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Mouna Leesa Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Downward spiral

Mouna Leesa, hot blooded bi-sexual Sicilian, Creek, American mix with the biggest dark (and often mindless) eyes, was yet again a delight to play with. Needless to say, she had no experience when it comes what I do but, believe it or not, she was getting ready to study it and then make a carrier out of it. I have to say, I am meeting more and more people who seem to be interested in the "workings of the mind" and how it can be used to improve every part of our lives. Of course, here we use it on a more sexual note, so to speak, but as mentioned, the potential is unlimited.

 I have been doing this for a while now and it has always been my goal to make everybody feel good and to enjoy our weekly updates, whether it is the girls and or our viewers. I have been thinking lately that it might be time (maybe next year) to move on and to maybe find a way to use all of what I have learned and done over the years to do something new a different. Oh well, just a thought. Keep enjoying until then. Back to Mouna, our hot play toy of the week. As mentioned, our sexy little girl was a lot of fun to play with and I have a feeling you guys will enjoy her.

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Mouna Leesa Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
First Lust

I mentioned this many times but the segment right after the initial induction still gives me a rush. There is something exciting about making a young girl and or woman (I have never met before) quiver and shake simply through my suggestions. It does take a lot of trust on the girls side for it to effectively work and that of course enhances the thrill even more.

Mouna's beautiful slim young body starts to move as soon as I mention that "good little girls" obey. I know, I do use that a lot because it works. Many of the girls do want to please and by allowing them to do so and then letting them know how good they are, they makes them melt in your hands, so to speak. Anyway, Mouna is no exception. Her body goes quickly into lustful convulsions, her scream become louder as she is hit by her first orgasm. I have her slowly open her eyes before taking her deeper. Watching those big eyes of her being glued to the light in front of her face, is hot. The distraction works and she drops again.

Suddenly her hands feel forcefully drawn between her legs and she has no other choice than to masturbate for us. Mouna has to learn to please her master with her orgasms and that the degree of how good she is allowed to feel depends on how pleased her master is with. Our little girl has no control over her arousal and that turns her on unlike anything else. Of course we have to take her deep again. Our little girl is just standing there with her big mindlessly staring eyes and I can feel her going deeper and deeper with every snap of my fingers.



Mouna Leesa Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters entranced slave

I am your horny mindless slave master

Let's point out some of the highlights of this one, like the amazing mindless stares, the slowly repeated mantras (I am your entranced slave master) while in the zombie/sleepwalker pose, forced masturbation training, hard (and long) orgasms on command, nipple play (squeeze) kneeling, slow mind-removal and more.

Mouna is taken from intense sexual heights, forced orgasm and masturbation training and then all the way down into deep, let's call it, stillness. I am my masters slave.



Mouna Leesa Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Everything you do master is arousing

Feet, mindless posing, kneeling, entrancement and..

Mouna has been ordered to kneel in front of her master as a sign of her obedience. Her big eyes are dim and focused on the laser light in my hand. Her repetitions of, I am your horny mindless slave master, become louder and louder as she is ordered to make herself cum for her master. Like all my females in training, Mouna has to learn that there is nothing I do that does not turn her on. Time to teach her that not only her body but also her feet have only one purpose and that is to please and entice all of us. She spreads her toe, wrinkles her feet and runs her fingers through her toes until she becomes aroused. Needless to say, she is introduced to those "sensitive spots" under her feet that make her instantaneously orgasm as soon as I touch them. I decide to drop her into mindless trance at the height of her orgasm which makes it perfectly clear to her who is in charge of how and what she feels. Time to pose her weak and strength less body as she just stands there like a mannequin.



Mouna Leesa Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Final love slave training

This next one ends with a lot of limp body play after crawling, hard orgasm training that drops her to her knees, breath controlled masturbation on all four on the couch (really hot angles) mindless stares and sleep training.

Mouna drops to her knees after being hit by a long orgasm and it is time for her to learn that slaves crawl while slowly repeating, I am your horny mindless slave master. Of course that is all just warm up. Next we have her crawl up on the couch so that we get a nice view of her sexy ass, feet and face while she is ordered
to bring herself to orgasm without being allowed to breath. Really hot guys all the way to the end where I have her wake up a few times only to "snap" her to sleep. Her limp body drops back into the couch and I decide to pull her up, drop her back, open her mouth and perform eye checks.



