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Monica Jade Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Unleashing hidden desires

Monica Jade, exotic beauty with the sexiest natural body as well as the deepest dark (often mindless staring) eyes seemed almost shy at first but, oh boy, that sure turned out to be a misassumption on my part. Once freed from inhibitions or a I should better say, once under control, she turned into a whirlwind of sexual energy. It did not take me long to figure out that our little girl likes it rough, so to speak and that the idea of not having any control over what I did and or made her feel, was exactly what she needed to let go of, let's call it, her inhibitions. Enjoy her (rollercoaster) journey into the unknown.

Monica went down slowly and at the end, I got to take a sneak preview of what we all can look forward to.

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Monica Jade Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No inhibitions

Monica is starting to feel that following my voice makes her not only feel good but also uninhibited and compliant which what turns her on. Her hands move between her legs as if they had a mind of their own. Needless to say, she has to wait and wait before she is allowed to orgasm on my count of three. Her sexy young body quivers and shakes as I keep her cuming and cuming and... Of course that is all just warm up. Next, our girl has to learn to beg in order to feel pleasure.

Her big dark eyes are wide open as she begs me to let her cum for me. Good little girls cum hard. Time to drop her deep again at the snap of my fingers. Monica drops as her unblinking eyes now stare into nothingness. Still we are not done. Suddenly her hands and arms feel forcefully pulled behind her back while she is made to feel the thrusting Hitachi right on her pleasure center. Again, she starts begging me to allow her to cum for me. Let's take a closer look at those beautiful natural tits of hers. Yes masters and repetition of commands on her own.



Monica Jade Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
No need for a mind of my own master

Please master use me

I am my masters horny slave

Highlights of this one are: Entranced stares, mantra, lot's of limp body manipulation while, let's call it, resting, needless to say, we also take off her shoes and inspect her feet while resting, being mindlessly posed while deep, zombie/sleepwalker pose, slow mind-removal leads to unblinking stares, intense masturbation and orgasm training and more. I have no mind, no will and no thoughts of my own, master. As you can see, our little girl goes from being intensely aroused and orgasmic all the way back down into helpless... After putting her through the above described it is now time to make her feel aroused in her sleep while we concentrate on her....




Monica Jade Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls only cum for their master

Here we get to enjoy Monica seductively showing of her feet while in orgasmic bliss. Her little body quivers and shakes and she goes nuts when I slowly touch her feet which brings her to orgasm. Time to program a couple of fun triggers, like the instant orgasm when ever the bottoms of her feet touch and or whenever I touch a certain spot under her feet. Our girl keeps screaming for lust until I decide to put her to sleep in the middle of her ecstasy. I know, not all that nice but moving her limp body around, opening her mouth and eyes, pull and drop her and so on, is just more fun when she is in a state of, let's call it, rest. The heat up quickly though once she is up again and now we get to enjoy her bringing herself to orgasm by squeezing and caressing her beautiful tits. I am cuming for you master.



Monica Jade Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to be enjoyed by my master

Orgasm slaves are obedient and..

It feels good to be used

Highlights : Kneeling, crawling while being made to feel fucked and orgasmed at will, limp body manipulation while also slowly inspecting her feet, intense breath controlled orgasm training which really drove her insane, a final orgasm that knocks it ALL out of her and makes her unconditionally surrender, lots of repetitions of orders, jiggling tits and so much more.

As mentioned, Monica like it rough and that is what she gets. Needless to say, our little girl goes crazy for lust when being made to feel fucked and used and or showing us every detail of her sexy feet but the breath controlled orgasm training was so new and exciting to her that it took her over the edge.




Monica Jade Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
It is all yours master

Monica, who believes to be my wife, comes home after a long day on her feet (and in those sexy shoes) Being the nice guy that I am, I offer her a nice and slow foot massage but that, as usual, does not go over too well. Not in the mood as usual, she comes up with the "my mom is coming for dinner" excuse which leaves me no other choice than to show her the slowly rotating disco light, I just found at a garage sale. We all know what happens next. Deeply under control, her big eyes stare into nothingness while she responds with "yes masters" to all my orders. Now let's watch her slowly taking off those shoes and pantyhose while offering us a close look of every inch of her feet. Monica gets turned on by having to serve and please and I decide to let her very close to orgasm. Masturbation and lot's of yes masters.




