelings of embarrassment. I finally decide to turn her into a mindless mannequin that poses for me whenever I say pose now. Great freezes while I am undressing her, stares and a lot of sexy poses.



Milan  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Those are A's at best

Where the hell is my clit

You might have noticed that Milan had her breast done since her last visit. I personally don't think it was necessary at all but she just loves them the way they are now and that is most important. The reason why I mention this is that it gave me the idea for the next segment in which she believes to be talking to a plastic surgeon who does not agree with her about her boobs. Milan is made to believe that her tits are tiny and that she really, really wants a boob job. It is fun watching her pulling out those (tiny) tits which to her look like A cups. I really need them to be bigger doc.

Milan comes back after a brief deepening and her biggest problem now is, that she cannot find her clit. Of course as her gynecologist, I do have to take a closer look and check out where it might have gone. I think you do agree with me there, right?



Milan  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am you property master

In her final segment, Milan (who still believes to be in a job interview) is first turned into an obedient Robot who's motor skills have to be tested before snapping her out of it. Needless to say, at first our young job applicant cannot really see herself as a programmed, orgasmic, brainless and very obedient "thing" but that all changes after she hears the "frequency device go off.

There is a part two as well, in which Milan is again (against her wishes), turned into an obedient, crawling, masturbating and stripping love slave. Really intense finale and it is a lot of fun to listen to her comments whenever she is not under....



Milan  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Nanny program updated

I kind of wish that I had stayed in bed that night but how could I have ever imagined that our nanny was not what she appeared to be. At first I thought it might be an intruder who made all that noise in the office at three AM but as it turned out, it was our beautiful young nanny who was messing around with the computer. At first I was released that it was her and not a burglar but then things got really weird.

Everything seemed fine until she started calling me John, which is my son name and the fact that she wanted to bring me to bed, made it even more confusing. Don't get me wrong, getting tucked in by her was sort of a fantasy of mine but not like this. I don't know exactly what happened but I think, I must have disturbed her in the middle of whatever she was doing and caused the problems. To make a long story short, my wife had, without telling me, hired a fembot nanny who, thanks to my interruption, started to malfunction.

I have to say, she always seemed a little too perfect to me, if you know what I mean but I would have never thought that she might not be human. What follows is really my wife's fault. Imagine being alone with a beautiful being that responds according to your programming. A beautiful BEING with no inhibitions, no judgment and a very sophisticated sex/pleasure program. I think you are getting the picture. How did it all end? Go find out.



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