Mouna Leesa Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Disobedient Stripper behind the mirror

Here we have her believe that she is a stripper who dances and pleases her customers behind a one-way-mirror. Meaning, they can see her while she can only see herself in the mirror. Sounds good? Sure does. What makes this even better is that she first seems to refuse her customers wish to entice and please him with her feet. What changes her mind? Well, she is asked to step closer to the mirror and to look into it while her customer talks to her in his soft yet firm voice. I guess you know what happens next. Entranced (great rolling eyes) and ready to serve, our sexy stripper seems to be obsessed with not only showing but also offering her feet to her new master. She slowly repeats, you are my master, I will follow and obey. What follows is a lot of hot foot worship and training. Needless to say, we have to freeze her in the midst of all this so that she can give us her take on all this. Orgasms on touch, foot worship and more.




Mouna Leesa Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
No ambulance please

Highlights : Limp body play, lots and lots of freeze fun, unintentional orgasms, tickling that leaves her wondering, entranced stares, eye checks and more.

Our young stripper seems a bit confused about the situation she finds herself in and it seems like she does not remember what happened up until now. Again, she does not seem to be willing to go along with her customers requests. Looks like she is not into hypnosis and she sure as he.. is not into tickling. No, stripping is it. OH well, let's see about all this. Before long, she breaks out into uncontrollable laughter which seems to all of a sudden subside. Strange, don't you think.

Things seem to get worse though when she suddenly realizes that her body seems completely immobilized (frozen) which is something she had never experienced. Can it get worse for our young lady. Wait until you see what happens when her customer starts messing with her stiffly frozen body. Needless to say, his well meant attempts to help her lead nowhere except into a couple of unwanted orgasms. Making fun of her in the midst of all this might not be nice but it is sure a lot of fun. Let's put her to sleep and find out what we can do with her limp body while she is out. Towards the end, our young sweetie regains awareness (and remembers) but she still seems to have the "moving problem." Should we just leave her standing there, stiff and helpless?




Mouna Leesa Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not your Puppet

Our young stripper has one more chance to proof that she is in fact there to please her customers but yet again, she does not seem to want to participate in her customers "Puppet" fetish either. What can I say guys, I just had to drop her back under and play with my little puppet on strings anyway. Her arms rise and fall, she salutes like a soldier, her hands are drawn between her legs, her mouth opens and she can even say, I am my masters puppet. Don't you love the power of suggestions. Needless to say, the strings are released at some point and her limp little body falls to the ground. It gets even better when she regains awareness while her body still feels like it is on strings. Unable to control any part of her body, she just stands there. All this would all not be too bad if it weren't for her intense desire to masturbate. Too much to describe, fun clip



Mouna Leesa Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't do cleaning

Robo-fication of an unwilling secretary

My pussy is lubricated for you Master

Mouna, who believes to be applying for the secretary position at my newly opened hypnosis clinic, makes it perfectly clear that she does not do any cleaning (even light cleaning) and she sure as he... does not work twelve hour days. There are a few other things she does not seem to want to do, despite the fact that she wants the job. Looks like some "reprogramming" is definitely in order, don't you think? Sure you do. Anyway, before long, our reluctant secretary stands at attention (Robo style that is) and there is no more questioning of my orders. Needless to say, cleaning, posing, masturbating, saluting and pleasing are what she is now programmed to do. Of course before all this, we have to load the "obedience program" and while there are a few more programs to be added so that our Robot functions at its best.



Mouna Leesa Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Perfect concentration required

More limp body play, sleepy eye checks, passing-out at the snap of my fingers, Freeze fun, slow sleep, apologies and silly excuses, embarrassment, unexpected orgasm and more

Mouna, who still believes to be in the interview keeps telling me that her "concentration" is perfect and that she is always alert when it comes to her work. Now if that is the case, why does she keep passing-out all the time. I wonder why. Oh well, who cares, the main part is that it is sure a lot of fun to mess with her limp body, open her sleepy eyes, drop her and so on. It get even hotter when she suddenly freezes up. Believe it or not, she is so eager to get the job that she does everything to hide the fact that she cannot move.

