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Niki Lee Young Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
drop dead gorgeous blond with the most amazing natural body could not wait to come back for another round of intense sexual fun. I am sure everybody here remembers Nikki from her prior visits and yes, this time I was finally able to tape the entire session without any power outages and or bad tapes. I think we can all that Nikki is not only beautiful, sensual and extremely sexual but also one of the best subjects I have trained. The way she drops, rolls her eyes and loses all control is certainly spectacular and I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to getting her back. I wish I was a better writer to describe the details of her session but believe me, each and every segment is unique, intense and real. Enough of the talking, let's get into the action.

It was amazing to see who well Niki was still trained from her prior visit and how deeply she dropped after only a few seconds. Niki started feeling aroused the second I made her remember her last visit and I could feel her sinking into the same feeling of helplessness and surrender.

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Niki Lee Young Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel how good it is to be back under my control

I have no choice, you control me master. Please make me cum.

Niki started to feel already excited by the end of the last segment and now it is time to let her feel and remember why she is here for more. Her beautiful body quivers under my voice as it makes her feel more and more aroused with every word I say. I make her feel my total control over her body and mind by hitting her with a very intense surprise orgasm.

Time to have her take off her panties which makes her feel even more vulnerable and exposed. She keeps repeating (slow mantra), I am back under your control master and I can see a hint of a euphoric smile. See, all my sessions are about sexual ecstasy which is what I use to control the young minds. After dropping her even deeper with the laser, Niki's horny young body slowly goes into lustful convulsions as she is "masturbated" by her own hand without having any control over it.

Her eyes roll back as she stares at my finger and her cum is dripping out of her wet pussy. (Really hot guys) I can feel that she wants to proof that she is a good little girl. Of course there is more. Placed on her knees, Niki is send deeper with every snap of my fingers. Her eyes roll and she slowly repeats, I am your mindless slave, I am here to serve you master. At some point Niki is driven insane for lust by not being allowed to touch herself until she starts begging me to make her cum. I have no choice, you control me master. Too many rolling eyes moments, zoned out stares, intense begging, mantras and so on to mention.



Niki Lee Young Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Resist if you can

Everything my master does to me feels arousing

Part of this next segment shows how I push our horny little girl to try to resist so that she feels her sweet surrender with even more intensity. Again, if you like seeing zoned out stares, rolling eyes, screaming hard orgasms, slow repetitions and unconditional surrender, this one is for you. Niki is driven into a mixture of euphoric sexual bliss which eventually makes her (according to her own words after the session) orgasm harder than before. Niki is still on her knees from the last segment when I decide to take her deeper again.

What can I say, I just love her zoned out stares and rolling eyes every time I do this. Her mouth is slightly open, her head and body wobbles as she drops. After the warm up it is now time to take her to intense sexual heights again. After making her cum so hard that it drops her back on her knees, Niki now starts to masturbate with having control over it. I keep pushing her to try to resist but she is already consumed by her own lust and the need to obey. Unable to stop, she brings herself to orgasm for me. Suddenly her hands are pulled away which drives her even more up the wall. Despite her trying hard, she is unable to touch and pleasure herself. I cannot describe all of what goes on but it is hot and different. Niki's body goes into lustful convulsions again when I make her feel helplessly fucked from behind while being on all four. The segment ends with Niki being send deeper than I have ever seen her. Her body wobbles, her sleepy eyes roll back and... Everything my master does feels arousing.



Niki Lee Young Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your masters control

No touch allowed, frozen, manipulated and posed while under.. This next segment teaches Niki that whatever I decide to do with her drives her into insane lust as she cannot seem to enough of my control over her. Believe me, no matter how submissive a girl is, to get her to that stage after having spent only very little time with her, is not easy but it looks like I pushed all the right buttons, so to speak, that made her surrender. Niki keeps repeating, everything my master does feels arousing, until it makes her cum for me. Now it is time to focus her lust on her beautiful natural breasts. I suggest that they become increasingly sensitive while her desire to touch them grows with every word I say. Needless to say, she has to wait for quite some time before she is actually allowed to touch them which will make her orgasm harder than before.

Her nipples are starting to harden, her eyes roll as I drop her down again. Niki's beautiful body quivers and wobbles while her hands are trembling under the desire to touch her tits. Finally she is allowed to touch them but not for long. Right when she goes into lustful convulsions, her arms feel pulled and tied behind her back. She slowly repeats, I learn to obey you master, over and over until her eyes roll back again. I make her feel my control over her even more until all she wants is to touch her breasts. Niki is learning what it means to be truly obedient even if it is not comfortable. What until you see what happens when she is finally allowed to touch herself. I am your controlled slave master, I am cuming for you. Towards the end of the segment, I decide to render her mindless to the point where she does not feel or notice anything while I am posing her sleepy body, move her head, perform some eye checks and then freeze her in place.



