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Nikki Masters Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Nikki Master, sexy blond with a beautiful tanned hard body was certainly a hand full but then again who would not like to have his hands full with a hot girl like her? I usually don't like to shoot in hotel rooms because most of them are too small, but I quickly changed my mind when Nikki mentioned that she was interested in trying it out. Besides Nikki's stunning looks, the fact that she is known to be rather dominant and somewhat controlling when it comes to her relationships, made quite impossible for me to not at least give it a shot. Turned out my sexy blond has quite a sweet soft spot and finding it and then using it was exciting. Nikki experienced something very new, different and exciting that day and believe me, opening up that side of hers as well as making her feel her soft spots was more than exciting for me. I am sure you will know what I am trying to say here once you watch the clips.

It was early (for fetish con standards) in the morning when I met Nikki at the hotel pool and I decided, despite there being some people around, to do the induction right then and there. By giving her the feeling that it is all about her feeling good and that she is in control at all time, I managed to take her where I needed her to be and that, as we all know, is deep.



Nikki Masters Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
First public orgasm

I took my chances with this one but it worked and it was very exciting. After the initial induction, I switch Nikki back and forth between feeling good and becoming more and more excited. We know she likes to be in control and with subjects like her it is important to make them feel like they are in control although they really are not. Without really realizing what is going on, Nikki becomes very excited and her hands begin to wander over her luscious breasts. What a beautiful site that is. I keep making her feel a thrusting vibrator on her clit while she also feels deeply penetrated. Her beautiful body starts to squirm and her breathing gets deeper and harder with every word I say. She has to, probably for the first time in her life, wait until I allow her to cum over and over again. Very hot particularly being out in public. Several people came up to me that day asking me whether I teach and where.



Nikki Masters Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Deepening and more forced orgasms

After Nikki followed me deeply entranced to the hotel room, I decide to take her deeper yet. Again, I make her feel aroused. She seems to feel the vibrator with the same, if not more, intensity. The suggestion that she is not allowed to cum on her own seems to drive her up the wall. I keep intensifying her feelings of lust and her luscious body is shivering and shaking under my suggestions. I can feel how much she would love to orgasm and that her initial resistance to being controlled is fading away. That is when I notice that when ever she gets excited her hand goes up into her hair. We all have our little neurosis when it comes to sex and Nikki's is to grab her hair when she gets horny. Anyway, She surrenders to being controlled and as she told me later, experiences an orgasm unlike ever before.



Nikki Masters Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Uninhibited bliss after mind removal

Open eyed stares, mindless surrender and unknown bliss

Nikki is on her back, her legs are spread wide and she is staring at my finger on her forehead. Horny as hell, she is slowly but surely letting go of her mind. I can feel her slowly going dim and mindless while her sexy tanned hard body quivers. Her masturbation becomes faster and more intense the more I tell her that she has no choice over any of this. I know she was fighting me at first but by now there are no signs of resistance left. I have her orgasm and it seems like she is unable to stop. It is very hot to watch her being seemingly unable to stop her own hand from making her cum over and over. Surrendered, open eyed and mindless, Nikki is now taken into another round of unstoppable orgasms. Very hot transformation and to watch her giving up the futile fight and surrender makes this segment very intense.



Nikki Masters Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
It feels good to have no choice

Please let me orgasm for you, I have no more thoughts, master

Nikki is helplessly frozen and orgasmed in this next segment. Unable to move any part of her body except the hand between her legs, Nikki basically does it to herself. Not able to stop her masturbation, my sexy blond is now driven up the wall until she willingly and mindlessly surrenders. In fact, she even begs me to be finally allowed to orgasm for me. It feels good to have no choice.



Nikki Masters Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
The attitude adjustment

Entranced and trained. You are my master now

Nikki is made to believe that she is surprised by one of her most daring admirers who managed to get into her hotel room. There he is, with a big smile on his face, telling her how much he admires her and that he is most likely her biggest fan. Nikki does NOT seem impressed by him nor does she seem to be in a very good mood. In fact she is quite rude when he asks her for an autograph let alone pose for him. She does not even change her mind when he tells her that he absolutely loves watching her in those femdom movies.

That's just too bad and it certainly hurts to be blown off like this but luckily he has a little present for her. Her mood seems to change just a bit when he shows her the beautiful crystal, he had bought for her. Nikki can not seem to take her eyes off the crystal in front of her face and slowly but surely my reluctant star drops into a deep trance. I will follow and obey you master.