Hilarious to listen to her excuses. Of course the fact that her tits are out while she cannot move does bother her but here again, she tries to come up with some interesting story. Even the fact that my wife might come in any minute does not seem to help her with the moving problem. Towards the end, we have her slowly go out while still trying to convince me that she is fine. Really great clip with lots of twists and turns.




Mouna Leesa Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Those are my references

Now we have our eager secretary believe that pulling down her pantyhose and masturbate in front of me, means showing her references and qualifications. Even the fact that most of my patients are not of age (meaning young ones) does not seem to bother her. Here again, why shouldn't they see this at an early age. Of course she would never do any porn and or be nude in public. She even gets herself close to orgasm but then she passes-out again.

Poor thing wakes up realizing what she just did. Oh my god, I am so sorry. Being the nice guy that I am, I give her one more chance. Being pretty and all, I have to introduce her to my wife so that I get her blessing as well. Needless to say, Mouna is aware of the fact that she has to impress my wife but the minute she walks in, our little secretary again. What do you think about that? I take my time to move and play with her limp little body again before waking her up. Now she seems to believe that being my personal love slave is what every secretary does. Believe it or not, she begs to become my slave. I do whatever you want. Sure honey, if that is what you want. More freeze fun yet to come.




Mouna Leesa Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking in bed may lead to...

Many of you sent is requests for smoking clips and this next one is seriously "smoking hot."

Mouna, my unruly wife, seems to think that it is ok for her to seductively roll around the bed while being hardly dressed, without letting me enjoy her sexy body. In fact, the minute I give her the cigarettes she wanted me to buy for her, she kicks me out of the bed room. Well that is what she thinks anyway. Let's enjoy watching her smoking those "very special" cigarettes which seem to have the usual side effects which include unstoppable desire to masturbate, excessive feelings of lust, slow loss of judgment and eventually mind as well as the urge to touch herself. Mouna really got crazy in this one and she ends up entranced with her dripping wet pussy wide open for all of us to enjoy. Limp body play at the end.




Mouna Leesa Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Fembot Ranch

Mouna: Hi Mr. Matthews, how are you enjoying your stay? Frank: Okay I guess, this whole thing really wasn't my idea. I was selected randomly as part of a radio promotion. I'm not really sure this is such a good idea" Mouna: Why? Don't you find me attractive? Perhaps you would prefer another girl. We have may models to choose from, perhaps a Sally 3000 or one of the Veronica units. Frank: Oh no it's nothing like that, you're very beautiful. It's just that….. That you're………

Well you know Mouna: Is it because I'm synthetic? Frank: I'm sorry but yes. I mean your a machine. Now that I'm here the whole thing just doesn't feel right. Mouna: I am designed to be indistinguishable from a human female. Wanna see? (Mouna begins unbuttoning her blouse) , Here touch me I feel just like a real girl. (Mouna opens here top and cocks here head to the side as she flashes as holds her sweetest smile. Frank: It's not that, I mean what if something goes wrong, say you short circuit or something. I don't want to get electrocuted

Mouna:That is highly improbable, I am very well constructed. Besides even if I were to short circuit I am fully insulated. Our technicians have taken every precaution to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guest. After I was designed for sex…Sexual pleasure is my primary function. Frank: Well OK, I wouldn't want to damage you. You seem very nice. Mouna: Ahhhhh Thanks. but don't you worry about me Mr. Mathews, I'm practically indestructible…… Wanna here something funny……

some guest even like to open our access panels and tamper with our settings , just to see if they man can make us malfunction. Frank: That's awful Why would somebody do a thing like that? Mouna: I guess all the jerking and twitching makes for a great ride. It sounds worse than it is, Its happened to me a few times. One guy even yanked out a bunch of my wires just as I was about to climax. It cause my orgasm sequence to loop for an hour, I didn't think I would ever stop cumming.

