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Penny Jean Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Believe it or not

Penny Jean, sensual and very sexual young hard body was very interested in the workings of the mind and the idea to follow a man, she had never met before, into a sexual experience of a lifetime was more than intriguing to her. Turned out our young lady is quite kinky and better yet, she likes it rough. Well, what can I say, she came to the right place. Penny turned out to be a delight to play with and I hope that next time she comes around, we get to watch her play with another hot chick.

Penny dropped quickly into a light state but it did take me a bit to get her to relax and let go which is why I did perform and arm raise test towards the end. Nice slow closing eyes.

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Penny Jean Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Obedience training

Penny's arm is still floating in the air while her legs are starting to feel forced apart. The arm raise test worked and it shows that she is convinced to be in deep trance. I suggest that her arm will drop as a sign of her having lost all control. Sure enough, it plummets like a rock and she is where I want her to be. Time to take it up a notch. I start to slowly take her through one of her hidden and secret fantasies until her body quivers like a leaf. Finally she is made to feel fucked and used. Our little girl responds beautifully and it is now time to orgasm her on my count of three. Penny's eyes are fixated on my finger on her forehead while she is driven up the proverbial wall again. Her hands feel drawn between her legs without her having any choice and or control over it. Learn to feel what I ....



Penny Jean Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
You orgasm for as long as I want you to

Learn and feel that I am your master

First rolling eyes, forced masturbation, mantras, sleepwalker pose, yes masters, kneeling, entranced posing, intense deepening. Penny has been dropped into dim mindless trance as she is just standing there. I wave my hand in front of her eyes (to make sure that there is nobody home) before posing her weakened body. Needless to say, I take my time to let the camera slowly scan over her sexy (posed) little hard body before hitting her with another orgasm on command.

Time for her to learn that love slaves cum for their masters pleasure and entertainment. Her hands feel drawn between her legs again and she has no other choice than to make herself cum for her master. I make myself cum for my master. Penny is dropped back into still and mindless trance at the snap of my fingers again. Her big eyes roll back while her arms go up in front of her body. Her repetitions of, I am your willing slave master, become slower and slower. Of course there is more. Dropped to her knees, she gets another chance to make herself cum for her master, before being dropped in dim silent trance again. I am here to please...



Penny Jean Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am only here to please

Some of the highlights of this one are, crawling, intense mindless stares during mind reduction, bend over masturbation, mantras, kneeling, nipple torture, zombie pose while kneeling, orgasms on command and...

Again, Penny is taken to incredible sexual heights and than all the way back down into mindless stillness. First we have her crawl for us while slowly repeating, I am here to please my master.

 Of course that is all just warm up. Bend over the couch, the rest of her mind and thoughts are drained out before she is made to feel fucked and used before orgasmed on command. She keeps screaming, I am here to be used master. Penny has to learn what it means to be a controlled love slave who's only prerogative is to please her master. Of course there is more, like the nipple torture, the slow repetitions while being placed in the zombie pose, the kneeling, the waving hand and, and, and. Very intense and screaming hard orgasm training



Penny Jean Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
From foot slave to sleeping beauty

This next one shows our little girl being trained to please us with her sexy little feet. Of course she learns about the "sensitivity" of her feet as well while learning that she can easily be orgasmed by her master's touch (bottom of her feet). Needless to say, our little girl has to go on all four so that we get a nice view of her feet as well as her sexy ass while forced to masturbate. Time for some very intense breath-controlled orgasm training before putting her to sleep. Now I can take my time to mess with her limp body, check out her feet, do some eye checks and more. There is more though. I decide to have her wake up for a few seconds and just when she seems to become clear, the snap of my fingers drops her right back under. Let's do that again and again, shall we?




Penny Jean Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Not the feet thing again

Penny, who believes to be my wife, comes home from a long day (on her feet) at work. Needless to say, she cannot wait to take off her shoes and to massage her feet. Suddenly, her husband marches into the room and that when the trouble (for her) begins. Seems like she does not share her husband's enthusiasm for feet and she sure does not want him to give her a foot massage. OK honey, suite yourself. Needless to say that we cannot let her get away with this and before long, she falls for the old "camera click" trick, which leaves her dimly entranced and ready to serve.

