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Monica Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


No need to resist

Monica, absolutely adorable, incredibly sexy and most importantly, naturally very horny young girl did not have a whole lot of experience being in front of the camera which is where she really belongs. (You will know what I mean by this once you watch her clips) Monica's intense raw sexuality, her desire to please the right man combined with her bubbly and fun attitude makes her almost irresistible.

Of course the fact that she is an amazingly good subject who happens to have a  hard body definitely puts her on top of my list of girls I just have to play with. Well, I am glad I did. Her session turned out to be another very hot one and I am sure that once you watch her young body go into lustful convulsions or once you listen to her smart ass comments during some of the scenes, you will agree with me that she was, where we all like our girls to be which is way under. Monica was dropped off by her equally sexy mom who wanted to make sure her little girl was in good hands which I think is cool; after all wouldn't we all like to have an open minded family like this? Anyway, I could go on and on about how great the session was but I think it is best that you all just go ahead and watch her clips.

Monica turned out to be quite susceptible and the floating hands test was already enough to send her into a mindless daze.

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Monica Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Touched in a way only you would know

The perfect stimulation

Monica's sexy young body starts to rhythmically move under the hands of a complete stranger who touches her most erogenous zones in a way she has never experienced before. Unable to prevent what is happening, her arousal grows and before long, my horny little girl, quivers and shakes like a leaf under my suggestions. Having her body touched and her clit caressed with the perfect pressure and speed, in other words, in a way only she would touch herself, is slowly driving her up the wall for lust. Now it is time to make her feel the desire to be under control. As soon as she feels how all control has been taken away from her, she lets herself go and her horny young body goes into lustful convulsions.

The feeling of having no choice and the need to show me that she is a good little girl seems to drive her absolutely nuts. She keeps repeating that she wants to be a good girl for me and her arousal grows with every repetition until she is ordered to orgasm. I keep her cumming for a long time, after all, she has to learn that she has no control over that either. Lots of begging, intense programming and screaming hard orgasms...



Monica Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless obedience

You are my master

The last segment has left her in a completely mindless trance. Monica's hazy wide open eyes stare into the abyss and the entranced repetition of the words “mindless obedience”, send her even deeper. I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes and there is definitely nobody home. I love watching her just sitting there as her mind seizes to function but as we all know, that is all just the warm up. Overcome by the desire to pleasure herself for me, Monica feels her hands wandering between her legs. The second she touches her wet pussy, she is ready to cum but that would be way too early. I want her to be out of her mind for lust before she is allowed to orgasm.

The intensity of what follows next is not easy to describe. Her little hard body goes into lustful convulsions, driven by the desire to show me how badly she wants to follow and obey, her little hard body goes into lustful spasms but I keep her quivering and begging for a while longer before I let her experience her longest orgasm ever.

Without me having to mention it, she keeps repeating, “you are my master”. Monica is still repeating, you are my master, when I have her stand up with her arms stretched out in front of her. I tell you, the girl looks so dam sexy, as she is just mindlessly standing there. All of a sudden she feels penetrated and used again. Her body quivers and shakes so hard that she almost falls down when I finally orgasm her again. More intense stares, mindless repetitions and the waving hand. Too much to describe it all!



Monica Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am masturbating for you

I don't need thoughts of my own, all I have to do is obey

There is nothing going on in your head. Monica is ordered to pleasure herself as she is standing up in front of me, now it is time to drain her thoughts, mind and will. Monica is drifting even deeper and it is obvious that there is nothing going on in her head. The more her mind stands still the more aroused she gets. It is really interesting to watch her body go into convulsions while her eyes stay empty and wide open. Now it gets even hotter.

Monica has to crawl on all four and bow to her master which I think should be part of every female trainings session. My little girl gets aroused again, just by me mentioning that she needs to be trained and I can feel how much she wants it. Feeling fucked from behind as she is still on all four, is driving her up the wall for lust again. This one has some really nice close ups of her wide open ass as she feels the penetration from behind. It really looks like she can not get it in deep enough and the way her quivering body moves is hot. More masturbation on her knees prepares her for what is going to happen in the next segment. Lots of yes masters.