Frank:Were you badly damaged? Mouna:Not badly, sure he blew out a few of my circuits here and there, but nothing the tech guys couldn't handle. Like I said I'm practically indestructible. Besides, there's just something about loosing control as your processors are pushed to their limits. Frank: If you say so, I don't why someone would want to break an android they just spent a small fortune to be with. Mouna:I think a lot of guys like to see us malfunction just because it reminds them that beneath our pretty faces and perfect bodies we're really nothing but wires and circuitry. Robot fetishes are pretty common these days, don't you think? There's nothing to be embarrassed about Mr. Mathews, I know there wasn't a radio give away. The only person's eligible for the contest were members of a certain Robot fetish site. So tell me Mr. Mathews are you really upset that I'm not a real girl. Frank:uhm…..It just that……I mean I never thought that I ……I, I don't know what I mean……….. Mouna: Frank, can I call you Frank? Frank: uh yeah sure Mouna: Frank, do you like my synthetic body? Frank: Yes but, I never Mouna: I was designed to be the perfect lover……….Come here Frank………I'm programmed to please you………… Frank: You are? Mouna:Yes Frank, ……I am a highly sophisticated piece of machinery, program for your pleasure…… (Mouna slips the rest of way out her top and begins to caress her body as stares seductively at FRank.) She then jerks to attention, standing stiff as a board as she stares wide-eyed off into space and begins speaking in an unnatural manner) Mouna unit awaiting command………This unit requires input……This unit requires in----in---in put……….Mouna Unit Awaiting command… (Mouna begins to move robotically as stiffly bends up and down and side to side at her waist, wobbling slightly on her stiffly locked legs. ) I am programmed for you pleasure, please command me…..this unit requires input….. (Mouna then flashes a seductive smile and winks at Frank, revealing that its just part of a game for his benefit) Frank:Oh sorry, I thought that you were…Oh never mind…Uh, Mouna Unit…Please remove your skirt (Mouna winks again and flashes a quick smile to acknowledged that she is pleased with Franks decision to play along. She then jerks stiffly to attention as her eyes widen yet again) Mouna: Command Acknowledged…….Mouna unit will comply……Removing Skirt…(Mouna clutches both sides of her skirt and then with her legs stiffly locked, bends at the waist push her skirt to her ankles. She then jerks her self in three distinct increments until she is standing at attention again.) …Skirt Removed……..Mouna Unit awaiting command……..awaiting….command………… command….error…..error……this unit requires input……… Frank: OK, Mouna Unit raise you arms over your head (Mouna cocks her head to the side) Negative…..Negative..(Mouna begins pumping her arms stiffly up and down. while turning and bending at the waist) Mouna: This unit requires input…in..in..input……….Mouna unit requires input Frank:I just gave you a command, put you arms over you head Mouna:(Mouna freezes in place your a moment with widened stare and sickeningly sweet smile. With arms slightly bent a stiffly locked she bends her torso forward. Mouna then extends her right finger and slowly lowers her right arm. Shen then points between her legs and stiffly begins to point and tap her panties) Input……..Input…….Mouna unit requires input………..I am designee to be the perfect lover…the perfect lover…….this unit require input….Input…..in..in..in..input………… Frank: Oh…input, yes of coarse………..Mouna Unit Walk over to the bed Mouna: Command Acknowledged ( Mouna immediately jerks her torso to face the bed, she then pivots on the balls of her feet a turns her lower body to match. She steps across her left leg with her right foot and thrust out her right hip to accentuate the sway.

She then jerks to an abrupt stop, pausing for a second before leading with her left foot crossing over her right leg and thrust out her left hip before coming to another unnatural pause. Each time she stops her body jerks slightly causing her breast o bounce. She eventually makes her way to the bed turning her torso to face Frank and then pivoting on the balls of her feet to align her lower to match the direction of her upper body.)

