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Molly Winters Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Fall into the abyss

Molly Winters, curvy, extremely sexual young and beautiful young woman with the most beautiful set of natural breasts was ready to experience some new and different but nothing could have prepared her for what happened that afternoon during our time together. Molly turned out to be a fantastic subject and I was able to take her places she had never imagined even in her wildest dreams. Besides being extremely sexual and sensual, Molly is very intelligent and even more importantly, very sweet which makes playing with her a whole lot of fun.

Slow rising arms, lots of flickering eyelids. moving eyes and intense stares right from the beginning.

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Molly Winters Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me your obedience

As mentioned, Molly's session is very hot and intense and this segment shows already that our little girl can be driven to give up all control by making her feel insanely aroused. The suggestion that every physical sensation feels 10 times more intense in deep trance makes her sexy body quiver and shake under the intense penetration she is made to feel. I start making her feel more and more helpless which again turns her on even more. Having no control over her intensely horny body and mind while being programmed to happily follow and obey for as long as I want her to, turns her into a quivering and begging submissive who has no other desire than to please and obey. Molly keeps repeating, I have no control and I can feel how just saying it drives her even further up the wall as she is finger fucking her wet pussy. Intense start, lots of screaming, intense programming of the subject, screaming hard marathon orgasms after a long wait.



Molly Winters Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I give you all my mind and will master

I am a slave, I a nothing without you master

Slow repetitions/mantras after intense mind removal, many yes masters, rolling eyes, mindless stares, kneeling, zombie/sleep walker pose, increasingly intense orgasms, begging , orgasms on command and surrender to my will. The above mentioned gives you a bit of an idea of what is going on in this segment but believe me, it does not even begin to describe the intensity of Molly's training and her deeply felt unconditional surrender to her masters will. Molly keeps screaming as she orgasms harder than ever and she cannot seem to stop calling me master. Her fingers slam into her wet pussy, her body is quivering and she is starting to get hot and sweaty which is always a good sign because it often shows how involved the subject is. At some point, I disallow her to touch herself which drives her nuts. Her quivering and shaking body is just standing there as she mindlessly repeats, I give you all my thoughts. Her eyes are wide open and empty and I decide to train her to orgasm on my command or in other words, to cum just because I say so and whenever I say so.

Molly's eagerness to obey and please as well as her obvious submission to my will is impossible to describe. Placed on her knees, she is taken into an even deeper state and her eyes role back into her head as she is forced to orgasm for as long as I want her to. I am nothing without you master, I have never cum like this. It really is amazing to watch her orgasm just by taking off her top (power of suggestion) With her arms stretched out in front of her, our mindless and quite sweaty beauty is now send through another round of mindless repetitions follow by a marathon orgasm. I am a mindless shell. I am a slave.



Molly Winters Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I follow and obey

I am completely empty for you master

Want more female training including such favorites as mantras, rolling eyes, flickering eyelids, dim and mindless stares, crawling, begging, yes masters galore, forced screaming hard orgasms, mind sucking, obedience training, oh my gods and a final take over which leads to complete exhaustion of our, by now, completely surrendered subject. Well, you got it.

 Molly is taken though another intense round in which she learns that there is only one master and that deep down inside, she wants to be a controlled slave who has no other objective than to please and obey. I am nothing without my master. We start her off with more slow and intense mind and will reduction until she is merely an empty yet horny shell of herself. Molly's curvy and extremely hot body is glistening under the light as she crawls in circles while slowly repeating, I follow and obey until she is finally orgasmed on command. Of course there are more mantras she has to repeat, like the words total control and I am nothing with you. I make it clear to her that she is just an empty, horny body for as long as I want her to and that she has no control over any of this.

Molly goes nut for lust and every orgasm, every repetition, her rolling eyes and her need to be controlled become so strong that she willingly gives me all her strength as she orgasms herself into complete oblivion. Clip two though four are better watched together as they show the incredible transformation and the screaming hard yet mindless surrender of our subject. I am sure that once you watch this clips, you will agree with me that Molly is an absolutely fantastic subject and more importantly a perfectly trained slave. Forty bonus (free) seconds at the end show Molly's reaction after she wakes up from her initial training.



