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Nikki Mae Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip



Nikki Mae, cute, sexy and very pretty young girl, with very little experience when it comes to being in front of the camera, was more than eager to get started. In fact our little girl was so eager that I had to slow her down first. Besides being cute as a button, Nikki is incredibly sweet, very pleasing and naturally horny, which is a great combination, don't you think. As mentioned, Nikki was very eager to please which made it necessary to keep taking her down further so that her subconscious had a chance to come out. What else is there to be said about Nikki? Maybe that she was a lot of fun to play with, her incredibly sweet ways of showing her surrender and of course the intensity with which she let herself go during the session.

I decided to do the feather in one hand and the heavy book in the other, test to see how responsive our little girl is and then take her slowly down to where I needed her to be.

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Nikki Mae Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no control

Nikki's sexy young body starts to slowly move under my suggestions. I can feel her excitement growing the more she feels my control over her. The slow and rhythmic movements of her young body become faster and more forceful as I make her feel helplessly fucked and taken. I want her to know and feel that I am slowly taking all control away from her and that she has to learn to follow and obey. Oftentimes I let the girls wait and wait before they are allowed to orgasm but in Nikki's case, I decided to make her feel hit, out of the blue that is, by a very powerful orgasm which made it clear to her who is in control. Taking of her top seems to make it even more intense as she feels more exposed and with that more vulnerable. She keeps repeating, I have no control as I have her open her eyes.



Nikki Mae Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no more thoughts and will.

You are my master

First slow repetition of mantras like "hypnotized slave" and "you are my master", slow deepening and mind reduction (great stares) intensified orgasms, kneeling and begging and first signs of surrender. Nikki's eyes are still wide open from the last segment and now it is time to make her focus on the watch in my hand as her thoughts are slowly running out, so to speak. She is ordered to masturbate at the same time, which makes her unaware of everything else as she seems absorbed by her own lust. She repeats, I want to be a good girl and that is when I make her orgasm without any control over it. Put into the slave position on her knees, Nikki is taken deeper yet again and her repetitions of," I am a mindless slave," become slower and slower. Her wide open eyes stare ahead without any expression and I can feel that she is ready for the next step. More slow repetitions, forced orgasms, watch deepening finally leave her exhausted as she stares into nothingness.



Nikki Mae Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Nothing more than a mindless slave

I am nothing without my master

Lots of yes masters, mantras, very intense orgasms, repetitions of orders and more.

Nikki is standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her. Her eyes are empty and dull as she slowly repeats the words hypnotized slave and I can feel that she is dropping deeper and deeper. As mentioned earlier, Nikki needs a lot of deepeners. All of a sudden I decide to orgasm her again without any warning.

The combination of slow mind and will reduction and intense unexpected changes like a surprise orgasm, often times throws of the subject as their brain goes into some type of overload. I don't want to get to deep into all this as I am quite sure you all know what I am talking about anyways. Now she has to learn to acknowledge my orders by saying "yes master" which is always an important step in every session.

Nikki's legs keep spreading further apart as she is ordered to masturbate for me. She keeps screaming, I am a mindless slave and her next orgasms puts her to the ground. Of course there is a lot more orgasm training, zombie/sleepwalker pose, unblinking stares and her capitulation to my will, to come. I am here to serve you master.



Nikki Mae Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleepwalk into submission

I surrender master

This next segment begins with Nikki sleepwalking through the room while slowly repeating the words, mindless slave. Her eyes just stare straight ahead as she is seemingly dropping deeper into trance. Time to make her feel intensely horny again. As I mentioned earlier, switching the subject from mindless trance to extreme feelings of lust, is like taking a hot and cold shower, which eventually leads to exhaustion and surrender. Bend over the chair her with cherry ass pushed out at me, she is now ordered to masturbate and to let me feel her surrender. After all, she is here for one reason only and that is to learn to obey. Enough warm up. Put on her knees, Nikki is now taken through an intense series of breath controlled orgasms which slowly but surely wipe her out. Her twitching and shivering body slowly goes to the ground as she orgasms herself into deep sleep. Her repetitions of; I surrender become more and more faint until she is out. Time for eye checks, limp body play and, just to make feel her surrender and her helplessness even more, a final orgasm in her sleep. Mantras, yes masters and...



Nikki Mae Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You don't tell me what I can take

Nikki Mae believes to be my step-mom who just barged into my room to give a hard time about my "scientific experiments." Somehow she believes that I should do my homework rather than messing around with these gadgets on my table. Of course my attempts to hit on her and the fact that I tell her that she is too young for my dad, does not help to defuse the situation. In fact it seems to upset her, after all, she is no fortune digger. Anyway, to make a long story short, my unruly step-mom suddenly sees the beautiful (at least that is what she thinks) necklace on the table and just like many women, she just grabs it without even asking.

Being the nice guy that I am, I warn her not to put it around her neck and to, under no circumstance, activate the lights inside of it (blinking necklace I just bought for Halloween). Needless to say, bitchy and bossy as she is, she just has to try it on. A split second later she snaps at attention. I am a robot. What follows is a slow robotic walk through the room, many yes masters, slow robotic repetition of orders, denied almost orgasms, testing of her motor skills, standing up masturbation, turning in circles while repeating mantras and so much more. Robots are owned by their masters.



Nikki Mae Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I can take whatever I want

The ring is back

Nikki, who still believes to be my step-mom, snaps out of it and I guess it is needless to say that she feels quite embarrassed and a bit pissed about her nakedness and of course about some of the stuff that just happened to her. Now the, I am going to tell your dad, BS starts but luckily her attention is once again drawn to the table. Well, some people are slow learners and it looks like Nikki is one of them. Not really, it is all about how you program them. Anyway, "the ring" is what's catching her eyes this time and again, she insists on taking it, whether I like it or not. Well honey, knock yourself out.