What follows is some very hot foot worship throughout which we get to see every inch of her feet (lots of positions, poses and so on) some even more intense vibrator masturbation, waving hand, and some freeze. Yes freeze, after all, we want to see what my wife has to say about all this while being helplessly frozen. Do I mess with her feet during her "unfortunate" mobility problems? You bet ya. I am only here to please my master.




Penny Jean Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't like that either

Needless to say, my wife is not a happy camper when she wakes up but that all changes when she breaks out into uncontrollable laughter. Why does she laugh? Poor thing certainly has no idea why and again, she is not a happy camper. Oh well, who cares. Let's tickle her again before turning her into a immobilized statue. You guessed it, she is, again, not a happy camper when her awareness slowly comes back. Women, it seems like are hard to please. Anyway, there is a lot more tickling and freeze coming up. Towards the end, I decide to place a vibrator between her frozen legs and as expected, she is not a happy camper yet again. looks like we have to put her to sleep. Shall we wait until she actually has that "unwanted" orgasm or shall we...




Penny Jean Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Still not happy

Penny, my formerly disobedient wife, wakes up and now she seems to have nothing else on her mind( I am using the term loosely) than to fuck herself with the same dildo I had placed between her legs in the last segment. Needless to say, she still bitches about not having any fun despite the fact that she is close to orgasm. I guess, she does not really know what the he.. she is doing there in front of me. Let's freeze her before making her aware of her actions. Ooops, now she really wants to kick my ass. Anyway, I am used to that and besides, when it gets too much, there is always the waving hand to take care of all that. Dim and mindless, my now obedient wife fucks the he... out of her pussy with the dildo.

Believe it or not, she can't stop herself from doing it, even when I make her aware of it. Looks like she is too horny to stop. Now comes the moment when she makes the mistake to remind me that we have to go for dinner to her mom's. Wait until you see what happens after that. Zombie pose, yes master, I am your mindless entranced slave. I shot this one with two cameras which made it a bit harder to edit but I am working on it. Great fun clip



Penny Jean Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Cat burglar in the wrong house

Penny, our sexy young cat burglar finds out the hard way that she broke yet again into my house. At first it seems like she does not remember having been here but that should change quickly. I do mention that I think it is great for her to drop in on "laundry day" so that she can help me iron all those shirts. Needless to say, that did not go over too well and my idea to turn her into my personal robot sure does not make us friends either. Who cares, right? Long story short, before she knows what hits her, it is already over. Time to program my new toy and then put her to work. As we all know, Robots are designed to work and fuck and do whatever they are programmed to do. Lots of programming, masturbation, changing of her "settings", yes masters, stiff movements and more.



Penny Jean Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I'll be alright

This next on is for our sleepy and limp fetish fans as well as unaware masturbation lovers. Penny, our not so successful cat burglar wakes up from her last, let's call it experience, and now she really wants to get the he... out of here. Problem is that our young girl is way too tired to even make it further than a few feet. By the time she picks up all her stuff (clothes) she is already too weak to even get off the couch.

 Yes, she tries and struggles but in the end, she drops into lala land. Now it's my time to have some fun with her limp body (pulling her up, dropping her, move her head, enjoy her neck, eye check and so on) Let's have a bit more fun with this. Up and awake again, she now seems determined to get out but soon thereafter, she goes out as if hit by who knows what. Poor thing drops like a sack of... More time to play with her limp body. Looks like we have to do this one more time. After all this, we have her wake up one more time and now she believes that all cat burglars masturbate after having been caught. Let's enjoy her do that for a while, shall we?




