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Niki Lee Young
Clips One - Four First visit
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A year ago, Niki's memorable and amazing first visit  was cut short due to a heavy thunderstorm causing a power outage which lasted the entire afternoon! Leaving us with an incomplete update which we could only post on the clip store not the website.

Needless to say, we were all looking forward and eager to get back together to create a complete session. Second visit, ironically enough hit us with yet another mishap!  We lost the first 40 minutes of unbelievable content due to a faulty tape!!

The saying is: "When life hands you lemons
make lemonade" !!!

Well, we decided to combine contents of both visits and make the most delicious lemon pie instead:)




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Niki Lee Young Clip
Three & Four Second Visit
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“Slaves don’t have a will”

The sensuous Niki Lee Young exemplifies the dynamic interrelationship of pleasure and submission. The more pleasure I allow Niki to experience, the more Niki willingly submits to my power. Her submissive mantras filter through her uninhibited moans creating a symphonic masterpiece of lustful screams and unwavering surrender. Never has being an obedient slave felt this good! But of course, I knew we could take things a bit further...

I then allow Niki to slip off her pink panties and pleasure herself while standing. But here’s the catch. After she starts making herself nice and wet, I use my control over her to force her hand away from her pussy. Without the ability to physically stimulate herself, she realizes how immensely she desires to reach orgasm. This desire, along with the bliss of submitting to my mesmerizing control, is enough to evoke an earth shattering hands-free orgasm. 

 Niki’s pleasure continues as I begin to distract and with that absorb, her mind with my beaming laser. I instruct her to pleasure herself on the couch while I begin to siphon the rest of  her willpower by pointing the laser at her forehead. As she moans she begins to repeat the mantra “slaves don’t have a will.” This mantra excites Niki and she begins to say it more seductively with each repetition. Again, I use the power of my mind to move her hand away from her wet pussy which reminds her that the fast approaching orgasm, while meant to bring her pleasure, is also meant to showcase her obedience as a slave. Upon experiencing another hands free orgasm, Niki’s submission is sealed deep within her subconscious mind as she repeatedly screams, “Thank you master!”



Niki Lee Young Clip Five & Six Members - Click here to view this clip
My pussy is wet for you master

Each orgasm you are allowed to feel makes you want more

Are you ready for to show your total surrender? Yes master. Niki's training continues with another deepening. Her beautiful body is placed on the couch, her legs are spread wide open, giving us a clean view of her wet pussy. Her (dreamy and entranced ) eyes seem mesmerized by the laser pointer on her forehead. She repeats slowly, my pussy is wet for you master, over and over. The intensity with which she drops into deep trance is impossible to describe. All of a sudden she is hit by another orgasm which almost throws her of the couch. Niki is seriously amazing and I just have to drive her up the wall for lust again. Her beautiful young body quivers and shakes and eventually goes into lustful convulsions when I order her to masturbate (vibrator this time) while I am controlling her breathing. Our little girl goes ballistic and I can feel that all she wants at this point is to show her total surrender. Again, her screams fill the room whenever she is allowed to breath. I make her feel how all of her strength and energy goes into her master while she becomes weaker and weaker until her exhausted body just drops. At this point nothing can wake her up except the sound of my voice. After playing with her limp body for a bit, I decide to let her feel one more orgasm in her deep sleep while I am holding her eyes open. Watching her quiver and shake until her exhausted body just twitches before dropping into deep sleep, is hot. Wait, there is still more. Let's check out her feet and see how sensitive those are. She cums again and...



Niki Lee Young Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip

How I turned a Superheroine into a horny love slave...

 What better way to follow up a hectic week at Fetish Con than to doll Niki up in
Superheroine-esque attire.

Niki, who believes she is shooting a commercial to promote a new video game, acts very professional and seems to be ready to get down to business. I then inform her that the character whom she must portray is actually in possession of a powerful sword which is used to send her foes into a mindless state of obedience in combination with her soothing voice.

 The thought of something as farfetched as being mesmerized and entranced causes Niki to laugh at the possibility that such a phenomenon could even exist. Even after I reveal that I have my own website dedicated to mesmerizing young girls, Niki relinquishes another sarcastic laugh and pokes fun at my little hobby. However, her patience grows thin when I ask if she would like to be entranced into being my horny slave. This really brings out the dominant side of Niki as she questions my professionalism and quickly ends our “off-topic” discussion. But of course, you guys all know where all of this is going!

As we get started with “the shoot,” I tell Niki to pretend to entrance me with her sword. Prepared for battle, she lifts up her mask and initiates and incredibly convincing verbal induction. Gradually, however, her mesmerizing words begin to take hold of her own suggestible mind. Her dominant voice slowly fades into inaudible mumbles and her body begins to rock helplessly back and forth. Before long, her eyes close down and she slips deeper than ever before...right back down under her master’s control. I ask her to reopen her eyes, at which point in time, I use the pleasure of a commanded orgasm to make her even more mindless and obedient. Such mind melting pleasure causes her eyes to flutter and brings her back down to a deep submissive sleep. This cycle of lustful pleasure followed by blissful unconsciousness repeats itself as I slowly dissolve the remaining remnants of her will. Of course, I also remove her top in order to help ease her mind into a more arousing state of submission!