Monica Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Take me, master

Now it is time for our little girl to learn who has absolute control over her and what better way is there than the breath controlled orgasm. Well, in her case it is actually quite a few of them until she gets it right. At first it seems like she is trying to fight me and it takes a second round for her to completely obey. Once she surrenders she gets hit by the amazing intensity of her first breath controlled orgasm and it almost . This is probably a good time to finish her up. I decide to not only keep her cumming without being allowed to breath but to also have her give me all her strength and energy during this intense and very long orgasm. Monica's sexy body goes out twitching and quivering all the way into deep sleep. Most girls go out with their eyes closed but Monica does not even have the strength to close her eyes. Really hot to watch her empty stare as I wave my hand in front of her eyes.



Monica Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
In your dreams only

Monica believes to be my wife's younger sister who is staying with us for a while. Man, she looks so dam hot in her sexy martial arts outfit, particularly when she is playing with her sword. Of course she does not really have time to talk to me because she is on her way to her martial arts class and besides that, I don't think she is enjoying the conversation all that much either. OK, suggesting a threesome was not one of my best ideas and she certainly lets me know that it is not only out of the question but that she will also tell her sister about my proposal. I can not seem to shake the feeling that she thinks I am a bit of a geek and that I amuse her more than anything else.

The little girl really cracks up when I mention my hypnosis studies and that I just got into doing that kind of stuff. After some persuading, she luckily agrees to help me test my new camera by taking a picture of me. Guess what happens? The second she hits the button my little smart ass drops into mindless obedience. Her body straightens out; her eyes widen and then stay wide open, “I promise to be a mindless and obedient slave from now on master”.

That is actually only a small part of what my little girl is about to learn. Being teased, spanked and eventually orgasmed by her own sword after promising to be obedient from now on, is only the beginning of her training. Her training includes, crawling while feeling fucked and used, slow repetitions of mantras, denied orgasms, spanking, nipple pinching, orgasms on command, lots of yes master, mind removal, intense absent minded stares and so much more.



Monica Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to kick your ass

My wife's little sis comes back from her, let's call it, nap and is more than confused about her nakedness. Looks like she can not really remember what just happened but she definitely knows that there is something wrong. Why else would she be naked on the floor with me watching her and why the hell is her pussy wet? She keeps going on about how she will eventually be figuring things out and of course telling my wife about all this. Being the nice guy that I am, I tell her some of the things she just did, or I should say the things that where done to her and now she seems even more determined to kick my ass.

Monica's remarks are really funny, BTW. Anyway, she gets dressed and that is when it happens. Her young body suddenly freezes up and that does not make sense to her at all. Believe it or not, at first she does not want me to know that something is wrong but then when we talk about it, she does eventually let me know that she suspects me to be behind all her misfortune. I send Monica into a mindless bliss by waving my hand in front of her eyes.

Soon she is naked again which I personally like much better anyways. Well, letting her mind come back and even unfreeze her is not as appreciated by her as I thought it would but what can I do? Unfortunately, my little girl still has not learned and when I mention that I will have to freeze her again, she laughs and tells me something about all this is not making any sense. I could go on and on about all the details in this segment but that would take for ever. Monica is frozen, rendered mindless, played with and orgasmed over and over and believe me, it is a fun clip.




Monica Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
You are going to be in so much trouble

Some girls are slow learners and Monica is definitely one of them, just kidding. Anyway, she wakes up again and this time she seems quite pissed about her predicament. The little girl even fumbles around with her sword as if that would scare me. Well, maybe a little bit. Luckily though, before she can do any damage, my wife's little sis seems to be attacked by hands which seem to be tickling her all over her body. Of course trying to beat somebody up while being tickled does not work well at all and even Monica realizes that it is better to bargain with me than to upset me.

Things get even worse when she freezes up again but the tickling still does not let up. At some point when she is able to move again, she is so grateful that she even takes off her clothes just so I make it stop. The tickling does eventually subside but that does not help her all that much either because now she is mindless. Fun ending... When Monica remembered all this after the session, she cracked up and thought it was the funniest thing she has done.



