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Niki Lee Young Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Gone in sixty seconds

Niki Lee Young, a beautiful, horny blond with an insatiable appetite for fun and pleasure, is most likely one of my best and certainly one of my all time favorite subjects and am sure that I do not have to say any more here. Niki has been in a few times but she manages to surprise me every time by being even better and more responsive to my, let's call guidance.

I remember when we discovered her a while back and her first couple of shoots which were cut short thanks to the weather and or bad tapes but I always knew, she has it in her. The interesting thing about Niki is that she only seems to respond to a certain kind of, let's call it treatment, that allows her to go under. I think you guys know Niki well enough and I don't have to elaborate any further here. Trying to describe the intensity of each and every segment would be impossible and take my word for it, they are all worth watching.

Niki was gone, not quite in 60 seconds but it sure did not take long and her body language shows every step on the way down.

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Niki Lee Young Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No more Mr. Nice Guy

As expected, it does not take long for her to drop right back under my control. The nice thing about Niki is that she can be taken from intense feelings of lust and then right back into completely mindless, thoughtless and deep trance with just a snap of my fingers. Her beautiful body wobbles, her eyes roll slowly back and forth while she seems to have lost all orientation. In other words, she has lost all ability to think.

Of course we get to enjoy her masturbating the he.. out of her already wet pussy while screaming, I am cuming for you master, which makes her feel the intensity of her orgasms even harder. Niki knows and remembers that she is an orgasm slave and that she is here to please us. Time to distract her mind with the laser while reducing her ability to think even more. Eye checks during orgasms, rolling eyes, yes masters, repetitions, screaming hard orgasms, mind reduction and more. Niki feels hit by an orgasm the second she opens her eyes and looks at me. I tell you guys, that girl is something.



Niki Lee Young Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Helplessly used and played with

This next segment is a combination of female training, lots of limp play, mindless finger fucking sleep training and more. Of course we get to enjoy watching her wide open pussy contracting during some of the orgasms (she is not allowed to touch herself) her rolling her eyes, her dropping into deep sleep, being manipulated while asleep (I take my time to take off her shoes, stockings and play with her feet and toes) her limp body being pulled and dropped, her finger fuck her wet pussy and so much more. Again, Niki is taken through a number of different stages of lust and mindless stillness. I think I mentioned it before that we are getting more requests from our limp body manipulation fans so thought I add some of that in her session as Niki is just the perfect subject. Of course there are still the intense marathon orgasms, the rolling eyes, the yes masters and all you other favorites. Too much to describe it all but, again, hot, hot, hot. Eye checks and foot worship.




Niki Lee Young Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your masters power

I am your h- slave master

More entranced yet very excited foot worship, frozen while being swayed, begging, wide open wet pussy contractions, rolling white eyes, zombie pose while kneeling, limp body play, keeling, mantra, intense long orgasms on command and more.

Again, trying to describe the details of her session would take forever and I am sure it is not necessary anyway because you guys all know how amazing Niki is. Here she learns (I actually programmed it to stay forever) that spreading her toes and or putting her feet together in a certain way, does make her orgasm instantaneously whenever she does it. Niki goes nuts while offering s her feet and just like in the last segment, she cums so hard that it makes her fall over. Needless to say, she freezes up into a statue as soon as I mention the word freeze and now she is ready to be swayed. She keeps screaming, I am your horny slave master which makes her cum again. Of course all this
is just warm up and as mentioned, the begging, the slow and entranced repetition of mantras, the wide open contracting pussy and, and, and are still to come. Trying to describe Niki's quivering body, her sleepy entranced eyes, her slurred repetitions, her convulsive orgasms and her complete surrender is absolutely impossible.




Niki Lee Young Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
The slave ritual

Limp body play, sleepy feet training, freeze, incredibly intense (some breath controlled) orgasms, rolling eyes, slow reps and so on are just the beginning.

In the last segment, Niki had been placed on the table and now it is time for her to be led through a very intense ritual that will leave her a mindless, obedient slave. First though, I decide to have some fun with my "sleepy ragdoll" while she is out. I take my time to mess with her head, open her mouth, move and roll her around, pull her up and so on. OK, now we take it up a notch by making her feel tied up in a dark room while being caressed between her legs and breasts. Niki's beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions while she is helplessly orgasmed.

I can feel that Niki is turned on by her helplessness and the fact that she has no control over her body and mind. Time to take a closer look at her feet and to mess with them again while she is rendered too weak to move. Sure enough, the orgasm triggers I planted earlier are firmly in place. Still there is a lot more like the finger fucking hard orgasm training, more ragdoll play, foot worship and, and. I am not sure which clip I would recommend as they all are absolutely amazing.




