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Natalie Monroe Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Mindless and horny

Natalie Monroe, cute, sexy, beautiful, smart (at times smart ass) and naturally horny nineteen year old, loves to experiment when it comes to sexual pleasures. Right when I met her, I just knew that she was would be a great subject and that she was more than eager to find out what it would be like to surrender her beautiful body and mind to a stranger.

 As it turned out, Natalie is by nature quite submissive which btw, was something she did not really know about herself. The subconscious has a way to bring out our deep seated desires and it brings us in contact with the right people and or circumstances. I don't want to get too esoteric here, after all, this site is all about fun, lust as well as submission and that is exactly what you can expect when you watch her session, lots of fun, lust and a great deal of submission

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Natalie Monroe Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me that you are a good little girl

Sensitized slave pussy

As mentioned, Natalie is a naturally horny young girl and it shows right away when her young body starts to quiver and shake under my suggestions as well as my touch (I just had to check out her wet pussy and mess with her a bit while driving her up the wall) Needless to say, she has to wait before being allowed to climax, which is something I like to do to establish dominance right at the beginning of the female trainings session. At some point, I have her open her eyes while taking her deeper. Her big eyes gaze into space while she keeps saying, yes master, to pretty much anything I make her do and feel. Let's see how long it takes her to make herself cum for us. Learning to orgasm on command is the key to submission.



Natalie Monroe Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
First Oh my Gods

You are what your master says you are

This one is hot and very interesting for various reasons. Natalie went so deep that her face felt numb which surprised her but it also made it clear to her that it was working. I noticed that when I had her stand up, her hands went up to her face to check out the numbness (actually a common phenomenon during trance). It gets even more exciting when she feels her entire body helplessly freeze up. Immobile and unable to move, her body starts to tremble under the thrusting vibrator I make her feel.

Again, Natalie explodes into an uncontrollable orgasm. After slowly unfreezing her, her hands wander between her legs and she cannot help but to bring herself to orgasm. I am cuming for you master. I cannot really describe the intensity of all this but you will see what I am talking about once you watch her quiver and squirm, scream and beg. Looks like it is time to "stop her thinking" and then turn her into a mindlessly staring empty shell. Her repetitions of "good little girls don't need thoughts" become slower and slower while I am having fun with...

Of course there is more, enjoy watching her caress (and squeeze) her perky tits until she orgasms yet again. I always enjoy sensitizing the girls breast which I am sure will help all the guys they are going to meet in the future




Natalie Monroe Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip

I am a horny girl under your control master

Here we get to enjoy watching her being mindlessly posed (mannequin), and or being frozen and messed with. Of course we also get to watch her mindlessly masturbate while staring into the abyss and or pose her beautiful little body for her masters pleasure. After all, she has to learn that she is merely a toy, there to entertain and please. Of course towards the end, our little girl screams and begs while bringing herself to another uncontrollable orgasm in a not so comfortable (yet nice to look at) position



Natalie Monroe Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and helplessly messed with

Like the title says, this next one is all about limp body play. Our little girl drops like a rock, her body becomes limp and now I can take my time to slowly inspect her entire body (including feet, toes and..) move and pose her, check her eyes, mouth and so on. Needless to say, towards the end, we get to enjoy watching her being brought to orgasm in her sleep (wet dream fantasies)




Natalie Monroe Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Six and Kittens

Imagine our little girl meowing, purring and prancing around while seductively moving like a horny kitten who loves to chase the laser pointer beam. Well, you can stop imagining, just go ahead and watch this one and you will see all that plus more. There is actually a little bonus towards the end where I make her feel like a 3 year old (time regression) who loves to play with Barbie..



Natalie Monroe Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you want me to shake my Butt

This next segment is definitely for our feet and ass lovers out there. First we make her believe to be a stripper who loves to pose dance and shake her ass for her best customer. I can feel that she is turned on by it and that she loves to shake her ass while seductively.... You will see.

After enjoying watching her offering her body, I decide to drop her back into mindless trance while just standing there in front of me.

Now it is time to train her in the "art" of being a submissive, orgasmic and willing foot slave who loves to offer her feet to her master. Natalie loves feet which you will see when you watch her go crazy for lust in this one. Screaming hard orgasms, yes master, entranced stares, finger fucking, limp play and so much more




Natalie Monroe Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Sexual harassment

Natalie, our beautiful young secretary, has filed a sexual harassment law suit against the president of the company she is working for. Needless to say, we cannot let that happen which why they hired me to take care of some of the companies, let's call it, indiscretions. As soon as I mention what I was hired for, she goes on and on about the bosses inappropriate behavior (grabbing her ass, making comments about her beautiful tits...) and she makes it perfectly clear that she is under no circumstances willing to drop the suit.

Well, honey, suite yourself. Looks like there is not much I can do, except maybe, wait for that ominous phone call that will change her "mind." Sure enough, the phone rings and.... Natalie, despite her attempts to resist, drops into mindless obedience. "My brain is melting, my mind is mol...

