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Nikki Brooks & Jen Capone Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Unforgettable pleasure

Jen Capone and Nikki Brooks, two of my favorite girls in one hot, wet and heavy session. Do I have to say more here. I don't think so, after all, you guys remember them from their prior sessions. Of course having both of them together was something I always imagined and finally it happened. The girls new each other and they had a couple of, let's call it, encounters in the past but they had never gone as far as they did during our time together. Needless to say, both are wonderful subjects and the chemistry between the two of them was just mind-blowing and as mentioned, hot and wet. Buckle your seatbelts for yet another really intense one.

Both girls love my inductions which made me decide to take them down nice and slow before hitting them with intense lust and desire for each other sexy little bodies.

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Nikki Brooks & Jen Capone Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am making her cum for you Master

Needless to say, it starts off intense. First we make the girls imagine to touch and fondle each other's silky skin and bodies while remembering the intensity of their prior sessions. Watch their bodies go from relaxed to intensely excited and ready to be orgasmed at will is hot. Both moan and groan under my suggestion and I can feel that they are back under my control. Of course that is all just warm up. I decide to freeze Nikki in place so that Jen can have her way with her while she is unable to move and or resist Jen's advances. It shows that Nikki s helplessness is what turns on our mindlessly entranced Jen who eagerly brings her to orgasm for her master's pleasure.

Nikki screams and quivers as she helplessly cums on her friends hand. Time to put both of them into an even deeper trance. Jen, as expected goes down with rolling eyes and Nikki is right behind her. Time for the zombie pose and a mantra. Thank you for taking me back master. Still there is more. Let's watch them feeling helplessly attracted to each other while fondling, kissing each other's tits and bodies. Too much to list, rolling eyes, tearing eyes, stares and so much more.




Nikki Brooks & Jen Capone Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
No other choice than to obey

Here we have lots of freezes, intense stares, more zombie pose, breath controlled orgasm training, pussy eating, mindless masturbation, posing and more

To describe all the details would take forever, so here are some of the highlights. We start off watching the girls making love to each other before I decide to freeze them in place in order to pose their bodies as I please. Both of our horny girls stare into nothingness while being played with. Tie to have Jen help me train Nikki to become a better love slave. Nikki is placed on top of the couch and then frozen in place. Again, Jen cannot seem to wait to have her way with her helpless little friend.

 Nikki goes nuts as soon as she feels Jen's tongue caressing her clit and wet pussy. Her screams must have been heard all over the neighborhood. Jen, my mindless and willing slave buries her face in Nikki's pussy. Of course there is more. Next we have the girls masturbate for us in order to show who is the better slave and who cums harder and faster for their master. Still there is more. Placed on their Knees, they now masturbate each other's pussies through a series of breath controlled orgasms. Rolling eyes, zombie pose, screaming hard orgasms, yes master and...



Nikki Brooks & Jen Capone Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just here to please you master

This one is all about feet, being taken advantage of by a horny girl while immobilized, feeling fucked on all four, orgasms on command, yes masters, rolling eyes and so much more fun

First we start with the girls being placed on their knees while repeating, I am just here to please my master, over and over. Jen's eyes slowly drift back as she drops into the abyss. Nikki is right behind her and now they are ready for more in depth programming. Things heat up as soon as I make them go on all four for some serious "fuck training." Of course that is all just warm up. Now we come to the part where they go nuts over each other's feet. Enjoy them mindlessly sucking and licking each other's feet before Jen loses all strength in her body and is helplessly eaten out by Nikki while I am inspecting her soft little feet.

I cannot really describe the intensity of what is going on here but believe me, it is hot. Jen goes nuts under Nikki's tongue and my touch on her feet. Well, looks like we need to give Jen a chance to get back at her little friend. Nikki suddenly drops as she loses all strength in her body and yes, now it is Jen's turn to her up the wall for me while I am taking my time to check out Nikki's well taken care of feet.



Nikki Brooks & Jen Capone Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Pass-out orgasm training

To please my master is my reason to being here

Jen 's face is buried in Nikki's pussy and finally, Nikki is allowed to cum while still being unable to move. Things heat up even more when Nikki is ordered slowly masturbate Jen until she goes nuts for lust. Right before Jen is ordered to cum, Nikki places her hand over her victims mouth and nose and makes go down in the middle of her intense orgasm. Now Nikki has he way with our sleepy yet horny Jen who's sleepy body is orgasmed again on my command. Watching Nikki slowly kissing Jen's feet before working her way up to her pussy while fondling her tits is hot. Of course we are not done yet. Now we have Jen do pretty much to Nikki what was done to her. After making her go out in the middle of her orgasm, our horny girl seems intensely aroused by her victims helplessness while she brings her to orgasm.




Nikki Brooks & Jen Capone Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Superheroine bimbos in trouble

Jen and Nikki, two Superheroine of sorts, are not very happy to see me show up at their place to "pick up" the new brain wave converter they are so passionately protecting from evil like me. What can I say, I listen to their big mouth blablabla for a while before using my own device on them. Sure enough, seconds later our oh so full of themselves Superheroine turn into a couple of horny bimbos who have nothing else on their minds (I am using the term mind loosely) than to fuck me and or pleasure each other. After watching them fondle and kiss each other for a while throwing themselves at me, I decide to freeze them while kissing before letting them become aware of their predicament.

Needless to say, they seem upset but it seems pretty hard to talk with their lips locked onto each other. Of course they don't seem to want to go back to being a couple of horny bimbos but then again, who cares. Things get even better when they snap out of it again and now they have no clue as to what Superheroine actually do. Luckily though, they believe me and they trust that I can tell them what Superheroine do. Go check out their "new duties" and conduct of behavior. Of course there is more. Wait until you watch them snap out of it again and now Jen's misbehaving hand (the rest of her body is frozen) masturbates her bitching friend (also frozen) to orgasm.



Nikki Brooks & Jen Capone
Robot Movie Part One
Members - Click here to view this clip
Loading human emotions program

Two beautiful Fembot actresses, Jen and Nikki have been sent by their agency, which ran out of human actresses again, to audition for the part in a movie about two lesbian lovers. The part they are auditioning for is a just a small bit part and both of them seem perfectly capable of pulling it off.

The director is so taken by their beauty and charm that he tries everything to help them to get the part. As soon as he mentions that all they have to is to show him a hot and passionate scene with a lot of feelings and emotions , their somewhat overly sweet behavior starts to change and both seem quite confused about what to do next.

The drama is about to unfold and even the best programming can not prevent what is going to happen next. First the director asks them to act out a sensual kissing scene for him but that fails miserably and when he wants them to display emotions and even tears things get really ugly. The girls keep twitching, lying about their identity and the reason for their strange behavior, which finally exposes them for who they really are. Two malfunctioning robots in the wrong place.

To be continued...


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