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Mileena Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Imagine blissful nothingness

Mileena, beautiful blond hard bodied and most importantly, very horny young girl did not believe that she could possibly be a good subject. The idea of just zoning out while being taken over and played with seemed pretty far out to Mileena. So why did she come for a session? Simply because she wanted to find out for herself how far she could be taken and how deep she would go in order to experience something so very new and different. Knowing what I know about her now, I think what really made her come in for a session was the fact that she is a very horny, sexual and deep down inside very submissive young woman, who just could not resist the temptation of being controlled and in bliss, beyond anything she had ever done before.

I am sure that I mentioned this before but here again; I always like subjects who come in believing that they might be very tough to be put under. Why? Well believe it or not, they are usually the ones who turn out to be the most wonderful subjects and Mileena was certainly one of them. Her session turned into an explosion of sexual energy and I am sure you will agree with me, once you have seen her amazingly hot clip series. Did I mention that Mileena is just as sweet and wonderful as she is sexual and sensual which made my time with her not only special but also unforgettable.

Mileena was already under after the balloon test. Relaxed and on her way down into trance, she stared at the crystal, her eyelids flickered and before you know she was gone. Slow induction with lots of trigger planting and preparation for the next segment.

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Mileena Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a good little girl, please let me show you

Mileena's training begins slow and gentle. I start teasing her by letting her feel the vibration of my voice as a gentle stimulation on her clit. Her body starts to twitch under my voice and she slowly opens her legs ever so slowly. I know right then and there, that she is very suggestible which makes me want to drive her further into bliss. Slowly but surely, I keep intensifying the sexual stimulation of her quivering body while programming her to let go of her mind, will and thoughts. The more she lets go the more intense she feels the love making. Absorbed by lust and the pleasure she is feeling, Mileena is now wide open for her obedience training. The love making becomes more forceful and the better she obeys the more intense she is allowed to feel it. Her tight young body is starting to go into lustful convulsions, her moaning and groaning turns into screams, she begs me to surrender and when I suggest that she has to be a good little girl for me, Mileena finally let's go of herself, “Oh my god, oh my god”.



Mileena Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me orgasm for you master

I want to follow and obey each and every word you say master

It is now time for Mileena to learn to orgasm mindlessly empty and with her eyes wide open. I want to see every second of her blissful surrender in her unblinking open eyes; nothing to hide, nothing to hold back. Her big dark eyes absorbed by the crystal, her body is shivering and shaking like a leaf while her mind is completely riveted by lust. The desire to please me becomes overwhelming and I can feel her giving herself up. It is amazing what can happen once you find your subject’s trigger.

Mileena, empty and mindless by now, is orgasmed again just because I feel like watching her Cumming again. Mileena is mindlessly staring into nothingness and it is time for the mantra I have her repeat the words: “mindless trance”, while she is standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her. Mileena feels fucked and used which turns her on even more. Her body goes into lustful convulsions again, her eyes cross and then role back and she cumms without even so much as a touch of her own hands. Slow and monotone mantras, yes masters, zombie pose, intense orgasms and complete surrender.



Mileena Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
You are my master

This segment is just as intense and almost impossible to put into words as the last one. Mileena has been put on her knees in front of her master. I have her repeat; “you are my master”, until she drops into an even deeper trance. I can feel her intense arousal and it is time for her to learn to not only orgasm on command but to also learn to keep cumming as long as I want her to. Everything is possible in deep trance. The intensity of her orgasms is not easy to describe and watching her in blissful agony is seriously hot. I hold up the crystal again and while her mind is drifting out, her eyes cross as she sinks into oblivion. All I have to do is take her hand and as soon as she feels my touch, Mileena orgasms so hard that it puts her back on her knees. Her big eyes are starting to water from staring at me and the crystal for that long but our little girl does not feel anything. A few more intense breath controlled orgasms finally send her to sleep. She keeps repeating: “please take all my strength master”, until she is gone. Wait there is more: Eye checks, one last orgasm in her sleep while I am holding her eyes open and...



Mileena Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
The Honeymooner

Mileena visits my toy and fun store, thinking that she is looking for something to spice up her upcoming honeymoon. She does not seem to believe that my homemade Kama sutra oils and potions can really do anything to make her honeymoon an unforgettable experience. Come on, what you mean by “they make you feel uninhibited and very aroused”? These are just oils. Although she does not believe in the power of the oils, she does like the scent of most of them. Of course, being ready to go on her honeymoon and all, my sexy young customer has no interest in going out with me. After all, she loves her fiancé.

