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Niki Lee Young Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Go back to where it felt so good

Niki Lee Young, beautiful, sensual and naturally wet blond with an insatiable desire for lustful pleasures, is certainly one of my all-time best subjects. I remember when Niki came in a few years back for her first time ever trainings session and I knew right then and there that she would be coming back many more times. I mean, who in his or her right mind would turn down a beautiful subject like her. Nobody is a good or not so good subject per say, it all depends on the chemistry as well as trust between the subject and the hypnotist.

I can honestly say that Niki and I have great chemistry which is probably why she responds to my training with an amazing intensity as she can allow herself to completely let go and trust. Niki sessions are not about the challenge to get her under but all about topping the prior session and that certainly happened yet again. I could not believe it myself at first but this session turned out to be... I am not even sure why I am writing all this, I think I could have just said Niki Lee Young is back and you guys would have known that this one is another must see update, filled with new ideas and unmatched intensity. Go ahead and enjoy

Niki likes the slow inductions but I could feel that just listening to my voice and remembering her prior sessions (subconsciously) made her feel excited as her body started to ever so slightly shiver and....

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Niki Lee Young Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Big Bang

Needless to say, Niki's session starts with a BIG BANG and we get to enjoy watching her going absolutely crazy when driven into her first marathon orgasm of the session and or staring into absolute nothingness when rendered mindless while her wobbly body just stands there. Of course we get to see and hear her begging with an amazing intensity, to be allowed to cum for us. Niki's beautiful body shivers and quivers all the way into her jaws when she is kept asleep while driven up the wall for lust.

The feeling of being kept helplessly immobile while her body is driven into lustful convulsions drives her nuts. I can feel that I already have complete control over her. It is not easy to describe the intensity of her surrender and the way she lets her limp body go for me to have my way with her whenever I put her out. I thought I might try something a bit different by programming her to feel a very intense orgasm for the rest of the session whenever she feels my hand on her throat.

Niki orgasms so hard (over and over as if she could not stop) while sliding off the couch. Time to take a closer look at her feet while taking off her shoes. Needless to say, the above mentioned are just a few highlights of this segment, there is a lot more begging, yes masters, entranced dim stares, "hand on throat" trigger testing, limp play, eye checks and more yet to come.



Niki Lee Young Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master control me all the way

Oh god, please master snap your fingers

First off we get to enjoy watching her seductively pose for us while staring into nothingness. My hands slowly reaches her throat and as programmed, Niki starts to orgasm hard until she is suddenly dropped back into mindless dimness. I decide to take her deeper than ever before which leaves her an empty shell with no idea of what is going on and or where she is. Just there to be looked at. She slowly repeats, please master control me while becoming intensely aroused again.

Niki's body goes into lustful convulsions and she starts to beg and plead again but she has to wait until I decide when she is allowed to cum. Her arms helplessly rise slowly up into the air which sets off another powerful orgasm ( a trigger I had planted previously) Of course that is all just warm up. Suddenly her hands feel pulled and tied up behind her back while she is made to feel the thrust of a powerful Hitachi on the tip of her clit. Niki's screaming must have been heard all over the neighborhood as she orgasms harder and harder every time. She starts to beg me again to snap my fingers which is the trigger for her to be allowed to cum. Again, her screaming is intense.

Time to put her to sleep and to play with her soft feet, move her limp body, perform some eye checks and... Her little body quivers and shakes again as soon as she feels me touching her feet as her hands feel forced between her legs for more forced self pleasuring. Lots of screaming hard orgasms, dim stares, limp body play, begging, yes masters, slow repetitions and a very wet pussy.




Niki Lee Young Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Extreme foot lust and more

As we all remember, Niki likes feet and to please and offer her soft feet to her master turns her on but this time it gets absolutely crazy. I have never seen her this obedient and eager to please. My suggestion that slowly running her fingers through her toes will drive her into feeling an orgasm unlike anything she has ever felt, works like a charm.

Our little girl goes absolutely crazy again and not only does she run her fingers though her toes but she also seems to be making love to her feet for us while showing us every part of her feet. There is a lot of licking and more going on as she seems to devour her feet. Niki's tight pussy is pitch wet and keeps contracting like crazy with every orgasm she is made to feel. Things get even more wild when she is allowed to feel my touch on her well taken care of feet. It gets so wild that I decide to put her to sleep in the midst of yet another hard orgasm. Niki drops like a rock as her eye roll back.