Niki Lee Young Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Disobedient Nurse

Like the title says, this next segment is all about a young nurse, on her first day of work, who does not listen to the well meant warnings of the "nice doctor" who tries to save her from dropping into dim mindless trance, finger fucking herself, being frozen and rendered mindless, orgasmed hard on command and so much more. Well, as mentioned, she does not listen and as soon as the "nice doctor" leaves the room, she just has to sniff and mess with the "experimental" drugs in those ... You will see what they are in and I am sure you will enjoy watching her go down.




Niki Lee Young Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Reluctant Nurse

Poor nurse Niki is first frozen and later in the clip rendered weak and unable to move while being played with. Needless to say, neither of the two above described "conditions" allow her to do anything about or against what the nice doctor does to her. Being frozen and all makes her feel so bad and embarrassed (about being quite naked) that she even asks the "nice doctor" to check her out. Well, his idea of checking out her pussy and tits with his stethoscope seem quite unorthodox and embarrassing but what can she do? It gets really exciting when she finds out that he can orgasm her pretty much anyway he likes, which again, drives her up the wall.

Time to let her go limp and to mess with her even more. Niki drops again with rolling eyes and she mumbles something about feeling so weak and that she has no power against the doctor's will and demands. Of course, horny and entranced as she is, she can be easily ordered to masturbate the he.. out of her wet pussy before being frozen again, so that we can take some pictures of her for the lunchroom. Really hot and exciting to watch her entranced yet very aroused submission while being rendered helpless.




Niki Lee Young Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp foot slave

We are not quite done with our horny nurse yet. First I take my time to move her limp and sleepy body around roll her on belly, check her eyes, head and so on before slowly taking off her shoes and stockings. I have her slowly become aware of all this but again, she is too weak to resist any of this. Niki's eyes show that she is going out again while becoming more and more aroused. Of course she remembers how exciting it is to feel my touch on her feet while I am inspecting her toes. Needless to say, the orgasm trigger (see clip four) is still in place and as soon as the soles of her feet touch, she goes into lustful convulsions. Now we have her mindlessly yet intensely aroused offer us her bare feet, spread her toes for us and so on. Slow, seductive and very intense all the way through. Niki is just an amazing subjects and this one proofs it once more.




Niki Lee Young Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Believe me honey, it isn't worth it

In this one we make Niki believe that she is a stripper who was hired to perform at my annual hypno party. The little shi.. finds her way into my bedroom and as it seems, she cannot resist to go through my drawers where she finds the $ 100. Oh well, some girls never learn. Sure enough, she comes up with all kinds of excuses why she ended up in my bedroom (I was looking for a mirror) but that sure does not save her from being "robotized".

First we have our curious young "lady" play with the rotating light (despite my warning, I might add) which drops her into a programmable state (with rolling eyes). It is always fascinating to see Niki go under despite her futile fight to stay on top of things. Anyway, time to delete her memory of ever having been human and to program her to our liking. Let's watch our robot dance, masturbate, salute and more. After lots of programming, activation and deactivation of programs and forth, I decide to have her hand me the mannequin torso. Why would I do that. Well go and find out. Very Robotic and not only for our "obedient robot " fans.




Niki Lee Young Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
21st Century Torture

This is another good one as Niki responds very well to the freeze and tickle triggers as well as the forced orgasm training during the "tickle torture. It is actually not easy for most subjects to orgasm while being tickled. Of course that is not all that is happening here. First thing our sexy yet not too smart stripper asks for when she wakes up is, "her $100. Remember the $100 she stole in the last segment. Some people have quite the nerve. Oh well, locks like we need to freeze our young girl in place and then mess with her. It is always fun to look at Niki's breasts and of course the rest of her helplessly immobilized body. Needless to say, she bitches and complains but then again, who cares? Let's see how our misbehaving young lady reacts to the 21st Century torture device, which we all know, is a thrusting vibrator wedged between her stiffly frozen legs. Niki's trance is just amazing and there is almost nothing one cannot do with her. Lot's more to come.




Niki Lee Young Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your caged slave

Some foot worship, limp play, mind games, sleepy play and so much more

Now we have her believe that there is a cage around the bed and that she cannot get away. Poor thing, looks like we have to drop her under again. Despite her disbelieve, our young stripper drops like a rock and now I take my time to enjoy her wobbly body, slowly take off her stockings and to mess with her limp body. Let's watch her pleasure herself with the vibrator before putting her to sleep again.