Nikki is ready to be trained. Forced to masturbate, she now has to wait for me to allow her to orgasm which is something very new for Nikki, who as we all know likes to control. I can feel her getting excited, her hand moves up to her hair which I found out is something she does every time she gets horny. It gets intense quickly, I switch her to now having to make herself orgasm on the count of three. Repeating: "I want to be ready for you" makes her feel even more aroused and her orgasm is deep and goes on for as long as I tell her to. Very hot transformation from being bitchy to being very horny and obedient.




Nikki Masters Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
More attitude adjustment leads to submission

Do with me as you please

Nikki's training continues. She is now put on her knees and frozen into a beautiful yet helpless statue. I make her feel a vibrator on her clit while she is deeply penetrated and fucked. Her frozen body shivers, her skin tone changes to a darker red color, showing her arousal. Nikki's eyes are wide open throughout the orgasm and show her surrender to me. Of course that was just the warm up. Bend over, ass out, Nikki is then ordered to masturbate while repeating the mantra, "I will be a good girl now." Again she has to wait until finally allowed to make herself cum. This one shows nicely how Nikki tries to fight it but then helplessly surrenders.




Nikki Masters Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Adjusted and surrendered

Mind removal, breath control leads to complete surrender

The only reason I split up the last 3 clips is for our viewers with a slower Internet connection. In this segment, Nikki learns the art of the breath controlled orgasm and I can feel her giving it all up. First I disallow her to breath and I can feel how it turns her on to be completely controlled like this and her orgasm is very intense. Then I suggest that the less she breathes the more aroused she will be.

Nikki, now stops to breathe on her own and sure enough she gets extremely aroused again. Of course she still has to wait for me to allow her to cum. The color in her face changes again, showing how horny and turned on she is. I stop her breathing again and this time she gives it all up. Amazing transformation from femdom to submissive and the best part about all this is, she loves it and her orgasms certainly prove it.


Nikki Masters Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
You can not turn me into a puppet

Nikki wakes up and just can not seem to believe that what I do could possibly work on her. Well that seems to change quickly when I mention the word "puppet". All of a sudden, Nikki seems mindlessly attached to the invisible strings. Her arms go up and down and between her legs and she seems even more surprised and a bit concerned when her mind suddenly comes back. Sweet and short puppet segment, showing Nikki from a very different side. I had trouble shooting this one and after knocking over the tripod for the third time, I finally realized why I do not like shooting in I hotel rooms, they are simply too small. Of course I edited those moments and it is still a really nice clip.



Nikki Masters Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny doll in trouble

Nikki is just the cutest and sexiest little doll. You know the kind of horny pleasure doll we all fall in love with once they start pleasing us. First we play the dressing, or I should actually better say the undressing game and then the orgasm on command game. Seems like Nikki really likes to play those. The tickling game comes next and my sexy little doll starts to jump and squirm all over the bed. "Please stop". Oh well, let's go back to the orgasm game and then back to the tickling...Real fun and again, Nikki is just the cutest.



Nikki Masters Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Dream girl with a couple of flaws

I just can not believe that she is finally here at my house and what makes it even better is the fact that I own her. To own the A 1 fembot- Dream Girl edition - was always my dream and finally here she is. All I have to do now is, turn her on and the fun can begin. Oh yes, she is sexy and hot. The second she comes on, she tells me how much she like to please and serve, just like they promised in the brochures.

Unfortunately, most of what she does and says after that is not in any of the brochures or in the owners manual, for that matter. At first, it seems like she is just experiencing a couple of minor program glitches but I am certainly starting to get a bit concerned. when she shows me her tits instead of her ass and keeps repeating all kinds of nonsense. The best I can think of is to shut her off, run a couple of checks and reboot her but that seems to have made it even worse.

My dream girl, still absolutely full of her self and unaware of the fact that she is not so perfect, becomes more and more erratic. Ok, there are those hot moments where she suddenly performs the way she is supposed to but those just don't last too long. Who wants to see his dream girl malfunctioning in the middle of pleasuring herself?


Nikki Masters Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Dream girl with way too many flaws

After some more extensive repair and reprogramming, it finally seems like she is ready for some serious action, you all know what I mean. I just wish my Dream girl was not so dam full of herself. Don't get me wrong it certainly gets my juices flowing to watch her pleasure herself while inviting me to do with her as I please, but I don't think she is that perfect. I guess I should have kept my criticism to myself, the second she hears me say something about her not being so perfect, she starts to twitch again and we all know what that leads to. Yes another malfunction and the beginning of the end.







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