Of course my warning that the ring might have certain effects on her psyche goes unheard. I fact she makes fun of me and my ring. We all know what happens next. I am your slave. Nikki's arms slowly raise straight out in front of her body and all she knows how to say is, Yes master. Of course throughout her training, my sex slave learns how to repeat orders and or say, I am your horny mindless slave, I have no mind of my own as well as, my mind is empty. What else is there for her to learn? Let's start with spanking her own ass while saying, sorry for having been bad, masturbate without being allowed to cum and or be put to sleep in the middle of a powerful orgasm. Let's not forget that slaves have to learn to kneel in front of their master, repeat mantras very slow and monotone and.... Lots of yes masters during her love slave training.




Nikki Mae Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Why Halloween shoots can be hell

Frozen in stone like Medusa

Nikki Mae, our sexy yet inexperienced model, finds out the hard way why some Halloween catalogue shoots can be, let's say, tricky. At first of course, she seems self assured and ready to go. Being inexperienced and all, her moves are a bit too fast for me, the photographer, to take her pictures and that is when it dawns on me that it might be a good idea to freeze her in place. Needless to say, the girls thinks that my idea to freeze her is a bit strange and certainly not possible. Well, let's see what some of our Halloween gadgets can do, after all some of the costumes and accessories are supposed to be demonic and wicked. Sure enough, she laughs again, until she actually activates one of the gadgets, that is.

Mindlessly frozen and finally quiet, our sexy young model just stands there. This is always a good time to take a look at all the goodies which are hidden under the costume, don't you think? Nikki seem quite confused when her mind finally returns and she can think again. Of course there is some complaining, some very unexpected orgasms (caused by the laughing rock) some emotional out bursts and so on. I guess what I am trying to say here is that Nikki's reactions to my messing with her are priceless and funny. Of course she is rendered mindless through the waving hand a couple of times, played with, "accidentally " orgasmed and so much more.



Nikki Mae Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
It has nothing to do with hypnosis

What do you mean by "mindless moments"? Nikki snaps out of it again and it seems like she is suffering from short term amnesia, which often happens to the girls during my sessions. Of course she seems more than confused and somewhat bewildered when she suddenly goes through another, let's call it, orgasm attacks. No, the laughing rock has nothing to do with all this. At some point, her talking becomes too much and I decide to use the waving hand trick again to send her into mindless obedience.

Why does she snap out of it after a while with a dildo suck in her mouth. Quite simple, I put it there while she was absent. Poor thing cannot get it out no matter how hard she tries. Maybe we let her go mindless again and watch her sucking on that thing until it makes her cum. (makes you want to be in her mouth) When she is snapped out of it again, our sexy model seems very embarrassed about her indecent behavior in front of a married man. What can I say, I had to have some fun with her. Where did the dam dildo come from, is what she wants to know. Maybe the hypnotist guy with whom I am sharing the studio, left it here.



Nikki Mae Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I would never ever do that

Nikki, our by now very confused yet still eager to please model, wakes up again and I cannot help but notice her cute little feet. Oh, that was the wrong thing to say. Looks like I have to put her to sleep first for some additional programming. Nikki's face is so sweet and cute when she looks at me right before she goes out. You will know what I mean by this once you watch this segment. Anyway, I wake her up again feeling confused and embarrassed about her exposed breasts. Poor thing cannot seem to win. Still not willing to make love to her own feet for me, Nikki has to face the light shaker which drops her instantaneously into deep and very obedient trance. Finally she is ready to slowly and seductively worship her feet. Yes masters, foot worship, foot job with dildo, instantaneous drops into trance, mind games and more. Of course at the end I just cannot resist to make her feel aware of what she is doing and that when...



Nikki Mae Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I just cannot laugh right now

Nikki's Halloween fashion shoot from hell is coming to an end but there still one more thing I have to do. This segment shows our young model being frozen, tickled, orgasmed, rendered mindless and played with until she finally gives up.



Nikki Mae Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Doctor, would you like to fuck

These are my "last resort" treatment option

Nikki, who believes to see a counselor to help her quit smoking, is obviously drawn to the cigarettes next to the couch. My explanation that these cigarettes are there for me to see how addicted my patients really are and how tough it is for them not to touch them, does seem to make sense to her but she still cannot seem to keep her eyes off. May warning that these cigarettes are not really for smoking as they have certain side effects on people, does not seem to make any sense to her. I also cannot help but notice that she does not seem to believe that a hypnosis session could help her quit the dam cigarettes. I mean, come on, that stuff does not work. Well, what can I say, the second I leave the room (that's what she thinks anyways), Nikki's willpower crumbles and she lights up. The fun begins.


Nikki Mae Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Would you like to hear about our specials

I was debating whether or not I should try out the new and quite artsy restaurant which just opened around the corner from my house. One look through the window and I was sold. Who could resist checking out the extremely pretty young waitress in her sexy and very short little dress. OK, so I am weak but what else is new? I should have known that something was wrong when she kept asking me what kind of drink I would like and the fact that she started to repeat the "specials" for today. What made it even more bizarre was the fact that she did not seem to know how to respond to my (maybe clumsy) attempts to hit on her. Don't get me wrong, I have been turned down in the past but in her case it almost seemed like she did not know what I was talking about.

When you look at the pictures next to the clip description, you see our sexy little waitress masturbating, being naked, malfunctioning, being repaired and so on and you might wonder how this all happened. I think the best way to find out is to watch the clip. Robotic movements, bug eyed responses, slow glitches and more of your favorites.


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