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Nikki & Makenna Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Magnetic hands, flickering eyes and the beginning of a relationship

Nikki and Makenna, two beautiful, horny and very willing girls ready to go under and let go. How much more can you ask for? Certainly not much and I think one look at the girls and you guys will agree with me. Both girls had a bit of experience when it comes to what I do. I am sure you guys remember Nikki's last session which was a lot shorter than our usual sessions and that was why she came back for a whole lot more.

Both girls had never met each other before and you can imagine that they were very excited but certainly not nearly as excited as I was. Bringing two girls, who have never met together and get them to play with each other is always a bit challenging and the trick is to make them really want each other, in a sexual way that is. Nikki as well as Makenna thought, until that afternoon, that they like to be in charge and as with many of my subjects those two as well learned how sweet it is to surrender and enjoy the ride.

Nikki's last session was a bit shorter and her induction at the hotel pool was a bit more interrupted than my usual inductions and I figured it would be a good idea to take her and Makenna on a nice long journey into their inner world. We started off with a really interesting Magnetic hands test. After that I had Lana hold the crystal in front of their eyes, which gave me the opportunity to watch the girls' flickering eyelids and their attempts, particular Nikki's, to keep their eyes open as long as possible.

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Nikki & Makenna Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Having no choice makes me excited

I decide to start the girls off by making them not only horny but to also get them used to the idea that they don't really have a choice over anything that is about to happen in their session. What better way is there than to let them feel their bodies in ways they never imagined possible. Before long my two beauties are quivering and shaking all over the couch and their moaning and groaning gets louder and more intense with every word I say. As I always say, everything is possible in deep trance and Nikki and Makenna are about to find out how much more intensity they can feel with their bodies once they let go and follow my lead. The repetition of: �I have no choice� brings out their lust even more and I can feel that they are ready for the next step.



Nikki & Makenna Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to cum for you, please

Still wet and horny from the last segments, the girls are now taken into an even deeper trance. Now it is time to let them feel how wonderful and exciting it feels to play with each other. This is usually a crucial step and it often sets the tone for the rest of the session. Once it sinks into the girls' subconscious that it is incredibly arousing and extremely intense to play with each other, they will yearn for more throughout the rest of the session. Again the feeling of not being in control makes it even more intense and the girls are masturbating each others' wet pussies until I allow them to orgasm for me. Of course they have to beg for it first and only when I see their sexy young bodies squirm and quiver are they finally allowed to explode.



Nikki & Makenna Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
First mind reduction after a futile fight

Please drain my thoughts, mantra to bliss

The next step in the girls' training program is to get them to let go of their thoughts, mind and will. First it is Nikki's turn to sit up straight in front of me and stare at the same crystal I used during the initial induction. Nikki's blue eyes are glued to the crystal while she is ordered to give her tight little pussy a serious workout. I can feel despite her resistance that the feeling of lust and the desire to bring herself to orgasm becomes stronger and stronger until her eyes finally turn dull and empty. The feeling of empty mindlessness lets her feel her body with an amazing intensity and I can feel her letting go of her mind. Empty and in bliss, Nikki is ready for more programming. Makenna is next and after having, at least subconsciously, listened to Nikki's blissful surrender, is just a question of time and sure enough her eyes are starting to role back and she is done.



Nikki & Makenna Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless masturbation and mantras

There is something very exciting about watching two beautiful women mindlessly masturbating each others' pussies while repeating mantras. Repeating just the word mindless, does an amazing job when it comes to making your subject drift even deeper. I can feel the girls getting deeper into their blissful masturbation and their eyes, particularly Makenna's, are starting to drift backwards. My two beauties are sliding further and further under my control and it is time for them to learn the proper zombie pose, you know the one we all like to see.



Nikki & Makenna Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Licked into mindless bliss

You are my master now

I think it is time for some tongue action, if you know what I mean. The next step in the girls training program is the mindless surrender to their master. Makenna is turned into my assistant and she is ordered to eat out Nikki's wet pussy and to drive her out of her mind. Again I start reducing Nikki's mind while her attention is focused on my finger on her forehead and of course on the wet and warm tongue between her legs. As soon as I see the wet spot on the chair she is sitting on, I just know that Ms. �I am in charge" is losing it and she is firmly under my control. Makenna is more than eager to please me and it seems like she wants to keep licking Nikki's pussy even after she just came all over her face: "You are my master now".



