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Olivia Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Follow me to the other side

Olivia, cute as a button, sexy and naturally horny young blond, had actually undergone some hyp--no therapy in the past and although it was a different kind of therapy than the kind of therapy I usually "prescribe", she was at least not a stranger to being under. Sounds like a good start, doesn't it? Blond, young, horny, cute, sexy and familiar with being entranced, I mean, how much more can we ask for? Well, let's dive right into her session and enjoy those rolling eyes, her intense sweet orgasms, her confusion, embarrassment an complete surrender to my "kind of therapy.

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Olivia Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasm control leads to ....

Olivia drops deeper at the snap of my fingers, suddenly her eyes open up (often a sign of great depth) and she stares ahead while becoming more and more aroused without having any control over it. Her sexy young body quivers under my suggestions while I keep driving her up the wall for lust. Like the title says, a good part of this segment is about orgasm control.

Olivia learns that the length and intensity of her orgasms depends entirely on her masters mood. After a long hard orgasm, it is time for her to go back to sleeep so that I can take my time to inspect her limp body while programming her for more fun. Her body starts to slowly move again and now she is overcome by the desire to masturbate herself to orgasm for us. Orgasm control, limp play, yes masters, open eyed entranced stares, eye checks and more.




Olivia Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your horny slave master

Hands free orgasm training (made to feel tied up), rolling eyes, standing up masturbation, very intense breath controlled orgasm training, zoned out zombie stares, more rolling eyes and more...

Olivia is taken from intense sexual heights to deep (eye-rolling) trace while being trained to obey blindly and willing-less.




Olivia Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp fetish, orgasm training while... Before she is put to sleep, we get to enjoy watching her repeating (mantra) "I am your h- horny girl master" while deeply entranced and zoned out. Great stares, slow reps and .....

After that it is all about our sleeepy girl being moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we check her pussy, eyes, ears, hands, navel, feet and so much more.

It gets even more intense when I allow her to wake up only to realize that she has no control over her muscles, which means, she just lays there with her eyes wide open, fully aware yet no way to do anything.




Olivia Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Feet, nipples, sensual posing, final love slave training, limp foot play

This next one is absolutely amazing and I am certain you will like it even if you are not into feet. Watching her use/pose her entire body to show off her feet (and those amazing curves of hers) is really hot and sensual. I decide to intensify her lust by ...  




Olivia Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
From Rubber blowjob doll to kneeling puppet and...

You are what your master says you are

Like the title says, here we get to enjoy watching her being turned into a posing, smiling doll, a kneeling rubber blowjob doll with her mouth wide open, a puppet that's pulled and moved and so much more




Olivia Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Kitty in heat

From doll play to kitty play. Enjoy our sexy blond purring like a kitty while getting high on (imaginary) catnip. Of course there is the laser chasing, meowing, prancing and the necessary kitty training as well.




Olivia Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Schoolgirl in trouble

Olivia, a beautiful yet bratty and quite sneaky young schoolgirl, tries to change her teachers mind (and with that her terribly sucky grades) by hypnotizing him with her grandfathers watch. Well, it takes practice to take control of peoples mind and our little girl finds out the hard way that she is not very good at it. In fact, it backfires on her and she is the one ending up mindless and ready to obey. Enjoy watching her go down with rolling eyes. Yes master I will obey. Ready to be trained



Olivia Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Robot (ized) school girl

Do you know who my father is?

The studying machine

I don't know who your father is honey and quite frankly, I don't give a dam. Here our beautiful yet still sneaky and quite full of herself young student finds out that the only way for her to learn is to be programmed into an obedient robot toy. A high pitch sonar sound takes her into "program mode" and now she learns to walk in circles, map neuro-pathways, masturbate, reply by saying yes master, pinch her nipples and so much more.



Olivia Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny doll loves her lollypop

Olivia, our sexy schoolgirl, seems to really want to get out of here as soon as she wakes up but that would be way to early. Needless to say, she does not believe me when I mention that I had h- her earlier and that I will now activate the "doll" trigger. What doll trigger? Oops, there she goes. Enjoy watching our sexy and very horny little doll smile, suck on her lollypop (dildo) while masturbating, lose her skirt during Jumping Jacks, dance and so much more




Olivia Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Blowjob prop

Our little schoolgirl has no idea what just happened to her and again, she seems confused and embarrassed (about being naked) OH well, let's have one more round of fun with her. This time I mention that I need her for my party tonight and that she will be of service to my friends without even knowing it.