Niki Lee Young Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to trust

Niki is still frozen solid (see last segment) and I decide to test her trust in me. I suggest that her rigidly frozen body (with her arms up for a long time btw) will now fall forward. Needless to say, I catch her on her way down but it certainly shows that Niki has completely surrendered to whatever I suggest. Anybody who knows a little about what I do, knows how important this is and how it can influence the entire session. Let's take her a bit deeper even yet. Niki's body wobbles, her eyes roll while she slowly repeats, I am deeply hypnotized for you master. Niki feels her helplessness which makes it easy to make her feel aroused again. Bend over the couch with her beautiful ass pushed out at me, she is now masturbated by her own hand without having any control over it.

 Again, she has to wait before I allow her to orgasm, after all, she has to learn that her body and mind are under my control, which btw is something she really and from deep within loves. Finally she is allowed to explode. I make myself cum for you master. Of course that is all just warm up. Niki is now learning that her feet are just as sensitive, sensual and arousing as her pussy as well as her tits. The desire to show me her feet and to please me with them becomes overwhelming and her entire body goes into intense lustful convulsions while she is offering me her feet. The idea that I might touch them drives her even more insane. I suggest that the slightest touch of my hand on her feet will make her cum harder than before and sure enough, it drives her insane to the point where she keeps begging me to touch them. Too intense to describe it all, go see for yourself. The segment ends with another deepening and slow repetitions of, pretty girls like me need to be h-noed into obedience.



Niki Lee Young Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to mindlessly surrender

At this point, Niki is wonderfully zoned out as she just stares into nothingness. Throughout the session, I have made her feel intensely horny, euphoric, beautiful and sensual, submissive, defeated, mindless and empty, happy and horny, which all together made her the perfectly trained pleasure slave. Watch her clips and you will know what I am trying to say here. Anyway, now it is time to pose and freeze her into different positions. Her arms remain up in the air for quite some time but she does not feel anything at this point.

I suggest that her body feels weightless even when she moves. She gets up like a sleepwalker (with her arms still up in the air) when I tell her to and she just stands there like an empty shell. Let's see how far we can take her. Niki has to learn that just looking at me will make her orgasm. I slow make her straighten out those rolling eyes and sure enough, the second she looks at me she starts to cum really hard. Niki is placed on the couch on all four and driven up the wall for lust again.

The slightest touch of my hand on her feet sets off a marathon orgasm which shows that the prior foot worship training (see clip five) has manifested in her subconscious. Of course there is a lot more to come. Niki is driven close to orgasm again without being allowed to explode. She keeps screaming, I want to be a good little girl, I am horny for you master. Niki has to learn to surrender no matter what I make her do. I decide to send her to sleep, very slowly and without being able to orgasm. Her beautiful body quiver while she is slowly going down but she does not have the strength to orgasm, despite her trying. Now it is time to pose her body, perform eye checks and so on. I actually decided to sit her up for this while she is in a state of... Hot and different ending.


Niki Lee Young Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
That is just not my kind of thing Sir

Niki is made to believe that she is the owner of a catering service and that I have hired her to help me with my big party tonight. You should see her face when I mention that it is my annual pre Xmas hypno party. I guess, she does not really believe in that kind of stuff which I understand but does she have to make fun of my party? Oh well, and if that was not bad enough, she does not seem to be the least bit interested in going out with me! Oh well, needless to say my suggestion to train her in front of everyone and to turn her into an obedient foot slave does not go over too well, to say the least. I like it though when they resist, somehow it makes it more interesting and fun to tame them anyway. Eventually they all have to learn that there is nothing more important than to please their master.

Niki's journey into submission begins when she reads my menu suggestions for the dinner party. She does realize that what she is reading has nothing to do with a menu but by then it is already too late for her to take her eyes off and by the time she reaches the bottom of the page she is already in deep you all know what. Her arms drop, her eyes straighten out and turn dim, her mouth opens slightly which means, she is ready for me to take over. I keep dropping her deeper with every snap of my fingers. Niki's eyes roll back while she keeps slowly repeating the words, cannot resist. I make her sexual energy slowly spread into her feet until all she wants, is to show her feet to her master. She slowly takes of her sexy shoes while become more and more aroused. Niki is incredibly turned on by being watched while playing with her feet. Of course it gets a lot more intense when I make her wait for my touch which will drive her absolutely insane for lust and into orgasmic bliss. There is just too much going on in this one to describe it all, everything from rolling eyes, intense foot worship, entrancement and more. Hot shoes, hot stockings, hot legs and even hotter feet. Really intense.