Up and awake again, our stripper seems awfully tiered and in no shape to leave. In fact, the poor thing cannot even get up off the bed. Despite her best efforts, she falls into deep sleep. Let's have some fun with her limp little body before waking her up. What can I say, from here on out, Niki, who still tries to leave, keeps dropping like a rock a few more times before... Did I mention the intense vibrator torture?




Niki Lee Young Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
No smoking please

This last segment is all about a young "step daughter" who is not supposed nor allowed to smoke while he mom is visiting her who knows what. Anyway, like most of my girls, Niki does not listen to what I have to say and my warnings go unheard as well. I have a feeling you guys know by now that "my cigarettes" have very different kind of side effects which is something, Niki is just about to find out. Watch her turn into an oversexed little sex kitten who just cannot seem to stay away from her wet pussy. Down into lala land, drag by drag. Niki ends up frozen and ....


Niki Lee Young Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Please take me

(Frank enters his hotel room to find a beautiful android sitting on a stool in the middle of the room wearing a low-cut black dress with spaghetti straps. She appears frozen and stares off into space with an inviting smile on her face. Next to her is a small stand with a single remote control.)

Frank: Wow that must be her. I didn't expect her to look so real. Let's see, the concierge said her power button was right around

Niki: Hello Sexy, I am Niki, I have been designed and programmed to function as the perfect lover……. How may I please You?

Frank: Uhm I thought we could maybe uhm, you know

Niki: Please listen carefully to the following menu options and use the remote control unit provided to you to select your desired service..……. For Sensual Massage press one now………… For oral pleasure press two now……… For vaginal intercourse press three now, For Anal Inter:

(Frank interrupts by pressing the three button)

Niki: You have selected Vaginal intercourse, please deposit 50 credits

Frank: Ok here goes nothing, I hope I don't get Robo-slapped!

(Frank pulls out his credit card and swipes it between Niki's cleavage)

Niki: Deposit confirmed……Access Granted ………Hi Sexy, I'm Niki. What's your name?

Frank: Oh Hi, I'm Frank.

Niki: well Frank, Have you ever made it with a robot before?

Frank: No this will be my first time, Wow you look so real….

Niki: I'm better than a real girl. I have been equipped with all the latest features: thermal synthetic skin, a self-lubricating vagina with adjustable aperture and equipped with a modulating vibration unit. Quite simply I'm the ultimate in Pleasurebot technology. I have a hyper sophisticated personality matrix capable of generating appropriate emotional and physical responses to any sexual scenario. Plus I have been designed and programmed to execute over 2000 different sexual techniques. Just tell me what you want baby, I'm programmed to please….If you have the credits, I have the time.
Frank: Wow 2000! You know ,maybe this wasn't such a good

(Niki interrupts Frank and tries to put him at ease) Niki: You see a little nervous sweetie, why don't we start off with something……..more traditional? Follow me baby, Niki's going to take good care of you.

Niki: Do like my body?:)

Frank: Of Course Niki

I was designed to be the perfect female form. Would like to fuck me now? Frank: Don't you want to talk first…..you know get to know each other a bit.

Niki: You don't need to sweet talk me baby……after all I'm just a sex toy……come closer….…Fuck me Frank, I'm designed to be fucked.

Niki: Penetration detected adjusting aperture……….Is that too tight?………Wanna go tighter?

Niki: Decreasing vaginal aperture 10% ----Is it snug? Goood

Niki: Adjusting vaginal mode. Pulsate mode engaged. You like that ? I Told you I was better than a real girl…..Oh god your so big……give it to me…harder…..harder……faster……oh yeah that's feels incredible……Oh baby you make me so hot……oh God my pleasure sensors are going haywire………..Fuck me harder…….overload my circuits, I've been a bad robot…….yeah…..yeah that's it……right there ………that's the spot………that feels in….in…..incredible……….What's going on? My pleasure circuits are about to explode……..Hey is that my remote………You cheater…you re adjusted my sensor levels. I'm goanna have to watch out for you. Hey! ………OH..Oh..Ah….No fair!

 ………Sensor Levels increased 40%…Are you crazy You're going to overload my circuits…..Oh Ahh too much stimulation unable to process…..Ahhhhhh

(Niki suddenly begins to repeatedly jerk her head to the left in unison as she repeats her words. Her facial expressions alternate unnaturally between a sickeningly sweet smile, A vacant stare and the occasion look of concern. Her body movements become more mechanical and jerky as She thrust her hips up and down awkwardly grope herself.)

Niki: Fuck me , I am just a sex toy………a sex toy……….just a sex toy error…….error………sensory overload…………..just a sex toy. Oh god you got me so hot, I think I'm starting to malfunction.

Frank: Should I stop?

Needless to say, he did not stop and the story goes...from here!


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