Molly Winters Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I will hurt you bad, you will go down fast

Molly, who actually just worked on one of the wrestling sites, believes to be auditioning for a new show in which females wrestle male opponents for a lot of money. She seems so sure of her victory, particularly when I mention that our male wrestler did not show up and that I am her opponent during the audition. You should hear the girl going on and on about how she is going to kick my skinny ass and how she is going to figure 8 the hell out of my wind pipe. I have to say, I almost got scared but then again, not really. Ready to kick my you know what, Molly waits for me to blow the whistle and that is when it happens. As if struck by lightning our sexy little hard ass freezes up into a mindless statue. Helpless and somewhat absent minded, our little girl has no choice but to let me inspect her body and to induce an orgasm so hard that it makes her mind return. Of course that is a bit odd and believe it or not, she is even more determined to kick my ass.

Unfortunately for her though, she makes the mistake of looking into my eyes which seems to suck her will right out of her, leaving her frozen and defenseless yet again. I cannot help but to make fun of her weakness which seems to upset her to the point where she wants to let me have it, yet again. No more cheating, buster. OK, why don't you look at my eyes again. Oops, here we are frozen again. Now she complains about me looking down her pants which is not a wrestling move at all but it is so much more fun than any figure eight or scissors could ever be.

Still, she has a hard time admitting who the winner is which makes me decide to take her through another round. No, she does not win that one either. Why does she end up feeling confused and too horny to fight. Why is she mindlessly obedient and more than willing to admit who lost the fight. Go see for yourself. Really amazing clip and definitely one of my favorites.



Molly Winters Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Did you subdue me

Now it is "go time" Our sexy wrestler comes back from a brief, let's call it, break and it is safe to say that she feels confused, embarrassed, tricked and yes, even more determined to squeeze my wind pipe with one of her dangerous looking moves. Being the fair guy that I am, I mention that she will lose this round as well but that only makes her laugh as she refers to me as little man. That hurts and I think she needs another lesson or shall we say, attitude adjustment. In the middle of telling me that she has no mercy with me, our little wrestler suddenly starts to laugh and scream as if hundreds of hands were tickling her entire body. The poor thing laughs so hard that she almost runs out of air. Of course now she begs for mercy but that only leads to her body freezing up as she still feels the tickling. Poor thing, I know. Fully aware and yet again ready to jump on me, she suddenly loses all strength in her body and goes to the ground and believe it or not, it takes a lot more tickling and an unexpected orgasm to finally make her admit that I won just another round.



Molly Winters Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
No way your skinny ass took me down three times

Confused and embarrassed (particularly about her exposed breasts) our young wrestler keeps accusing me of cheating, after all, there is now way I could have taken her down so fast and hard that she cannot even remember how it happened. Let's try this again. Molly, again ready and more than determined to take me down, makes yet another mistake by looking deep into my eyes. Her body seems to weaken instantaneously and she drops like a bag of potatoes. You might think that she learned from that experience but no, the second she wakes up, she is even more determined to choke the hell out of me. Oops, here she goes down again but this time she struggles to get back up which of course is just another futile attempt to stay awake. I don't know how many times she goes down and comes back up but it is sure hot to watch her struggle, role her eyes or just simply go out like a light.



Molly Winters Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Work is my life

You must have a nice big dick

Molly who is interviewing for the position of the national sales Manager for all of North America, believes to be the best qualified person to sell our new line of perfume. In fact, she is quite full of herself and she keeps going on about her qualifications and the fact that she is morally fit to deal with our, mainly male, wholesale distributors. Professional as she is, she has absolutely no interest in going out with me which is, in her opinion, something I should have never brought up in the first place. Of course we have to make sure that she actually likes our new perfume because we want her to stand fully behind the product she is about to sell for us.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Molly starts testing and sniffing our new line of perfume and I cannot help but notice that it slowly but surely seems to cause behavioral changes as her mind seems to weaken. Of course, being the nice and always fair guy that I am, I did mention that we designed the perfume to cause women to be, let's say, more open to sexual activities but that sounded a bit farfetched to her, after all, it is just perfume. I think it is safe to say that by the time she plays with her breasts and pussy while talking about my big dick, our young sales professional has slipped into a different world, the underworld that is. Naturally, she denies her actions at first but then it seems her mind weakens even further and her attempts to get fucked by me become blatant and very suggestive.



Molly Winters Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Let me show you what I can do with that nice big dick of yours

I am totally a fuck bunny . Let me spay some on your penis and then....