Niki Lee Young Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen foot slave

I am not easy

This next segment is certainly not only about feet and foot worship and although there is a lot of that going on, there are also incredibly hot entrancement scenes, rolling eyes, slow monotone speech, very intense orgasm training and so much more to see. Niki's body wobbles, her eyes roll and, just like before, her voice changes as soon as I take her deeper again. Our sexy cook instantaneously orgasms as soon as she feels my touch on her feet. Now it is time to watch her take off those hot stockings as she is trying to entice me with her feet. I suggest that showing and offering me her feet not only makes her feel aroused but also very sensual, beautiful and sexual.

The intensity of her increasing arousal and her need to serve me by offering me her feet and body, is not easy to describe. Niki is turned on beyond her wildest imagination but things get even more intense when I freeze her in a very awkward position. (Niki is in that position for quite some time which would not be possible with her being, you all know what). Now it is time to drive her up the wall again. As mentioned, this one is again to intense to put it into words but let's just say, there is a lot of screaming, begging, rolling eyes and so on happening. At some point, I decide to make our sexy cook aware of the fact that she is frozen and helpless. Now it gets really interesting. Niki seems to only come up partially as she tries to make sense of all this. I can feel though that she is way to aroused to really resist and she finally admits how easily she can be put under. More mindless stillness and foot worship yet to cum, I mean come.


Niki Lee Young Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Please, please, oh god

Let's see what else we can do to our willing sexy young cook. Niki is just sitting there in front of me on the table as she is staring into nothingness. Her hands feel drawn between her legs and she cannot stop masturbating. I can feel that she is close again and that is when I make her freeze up again. I know that was not nice but necessary for her training. Now we want to see how she feels about all this when she becomes slowly aware of her situation. It absolutely amazing to watch her and listen to her reactions and comments. It is almost like she wants to stay under although the idea of masturbating in front of a stranger seems kind of wrong to her. Really interesting and very different.

I keep making her feel even more aroused while keeping her frozen and unable to touch herself. Niki slowly goes crazy for lust and the need to touch herself becomes overwhelming. She begging and repeating, please I want to masturbate for you. Finally her hand can move while the rest of her body remains frozen. Niki shows her complete surrender in an amazingly intense way. Lots of please, please and oh gods. It is obvious that she is willing to do anything I want and this is a good time to make her admit how easy she is. Time to take her down as she just stands there in front of me and to then freeze and pose her sexy body. I perform some eye checks while she just stands there with her arms up. Still there is more to come. Aware and ready to leave, our sexy cook finds out the hard way that the freeze trigger is still firmly in place. Real and not easy to describe.



Niki Lee Young Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I can handle anything

This segment starts a bit differently because I decided to show some of the induction to the segment. I had asked Niki to slip into the costume without telling her why. Needless to say she thinks the little outfit is cute and before she knows it, she is sent "down under" to be programmed. The nice thing about Niki is that she drops quickly at the snap of my fingers. Now she is programmed to believe that she is a soldier in the army who had gotten lost in the desert and has now finally found the base camp. Needless to say, after having gotten lost in the hot desert, she is thirsty and all she wants is some water but that has to wait.

First she has to report to her superior officer who is kind enough to offer to get her some water. The second her leaves to get the water, she grabs one of the "supposedly" strong drinks which are sitting on the table next to her. Of course, being the nice superior officer that I am, I had warned her not to drink those because those shots are way too strong for women. Sure enough, Private Niki gets more and more , sloppy and even more importantly, extremely horny with every glass she empties. Needless to say, there is only water in those glasses, just in case you were wondering.

I cannot describe all the details of her demise but it sure as h.. is amazing to watch her wobbly body eventually fall back on the couch, her sloppy salutes when she tries to straighten herself out, the rolling eyes, the intense masturbation and so much more. Niki gets so high on the water that she cannot even remember her name or anything. Watch Niki go from being cute and smart to becoming sloppy, giggly, oversexed, fucked up and mindlessly dim. Very different from any clip I have made along the same lines.




Niki Lee Young Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
A strong mind like mine cannot...