There are too many goodies jam packed in this clip to discuss them all in detail. Without spoiling everything, I will mention that the powerful sword reappears throughout the clip and is wielded by none other than your humble female trainer (of course it is me)! I will also say that the sword evokes pleasure upon whatever it touches....so much pleasure in fact, that by the end of the clip Niki is on the floor asleep, mindless, and naked.

 If you are interested in seeing a powerful woman descend down into unfathomable depths of submission, then this clip is undoubtedly worth checking out!




Niki Lee Young Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, swayed and incredibly aroused

What do you mean by, I freeze little girls.

This is a different kind of freeze segment. I mentioned earlier that Niki is a superb subject and it definitely show in this segment how she drops, her body sways and or quivers and shakes depending on my suggestion and how her mind comes and goes in exactly the way I suggest it to her. Niki goes from not believing what I do works to being convinced and ready to surrender to it. First though our young model wakes up suffering from short term amnesia, meaning she does not remember what we just did. I give her some time to get dressed before continuing with the "commercial shoot." Needless to say, my comments about my website and the fact that I mesmerize young girls, does not make me the kind of person she likes to go out with, nor does she fully believe that it actually might work. Oh well, have it your way honey.

This time our Superheroine uses her sword in combination with her soft voice to entrance and freeze her opponents into helpless statues. Needless to say, she turns rock solid and mindlessly dim. Her body is so solidly frozen that I decide to sway her back and forth, wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes and help her out of some of the excess clothing. Niki is slowly made aware and I suggest that being frozen is such an incredible turn on that it will eventually make her orgasm. Niki gets really horny and orgasms while I am swaying her back and forth again. Her mind goes in and out depending on what I suggest. Her speech slurs depending on what state she is in. Anyway, I slowly get her to believe that what I do works by making her cum and then take it away and so forth. Really intense and hard to describe.

At some point I decide to make her fully aware of the fact that she is slowly sliding under my control without being able to do anything about it. In fact she has to admit how easy she is. I even get her to beg me to control her as it turns her on unlike anything she has ever experienced. Orgasmed at will, Niki unfreezes and her body goes into intense lustful convulsions. Towards the end, our little girl puts herself to sleep by putting her hand over her mouth and nose. Luckily I catch her while...




Niki Lee Young Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Tickle torture leads to orgasm and a lot of begging

Oh my god it hurts

Again, Niki shows what a superb subject she is by dropping right back under my spell. Still believing that she is modeling for a new video game, our more than professional young model, is not all that impressed by me and or my attempts to hit on her. This time the idea is that the super heroin sword makes her opponents feel tickled and at some point freezes them into statues. I mean, who could ever fight back when being tickled all over, right. Well, it does not make a whole lot of sense to her but as soon as she tries to take me down into deep trance, she suddenly feels the effects I mentioned earlier. Her beautiful body starts to squirm and quiver under the hands she feels but that is not all that troubles her.

The costume she is wearing is now troubling her as well and despite her attempts to keep it on for as long as possible, she eventually gives in and strips out of it. Needless to say, she keeps begging me to help her but that only leads to her freezing up while still feeling the tickle torture. Niki, deeply entranced and defenseless, ends up on the floor, frozen and tickled, that is. Now it gets extremely hot. I suggest that the tickling is starting to make her feel aroused and she goes nuts. It is quite impossible to describe the intensity of not only her orgasm but also the screaming, begging and mindless surrender that comes with it. Of course she has to go to sleep just when.... Lots of begging, pleading, screaming, intense mind control and so much more.




Niki Lee Young Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

I am a female chauvinist, you can’t hypnotize me...Oh! By the way, aren’t my feet sexy?!

In this wonderfully playful clip, Niki is made to believe she is a female chauvinist contestant on a new and exciting game show. However, there is one erotic and sexy catch. With every question Niki gets wrong (trust me, there are quite a few questions she flubs up on), Niki loses 10 points off her IQ. It is very entertaining to witness this self proclaimed feminist slowly succumb to the suggestions she is fed by the game show host. Although my questions are relatively simple, her rapidly decreasing IQ causes her to create a perpetual spectacle of herself. And with Niki being the gorgeous subject that she is, I think you will find no problem letting your eyes indulge in her simplistically whimsical mindlessness.

 Before long, she is confidently hitting the buzzer before I can even finish my questions. For Niki, the questions I ask her become less important as she becomes more preoccupied with the fact that her dazed mind is making her hornier and hornier. Soon, she ignores her role as a contestant altogether, and becomes eager to show off her soft and gorgeous feet. After removing her red high-heeled shoes she inquisitively asks if I think her yellow toenails are nice and sexy. The best part of this segment is that even though Niki’s  IQ is constantly descending into a mindless flirtatiousness, we can still applaud her steadfast ability to submit her will to the irresistible powers of erotic trance!



