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Mystick Moon Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


There is no other way

Mystic Moons, sweet, seductive and very kinky young beauty, was yet again one of the nervous ones. The idea of being totally controlled by a man she had never met before, seemed very existing to her and that made her almost forget her nervousness, almost that is. It did take me a bit to get her to that state we all want our beauties to be in. I think we all know what I mean by that. Mystic likes to go by Mysti and that is the name I will use for all the other clip descriptions. Did she enjoy her "rollercoaster ride" that afternoon? I am sure she did, why else would she have referred two of her friends to us already. Enjoy.

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Mystick Moon Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel that your master can give it as well as take it

I am feeling a bit under the weather this week guys which is why I will keep the clip descriptions shorter than usual.

Mysti is starting to feel aroused by my voice and the suggestion that she has no more control of her young body, is starting to grab, meaning she is getting horny. I drive her to the point where all she wants to do is orgasm but right before she cums, I drop her back down. Her eyes slowly open and stare at the watch I used during her induction. Time to drive her up the wall again and to watch her sexy body go into lustful convulsions.

Amazing unblinking stares even during her orgasms, BTW. Let's take a closer look at her body. Mysti's hands feel drawn between her legs and she has no other choice than to pleasure herself for us. Exciting stares, orgasms, master slave training.



Mystick Moon Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced slave training

Are you guys ready for more female training, including, yes masters, intense stares, zombie pose, mantras, hypno bondage, kneeling, mind absorption, screaming hard orgasms and more. Mysti is send on a rollercoaster ride which takes her from intense sexual heights to deep mindless stillness. She is orgasmed at the snap of my fingers, made to feel touched while her hands feel bound, reduced to a mindless shell and used. I am cuming for you master, I am your mindless horny slave. Mantra, I am your entranced slave master.



Mystick Moon Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I surrender to you master

Slaves crawl for their master

Please, please use me master

In this one we can enjoy Misty being made to crawl, being made to feel pounded and used from behind (watching her sexy ass go up and down is hot), being frozen into a statue and orgasmed, rendered mindless and then posed and so much more. Yes masters, dim stares, intense orgasms, close ups of her feet and ass. I am cuming for you master.



Mystick Moon Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Only you master has control over my body and mind.

I am your horny foot slave master

This next one is for our feet, intense breath controlled orgasm training, yes master, dim stares, orgasm on command (as soon as I touch her feet), denied orgasms, begging and slow sleep lovers. Of course that is not all, there is also a lot of screaming as well as mindless moments, repetitions , yes masters and more. Mysti's final surrender ends with her being drained of all strength, out to sleep and orgasmed again while I am holding her eyes wide open. Intense



Mystick Moon Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no empowerment for women

Mysti believes to be a door to door sales lady who is trying to sell my wife a book about the empowerment of women. Wrong house honey. Needless to say that me telling her that my wife is a happy sex slave, does not go over too well. Oh well. To make a long story short, she falls into my trap, which in this case, is a well placed and quite mysterious mirror. Mysti's eyes get caught in it (despite my warnings, I might add) and now it is time for her to learn what good slaves do, which includes crawling, kneeling, masturbating until allowed to orgasm, repeating orders, being dropped deeper at the snap of their masters fingers, answering by saying yes master and so much more.


Mystick Moon Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not on any pills

We are not quite done with our sales lady just yet. This time, the poor thing seems to have problems with her motor functions, meaning, she finds herself frozen and unable to move. Needless to say that all causes confusion and at time frustration, particularly when she ends up with a vibrator in her mouth and or pinching her own nose. Yes, at times she would rather be somewhere else but as mentioned, we are not quite done with her. Towards the end, I made her believe that the vibrator is her pen and something interesting happened. She seemed to somehow feel that something was not quite right but she was not able to really figure it out either. I did not give her all that much time to figure it out because I thought it might be funnier to freeze her again and let her suck on the vibrator while begging for help.



Mystick Moon Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I not hitting on you Sir.

Ok one last round of fun with our sales lady. This time she wakes up feeling embarrassed about the fact that she is naked and that she has no real clue as to how she got into all this. Me giving her a hard time about being naked (after all I am a happily married man) does not make it any easier on her. The strange part about all this is the fact that she keeps laughing about all this. Could it be that something or somebody is tickling her. Oh well looks like we need to freeze her again in the middle of her trying to get dressed. What else can we do. Oh maybe we can drop her back into mindlessness (waving hand) and then watch her sucking on the dildo while believing it is her masters dick. Zombie pose and some yes masters.