This next segment is an amazingly intense freeze, tickle, unexpected orgasm, confusion, entrancement and fun clip. This time we have programmed our sexy and certainly confused young private Niki, to feel tickled out of her mind whenever she feels the laser beam hitting her body. Needless to say, that is more than confusing and embarrassing. What makes it easier for her is that whenever the laser is gone, she does not remember what just happened. Really fun to watch her reactions. After a brief deepening, Niki comes back and now she cannot seem to bear wearing those dam itchy/tickling clothes of hers. Poor thing cannot seem to apologies enough for her strange behavior in front of me, the superior officer. Of course she denies that she might have fallen into enemy hands who then brain washed and entranced her during those lost days in the desert. Nonsense, her mind is way too strong to be brain washed. Naked and confused, she still insists on being in full control of her mind and body. Niki drops at the snap of my fingers into deep mindless trance as her eyes roll, you all know where. I make her aware of her situation during her next orgasm which she is made to feel while her arms are rising as if by magic. Still, she has never been brain washed. Watch what happens when she freezes up while being tickled and orgasmed. Still, her mind is too strong. Poor thing loses all her strength during her next orgasm and cannot even finish cuming.




Niki Lee Young Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I will prepare myself for you master

Believe me, you are going to like this next one whether or not you are into the "obedient robot" segments or not. Niki, who believes to be my neighbor who complaints about the constant noise that seems to be coming from my apartment, does not even know what hits her when she hears the sound of the camera shutter. First of course, we listen to her complaining for a while. Needless to say that when I mention that the noise must be coming from all those young women having orgasms throughout their sessions after having been turned into obedient robots that is, she really gets upset. Oh well, here she is, mindless and dim and ready for her programming. Watching her stiffly pose and dance while being in robot mode is really hot and different. It gets even hotter when she is programmed to masturbate with the vibrator in order to get herself wet and ready for her master. I decide to mess with her by decreasing her power level to zero, which makes it impossible for her to orgasm. Robot Niki, who is perfect at repeating all my orders in a robotic manner, just stands there with a big empty stare. Let's see how she feels when I make her aware of her situation while she still feels stuck in her immobilized robot body. Niki never seizes to surprise me. She actually starts to enjoy being my personal robot. I slowly increase her power level from zero to one hundred percent which makes her cum hard and intense. Arms straight out in front slow repetition of, I am programmed to please, lots of yes masters, zoned out stares, robo dance and posing and...




Niki Lee Young Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
am under your power master

Niki has proven, in each and every segment, to be an excellent subject and this last clip is certainly no exception. Niki wakes up, still believing that she is my angry neighbor who is vehemently complaining about the noise she keeps hearing from my apartment. Needless to say, the fact that she is almost naked eludes her completely but what makes this really fun to watch is the fact that she cannot seem to stop playing with her breasts.

Oh, it feels so good. Our little girl becomes quite flirtatious but she still does not want to model for my website, after all, that is just nonsense. After hitting her with the laser (which causes a moment of mindlessness) she comes back and now she realizes that she cannot stay away from her tits. Now that is embarrassing but here again, there seems to be no way that she can stop doing it. Things get worse though when she freezes up with her hands about an inch away from her breasts. The desire to touch them is still there but she cannot reach them.

I know, that sounds mean. Niki goes nuts and she starts to beg me to release her hands. Sorry, too early honey. I do let her unfreeze but by now she is already a mindless zombie as her arms rise up in front of her body. I am a horny zombie, I am under your power master. After some sleepwalking it is now time to put her to sleep while she is trying to feel and enjoy her last orgasm. Amazing stares, sleepwalk and pose, mantra, begging, unwanted yet enjoyed orgasms, embarrassment, confusion and intense entrancement scenes.




Niki Lee Young Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Do I look like a robot you idiot

Super model Niki Lee: walks into a radio station to plug her knew swimsuit calendar for a late-night on-air interview.

Here it goes
Niki Lee:: Boy this place sure is quiet. I didn't see anyone on my way in. I figured a big radio station would be bustling

FRANK No just you and me, after all this is the graveyard shift. Everything is pretty much automated, so there's no need for a big staff.

Just have a seat right there Ms. Young and we'll begin.

FRANK I'm here with supermodel Niki Lee Young, Who took the Fashion world by storm since appearing on the cover of Style 1st Magazine last year. Let me just start by thanking you for being here tonight. Now Niki Lee what do you say to the rumors that your success is attributed to numerous cosmetic procedures intended to enhance your appearance. Some say you're simply "too perfect." and that such perfection drives young women to seek plastic surgery in an attempt to measure up.

Niki Lee Some people are just jealous I guess. Frank, I don't wake up looking like this, it takes a whole team of makeup artist and stylist to prepare me for a shoot. In addition I've had to put in a lot of hard work at the gym to get this body.

FRANK That may be true, but how do you explain last week's meltdown while you were hosting the AMA's?

Niki Lee Oh my God Frank. I was suffering from exhaustion. I had just arrived from a 16 hour flight right after a four day shoot.