Needless to say, this is my time to mess with her feet and to make her cum in her sleep by running my fingers though her toes. Trying to describe the intensity and fun of these segments is really not possible which, I am sure you will realize once you watch it. Anyway, there is more trigger planting yet to cum. Here we have her programmed to wake up and to orgasm as soon as she opens her eyes and sees me.

 Back to sleep for more limp play, eye checks and so on while programming her that being put to sleep at her masters discretion makes her feel even more controlled which is exactly what she needs. There is more though. Placed on all four with her feet pulled up, she is ordered to finger fuck her wet pussy while screaming. I am your orgasm slave master. Needless to say, she has to wait until...the next segment. Yes masters, begging, foot worship, limp play, "hand on throat" orgasm trigger and, and, and...




Niki Lee Young Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I give it all to you master

I am cuming for you master

I think by now you have already figured out that there is no way to describe all that is going on in each segment is quite impossible which is why I will stick to some of the highlights here. In a nut shell, this segment is all about her unconditional surrender which includes absolutely intense breath controlled orgasms, kneeling, crawling, being let by her hair, begging, mindless stares, bend over masturbation and intense self spankings that drive her insane, a very long final orgasm that makes her pass out, slow and mindless repetition of mantras in the zombie pose, more dim stares and lots of limp body, feet, throat and so on play. Really intense from beginning to end which shows her (twitching body) give it all up.




Niki Lee Young Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You are making me feel uncomfortable

This is most likely the best clip I have made of this particular kind of segments. Niki, who believes to be at her first day of work at the science and development lab of one of the biggest alcoholic beverages manufactures in the country, seems to be quite sure that drinking is not her thing and that she has no problems withstanding any temptation. Well, that what she tells her new boss who does seem to like her more than he should, if you all know what I mean. Anyway, our sexy blond tries to get rid of him as quickly as possible and that is when the fun begins. Needless to say, Niki cannot resist to try those tempting looking shots and sure enough, it hits her hard before she even knows it. As mentioned, this is the best. Watching our cool blond getting sloshed and excessively horny to the point where she is unable to stand while trying to get me to fuck her is hot. I have never seen anybody get that drunk and uninhibited but then again, Niki is one of my all time best subjects. Her speech becomes slurred, her body becomes all wobbly and she fall over when trying to get up. Things get even better when I suggest that she gets twice as drunk and horny whenever I snap my fingers. Watch how it all ends, really good one. Limp body play, eye checks...




Niki Lee Young Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
A Stiff Drink

Here we get to enjoy our beautiful lab assistant, who does not seem to remember much from before, first try to seduce me and then freeze up after having another one of those "Stiff Drinks." Believe it or not, I even warned her that this might happen but that only makes her want to try it even more. Niki loves to be frozen as it makes her feel helpless which is part of her prior training. Anyway, it gets really hot when she slowly realizes that she cannot move and that she is under the control of a stranger who makes her feel aroused beyond believe.

I don't know what makes her think that I am the best looking guy she has ever seen but boy does she get horny. Problem is though that she cannot touch herself and I am not much help either, being married and all. Niki goes nuts and she begs and begs me to help her. As mentioned, the poor thing goes nuts until I have mercy and put her to sleep so that I can mess with her.

Can it get even more embarrassing. Oh yes. Niki wakes up with a powerful orgasm and now she feels terribly embarrassed, having cum in front of a stranger who is married on top of all this. Niki's face is priceless as it shows uncontrollable pleasure and embarrassment as well as utter confusion. Needless to say, I keep her cuming for quite some time so that we can all enjoy her, let's call it, mixed feelings. More to come.



Niki Lee Young Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
You make my stomach hurt

I am a horny slut

Here we get to see her helplessly orgasm just by saying, I am h-

Trying to describe the action that taking place in any of Niki's clips is quite impossible because it just does not do it any justice and this next one is no exception. Here we get to enjoy our still very confused lab assistant laugh her ass off because she is made to believe that everything I (her boss) say is hysterically fun.

Needless to say, that causes a slew of problems (including her stomach to hurt) but what makes this really weird is the fact that she is pleasing herself with a dildo as if that was normal. Needless to say, she freezes up into mindless stillness in the middle of the action. I thought it might be a nice idea to let our lab assistant become aware of her predicament while still frozen. Yes she seems embarrassed but also way too horny to stop. Well, she cannot really make herself cum due to the fact that she is frozen but she sure tries and begs and.. I am embarrassed but I cannot help it.