 Mouna Unit Awaiting command……..this unit requires input (Mouna then lets out a sly grin an looks down at her panties, using her eyes to redirect Franks stare. She then look back at him and begins jerkily thrusting her chest) in..in..input

Frank: Mouna Unit touch yourself Mouna: Command Acknowledged……….Mouna unit will comply…………Initiating Self stimulation……….. (Mouna then slowly pulls her hands to her breast cupping then from beneath. She then begins to mechanically push them up and down as her mouth drops open and her eyes widen. She then begins to moan in mechanical unison each time her breast are lifted) Frank: Can you at least pretend to enjoy it?

Mouna: Affirmative……. (Mouna reaches across her chest with her right arm grasping her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Shen then raises her elbow and turns her wrist to allow for maximum torque.

 She twist her nipple four times) Increasing sensor levels by 20%……increasing sensor levels by 40%…….increasing sensor levels by 60%……. increasing sensor levels by 80%…….

(Again Mouna begins to mechanically push her breast up and down, starting slowly at first, with little change in her response. Suddenly something changes, Mouna's eyes nearly pop out her head and her pace picks up along with her volume and enthusiasm.) …(its not long before Mouna's left hand wanders down to her panties. .

Overload …Overload….too much stimulation…….too much stimulation…….too much stimulation…….Oh not yet……Oh.Ah..Must resist…..resist…Oh.Ah…too much…too much…much too much… stimulation…error (She s twitching uncontrollably spastically turning and bending stiffly from the waist up. Her stiffly locked legs are becoming wobbly as her she throws her right hand into the air as if he is riding some invisible mechanical bull. As her left hand continue to stimulate vaginal sensors she begins swatting and clawing at her left breast in a clumsy attempt to grab her left nipple. Her hand is throw back over her head a few more time, but she finally is able to grab hold of her nipple. She twist her nipple counter clockwise twice as her left hand drops to her side) Oh.Ah….(Decreasing Sensor levels by 20%…………..Decreasing Sensor levels by 20%…………..Whoa that was a close one, Its much too soon for a major malfunction……..after all I still require input…………So Frank are ready to give me input. Frank: Uh yeah sure……What should I do? Mouna: Whatever you desire…I'm designed for you pleasure……..opening rear access panel ………..Warning rear access panel is open Frank: Why did open you panel? Mouna: Ooopsy, how did that happen, Oh well I guess we'll just have to be careful. We wouldn't want me to malfunction would we Frank? (Mouna flashes a seductive grin and raises her arms keeping them slightly, but stiffly bent at the elbow as she invites Frank in closer) Kiss me Frank……….I'm designed to be kissed Frank: I think we should close you panel, just be safe

Mouna:Fuck me Frank………….I'm designed to bef fucked………. (Mouna Lifts inserts both of her thumbs beneath the waist band of her panties and allows her torso to fall forward as pushes the panties to the floor and then jerk backs up in three distinct increments. She steps out of panties and then cocks her head to the side and smiles ) Frank: Look I just don't think Mouna: I'm designed to be the perfect lover….I'm your perfect dream girl…….designed…and. programmed to fulfill you every desire. Frank: Yes but shouldn't we close your panel first I mean isn't it dangerous to just leave you panel open? Mouna: (Mouna abandons her exaggerated robotic posture and movements and begins to run her hands from her inner thighs up to her breast. She then reaches around her back) Do you mean this panel right here?

 why there's nothing dangerous about leaving Frank: Yes that panel…stop screwing around Mouna: Dangerous don't be silly its, not like somebody going to stick there hand in there an just YANK OUT MY CIRCUITS (Mouna jerks out a handful of wires and circuits, as her body jerks to attention and her eyes bug out. She freezes for a second and then jerks her right hand up and forward. Her head jerks to the right so that she is staring at the hand full of circuitry. Shen then cocks her head to the side at flashes a ditzy smile) Mouna: Oooopsy….Opppsy……..What a silly thing to do…to do…..to do…….silly…silly……… Frank: Are you crazy……..Why did you do that? Mouna: You better fuck me before I short circuit… (Mouna's head cocks to the side in unison to each repetition. She then pushes herself backward on the bed with her legs spread and knees bent slightly. Her arms are still bent at the elbow, raised slightly off the bed waiting to embrace Frank. Her head twitches to the side and her body jerks after every statement and tick) Mouna: Mouna Unit awaiting