Slowly but surely, the oils and potions begin to get to her and I am starting to notice that her hands are starting to wander all over her body and when she sits down and takes off her dress, because of the heat in the store, I just know that I got myself another horny little girl in need of training. Mileena keeps denying her feelings of lust but then again, when she starts massaging the oils into her wet pussy and talks about her fiancé not being so important, I just know what she needs. I think what really does her in is the scent of the aromatherapy candle that I hold under her nose. Very hot and slow transformation from proper and in love to horny and in lust...



Mileena Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
The mindless Honeymooner

All I want is you master

Mileena is getting more and more aroused and a second dose of my homemade aromatherapy candle drives her further into mindless bliss. Her fiancé is suddenly not that great and lovable anymore and all she seems to feel is lust. Is it enough for her to completely let go and drift under my control? Not yet. The vibrator, the same one she was making fun of in the first segment, is now taking her into a state of lust she has never experienced before. She begins to call me “master” and I can see her eyes slowly turning dim while she stares at me; but she is still not quite ready. I keep driving her up the wall and now she begs me to let her surrender.

Her mind and will are orgasmed out, leaving her an empty yet horny shell of herself: “Please make me your slave master”. Now it is time to train my new love slave. Bent over the couch with her ass pushed out at me, my little honeymooner experiences pleasures unlike anything she has ever felt before. Of course there is more. Put on her back with the vibrator stuck in her pantyhose, Mileena has... “I am a mindless shell for you master”. The intensity is way too much to describe. Great eye rolling moments and her transformation is perfect and deeply felt.



Mileena Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
My reluctant Mannequin

Mileena believes to be a go-go dancer who stops by my clothing store to shop for a new costume. I guess I have to explain to her that this is not a clothing store and that the sexy little outfits, she seems to like so much, is merely covering my mannequins. “Oh that is too bad; some of the outfits are so cute”. Things get a bit, how shall I say, bizarre when I mention that the mannequins in my store were once real women who came in here for the outfits as well! Thinking that I am pulling her leg, my sexy little go-go girl laughs about my joke but then it happens; Mileena touches one of the mannequins and her sexy young body begins to freeze up.

It takes a bit until the stiffness reaches her head and as soon as it does, her mind slips away as well. Mileena tries to answer my questions about how she feels for as long as possible but her ability to think and speak slowly diminishes as she turns into a mannequin. Like all helplessly frozen mannequins, she needs to be undressed and then be played with. Of course at some point, I have to let her awareness come back; just to make it a bit more interesting.

Confused and still helplessly immobilized, she tries to make sense of all this. Oh well, let's see what the waving hand does to her mind! I thought so. Back to being unable to think, my zombielike mannequin now has to seductively dance for me until I decide to snap her out of it again. You think she wants to leave after all that?




Mileena Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
My horny Mannequin

I am a horny little mannequin master

Mileena is just about to leave my mannequin store when she freezes up again. With no thoughts, will or mind of her own, my sexy little mannequin is at my mercy again. Just like in the last segment, her big dark eyes are wide open as she is unblinkingly staring into absolute nothingness. I decide to handcuff her while she is in nowhere land and continue to mess with her a little more. Her awareness slowly comes back and with that, she is able to move again. Turned on by the fact that her hands are in cuffs, my little mannequin can not it, but to pleasure herself. In fact her desire to masturbate is so strong that she can not stop. Well, not until I freeze her again! Horny and back under my control; Mileena begs her master to let her go.

I decide to keep her frozen with the exception of the hand between her legs which is now pleasuring her pussy without Mileena being able to control the speed and or intensity of the masturbation. By the time she is orgasmed, her mind has already left her again. Time to have her change into one of the outfits she likes so much when she first came to my store. Put on her back, with her legs spread in the air, Mileena is now... Yes you guessed it…too much to describe it all. This clip is intense, showing Mileena begging, screaming, quivering and shaking, horny and mindlessly frozen. Lots of “yes Masters” followed by a very hot ending.




Mileena Clip IX Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
I will be programmed to serve

Female Robot in need of programming

Mileena believes to be in an interview to become the new executive secretary for our vice president. She seems to believe that the robots we build here in our factory are toy robots. Looks like our advertising in the paper was a little misleading when it came to describing the type of work we really do here. Needless to say, she is no longer interested in getting the job after I tell her that we actually use human parts or better yet that we use females as the foundation for our Fembots. She is happy and willing though to accept our small gift for having come all the way out here for her interview; big mistake on her part.

The second she pushes on the top of our "special pen" her ability to think seizes and her programming begins: “Female robot in need of programming”, “I am a mindless robot and I will get very horny for my master” are just a few examples of what she has to repeat as part of her reprogramming.