Monica Jade Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot slaves have no will

Monica is close to orgasm and her screaming fills the room. I can feel her wanting to explode but being the not so nice guy that I am, I decide to put her to, let's call it, rest and to mess with her limp body and feet. OK, let's be nice and allow her to orgasm in her sleep. Her little body helplessly quivers and shakes when she slowly comes to but now the poor thing has no strength to move. Yes, that leaves her aware yet helpless which means, I can do what ever I like to and with her feet. Of course wedging a vibrator between her legs might make her enjoy all this even more and it sure does. I guess you are getting the picture that this one is all about feet, limp play, orgasms, mind games and more. Needless to say, it all ends happy which means at the end she actually begs me to take a look at her feet. I know, it is quite a change of "mind"




Monica Jade Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I can Google this

One more round of fun with my reluctant wife. This one shows her being frozen and played with (having a vibrator stuck in her mouth, being exposed and orgasmed and more) suffering from uncontrollable outburst of laughter at the most inappropriate times, limp body manipulation, being orgasmed despite her futile attempts to avoid it and so much more. Needless to say, all this is fun and Monica eventually discovers her deep feelings for her... Lot's of mind games and fun, yes masters, dim unblinking stares while frozen and, and, and...



Monica Jade Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Mistress Monica

Mistress Monica, who believes to be my girlfriends roommate, is, as usual, not all that thrilled to see me hanging out in her living room while waiting for my honey. Oh well, that is too bad. The fact that she is waiting for another submissive male to show up for his "session" makes her want to get rid of me even more. Again, who cares. Needless to say, she is not all that friendly during our conversation and my idea of having a threesome with her and my girlfriend really gets her going. Looks like we need to use the old swinging watch "trick" to get her, let's call it, into a different frame of mind.

Sure enough, she tries to resist looking at it for a bit but as we all know, that does not help much at all. Entranced and obedient, our sexy dominatrix learns to strip, kneel, masturbate, answer by saying yes master, pinch her nipples, orgasm on command and pass-out when touched on her shoulder. Of course there is more going on than just that. Towards the end, I thought it might be a nice idea to have her become aware of what just happened and to then put her out (using the newly programmed spot on her shoulder) in the midst of her complaining and.... Limp body play, yes masters, stares and more. I am cuming for you master.




Monica Jade Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I humiliate men

You programmed me. You are my master and creator

Our dominatrix wakes up with no recollection of what had happened and here we go again. She tries to get rid of me, threatens me (somewhat) and goes on about how she usually treats men. Needless to say, my remarks about perfectly programmed Androids does not go over too well at all but then again, who cares. Here we get to enjoy our exotic beauty being turned into an obedient, masturbating, order repeating robot who merely seems to remember that I am her master and creator. Of course we get to see her stiffly walking, being programmed while bend over the couch and more. The activation and deactivation of features and programs eventually make her a refined pleasure droid who at times even remembers to have a "human simulation" program which seems to make her believe that she actually might be human. You will know what I mean by all this once you watch this segment.




Monica Jade Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Fix me please

Upon awakening, our tough dominatrix cannot seem to get dressed fast enough and she does not realize that instead of her "dominatrix attire" she now slides into a cute little outfit. I know, that does not look all that tough but she does not know that which makes what follows next even funnier.

There is way too much going on in this one to describe it all but as for some highlights we get to enjoy our, still full of herself, dominatrix being frozen, undressed, humiliated, mind-fucked, orgasmed thanks to a vibrator which seems to be wedged into her panties, tickled at the most inappropriate times, put to sleep by her own hand which seems to be frozen over her mouth and nose, orgasmed again while strength less and unable to move and so much more. Of course there is some bitching and pleading while aware of her predicament but that all does not seem to help her much. Lots of freeze fun, limp body manipulation and so much more fun.



Monica Jade Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Confused and used
Frank: Hi I'm Frank, you must be Ted's new assistant.

Monica Greetings, My official designation is Unit XL306, but you may call me Monica.

Frank: Great a robot secretary, just what I need. Monica I'll be filling in for Ted, for next month, while he's away on leave. I assume you received the notice from HR.

Monica Affirmative Mr. Dixon we've been expecting you. Please let me know if there is anything you require.

Frank: Hmmm, that depends, what exactly can do?

Monica: I have been designed and programmed to perform numerous clerical duties including, but not limited to: world processing, filing, data entry, database management, processing purchase orders, client billing, and employee/client social interaction.

Frank: Are you Ok on your own, or am I going to need to hold your hand.