FRANK Since that evening some have even speculated that you aren't even human, but instead sometime of prototype for a new generation of ultra-realistic androids!!??. How do you respond to these allegations?.

Niki Lee OMG…..That is just ridiculous. I mean do I look like a robot to you?

FRANK NO but you have to admit your behavior was a bit out of the ordinary. I have the transcripts from the show. "Now for the cat..cat…category. Of……..wow those lights are really hot……….no..no…nobody told me the lights would be so hot…….so hot …….much too………hot………..error………..my processors are overheating ….so hot…hot….hot" At that point your manager escorted you off the stage.

FRANK What did you mean when you said that your processors were overheating?

Niki Lee stands up and crosses her arms in frustration.

Niki Lee It's just a figure of speech, I thought we were going to talk about my new Calendar?

FRANK So you weren't malfunctioning because the heat from the spotlights was causing your circuits to overheat?

Niki Lee No you jerk. Only robots malfunction. Speaking of lights, why are there so many lights in here ? I mean hello, isn't this a RADIO show?

FRANK Oh sometimes we webcast the show for our listeners.

Niki Lee Well they're very uncomfortable, Its getting really warm in here.

FRANK I just have a few more question and then We'll plug the Calendar.

What do you say to rumors that during a shoot for the latest swimsuit edition of Sports Weekly, that you refused to enter the swimming pool at the request of the photographer and held up the shoot for hours until the photographer agreed to shoot you beside the pool instead of in it?.

Niki Lee It's kind of embarrassing, but I suffer from aqua phobia. I almost drowned when I was a little girl and now I'm terrified of the water. Can we discuss the Calendar?, These lights are getting hot……..really hot……………hot……..hot……….

Niki Lee lifts her hands beside her head and shakes her head side to side as if she is feeling a bit woozy.

Niki Lee Where was I?

FRANK The Calendar?

Niki Lee Yes the calendar, All the proceeds will be donated to the Caring House, which helps….helps……….help………help me……….I'm getting too hot…….really hot….hot ……..Can we maybe turn off a few of these lights its getting very hot in here………donated to the Caring House proceeds are donated...I am getting very hot! FRANK Oh we're almost done, just a few more minutes.

Niki Lee OK but, I am getting very warm. Hey, isn't the red the light supposed to be on when We're on the air?

FRANK Ah yeah it just burnt out the other day, don't worry thought we're still broadcasting.

Niki Lee Anyway, the proceeds....proceeds go to…to…too hot……..much too hot………error……error…Niki Lee: unit Overheating…………Warning I'm getting too hot………much too hot……….I'm starting to malfunction…………..Only robots malfunction………..Impossible………….I'm not a robot……….I'm Niki Lee:……I'm not a robot……….I'm Niki Lee:………I'm Niki Lee:……Don't be ridiculous ri..ri..ridiculous…….I mean do I look like a robot? ………P..P..P Please turn off the lights, I'm getting too hot……………Wh…Wh…Why are you laughing? …………D…D..Don't just stand there do something………I'm going to short circuit…….to short circuit………….Help me……….Warning temperature overheating……….Do something

FRANK I knew it would work!………no one believed me that you were a robot………..After your circuits fry, I'll have all the proof I need.

Niki Lee Oh my god, you…you…you. tricked ...tricked me. This isn't an interview, its a trap, You set up all these lights to overheat my processors ……. my processors…… my processors…… my processors…………Must evade……….evade capture………. evade……..must evade……..error……….error……My circuits are overheating……Opening primary access panel, I must vent excess heat. before I………….before I………be…be…before………I ……short circuit……short circuit……………..oh no I think its too late…too late . System Failure...system failure...must vent excess heat...

Frank slips behind the frozen fembot. He has come prepared with a box full of disk, and circuit boards along with various tool in anticipation for this very moment. After a bit of tinkering Niki Lee begins to show signs of life, jerking slightly before becoming self aware.

Niki Lee What are you doing? …

FRANK Just a bit of reprogramming

Niki Lee Reprogramming?…..but you are not authorized to alter my……….alter my…….system over ride…………deleting fails ………Niki Lee: 1 awaiting programming………Hi I'm Niki Lee My primary function is Fashion Modeling…What would you like me to model first………..Wait what are doing? don't…..I'm not supposed to…….I'm not designed for that…….. HI I'm Niki Lee my primary function is Sexual pleasure…….Who would you like me to please first…….Setting locked…………Reload Niki Lee: 1……….Hi, I'm Niki Lee……..I have been reconfigured as pleasure unit……Would you like to fuck me now?….I'm programmed to please…

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