 penetration………..pen…pen.penetrate me……I'm designed for sex…… designed for sex…Penetrate me Frank Frank: but you're malfunctioning Mouna: I am mall..mall..malfunctioning for you………...malfunctioning for you……….this is what you desire……….I am programed to fulfill your every desire Frank: I should call a technician Mouna: fuck me now, fix me later……….I want to malfunction with you inside of me…inside of me…..kiss me…….kiss me…….kiss me……I'm your perfect dream girl…… (POV portion) Frank: OK OK I can't believe this is really happening………..Are you ready Mouna: Mouna unit awaiting input……..Penetration detected……Pleasure functions engaged (Mouna begins to thrust her hips back causing her breast to bounce back and forth. She appears quite human at first, but then begins to cock her head to the side jerk her body in mechanical unison to monotone moaning) That's it baby overload my processors………..Oh my pleasure circuits are going haywire……Use my the toy I am……….I'm just a machine. Oh…Oh….Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…Ah…Oh..Baby…You make my circuits so hot….so hot.. hot….Oh…Oh….Oh…Oh…Oh.Oh…Oh….Oh…Oh… Frank: That's even too mechanical for me…… lets see if I can't crank your enthusiasm up a notch (Frank reaches down and twist Mouna's left nipple) Mouna: ….sensor levels increased by 20%……Hey what are you doing?…….sensor levels increased by 40%……Stop that's too..too too much……..sensor levels increased by 60%……. Stop it your going to fry my motherboard….I'm not de..de..designed this much stimulation too much stimulation………help…help….help…System failure eminent……………………. Frank: Oh I'm sorry………..Let me turn you sensor levels back down………. (Frank reaches down and twist Mouna's right nipple) Mouna: No don't……..that's the wrong nipple……Orgasm sequence engaged…Oh …..Ahhh...pleasure circuits shorting out………..pleasure circuits shorting out………….Hi i'm Mouna…….I'm designed to fuck…..designed to fuck …..I'm practically in…in. indestructible……..practically in…in….indestructible…… Frank: Oh crap………..I'll turn it off (Frank commands Mouna to twist her right nipple) Mouna: Unable to disengage orgasm sequence………ooooopsy……….oooopsy…………….I think I'm broken………. Frank:Oh well I tried to warn her, might as well have some fun until the techs get here. Mouna: Oh ah….Oh my god…That feels in..in.incredible…It feels like my circuits are going to explode………to explode……to explode…Oh no……I think I'm going to explode…..Warning…Warning……System critical …..Unable to disengage orgasm sequence……System critical …System critical …You shorted out my pleasure circuits….your too much man for my robotic pussy… (Mouna starts to spasm uncontrollably and then freezes staring off into space….After about ten seconds she winks at Frank and flashes a devious grin and starts laughing)

 Sorry I couldn't resist having a little fun with you, I told you I was practically indestructible….It takes more than that to short out my (Frank reaches underneath Mouna. She turns her head sideways in attempt o see what's going on. She lets out a gasp and then a look of panic comes over her face just before her body jerks and her eyes bug out. Frank produces a hand full of wires)

 Mouna: What did…did…you do to me….do to me? Frank: I knew you were faking, my friend John warned me about you and your little games. Now you don't have to act, besides you said you wanted t malfunction with me inside of you. Mouna: I'm only supposed to pre…pre..pretend to malfunction. I need to be repaired……….Mouna unit must be repaired………….. Frank: Frank begins thrusting into the malfunctioning android Mouna: No wait…I'll short circuit……. short ….. short circuit……Oh…ah…ah…oooooh…….Oh god…what's hap…hap…happening to me

Frank: You're malfunctioning Mouna: Im..im..impossible. I never malfunction…Not for real…….I'm practically indestructible…in…in…indestructible…….error…error……too much sensory input ……too much sensory input….I am being fucked...input…….I am designed to be fucked……I am being fucked...input…….I am designed to be fucked…I am Mouna ….I am designed to be fucked…Mouna unit requires input..………Short… shorting out……………I'm your per.. your per…your perfect dream girl, designed programmed to fulfill your every...


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