Monica: Why would you hold my hand?

Frank Its a figure of speech. I'm asking if you can work independently without supervision.

Monica: Affirmative, this unit is a fully autonomous AI construct. You will find me to be an extremely efficient and capable assistant.

Frank That's great, but do me a favor and try to act a bit more human. We would' want you scaring off the clients.

Monica: Affirmative, I am currently in energy saving mode, however I will activate my human emulation software if that is what you desire.

Frank Yes that would be great.

Monica: Loading personality program, Monica 2.0. Oh Hi Mr. Dixon, I've been expecting you. I took the liberty of putting today's reports on your desk along with today's itinerary. Is there anything I can get you, a glass of water or perhaps some coffee. If there's anything you want just let me know.

Frank: Damn they sure knew what they were doing when they put you together. I think had more in mind for you that clerical work.

Monica: excuse me?

Frank: I'm just saying, you don't need those kind of curves just file papers.

Monica: Mr. Dixon that kind of talk is inappropriate in an office environment. Please remember I am your assistant not your mistresses,

Frank: You gotta be kidding me. Next thing you know the copy machine will be playing hard to get. Fine do you think you handle some basic filing and collating without overloading your processors.

Monica: I am equipped with four 16 core 20 gigahertz processors I think I can manage. You'll discover that in many ways, I am far superior to human female.

Frank: We'll see about that……..I'll be right back. (Frank walks back to Monica's desk with a stack of papers)

Frank: We just got the results back, from last weeks statistic analysis. Do me a favor and Alphabetize all of the numerical data.

Frank: gives Monica impossible task after impossible task. Each time she becomes frustrated, confused and even somewhat frightened by her inability to complete Frank's ridiculous request.
The stress in her voice is apparent as her movement become more and more jerky over time.

Monica: Yes Mr. Dixon (Monica begins to shuffle through the papers, but suddenly freezes in her tracks. Her head cocks to the side a confused expression comes across her face. She then begin frantically flipping through the papers and appears completely overwhelmed by the task.

Monica: no letters, but…but…there …there are no ….no letters, must alphabetize

Frank How are you doing there?

Monica: F.F.Fine sir. Its just that…..that there aren't any letters…..there aren't any let..let..letters

Frank You don't need letters, I told you to alphabetized the numbers. But first I need you to send an email to Mr. Keller in receiving. Here I wrote it down for you. (Frank hands Monica a note. Monica seems temporarily relieved to be given such an easy task.

Frank Its very important that you send that email to Mr. Keller before the end of yesterday.

Monica: Yes Mr. Dixon, i'll get right on that………….I'l be sure that he gets it before…..before….but .if yesterday was yesterday and today is today it must be sent by the end of ..end of ..send to Mr. Keller… to Mr. Keller…yesterday.. today…by the end .but..but..the end of..is..is not….not..not possible…… error…..error ………impossible command……….

Frank Hey Monica did you get those numbers alphabetized yet.

Monica: No sir…I….I….could not……

Frank Don't worry about that email right know you can finish it up yesterday. I want you focused on alphabetizing those numbers. Please be sure to alphabetized those entirely by yourself. Oh by the way if you see Amanda have help you alphabetize those numbers, I think the work will go much faster that way.

Monica: Yes Mr. Dixon…I will tell Amanda to help me alphabetize the numbers entirely by myself….by myself…myself…..illogical….illogical…unable to comply……impossible command………..please clarify……..have Amanda help me….Amanda help me……..help me…….whats happening to me….unable to process…to process…data

Frank That's great news Monica, would do me a favor and answer a question for me.

Monica: Affirmative, Unit will comply……..

Frank I just want to ask you "why" Monica: why what?

Frank What is entirely different question, the question was why?

Monica: Why is not a question…Why is a word Frank All questions are works Monica

Warning...Warning Processors are overheating…does not compute………does not compute…………error (Franks starts laughing at malfunctioning robot)

Monica: Your trying to con….con….confuse me……Does not compute………..Why is not a question….only letters can be..can be…sent..by…sent..by...to help me…….malfunction……….malfunction…………system failure…………impossible I am su….su….superior Monica: Monica unit activated………

Frank that sounds encouraging……..Monica unit What is your primary function?

Monica: My primary function is to please and obey

Frank Monica please masturbate for me, but be be careful not to touch yourself.

Monica: Yes master……I am programmed to please

Go and see what happens next to our confused secretary

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