Time for her to remove her clothes and to caress her pussy for us, after all she has to learn the "proper sexual conduct" which is expected from our female employees. I am your horny slut master




Natalie Monroe Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny sluts like me give BJ to...

The training for our formerly disobedient young secretary continues and now she learns to enjoy having lost all control over her muscles while being forced to orgasm. The intensity of this one is not easy to describe as it must have struck one of Natalie's more hidden sexual fantasies. The second she becomes aware that she has no control over her body while I am holding the vibrator on her clit, her body starts to tremble with lust.

She keeps screaming I am a horny slut while getting closer and closer to orgasm. She is even willing to give the president of the company or anybody else for that matter a blow job. Let's have her repeat that on the intercom system, shall we. As mentioned, our girl is crazy for lust and her screaming and begging becomes louder and more intense with every thrust of the vibrator. Looks like she is going to enjoy the sexual conduct rules of the company from now on. Very hot  




Natalie Monroe Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
More sexual conduct rules and regulations

My feet are super soft

We are not quite done teaching our formerly misbehaving secretary the sexual conduct rules of the company she is working for. Now she has to learn that we expect all of our female employees to be horny foot sluts who love to seductively offer their feet. Again, Natalie goes crazy for lust as soon as she sexy and seductively starts to talk about her cute feet while showing them off. I can feel her getting more and more excited and sure enough, she tears her pantyhose open and finger fucks her wet pussy while her feet are up in the air. Really hot to watch.

There is more of course. After enjoying her praising her feet, it is now time to drop her back into mindless bliss while on all four on the desk. Zombie like and zoned out she now learns to serve with her feet while ..... Too much to describe but seriously hot, not only for our foot lovers. Limp play, yes masters, stares and more. Did I mention that she has no intention to file a law suit ever again. It is all about having happy employees around.



Natalie Monroe Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Did you get that at a garage sale

Natalie, a beautiful stewardess, believes to be my girlfriends roommate, comes home from a long flight and the last thing she wants to do, is to listen to my not too refined attempts to hit on her. No way she would ever agree to a threesome and she certainly has no idea what I mean by "the robot game" and the brainwave converter. In fact she makes fun of my new device.

Oh well that figures. What can I say, she changes her tune quickly when I actually use it on her and despite her struggle, she realizes her true identity, which is being a Robot. Besides stripping, mindlessly/robotic repeating orders, masturbating with or without being set (allowed) to orgasm, saluting and so on, she has learn to ask the right questions every time her master comes home. Some of those questions are, "please can I give you a BJ," or can I please change into a....



Natalie Monroe Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to obey my....

Natalie, who still believes to be my girlfriends roommate, wakes up with no recollection of what just happened. No surprise, she seems a bit confused when I mention that frequently hypnotize my girlfriend, which btw is the only reason that I guy like me ended up with a beauty like her. Oh well, what can I say, somehow she agrees (sort of) to look at the beautiful pocket watch I am holding up right in her face.

Her pretty eyes slowly straighten out and go dim and from on, all she wants is to obey. Let's see how much fun we can have with our cute and very sexy little Play-Doll which loves to dance, shake her booty, give blow jobs and who's favorite toy is the vibrator. Needles to say, before we let her wind down she has to masturbate while seductively sucking on the vibrator and....  



Natalie Monroe Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am nothing but an object

We should not be doing this

Natalie, my girlfriends beautiful roommate, has now been reduced to being a mindless (quite zombie like) slow thinking and zoned out shell of herself which is orgasmed on command, ordered to caress and pinch her nipples while turning in circles. Of course that is by far not all that is happening to her while she is being tamed and trained. Turned into a mindless puppet on strings her sexy body is moved and pulled as if by magic. At some point, we even let her become of her helpless situation. Fully aware yet stuck in her puppet body, she learns that she is under my control and despite her disbelieve, her body moves without her having any control over it.

Needless to say, the vibrator in her panties (guess who put that there) eventually orgasms her under protest. Still, that is all just warm up. Next she is rendered mindless again and then posed and displayed. Want more? Enjoy watching her being frozen stiff and orgasmed again by the "magic Wand" before send back into mindless obedience. Poor thing even has to admit that she actually enjoys all of this which..... Too much too list and lots of fun



Natalie Monroe Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Happy ending?

In this last segment of Natalie's, let's call it journey, we get to enjoy watching her going from being upset to laughing her ass off for no apparent reason. Looks like our little girl just cannot be serious, although she is trying her best to give me shi... for what just happened. Looks like the only way to get some peace and quiet around here is to put her to sleep again which gives me time to mess with her limp body one more time.  




Natalie Monroe Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Fixer upper

Frank runs a scrap facility that breaks down old robots and strips their parts for use in repair shops and resale facilities. He comes in to check on the latest arrival who was left at the drop off last night. He turns her on by remote and runs her through basic commands to determine how run down she is.

She performs pretty well but she does glitch quite a bit, obviously the reason why she was brought in. Fixing all of her issues would outweigh the cost of a new unit. Frank decides to try and fix a couple of things and have a little fun with her. After activating her sexual programming and having her strip and tease for him he decides to...


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