Finally I allow her to move her hand but very, very, very slowly which gets her closer to cum but not quite. It is all really way more intense than the way I can describe this here. Niki goes crazy and I decide to make her laugh again while being driven to orgasm. Most people have problems with "tickle Orgasms", but not Niki. Believe me this one is hot and steamy. Back to sleep. Next we have her wake up feeling too weak to move. Niki orgasms as soon as she sees me and then again when she repeats, I am h-. Lots of limp play, embarrassment, very intense orgasms that make her pass out and...




Niki Lee Young Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
For the first time

This is another hot one a certainly different. Niki is a great subject which made me decide to do something quite different. Niki, who is made to believe that she is a quite inexperienced porn actress (which is actually true as she does not do any hard core stuff) shows up on set for her first girl/girl shoot ever. To make a long story short, she is made to believe that the mannequin is not only her partner in the scene but also the most beautiful, irresistible and sexiest woman she has ever seen and that she will feel whatever she does to her "new lover" in her own body. What comes next is intense and definitely hot. Niki seems ravenous and she starts to slowly seduce the other girl while driving herself into insane lust at the same time. She starts to moan, groan, squirm and scream for lust while sucking tits and pussy. Suddenly she freezes up, her body is still lustfully quivering while I..

This is hot and believe me, nobody can face this. Hot and steamy with intense orgasms.




Niki Lee Young Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh my God, it feels so good

I hate shoes

They are like silk

First we have our sexy young porn actress wake up, slip into a different sexy little number and then put herself to sleep by placing her hand over her mouth and nose. Hot watching her go out.

After a brief deepening we have her wake up and now she cannot stop touching her sexy, soft and well taken care of feet in front of the director. Our little girl is so crazy about her feet and showing them off that it drives her up the wall for lust, despite the fact that she is doing it in front of a "stranger." She talks about how much she loves them and how well she takes care of her . Again, impossible to describe this.

Of course that is all just warm up. At some point she is so crazy about me paying attention to her feet and to touch them (which she knows will make her cum so hard that she ) that she begs and begs and... Of course somebody like her loves to lick and suck on those cute feet while cuming just because of that. Eventually she does come so hard again that she which gives me time to "inspect" her limp body and of course her feet. All of a sudden our young actress thanks me for making her my foot slave while rolling around on the floor with her legs and feet up in the air. Looks like we need to freeze her and... Lots more to cum and definitely one of my all time best hypno foot segments.




Niki Lee Young Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Robot Bimbo program activated

Robots don't think

Needless to say, this is another absolutely amazing display of Niki's suggestibility. Niki, who believes to be my unfaithful wife, who has just been caught waiting for her "date" in a restaurant, tries to talk her way out of the peculiar situation but that that does not go far at all. Well, looks like it was my own fault for not having kept up with her daily programming. Luckily it is not too late for her to be brought back on track. Niki drops and her slow "transformation" begins.

Her body slowly stiffens, her eyes lose all expression, her movements become ridged and her voice becomes monotone and almost artificial. Now the fun begins and we get to activate her slut program, horny and drunk slut program and last but not least her bimbo program. Each time a different program is activated her transformation is "amazing". Needless to say, we get to enjoy watching her bottomless masturbation, listen to her monotone yes masters, robotic repetition of orders, lustful screams and so much more.




Niki Lee Young Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Do with me as you please master

Here we get to enjoy my formerly unruly wife being slowly frozen, swayed and messed with while being driven up the wall for lust. Niki goes nuts again and she begs and promises never to cheat again. Her stiffly frozen body quivers and shakes in my arms when I have her helplessly fall forward. Of course we have to use the "hand on her throat" orgasm trigger one more time before slowly dropping her back into deep sleep. This is a really hot ending for her session and it is showing her unconditional final surrender!



Niki Lee Young Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Please tell me it is not me

I will never find a husband that way

This week’s fembot story is about a beautiful young Fembot who believes to see her psychiatrist/counselor because of the weird mechanical noises she keeps hearing whenever she starts to feel aroused and or when she moves her body in certain ways. Of course the poor thing has no idea about the fact that she is a fembot and that those noises are simply mechanical parts/gears in her body which seem to be ill maintained.

Well, the psychiatrist she believes to have visited is really the CEO of Cyber Corp, one of the largest Robot manufactures in the country, and believe it or not, he does have the best of intentions to help her (at first) despite the fact that he has not actually worked on one of those high tech units, given the fact that he is now the CEO. You can not really blame the guy for not having the same high caliber computers he uses at work in his home but I think he might have been better of not touching her but then again, the flesh is weak.

 Doctor please help me, I want a man to own me. Hot strip dance, lots of glitches, malfunctions, silly repetitions and ditzy smiles and believe me, Riley is amazing in this one. Suggested by a long time supporter and viewer.


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