Monica Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I can not help the way I look

Monica believes to be a stewardess who is in trouble for her, let's call it, very friendly behavior on the job. Of course she does not admit ever having had sex with one of our flight guests while in the air and the allegations that she supposedly has offered sex in exchange for money while being on the job, are not true either. I can not help but notice that her response to the above mentioned allegations is kind of weak and she also seems a bit full of herself. I mean most girls in her position would jump up and scream hell, if they were ever accused of something like this, don't you think? What makes it even worse is that when I ask her to go out with me; she pulls the, “I am engaged”, line, which sucks big time. Looks like our young lady needs to be taught some discipline.

Naturally, she does not agree with that either and my mentioning that we need to deactivate her personality, implant a couple of parts and turn her into an obedient robot, seems ludicrous and impossible to her. Well, that leaves us only one other choice and which would be placing a transmitter on her so that we can keep track of her and know at anytime where she is on the airplane. Sounds logical, doesn't it? Well, it does to Monica and she agrees to wear the transmitter.

What can I say? The second she turns on the little device, she snaps at attention, and her eyes widen and all she knows how to say is, “I am now a Robot”. Besides the standard robot programming which includes bottomless masturbation, yes masters galore, self spankings, repetitions, denied and forced orgasms, salutations, standing at attention, crawling on all four, fembot Monica also has her personality removed and is then turned into a sexy Asian robot who speaks and acts just like a little Asian servant. Of course there is more, like the switching of various programs, deactivation and more. Towards the end, we have her snap out of it again, just to see how she feels about all this but it turns out that she needs to be turned back into an obedient robot for more programming.




Monica Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny little bimbo, I want to get fucked badly

The female orgasm study

Today's test candidate has been informed that the newly developed remedy, designed to stimulate the female libido, has not been FDA approved as of yet and that there might be a chance that she might, besides the stimulating effects, also experience some side effects. The side effects, although generally mild, might include loss of I Q, the ability to think clearly and in rare cases it has also been noted that some of the test candidates showed signs of being sexually over stimulated. What we are actually testing today is a newly refined sugar which is supposed to stimulate certain areas in the brain which then in turn stimulate the female libido and help with orgasm problems and so on.

Our test subject states that she is willing to try it but that she does not really believe that it could help her with her orgasm problems nor does she seem to be worried about any of the above mentioned side effects, after all, it is just sugar. Only a few minutes into the test, it becomes clear that the test subject seems to love sugar as she bites off big chunks of the candy. Soon there after she complains about it being very hot in the room and it does not take long before her dress comes off. The test subject seems to feel quite relaxed which is probably the reason for her hands to wonder all over her body until they finally find their way into her pantyhose.

The subject does not seem to see this as the first signs of an increased libido and subsequently she keeps denying the fact that she might feel horny. "I don't feel anything personally" maybe it has nothing to do with anything but I can not help but notice that the subject seems to find me increasingly handsome. At some point, it seems logical to stop the test due to the fact that our new remedy has no effect on the subject but surprisingly, she insists on continuing the study. Before long, it seems clear that our subject is highly aroused as her hands keep working her wet pussy and although she seems to turn into a little bimbo with highly inhibited brain activity, she still insist that there is nothing happening.

OK, two plus four is "like nine" and yes, she does offer to give me head as she gets closer to bringing herself to orgasm but these are certainly no signs of behavioral changes in our subject or are they? At some point, when the subject refers to herself as being a horny bimbo, it becomes clear to me that I have to warn her and to let her know that an orgasm under the circumstances could lead to a kind of brain freeze which might leave her mindless. Can she stop and regain her IQ before it is too late?




Monica Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Still no side effects

Our sexy young test subject wakes up after a brief, let's call it, nap and it seems like she has forgotten most of her test experience in last segment. All she seems to remember is that she has agreed to test our new candy cane. Due to her forgetfulness, our test subject has to be made aware of the side effects yet again. It has to be noted that the test subject does not seem to believe that the newly refined sugar in our candy cane could possibly arouse her and the idea that she would ever have the insurmountable urge to play with her feet would seem grotesque.