Penny Jean Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Hungry Cat burglar

Lots of fun stuff going on in this one, read all the way down to see what happens to our poor girl

Up and awake again, she makes yet another mistake by having more of those candies and now, all of a sudden, she cannot seem to remember what cat burglars do when they are caught. Being the nice guy that I am, I try my best to help her remember. I think we all know that cat burglars iron shirts, masturbate, orgasm, expose their tits and so on, whenever they are caught. Yes, she does end up frozen




Penny Jean Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
One last round of fun

Penny, still frozen while ironing, slowly becomes aware and yes, she complains and lets me know how much she wants to kick my you know what. Poor thing, how does she end up with the iron right next to her head, you might ask. I guess you have to watch the clip to find out. Anyway, the situation gets even more heated when I mention that she has to go back into a mindless and obedient state of mind. No, not her thing but then again, the waving hand trick takes her exactly there, to this quiet mindless state that is. Well, being the nice guy that I am, I wake her up and she is free to go but for some strange reason, she seems too weak to get off the couch. I hate this place. I think we have to take care of her by turning her into a willing and very obedient love slave, don't you think? Too much fun going on to describe it all.




Penny Jean Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Bombshell

A Large trunk/box arrives to Frank's hotel room. Frank immediately unlocks the trunk and begins to unload its contents. The 1st item he removes appears to be a female human arm along with several other body parts we now see Penny lying on the bed, as Frank makes several last-minute adjustments just before the phone rings. Frank: "hey boss, what's up?………..Ya I just got her put back together……… I already installed the device…… her orgasm sequence will trigger the detonation sequence……… He'll never know what hit him………. She gives new meaning to the term bombshell……Of course I made a backup copy……… I know she's your favorite………… When this is all over we'll upload her program into one of those new Diana units that you like so well…………….Ok boss I'll call you know when it's done. Frank: Well that just about does it, lets see what Dr. Frankenstein has created. Penny :Penny unit activated…………. loading personality matrix……. Penny 1.3 ……….. Personality matrix fully loaded………… Penny: Don't even think about deactivating me…Wait don't touch that!………

Penny: What's going on……Frank is that you? Frank: You bet darling…….I'm right here Penny:…….Where am I?…….. I feel very strange, have I……………have I malfunctioned? Frank: I'm sorry, but we couldn't afford to be seen traveling together, besides you would've never made it through the airport metal detectors. Penny: Airport?………….what are you talking about? Frank :I had to have you shipped separately as cargo. You had to be deactivated and disassembled , in order for us to properly pack you for shipping, but you should be good as new after a few minor adjustments Penny: Deactivated?….. disassembled?… how dare you…………

When Tony finds out you took me apart, you're the one that's going to be in pieces. Do have any idea how much an android like me cost? Besides why didn't we just , if you were worried about metal detectors. Frank: We have a narrow time widow, a four day car trip wasn't an option. Enough chitchat we have a job to do. Ok do me a favor and sit up for me. Penny :OK but you and I are going to have a long dis…dis…discussion about tampering with my circ..circ..circuitry. What is hap..hap… hap .pen….ing to me. Oh my god what have you done to me? Penny:What did you do to me? I'm malfunctioning, I never malfunction……….never……..never……..never malfunction Frank: Well there were a few parts left over after I put you back together, but none of them looked all that important. Penny:This is unacceptable I am un…un…unable to function as intended. You have failed to properly reassemble me, I am starting to short- circuit……to short-circuit……. to short…short…short-circuit…Oh God I'm short circuiting……You idiot, look at me I'm ruined. , Did you even bother to read my owners manual?

Frank: I skimmed it, but I was kind of in a hurry to get you broken down for the trip. Penny: Skimmed! I'm a highly sophisticated piece of ma…ma..machinery. Now get my manual and fix me right. You are such a..a such a jjjjerk. Frank: Okay Okay, don't blow a fuse……. Frank: I ddddon't have fuses, you'd know that if you bothered to read my manual. Frank: Frank grabs a small box of components, a handful of tools and places them next to Penny. He thumbs through the manual looking for instructions on how and where to install the remaining components. Penny: Well did you figure out where they go? Frank: Yes and you're definitely going to need these components installed and working properly in order to complete your mission. Penny: What are you talking about? Frank: I forgot to finish assembling your pleasure array. Your Vaginal Unit is missing a chipset and needs to be calibrated. Your vaginal servos and hydraulics have to be completely rewired and synchronized with your lubrication system. Penny: What kind of mission are you …you…you...sending me on? Frank: Standard seduction Protocol, we just need for you to keep certain gentlemen entertained and distracted for the evening……..Ok I'm going to need you to lie back and spread your legs, While access your pleasure array……Would you preferred to be deactivated, while I make the repairs.