Nikki & Makenna Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Please train me to be a good slave

Of course I have to be fair and let Makenna experience the same mindless lust and surrender and it is now Nikki who is doing her best to drive her little friend out of her mind. Makenna is moaning and groaning under Nikki's skilled tongue and when I see her eyes role backwards, I just know that she is ready to succumb. Still shaky yet very horny both girls are now put on their backs for another intense round. I have a feeling that both of them are ready for a final mind and will reduction. Again I use the same crystal, I used during the induction to drain the last ounce of their minds thus making them completely go. All they seem to want now is to be good and obedient love slaves. After a series of very intense and controlled orgasms, the girls are starting to role their eyes and drift into the abyss. Time for some arms stretched out zombie walk back and forth through the room.




Nikki & Makenna Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Strip poker

What IQ reduction? I don't feel anything!

Nikki and Makenna believe to be playing a high stakes card game in which the loser not only has to strip or get spanked but also can lose her mind. The game is pretty simple; whoever draws the lower card loses that particular round and has to pay the price. Naturally I am the one who determines what the loser of each round has to do. Thinking that there is a lot of money waiting for the winner at the end of the game, the girls are willing to do pretty much anything from stripping to spanking each other to believe it or not wearing the mind or also known as the �IQ reducer�. The girls seem pretty full of themselves and they don't seem the least bit concerned about the IQ reducer. In fact, I have a feeling that they think it's all a bunch of BS anyways.

The game begins and sure enough Nikki has to strip out of her panties after losing the first round. Makenna loses the second round and gets a spanking, we continue with more stripping and finally the IQ reducer. The girls are still laughing about my suggestion of having a threesome and of course about the mind reducer. Let's up the stakes a bit and set the IQ reducer to five times its strength. Despite their denial, the girls are slowly getting horny, less focused and very sexual. Still, they insist not to feel anything but why are they starting to fondle themselves and then each other and why don't they seem interested and or capable of having a conversation? Great transformation from being full of themselves to turning into a couple of horny bimbos...




Nikki & Makenna Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Mind strip poker

The girls are noticeably horny, unfocused and into each other but still not willing to admit that something is going on in their little minds or I should probably say that there is nothing going on in their little minds. Again they agree to up the stakes. Well, what can I say, before they even know it my two �oh so smart contestants� end up rolling around on the floor, licking, sucking and fucking each other. I wonder who prepared the deck of cards and who came up with the rules for the game? Great fun, hot girl/girl sex and bimbofication...



Nikki & Makenna Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
What happened to my little Dolly?

In this next segment, we have Nikki and Makenna believe that they are a couple of cute and sensual windup dolls. Sexy and very horny my two little dolls just love to dance, pose and shake their asses for me. Like all sex dolls they just seem to love the new vibrator game, I show them; and it looks like getting each other off makes them want more. They seem to particularly enjoy this when one of them is down and the other one can take advantage of her helpless little friend. First Nikki winds down and Makenna, although surprised, can not seem to be able to stop fondling her new toy. Watch her orgasm Nikki, who just does not seem to be able to move. Lots of fun and sensual Doll plays. The segment ends with the girls' orgasm very hard with a big smile on their faces, eyes wide open of course.




Nikki & Makenna Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Voodoo Priestess

Feel the doll and obey

Makenna believes to be the assistant of a voodoo priest. Guess who the priest is? Anyway, Makenna uses a small blond haired doll to manipulate Nikki's helplessly weak body. First she raises and lowers her doll toy's legs and arms and then she turns her head back and forth. Nikki is unable to look away and she has to follow the doll's moves whether she likes it or not. Poor thing does not even seem to have the energy to speak and when Makenna starts to play between the dolls legs and even licks the toy's pussy, Nikki has no choice but to orgasm. Of course I have to be fair and now it is Makenna who loses all strength and becomes Nikki's prey. Nikki, who was waiting for her revenge starts to show Makenna what it feels like to be helpless.