As before, the forgetful subject devours the test candy and it has to be noted that yet again, she seems to deny her obvious actions. She even goes as far as telling us, while playing with her legs, feet and pussy, that she thinks feet as well as masturbation is something dirty and thus something she would never touch or do. Her solution to the extreme heat in the test facility is to take off her dress and pantyhose, which seems a bit excessive. It also becomes obvious that she suddenly loves to talk about her sexy feet as well as her high arches and of course let's not forget the cute wrinkles all over her feet.

Her increasing arousal seems to be, despite her denial, a sign that the candy might have in fact some side effects. It also seems quite confusing that the subject insists on continuing the test although she agrees that it failed miserably. Can she stop and regain control over her mind and with that over her body? Will the sugar yet again drive her into some kind of foot loving oversexed bimbo?



Monica Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am too firm minded

Monica believes to be a reporter with the local newspaper who is interviewing me about my work. I can not help but notice that she does not really seem to believe hypnosis might actually work and that she is definitely not a good candidate, being firm minded and all. So, if I clap my hands and say sleep, for example, that would not do anything, right? Of course no....Oops.

Up and awake again, Monica seems a bit confused but other than that, she seems ok. Next, I explain to her how to program people while they are staring right at you. Now that is definitely not going to... Oops. Let’s try something else; as we all know, the written word is very powerful and a great way to program your subject. The first word I spell out for her is F R E E Z E.

Mindlessly frozen, Monica has no clue that I am messing with her clothes and that I am moving her stiff little body around. Needless to say she is very confused and a bit embarrassed when she wakes up. OK, back to the written word. Let's try another one, O R G A S M. Not gonna w.....oh.



Monica Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Still not working

My sexy little reporter still thinks that what I do is BS and that there is no way she would ever lose her mind and go blank, there is just way too much going on in her head. What do you guys think happens at the snap of my fingers? This seems to be a good time to have her mindlessly strip out of her dress before waking her up again. Somehow the fact that she is naked seems to completely elude her; in fact she even pulls down her dress for the picture I am taking of her. OK, this all does not work. Another good way to program your subject is to repeat certain words three times. For example the word vibrator comes to mind and then of course the word orgasm and finally the word sleep. Yes, it did make her feel odd to play with the vibrator, orgasm and then go to sleep but she still does not believe that she will slowly go to sleep when I hold her beautiful face in my hand. Nice struggle and blinking eyelids as she desperately tries to resist and stay awake.


Monica Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Searching...drive A not found....     

I am your horny little school girl    

It was my job at Cybertron to test all the newly developed Fembots to make sure they were fully functional under pretty much any circumstances. You can probably imagine how excited I was when I found out that my next test subject was the super hot pleasure model "school girl" edition. Let's face it, what red blooded man would not be attracted by a sexy school girl who loves to fulfill what ever your heart or better yet, your dick desires. Anyway, everything seemed to go rather well at first that is. All her basic functions seemed to work just fine; she even talked like an eighteen year old girl, who thinks she knows it all.

The next step was to test her sexual skills and that is when I ran into the first problems. It seemed like she could not locate her sex program on any of her drives which made her act awkward and sort of robotic. It did take me a bit to figure it out but eventually she seemed to be back on track and I decided to test her coolest feature which was the "foreign" school girl feature. It is one thing to mess around with a horny young school girl but I think it is even hotter when they have a foreign accent. At the push of a button, literally that is, Monica starts to talk with a hot Latin, Asian and finally Irish accent.

Of course that is not all she did. Her sexy body starts to dance as her hands slap her butt and then wander between her legs. I don't know what did it, maybe the orgasm or maybe something I said but all of a sudden she switched back to the American version and things got ugly. Can not find drive A… and so on and so on. I had a bad feeling right then and there but being the horny goof that I am, I just had to mess with her and yes she was temporarily the hottest most seductive little school girl slave, I have ever had the pleasure to control but as I said, it was only temporarily. I remember, I was just about to program her one more time and that is when one of the girls from the program department showed up and it all started to make sense.







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