Penny: How are you going to calibrate my..my…my vaginal unit if I'm de..de…deactivated………Just just hurry before I completely short circuit. Frank: Ok I need you lie back and spread you legs…….Please open your lower abdominal panel Penny: Opening access panel …………….please initiate repair……… Frank: First things first, lets get these wires reconnected to where they belong. (there is and electrical pop and a crackle as Frank stumbles his was throughout e repair)

Penny: Warning……..Warning……improper sequence Warning……..Warning……improper sequence…… (Penny begins to twitch and jerk She begins in a pleasant monotone voice, but finishes yelling with real emotion) Penny: Im…I'm…improper seq..seq sequence……The green wire goes last you idiot.!. Frank: Oh sorry the instructions are kind of hard to follow…..I'll attach the blue one first Penny: Negative…negative….improper sequence ……………Attach the red then, the blue, and then the green wire. Frank: Ooops my bad, I got it now. Penny: Vaginal unit detected……lubrication reservoir level is full………Error detected…….Error detected……Vaginal sensors are offline…….missing chipset………missing chipset……… Frank: Oh crap I almost forgot I need to install this Penny: New hardware detected……..Warning…….Warning misaligned chipset………Warning misaligned chipset………Error……Error……Error…Take it out …..You idiot before I short…short..short circuit……….short circuit……….short circuiting………I am short circuiting…….mis…mis..misaligned chipset. Penny: Warning chipset not found…………New hardware detected……..Vaginal sensors detected………. Vaginal sensors engaged……….Vaginal unit is ready for calibration. Wow that was a close one……Next time read the instructions before thou try to dismantle or reassemble an android as sophisticated as me. OK get my sensor calibration wand so we can calibrate my pleasure sensors. Frank: A what?

Penny: My sensor calibration wand, you know it looks kind of like a vibrator…………don't tell me you forgot it. Frank: I guess that's in the manual too? Penny: Oh well I guess you'll just have to do it manually. Frank: manually? Penny: Yes manually, you'll have to stimulate me, while adjusting my settings. Frank: Stimulate you! How do I do that? Penny: How do you think? Frank: I'm not sure stimulating you is such a good idea all things considered Penny: what are you talking about, Why not?

Frank: Never mind, so I just use these dials to make the adjustments Penny: Affirmative……..Penny unit awaiting penetration…….Penny unit awaiting penetration…….Penny unit awaiting penetration Frank: OK OK……not big on foreplay are you……. Penny: Penetration detected…..please begin calibration minimal stimulation detected………please adjust calibration… stimulation level inadequate Frank:OK lets try this ………… Penny: Sensor level increased 20%……….moderate stimulation detected………….Stimulation level adequate………..Would you like to conclude Vaginal calibration at this time. Frank: Adequate…, I think we can do better than adequate, How this for adequate Penny: Sensor level increased 40%………AHH…….major stimulation detected……OHH…….Stimulation level approaching maximum suggested parameters ………..Would you like to conclude Vaginal calibration at this time…..at this time…..conclude….would you like….like…….like to to fuck me harder….

Frank: That's definitely better than Adequate, but I think we can still do better Penny: Ahhh……Oh…Oh What are doing are you crazy?…….are you crazy?…….are you crazy?…crazy…crazy……Oh yeah…Ah ---Sensor levels increased 50%………..Excessive stimulation detected…….Warning Stimulation level critical…..Warning Sensor


levels exceed design parameters……I need to stop………I…I . I need…I need…I need you to fuck me

 harder……malfunction…….malfunction…oh Yea baby……overload my circuits……….I'm your little Robolust……….overload my circuits….I'm your little Robolust……….overload my circuits…come on baby…. Frank: Oh crap what am I doing? I got get of here……….let go of me Oh no you don't you mine now sexy……………… three……… two ……harder I want it harder………….one…. Booooom!


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