Mileena’s personality is deactivated, her own will seizes to exist which leaves her zombie like or I should I say “robot like”. Stripped off of most of her clothing, our sexy little robot is put on the couch and orgasmed with the "monster vibrator." Of course she is not just orgasmed; there is a whole lot of programming, yes masters and finally a series of forced orgasms. I decided to hold the vibrator myself and disallowed her to close her legs, no matter how intense it felt. Trust me, that is very tough for a woman to do and it shows how programmable Mileena really is. I could go on and on about the nipple pinching, the denied orgasms due to internal system failures, the bottomless masturbation, the yes masters and more but I think it is better if you just go ahead and watch this intense and erotic clip.



Mileena Clip IX Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip





Mileena Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
I am used to working long hours

Mileena, beautiful blond stripper, would love to work at my new club. For some very strange reason though, she seems to be extremely tired and worn out. Of course she tries to deny the fact that she is constantly yawning. The girl really tries hard and no matter what I say or make her do can not prevent her from eventually going out. Sleepy and unaware, Mileena has no clue that I play with her limp body, open her mouth, flop her arms around, pick her up and then drop her. I think you are getting the picture about all the fun stuff that is going on in this segment.




Mileena Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
No, I think it makes a good impression on the young ones

Although interviewing for the job of the new Kindergarten teacher, Mileena believes that taking off her panties and using the monster vibrator on her pussy, is imperative in getting the job. Interesting, I wonder who gave her that idea? Of course I try to stop her but she wants the job so badly that she just has to go on with her masturbation. Mileena seems to even believe that the harder she cumms, the better her chances of getting the job. I wonder who is driving her up the wall and then let her explode just to land that amazing job? Very intense finale, in which she orgasms herself into a mindless state and then goes out like a light in the middle of her second orgasm. I wonder who...?




Mileena Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh my god, please don't look

Mileena wakes up after a brief deepening and she still seems to have the insurmountable desire to masturbate. The difference from the last clip is that this time she does not think it is a normal or an appropriate thing to do. Unable to stop, poor thing keeps apologizing for her behavior over and over. Can things get worse? Try being watched by all her friends. Can it get worse? Try having to orgasm in front of all your friends and of course the TV crew. Can it get any worse? Go watch and you will find out. ..



Mileena Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes, I am a lesbian

Mileena, the guest of honor on our late night show, freely states that she is a lesbian and that she has never been with a man. That would be a loss, now wouldn't it? Anyway, men were never her thing and she would certainly never allow a man to tell her what to do. I wonder why she suddenly starts to pleasure herself and why she even goes as far as cumming in front of everyone? Does she try to deny her actions or does she try to stop herself from doing what she is doing? Why does she suddenly go blank and why would she go as far as stating in front of everybody that she is a mindless fuck toy? Did I mention that Mileena feels properly dressed and ready to show how she does not like men?



Mileena Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am always in charge


Our sexy little Lesbo comes back after a brief deepening and she still believes she is in charge. Always proper and stern, she just does not seem to have enough laughter in her life. I guess I can help her with that, suddenly she is struck by a tickling attack and finally she loosens up and laughs and screams all over the place. Of course there has to be a surprise orgasm, don't you think? Poor girl has no time to enjoy her orgasm. Dam here comes the tickling again. It is fun watching her reaction when the powerful orgasms are interrupted by the feeling of being tickled. ..




Mileena Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Sorry honey but you can not come over, you know that

Like every Friday night I could not wait to log into her webcam and spend time with my dream girl Mileena. As usual, she was so incredibly sexy, so very promiscuous yet so unattainable; so close and yet so far. I really don't know why I kept spending all my money on just watching her but the way she used to flirt and dance for me was just too hot and maybe it was the closest I could ever get to a woman like her anyways.

That night she was particularly hot, she even masturbated herself to orgasm for me: "I am cumming for you honey," I will never forget that. I still don't know how and when it exactly started but her behavior slowly changed. Minor stuff at first, she kept repeating things and her movement seemed to become more ridged. Slowly but surely she started talking about malfunctioning and circuits being overloaded. Believe me; my whole world seemed to crash right there in front of me. Luckily though, although in bad shape, she was still able to follow my instructions and I was able to not only remote repair her but to also reprogram her. Ok, you might have guessed it, I even added a couple of features to her programming.







Mileena Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Sure honey you can always come over, I am at....

Thank to the added features, I was finally able to get her address. Amazing, isn't it, I was waiting for this moment for years. At last, I could be in the same room with her, touch her and most importantly really fuck the hell out of her instead of just dreaming about her. Everything seemed to be going just fantastic. My sexy dream girl danced, masturbated and flirted like never before until suddenly…






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