Needless to say, the idea of being mindlessly frozen and displayed at my party, does make her think that I am nuts (which is partially true) and again, she wants to take off. Oops, there she is mindlessly frozen and ready to be messed with (moved around, bend over and checked out) How does she end up on her knees with her mouth wide open and ready to give blowjobs to anybody who sticks his dick into her frozen and wide open mouth. Great dim and mindless stares, mannequin posing and




Olivia Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny Nanny with Happy feet

Olivia, a beautiful and very sweet nanny, is ready to go out and have some fun after having put the kid's to bed. Little does she know that I have different plans for her. We keep talking about the
kid's and how much she loves her job and all of a sudden she brings up that my wife told her that I am a hypnotist by profession. I can't help but notice that, even though she does not seem to believe in it, she is very curious and willing to try it out. In short, she wants' me to try to entrance just out of curiosity. Sure honey. Oops, there she drops into deep trance and now it is time to turn her into an obedient foot-slave (one who will not remember a thing later) and to mess with her sexy little feet. Seductive posing, lot's of foot worship, limp foot play, stares, entrancement and... Yes master I belong to you!



Olivia Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and used Nanny

This one is all about our sleeepy Nanny being moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we check her pussy, eyes, ears, hands, navel, feet and so much more.

Olivia, our sexy nanny wakes up and she seems quite confused and zoned out. Suddenly my hand closes in on her throat, her eyes widen and....

It gets even more intense when I allow her to wake up only to realize that she has no control over her muscles, which means, she just lays there with her eyes wide open, fully aware yet no way to do anything.



Olivia Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Tickled, confused and so apologetic

Like the title says, Olivia, our young nanny, who really believes that the hypnosis did not work on her, is made to feel tickled every time she is hit by the laser pointer. Needless to say, she has no idea where the tickling is coming from but one thing is for sure, the dam tickle attacks happen at the worst times in the conversation. In other words, she laughs when it is really no appropriate. Fun clip with lots of twists  



Olivia Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Moral standards nonexistent

Our poor nanny still has no clue as to why she does all these crazy things and now we get to enjoy watching her blow her nose with her negligee and orgasm every time I snap my fingers. I know, that can be quite embarrassing particularly when the conversation is all about her moral standards and so on. Intense unwanted orgasms, a bit more tickling, lot's of apologies, embarrassment and so much more fun.



Olivia Clip Sixteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Plush animals make great joy rides

Upon awakening, our beautiful yet quite oversexed nanny is overcome by the desire to ride herself to orgasm on our red plush 's face. I know that sounds crazy particularly when a person who has never been h- does something like that. Crazy or not, it is still dam hot to watch her ride that thing until she brings herself to a screaming hard orgasm. Of course that is all just the beginning. Next we get to enjoy watching her pass-out whenever the conversation becomes really interesting and or important. Poor thing really tries to concentrate and stay with me throughout this important conversation.

Needless to say, she feels so, so, so sorry about all this. All of a sudden, the tickle attacks start to hit her again, which makes this all so much harder (for her) Things get even more confusing when she seems to believe that her only salvation is to give me (beg me) a blowjob. See what happens when she becomes aware of that one. Lot's more including limp play yet to come.  




Olivia Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
T300 not programmed for sex

I don't know what got into me that day but watching her updating some of her software and programs made me just want to grab her and fuck the hell out of her.

A beautiful T300, nurse edition, had finally arrived at my hospital and I could not wait to check her out. I liked the old T 299 but we were promised that this one was even better, in every aspect. Imagine my surprise or I should say my shock, when she politely mentioned that she had no sex program what so ever. I know, she was supposed to work here as a nurse and not as a sex toy but then again I was used to my old T299 who came with some extra perks for the doctors.

First I thought they might have just forgotten to activate all of her programs but it turned out she really was just a nurse. I don't know what I was thinking, but sending her to the next room to get me my stethoscope and to mess with her laptop while she was gone, seemed to be the thing to do. Sure enough, the second she felt alone, she plugged herself into her laptop and continued her update, or to be precise, my update! Nurse Olivia, here to please you:)

See, that is so much better, don't you think? What followed was a rollercoaster of emotions, hot and wet pussy, glitches, malfunctions, repairs and finally...

I am fully equipped to perform my official duties, sexual programming is irrelevant!! Techcorp employee code of conduct states that any and all statements or actions of a sexual or obvious flirtatious nature are strictly prohibited in the workplace.

sexual programming is irrelevant....irrelevant...is irrelevant. Warning....Warning....sexual stimulation detected....Sexual hardware not found...unable to process....to process data.

Hi I'm Nurse Olivia, Pleasure functions activated:):)Loading....sexualprotocols.....This unit is now configured to function as a pleasure model.


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