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Visualization into deep trance

Peach's, wild and untamed exotic beauty with a zest for life and fun came in with high expectations and she was certainly ready to experience something she had never thought was possible. Most people just do not believe that it is possible to experience sensual pleasures and or to feel intense orgasms without even so much as being touched. Peach was certainly one of those very doubtful girls who after it was all said and done, left with a big smile on her face. I knew right away when I met her that she is a wild one and that made the idea of training her even more exciting. Training and taming this exotic wild cat turned out to be intense fun and you will agree with me after watching her clips that the wilder they seem the softer they purr once they surrender.

The raising arms test went well and I could feel her relaxing already. I reminded her of her initial nervousness and then had her imagine "heavy suitcases" which led to an even deeper relaxation. The swinging watch made her eye lids flicker and her head started to sink into the couch. During the induction, I decided to take the camera off the tripod get some nice close-ups of her entire body and face, from head to toe, so to speak.

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Peach Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me how badly you want it

Even a wild thing has to learn to beg for it and believe me my little girl you will crave it like never before. Peach needs to first learn that letting go of mind and will as well as limiting inhibitions will make her training experience turn into the ride of a lifetime. Imagination and visualization are the key to what I do and Peach is about to find out how intense the touch-free surrender feels. Her sexy young body is quivering and shaking under the severe tongue lashing she is feeling. It is obvious that the more I deny her to orgasm the more she wants it and I just know, it is only question of time and she will start begging me to let her have it.

Each nerve ending in her body is stimulated and my suggestions seem to sink deep into her subconscious. She keeps repeating the mantra: �I completely let go" on her own, without me even having to tell her. I can feel her letting go of her will and all she does is beg me to finally allow her to orgasm and to show me her first surrender. It is all in the mind and the more you make them want it, the more willing they become and the deeper they fall.



Peach Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please drain my thoughts

Still shivering and shaking from the intensity of her training, Peach is now ready to feel her breasts in a very new and intense kind of way. With her attention focused on the intense feelings in her breasts and pussy, my little girl is now more than willing ready to surrender her mind and will into the small remote I am holding on her forehead. Her eyes are wide open and she keeps repeating: "please drain my thoughts." Absorbed by her own lust, Peach sinks deeper and with that feels her lust even more and to turn her into a horny mindless shell of herself is only a question of time. I can feel her running empty, her eyes are turning dull and her body shivers and shakes uncontrollably. Finally she is allowed to give it all up for me and to explode into an amazing series of orgasms which send her into a mindless yet blissful abyss.



Peach Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
You are my thoughts master

Rolling eyes, mindless stares and submission
"I am mindless" becomes her mantra into deep lustful bliss

Peach, almost naked by now, is standing up in front of me and although her eyes are wide open, she seems to be staring into lala land. I am holding her hand and the pressure she feels in the middle of her palm is making her feel even more aroused while it is draining her remaining will and thoughts. Her young body is quivering and I decide to intensify her feelings of lust even more: "All I want is to follow and obey you". Just to make sure she is where I need her to be, I wave my hand in front of her eyes a few times and as expected, she stares right through as if nothing was there.

Now it is time for her to experience another touch free orgasm. Put on her knees, Peach is screaming for lust under my suggestions. The feeling of being penetrated while having her pussy licked is starting to drive her nuts. Her sweaty body is glistening; her eyes are open and empty while her body is quivering like a leaf. Now is time for the final blow. I have her repeat: �you are my thoughts master� while I keep her Cumming into complete exhaustion.



Peach Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed into exhaustion

This next segment shows some great close ups of our little girl's feet, ass and face at the same time. Peach is being ordered to bend over the couch with her ass pushed out while she is giving her tight pussy a hard workout. The more she repeats: �you are my master�, the more aroused she gets. It takes almost all strength out of her when she is finally ordered to give it up for me. Of course that is all just the warm up. Put on all four, Peach goes through another round of feeling helplessly fucked. I can feel how the feeling of having no choice turns her on beyond her own wildest imagination. More repetitions of: �I am mindless for you�, finally makes her orgasm so hard that it puts her out cold. It is very hot to watch her shivering and twitching body go out under her powerful orgasm. This is another intense one and certainly not for the weak.



Peach Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for letting me serve you master

In this segment, Peach is in the spread eagle position on her back. The next step in her training is to make her familiar with the awesome power of the breath controlled and muted orgasm. I slowly drive her close to a very hard orgasm but before she is allowed to succumb to it, I make her hold her breath and be completely quiet. The powerful energy of her orgasm is circulating through her body without being released through her mouth thus intensifying her explosion.