Nikki & Makenna Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
The old man river of time

You can not entrance us

In this one I have my two beauties believe that they are bikini models who absolutely do not believe in what I do. Thinking that I am the photographer who keeps talking about his hobby, which happens to be the art of entrancing young girls, the two are laughing their heads off and it seems like they are absolutely not interested in being put under. Besides all that, they start making fun of me when I tell them that I have started hitting the gym, now that hurts.

Anyway, I have them show me some of their hottest poses while I tell them the story of the river of time and how it slows down and while time is slowing down so are my sexy models. It is fun to watch their moves becoming slower and slower until their bodies are frozen in time. Naturally their minds are just as frozen and blank as their bodies and now that the girls are unaware and helpless, it is time to rearrange their bikinis and play with them. At some point I decide to let their awareness come back but that does not last for too long and it is time to send them back into blissful nothingness. The second I snap them out of it, my sexy little girls seem confused and start apologizing for running around with their tits hanging out. I wonder what made them do that?




Nikki & Makenna Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh , it might work

First we have our girls apologizing yet again for being almost naked but before the confusion becomes too much, they find themselves frozen and mindless again. This time I take off their tops and hide them so they don't have a chance to put them back on right away. I figure it is more fun to watch them try to find them while being confused and apologetic, don't you think? At some point it dawns on them that what I do might actually work which makes them want to get away but that of course does not work either. I mean, it is hard to walk away being frozen stiff and all. The first thing the girls notice when I let them become aware, is that they are still frozen but this time there is a vibrator stuck to their pussies. It almost seems like they like the idea of being helplessly orgasmed but unfortunately before they can enjoy it too much, my sweeties are being sent back into mindlessness. Edited for time



Nikki & Makenna Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
How can you say no to this?

It would never work on us

This segments starts with the girls begging me to go out with them. Seems like all of a sudden they can not get enough of me, I wonder why? Oh well, I am not that easy, let's play a little more first. All of a sudden my not so reluctant models start jumping around while laughing their heads off. Looks like they are tickled all over their bodies and feet. Now of course the begging starts. I wonder why they think I have something to do with all this? Let's intensify the tickling, shall we? Back to sleep for a brief deepening. Up and awake again, my two non believers still don not seem to think that what I do might work but why on earth are they suddenly playing with each other's feet as if it was the most sensual thing to do? In fact they seem to go nuts over each other's feet to the point where they use the each other's feet to massage their pussies. Should I let them orgasm each other like that?


Nikki & Makenna Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
She ruined me

Nikki and Makenna were the finalists in our super model competition and it was my job to pick the winner, who would then become our new, very well paid, spokes model? Naturally, the girls did not particularly like each other and who could blame them. Right off the bat the two beauties were trying not to only outshine each other but also to outdo each other. At first everything seemed to go quite well, despite their rivalry that is but all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. I still don't know why but I suddenly had the glorious idea to have the girls spray some water on each other to make the scene look a bit steamier. Makenna was actually the one who just grabbed the bottle and sprayed the water all over Nikki; if I had just known what I know now. Nikki's behavior started to change almost right away and it slowly dawned on me that she was a fembot. I wish my producer would tell me these kinds of things but no, I am always the last to find out around here. That was just the beginning of my, let say, exciting and quite messed up afternoon. All of a sudden Nikki grabs into Makenna's back and pulls out a handful of wires. Like they say, when things can go wrong they will go wrong.



Nikki & Makenna Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am ruined you idiot

After some very hot action and the inevitable malfunction in the last segment, I was finally able to get my two fembot models back up and believe it or not, all they seem to want to do now is play with each other and get fucked, by me of course. I wonder, what made them do that? Could it have something to do with my programming? Oh well, it was not my best idea and maybe I should have left them alone but the chance to watch a couple of hotties like that make love to each other and then me, was certainly worth a try. Don't you agree? At first everything seemed fine and the girls were more than willing but then the old programming and the fact that one of them was wet and the other one was missing some of her wiring, led to more malfunctions and of course repairs. I really wish I was not always the one around here who is kept in the dark.



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