As the title suggests, our young professional sales associate becomes more vulgar by the minute but I have to say, the temptation not to put my dick where she suggests it should be right now, becomes almost irresistible. As in the last segment, Molly is not willing and or not able to stop sniffing our new line of perfumes and subsequently her mind goes down even more rapidly by now. Yes, she becomes quite silly and by the time she has trouble to remember her name, it is safe to say that it is too late for her to turn back. Intensely aroused and enamored by me, or I should better say, by the size of my dick, which she has actually never seen, she seems to have no other desire than to pleasure herself.

By now she refers to herself as a fuck bunny and it is more than obvious that most of her mind is gone. Again, being the fair guy that I am, I warn her not to orgasm as this might cause a complete and final reduction of her mind and will, leaving her a willing and easily controllable fuck toy. Does she listen? Will she fight the inevitable. Yes, she does but....... Both segments are very hot and this one ends with a very dramatic fight over her mind and will. The power of lust is a wonderful thing.



Molly Winters Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Give me one more chance

Our young sales professional has proven beyond doubt that she does not have the kind of morals we are looking for and she seems to know this by now as well, which makes her apologies profusely for her indecent behavior and the fact that she is almost naked. Well, as we all know, I am a nice guy which makes me decide to give her one more chance. Maybe I should mention the fact that I love looking at her feet and the idea to watch her, suck, kiss and lick her feet while her eyes are rolling back, drives me nuts. Unfortunately though, Molly does not have any inclination to do this for me, besides it would be more than unprofessional. OK, let's do a little more of the perfume sniffing. The poor thing drops almost instantaneously into a completely mindless state in which the desire to do with her feet all things described above and more becomes insurmountable. Intense close ups showing of her feet, wrinkles and spread toes, mindless sucking and licking and intense stares as well as lots of rolling eyes.



Molly Winters Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a bit embarrassed over here

Molly, our ambitious yet out of luck sales professional wakes up not remembering anything she just went through and I guess, it is needless to say that she feels quite embarrassed about the situation she finds herself in. Again we talk about the perfume and its potential side effects like the foot fixation and so on and as expected she laughs about all that. Well, let's try some of our new creations and see what happens. Why don't we start with one of our best sellers which we named, sleeping beauty. Why did we name it that? Exactly, the second she breathes it in she goes out as if she was . Strange but what can we do.

Of course she tries to explain her, let's call it, moment of absents but that seems to make her feel even more confused. Anyway, let's move on the next perfume which we named, the Orgasmer. I know it sounds silly and I am sure it will not make anybody orgasm just by breathing it in. Oops, here we go again. Molly tries hard not to cum in front of me but when she cannot seem to avoid it, she begs me to help her. Wrong person to ask honey. The only way I know how to help her is by putting her to sleep just when it feels soooo good. The next perfume makes her laugh about pretty much everything which makes her apologize profusely as she keeps laughing her head off. Can it get any more weird. How about a professional girl taking off her clothes without even knowing that she is doing it.



Molly Winters Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Turning women into robots is not a science

Molly, who believes to be the local librarian is absolutely not willing to let me check out any more books until the late fee of $1548 is taken care of. It certainly seems like she is quite upset with me and although I am willing to return two of the books, she does not batch on her decision to not let me check out any more of the library books. Even my argument that I need these books for my research does not sway her, in fact it makes her even more upset. In her opinion, books which describe how to turn women into robots are fiction rather than serious science.

Oh well, let's trick her into looking at the "brain wave manipulator". Sure enough, after gazing at it for a couple of seconds, our sexy librarian seems to lose all personality and with that any expression in her face. Yes master, I am your robot. First I have her sign out a number of new books to me and then the fun begins. I have her bring the books to me and orgasm her as she is holding them up in front of her body. Enough of the warm up. Next comes the vibrator ride, the salutations, stripping, denied orgasms, reprogramming, nipple pinching, kneeling, plenty of slow and robotic yes masters.



Molly Winters Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
No way Sir, you cannot take my mind

Our sexy and by now naked librarian comes back from her sleep at the snap of my fingers. Needless to say, she does not remember all the details which subsequently makes her feel very confused and embarrassed. She even asks me to keep this all between ourselves and to not tell anybody about me finding her naked in the library. Molly tries hard to be nice but she still wants the dam late fee which makes me tell her that she has to be turned into an obedient slave with no mind and will of her own. Believe it or not, she finds that inappropriate and it seems like she cannot imagine me being able to do something like that to her.