Mystick Moon Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Please don't make me beg anymore

Here we have Mysti believe that she is a Superheroine of sorts who is looking for the lost Wonderwoman. She rambles on about a tracking device and that she is sure to find her here. Of course being the good guy that I am, I have no idea what she is talking about but maybe my (evil) twin brother knows where she is. What can I say, the second I leave the room to find my brother, she spots the "magic" bracelet on one of the mannequins. You should see her transformation from being the stern Batgirl to becoming a completely stupid, oversexed, fuck hungry begging little bimbo. Even her voice changes and it seems like she is almost frantic and more than eager to get fucked.


Mystick Moon Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

Let's see what else we can do with our sexy little Batgirl. How about turning her into a fully remote controlled Robot which has no recollection of having ever been anything else than a Pleasure bot. Of course there is some programming necessary and fine tuning her to the remote which activates all her functions from arousal, orgasm, speech, shutdown and so on. She is also programmed to turn her nipple (buttons) to the right which activates the orgasm function. At some point, she is allowed to remember how she is but unfortunately for her, she is still in her remote controlled body. Poor thing even threatens me with her father, who will definitely kick my you know what but in the middle of doing that, she is interrupted by yet another orgasm. Yes masters, repetition of orders, stiff walk, salutations, masturbation and, and...



Mystick Moon Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Batgirl the final transformation

Here we have her slip into a more becoming or I should say cuter outfit, right in front of the camera. Needless to say that as soon she becomes aware of what she is wearing, she detest my choice of clothing from her to wear. Batgirls don't wear cutesy staff like this. Well honey, that might be true but I really think it is a more appropriate outfit for a foot slave than the power Batgirl look. Needless to say, that comment cases even more friction between the two of us but she ends up being my mindless horny foot slave anyway. After watching her worship her feet for me for a while, I decide to put her to sleep and then to take a closer look at those sexy feet. Lots of foot worship aware and unaware, masturbation, some wanted as well as unwanted orgasms, bitching, begging and more. The nice thing about all this is that at the end our little girl has no other desire than to be with me.



Mystick Moon Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
A day to remember

Mysti is a very attractive and experienced event planner hired for tonight's prestigious and important celebration. Her boss, Mr. Frank Tanner, stops by to see how the preparations are going for the nights festivities to remind Mysti again on how there is a lot riding on the event and he expects things to go very smoothly. Mysti is very confident and tells Mr. Tanner she has the night's event completely under control; and that everything is working out exactly as planned. She re-assures him the guests will be very pleased. However, she soon discovers that the plans are anything, but under control. She receives several phone calls each bringing worse news than the last. The caterer cancels, then the band cancels, the keynote speaker will be delayed and then she is informed that the Banquet hall has been double booked by accident. Each emergency chips away at her ability to cope until she has a complete melt down. She tries to regain her composure and tell her boss, but she falls apart, as she reveals her identity as a Fembot, he quickly begins to take advantage of the situation and see what follows next...

Hello Williams and Williams Event Planning…….We make your special day……..a day to remember………… This is Mysti………… but you said that you would be here by four…… a car accident? Oh my! Can you be here 4:30. I apologize it was not my intention to be insensitive, perhaps you could arrive at five…………hello……….hello Ms. Fuller…Are you there? (Mysti hangs up the phone) Oh no what I am I going to do? (The phone rings again and Mysti picks it up) Mysti: Hello Williams and Williams Event Planning…….We make your special day……..a day to remember………… This is Mysti…………Oh hi Sam……Jail!.. What are they doing in Jail……DUI, but they're supposed to perform at 6:00. Can't the police just let them out for tonight. ……..Hello…………hello Sam?………………. (Mysti's head jerks to the side as hangs up the phone) Mysti: This is un….un……unacceptable………..I must complete primary objective (The phone rings again and Mysti picks it up) Mysti: Hello Williams and Williams Event Planning…….We make your special day……..a day to ..to….to….remember…………

This is Mysti Oh Hi Stacey, while I have you on the phone can you recommend a caterer that can be available on short notice…….What about the Banquet hall?…………..Double Booked! How is that possible they told me that, I mean I thought that, Why didn't they, I mean How could somebody just….This isn't happening……but they said….they told me…..promised……said…..told…..error….error ……unacceptable…


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