Niki Lee Young Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

I am a horny bimbo. I have no thoughts 

It is time to accelerate Niki’s transformation from a feminist into a mindless foot obsessed bimbo. With a quick snap of the fingers, I command Niki’s suggestible mind to begin deriving pleasure from showing off her sexy feet. This mindless exhibitionism increases her arousal until the act of flaunting her feet alone is enough to evoke arousal of orgasmic proportions. Unable to resist my control she kicks her feet into the air, spreads her legs and toes, and prepares for a mind blowing orgasm. Best of all, when it comes to cumming, Niki sure doesn’t disappoint.

 Her submissive orgasms are met with long drawn out moans and sheer sexy mindlessness. As her screams echo the sounds of unsuppressed surrender, her body slowly freezes in place under my hypnotic power. After Niki lets out yet another uninhibited shriek, I allow the feminist within her to begin to resurface. Even though she occasionally tries to resist, her raw moans and tense muscles reveal that deep down she really enjoys submitting to her empowered master. Further, the fact that her feet are frozen in the air makes it easy for me to make her orgasm whenever I touch the soles of her feet. After letting out one last wild cry, her body goes completely loose and limp as I tame her inner dominance and send her into a nice powerless sleep.



Niki Lee Young Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The negative effects of smoking

I am a horny little fuck toy

We all know that smoking is not all that good for you but in Niki's case, it actually shows that it can cause orgasmic bliss even though it does seem to have a severe effect on brain functions like the ability to think which leads to bad judgment. Anyway, Niki believes to be shooting a commercial that shows the possible health risks of smoking. Despite my fair warnings, she just keeps smoking as if it was her last cigarette ever and sure enough, her mind becomes cloudy and her hands wander all over her curves. Niki slowly get more and more aroused and again, she drops deep under my control. Every snap of my fingers makes her orgasm and scream for lust. She is made aware of the fact that she is losing her mind but it is too late for her to even bother. She slowly inhales while her hands wonder uncontrollably over her quivering body. Her eyes go dim as she stares into nothingness. She just seems to love being a smoking slut. This is another intense one and again, it shows what a great subject Niki is.



Niki Lee Young Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
My purpose is to please my master

In this last segment we transform Niki into an obedient robot with the help of a high frequency device. Her beautiful body stiffens and her eyes lose all expressions as she stares ahead. Her personality is replaced by programs which make her want to serve without questioning. I decide to activate her orgasm program by touching her navel which sets her off into lustful bliss. I even increase the intensity of her orgasm by changing the setting to the next higher level. Like every well programmed robot, she repeats my orders and acknowledges them by with a monotone, robotic, yes master. More of her normal functions, like thinking and the need for having her own will, are deactivated, after all, robots do not need thoughts, mind or will.

Again, Niki is absolutely convinced that she is a robot and she certainly looks, moves and behaves like one. Time to activate the masturbation program. Of course she cannot orgasm because her "orgasm program is not activated yet. Robot Niki goes nuts and I can feel her need to finally cum for me. Being the nice guy that I am, I do activate her orgasm program and she goes off so dam hard that it almost makes her fall over. Stiff legged walk, robotic speech as well as movement, deactivation and yet another intense mind control segment.



Niki Lee Young Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Frank is warehouse worker at a home appliance and electronics store.  He shows up to see that his boss has hired a new employee in the form of a cute petite 22year named Niki. 

He introduces himself but is floored when she informs him that will be working with him back in the warehouse.  He is floored to here that this tiny girl supposed to replace Doug a former employee that weighed nearly 270.  He informs  Niki that the job demands that she be able to lift up to 250lbs.  He tells her there must be a mistake that there is no way girl her size should lift a 60'" flat screen.  She informs him "I'm much stronger than I look, I'm very fit"

She isn't getting the hint so he tries to discourage her by pointing to a large heavy box in the center of the room. OK then do me a favor and move that box  against the wall over there.  Niki stiffly grabs the box marches to the wall, then keeping her legs straight bends at the waist lowering the box to the ground. Frank is flabbergasted and yells "how did you do that, that box must weigh over 200lbs"!!!

 Niki replies: "A girl has to stay in shape".  Frank is more than just a little suspicious and has Niki stack over heavy boxes, then he sends her off on a quick errand to pick up lunch. He begins to load a giant box full of books, and says to himself "lets see her lift this one.

 Niki approaches the book-filled box. Again she bends at the waist and grabs the heavy box. She attempts to lift heavy box but this time she is unable to straighten and barely nudges the box. After several failed attempts she widens her stiff-legged stance and bends over at the waist again and manages to lift the box to her chest.

 The weight is too much for her and she staggers on stiff legs stumbling and  begins to cry "Warning Warning…..weight exceeds designs capacity…Warning Warning…Rupture in primary hydraulic line……..Oh no the hydraulic fluid is leaking into my circuits"  She drops the box and stumble. She cries out……"help me…..help me………  I am malfunctioning…..fluid in circuits….I'm going to short out……………error…….too heavy……..not designed for heavy………error…..error" "malfunction, malfunction,

Niki unit is short-circuiting, Warning……this unit requires service….


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