Two seconds later she stands in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her as she slowly repeats, I am your love slave. My new slave is ordered to bend over the desk as she feels helplessly fucked and used. Of course she not allowed to orgasm before she wants it so badly that she begs for it but even then, she is not allowed to cum. Placed on her back, Molly is then driven very close to orgasm again and just before she is allowed to cum, all strength leaves her body and she goes, despite her fighting it, to sleep. Yes masters, orgasm control and a lot of screaming and begging.


Molly Winters Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Excessively dissimilar

This week's robot segment was suggested by one of our most loyal viewers who does provide us with many of the stories. Thank you again.

So here we go again, as I hear a knock on the door and answer the door I immediately regret opening it when I see that is Molly the beautiful but annoying representative from the neighborhood association. OK Ms. Molly, what is it this time, grass too long, and barking too loud, so what's got your panties in a bunch this time?” Molly replies in a forced pleasant tone “Mr. Jones, it has come to the attention of the PineCrest Neighborhood Association that you recently re-painted a structure on this premises without first acquiring the necessary approval of the planning commission.” Mike snaps “are you freaking kidding me, this is about my tool shed. You can't even see it from the street, what difference could it possibly make what color I painted it?”

Molly, lifts her hand to her chest and waves it up and down in a futile effort to cool herself before asking “Mr. Jones may I come in out of this oppressive heat where we can discuss the matter in a less public manner.” Mike waves the, infuriating bombshell inside. Molly proceeds to argue her case “Mr. Jones is clearly stated in the bylaws that the commission must approve any changes to the exterior appearance of any and all structures located on our resident’s property. I must also inform you that the color you have chosen has been deemed "excessively dissimilar.”

Growing even less patient with each passing second Mike yells “excessively dissimilar! Do you even know what that means?” Molly is quick to assert “of course I know what 'excessively dissimilar' means.” Unwilling to let her off that easy Mike demands “fine, then explain it to me.” Suddenly Molly seems quite uneasy, as her eyes dart side to side as if she is looking around the room for someone to help her answer Mike's question. Molly's eyes widen as she begins to speak “it means, it, it, means, it means that.” Molly falls silent as she stares off into space with her mouth gaping open. After an uneasy pause, her head tilts to the side as she recites in a pleasant, but monotone voice “' accessing excessive'-exceeding what is usual, more than normal, beyond that which is proper,” her posture straightens a moment, before tilting her head yet again and announcing “accessing, dissimilar, ' dissimilar'-Unlike, different, lack of resemblance." Molly's arms fall to her side as her posture stiffens to the point of rigidity. Staring straight ahead she explains “excessively dissimilar-it is much too unique, it demonstrates a failure to conform, you must conform, all must conform.” Mike yells “Conform are you kidding me, I have no intention of conforming!” Molly insist “but, but you must conform, the building must be repainted to match the others” Mike snaps “the only way that building is getting repainted is over my body.” Molly's eyes widen and begin to blink in rapid succession for a moment, then without warning her head jerks to the left twice just before her eyes seemed to refocus.

She straightens her dress and in her sweetest tone she announces “I am sorry but that response is simply unacceptable, I was sent to ensure that the structure is re-painted to conform, using an approved color scheme” Mike reasserts his position “well you heard what I said.” Molly repeats Mike's words “over your body." Molly's head cocks to the side and after a slight pause she says “I must comply, must assure that all structures can form." Molly then looks at Mike with vacant eyes and repeats “your body, body, body, must conform, conform.” She is developed persistent tics and jerks that leave little doubt as to her true nature. As Molly raises her arms, Mike cries out “holy you're a robot” Molly takes a step towards Mike with her arms outstretched and begins to speak “Mr. Jones, compare I must help you conform, conform, your body, body, body.” Mike in a moment of self preservation grabs for a glass of lemonade from a nearby table and douses the advancing robot's chest.

The effect is immediate; she staggers backward as her body spasms uncontrollably. She cries out “warning, warning, fluid detected, system failure imminent. Oh no, I mustn't malfunction, I have help you conform, I mustn't mall mal mal malfunction. Molly falls to her knees. Standing on her knees her head cocks to the side as she says "System failure, Oh My how unfortunate, Unable to comply, Unit damaged unable to complete directive, unable, must comply error System failure. Molly's head falls forward. Mike rushes over to the damaged robot and...



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