Our little girl's body is helplessly slithering and shaking all over the place. Her wide open eyes keep staring at me and all of a sudden they roll back into her head: "Thank you for letting me serve you master". Very intense stares by the way, I know she is exhausted but it is a bit early to let her go out just yet. Back on her knees, Peach is mindlessly staring at me with her big empty eyes. Now it is time for more of the hands free, touch less orgasms. Peach feels deeply penetrated and helplessly orgasmed until she finally passes out. It is hot to watch her rolling eyes, her quivering and twitching body and to her moaning while she slowly loses all will and strength while she is going out.



Peach Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
1001 nights and the frozen dancer

Peach believes to be an exotic dancer at the local strip joint. My job as the assistant manager is to make sure the girls are ready for our big "1001 nights" dance contest. Of course I have to inspect her costume and to take some pictures of her for our outside showcase. Peach certainly knows how to pose and what to do with that sexy bubble ass of hers. Other than that she seems quite full of herself and when I start hitting on her, she gives me the, Oh no the boss would not like it, kind of BS. I guess being only the assistant manager is not good enough for our little dancer.

Now comes the fun part. I show her the magic wand and explain to her that every time she sees it flashing her body will freeze up a little bit at a time. Does she believe me or can she take her eyes off the wand? No and No; Too bad my little girl. Surprised and somewhat at a loss for words, Peach finds herself slowly freezing up. Frozen, helpless yet fully aware, Peach has no choice but to let me play with her. It is fun watching her trying to suppress the orgasm, I make her feel or to look into her big eyes while I am rearranging her clothes. Let's see what happens when I wave my hand across her face.




Peach Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Waving hand renders mindless and obedient

Peach back to being herself does not remember how much fun we had in the last segment, in fact she does not seem to remember much of anything that has happened so far. Anyway, my little exotic dancer has not learned much at all and again she expresses how little she is interested in me. This time I wave my hand in front of her eyes and what do you know, Peach goes blank instantaneously. After playing with her for a bit I decide that it is time to snap her out of it again but the second her mind comes back, her body freezes up again. Looks like the poor girl can't win.




Peach Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
From exotic dancer to obedient Robot

I am a pleasure unit for you

Peach unfortunately does not seem to remember what just happened and again she seems to not want to cooperate. Of course, as fair as I am, I let her know that I will now turn her into an obedient and well programmed Robot which has no other purpose than to serve me. Does she think I am insane? Of course she does but that changes when she stares into the light. Suddenly her face loses all expressions and her mind seizes to function. My little Robot is ready to please and serve me. Naturally, now comes the fun part which is to make my new servant do all the things I like to watch. There would be the very uncomfortable standing up on one leg masturbation, the yes master routine, forced intense orgasm on command. Of course there is a lot more training and programming going on in this segment. It is fun watching her deactivating herself while on her knees. Lots of action, many �yes masters� and severe training...



Peach Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
No there is absolutely nothing happening

Peach believes to be at her day job, which btw she really has, and she is quite surprised to see me show up there. We start talking about her upcoming session and she tells me that it might not be for her. In other words, she does not believe it works. Little does she know that I have programmed her to feel stuck to her chair, deeply penetrated and licked, at the sound of the vibrator in my hand. Of course she does not see the vibrator nor does she remember any of this. Sure enough, I turn the thing on and my little girl starts to squirm and shiver in her new office chair. Now it gets really funny. Peach tries desperately to hide what is going on after all, I am a stranger to her and she certainly has no clue as to why this is happening to her. Even after pulling down her dress and actually Cumming in front of me, my sexy little non believer still denies that there is anything weird going on. I tell you, women and excuses, just too precious.




Peach Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
What the hell is going on

After a brief deepening, Peach awakens and feels all by herself in the office. She starts typing on the computer and all of a sudden jumps up and screams. I guess something must have poked her in the butt. Could it be her new office chair? Naturally, she is confused and I can feel her trying to figure out what might have happened but before she has a chance to give it some more serious thought, she suddenly squirms and quivers as it she was getting fucked. Strange, isn't it. Could it be that she is programmed to feel that way when she hears certain triggers? I take her back and forth between feeling poked in the ass and feeling penetrated and fucked.

What the hell is going on. Poor thing I guess I put her to sleep before she goes crazy. After a brief deepening, Peach wakes up thinking her boss (that would be me) is now in the office with her. We start talking about her new chair and all of a sudden, she jumps up again. Of course she does not admit that she just felt poked in the ass. Things get even worse when she suddenly feels penetrated again. Lots of fun watching her struggle, apologize, helplessly orgasm, come up with excuses while utterly confused and more.




Peach Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
You are too old for me

Peach, our seasoned and very professional model believes to be at a photo shoot for a new boot and shoe catalog. I have to say, watching her seductively pose in those boots and that little white number she is wearing gets me hot and excited. You will know what I mean once you watch her shake that cherry ass of hers. Anyway, I start hitting on her and who could blame me for that. Unfortunately though she thinks I am a bit to old for her. I guess it is time to torture her a bit. All of a sudden, Peach starts to break out in laughter and jumps all over the place. Looks like she feels a sudden tickle attack. Poor thing, at a loss for words and an explanation about what just happened, she begins to apologize. That of course was just the warm up and Peach is now taken back and forth between feeling tickled and or frozen to being completely unaware and back to being fully aware of what is happening. Lot's of twist and turns, tickling, exhausting orgasms, freezes, confusion, apologies and mind games.



Peach Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen feet and orgasmed into mindlessness

This next segment is short and sweet. My sexy boot model comes back up after a brief deepening and now has only one thing on her mind and that is to take off those hot boots. Oh, that feels sooooo good and massaging those hot feet feels even better. Wait until you see her with those hot feet and legs frozen up in the air while my little girl is orgasmed into complete mindlessness. This clip includes fun mind games, freezes and limp body play while she is asleep and rounded up by eye checks.


Peach Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Love potion

After a brief deepening, Peach wakes up thinking that I am the best looking and most interesting man she has ever seen. Naturally she falls head over heals in love with me and is more than willing to do pretty much anything I want her to do. I wonder why she feels that way. Could it be because of my suggestion that she has ingested an ancient old love potion that will make her feel in love with the first male she sees right after awakening? Could it be that I am really that good looking. OK, maybe not, so I guess we have to assume that it was the love potion. At any rate, my sexy little secretary starts hitting on me in a very sensual and sexy kind of way. Of course she has no problems taking off her clothes for me and to pleasure herself while I am watching.

The girl really has an amazing ass and to watch her bend over the desk with that cherry butt pushed out at me is just a delightful. Let's see how far her love and lust goes, shall we. Now it is time for the mind reduction. I have her sit in front of me and while she is still pleasuring herself, her mind and will are slowly drained out. It is fun to watch her futile attempt to hold on to her mind and there are a lot of OH NO's and then the OH Yes's. Drained and zombie like she is now paraded around and the taken to the chair of transformation. Peach ends up in blissful mindlessness with a complete empty stare. Really ho for all of our mindless zombie lovers.



Peach Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Two coats of paint, Sir!

Imagine a beautiful girl giving you an estimate from the painting company to get your house painted. Who could say no to her even if the estimate is far too high? Well, I guess that is what her boss must have thought when he hired her but it did not work on me. The second I saw her, she reminded me of a fish out of water. I mean the girl, as beautiful as she is, had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, in fact it seemed like she was just repeating a memorized script. Don't get me wrong, she was more than pleasant, in a stiff kind of a way but as I mentioned, she just could not answer any of my questions. Besides being unable to answer my questions, she seemed to take it personal and it did not take long before she became all flustered and nervous.

Thinking back, it might have been better to just take the estimate, get rid of her and talk to her boss directly but then again, who would want to get rid of a beautiful girl like her. Sure enough, she became increasingly nervous and with that less coherent. She kept repeating herself, her body started to twitch and the stuff she was saying made less and less sense. Even someone as slow as I am would finally figure out what was going on. Sending a beautiful girl to make an extra buck is one thing but to send a half assed programmed fembot is just a fuck up. Who could blame me for taking advantage of the situation or should I say, taking advantage of her.






Peach Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Two coats of paint and some sex!

Her malfunction and the fact that she went down gave me plenty of time to, let's say, modify her original programming and to turn her into my new playmate. Sexy, seductive and ready for pretty much anything I want to do with and or to her. Well, that is pretty much what I thought and it seemed to work just fine. The girl, I am using the term girl loosely here, was stripping, shaking her ass and kept talking about giving blowjobs like a pro and believe me I was as close to heaven as it gets. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky as I thought and although it was probably the most exciting afternoon of my entire life, I now wish I had done things a little differently. The good news is I got my house painted for a lot less than she wanted.






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