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Pepper Kester Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


There is no other way

Pepper Kester, beautiful, tall and naturally very horny dirty-blond with a sexy well curved body was another one of my girls who could quite believe that what I do might work on them. Well, what can I say, it worked beautifully and as it turned out, our little girl is a fantastic subject. The fact that she is horny by nature and that she likes it rough, did help to make this another winner. Go check out (among many others of your favorites) her intense unblinking stares, rolling eyes, hard orgasms and, and, and. I am so glad we found her and got her to stop by on her Ten thousand mile trip around the country. I know, sounds pretty adventures and it is but that is just the way she is. Enjoy another real and intense one.

Towards the end of the induction, I could already feel that our little girl was turned on by the idea to have to follow and obey me and I started to enhance those feelings of lust while messing with her limp body  

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Pepper Kester Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no holding back

I am here to follow and obey you M

Yes master I want to be a good little girl for....

Some of the Highlights are : first slow repetition of mantra, yes masters, intense forced orgasms (over and over) being manipulated while made to feel limp and heavy, white eyed stares, trance deepening snap by snap, dim stares, intensified obedience/orgasm training and so much more.

Needless to say, Pepper's session starts with an amazing intensity. First though is made to feel too heavy and limp to move while I am messing with her. I can feel that she is turned on by the idea of being helplessly played with, which makes me decide to drive her up the wall for lust. Go see what follows after that, I am sure you like it.



Pepper Kester Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless muted and used stripper, doll, mannequin and horny kitten

I tried to pack as much into the title as possible but there is a lot more going on in this. First we clean out her memory before turning her into a mindless stripper/dancer who not only loves to dance but to also pleasure herself for her master while having to wait to be allowed to orgasm. Sounds like fun? Sure is but wait until you see her feeling and acting like a little kitten on catnip (also kitty toy chase and fuck) Sounds like fun?

Sure does but how about turning her into a beautiful yet simple (two programs only) little doll who loves to do the "jumping-jacks". Of course there is the smiling doll and the white eyed h- doll. I know sounds wild but it is not easy to explain but I am sure you are going to love it. Still we are not done yet. Wanna see her pose while being turned into a mannequin. Do you enjoy those white rolling eyes and or stares? We got them. Maybe you like to see her being frozen, muted and mindlessly posed and orgasmed. Well we got that too. Too much to list and not easy to explain but sure different and hot. Some neck and limp play, plenty yes masters and transformations.




Pepper Kester Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and used

This next one shows her being limp and manipulated (picked up and dropped, moved and..) but that is certainly not all there is. We get to enjoy watching her wake up, a few times, not knowing where the he.. she is and then, as if by magic, but herself out by placing her hand over her mouth and nose. Enjoy the confused look on her face and the white rolling eyes when she slowly goes out. Needless to say, we have to inspect her feet (including toes) her hands, her eyes, mouth as well as her pussy while she remains in lala land. Rolling eyes, sleeepy orgasm, frozen hand, confusion, neck brace and so much more.




Pepper Kester Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born and bred to serve you master

I am your horny little slut master. I am your mindless shell

Foot jobs, blow jobs, mantras, bimbofication, limp play, zombie pose, neck brace and so much more. There is so much going on in this one that I don't really know where to start. Yes, as you can see in the pictures, she is trained in the art of being a perfect foot slave who loves to not only show her feet but to also give foot jobs (dildo) as well as talk about every detail of her feet (high arches and so on. I know there are also pictures that show her sucking the same dildo while being brought to orgasm after she has been turned into a horny bimbo who loves having no mind of her own. All I can think off master is cock.

We also get to enjoy watching her cuming hard and fast for us before being put to sleeeep. Of course there is some limp play as well as the repetition of mantras while in the zombie pose and so much more.  




Pepper Kester Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
The entrancing effect of cell-phones

Pepper, who believes to be on her lunch break, does not seem to be too thrilled about the stranger who is joining at her favorite lunch place under the tree. Guess who the stranger might be? Anyway, she seems rather bored when I mention a study I recently read, in which the dangers of excessive cell-phone use were described as mind altering. Too make a long story short, she ends up entranced and back at the studio (zombie walk while repeating, "I must obey") Back inside, her trance is deepened, leaving her a mindlessly obedient slave. Rolling white eyed entrancement, slow undressing, zombie walk and.....  




Pepper Kester Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Designed for you master

Pepper, who is deeply entrance by now is first brainwashed and then slowly "trained" to be a perfectly obedient foot slave who loves to show them while bringing herself to orgasm. Needless to say, we program her to orgasm on my touch under her feet and so on. It gets really hot and wet quickly and as it turned out, Pepper loves to be made obedient and subservient. There is a lot of slow and sensual limp body (and feet) play yet to come. We take a closer look at her nails and masturbate her with her own foot while she is..... More rolling white eyed entrancement  




Pepper Kester Robot Movie
Part One
Members - Click here to view this clip
Illegal Unit

Pepper, is a beautiful, but older outlawed series Pleasure model android. In order for her to renew some of her components - she had to resort to going to the only computer shop that carried those items. A shady computer shop with even shadier suspicious clerk who interrogated her on the items she was purchasing. which she had to explain was trying to fix her older model desktop.

She is relieved to finally return home and begins to insert the new components, but begins to experience some minor glitches, and starts to feel strange.

Soon there is a knock at the door. She is shocked to see the clerk and ask him why he is at her apartment.

Frank ignores her and instead asks Are you feeling ok?

She replies in snippy tone, "Yes of course! Why wouldn't I be?"

Frank: the components I gave you were damaged and it's just a matter of time before you malfunction and I will claim my reward for turning in an illegal pleasure model.

PEPPER: You are not authorized to tamper with my circuitry!

FRANK: It's ok, I authorized myself!

PEPPER: NO! I cannot allow you to…to….to access my internal components………You must leave immediately!

FRANK: No thanks, I think I'll stick around, besides watching Pleasurebots meltdown is a hobby of mine.

PEPPER: You won't get...get…get…. get away with this, my husband will be home any minute.

FRANK: "Husband," that's a good one. Do you mean your Owner? He won't be back for hours, I've been casing this place for weeks. Don't mind me I'm just going to get my tools ready, looks like you are already starting to Short circuit.

PEPPER: It takes more than a few loose wires to make me too short...short...short circuit……I will not allow…….will not allow… you to tamper with my circ...circ…circuitry……Loading security protocols… Intruder Alert……Intruder Alert……Intruder Alert……..Intruder must be neutralized………Defense Mode...Activated

FRANK: Oh no you don't

PEPPER: Hey stop, don't touch that!………What are you doing? Defense mode disabled……Seductive Posing activated……

FRANK: Oh I think we can do better than that

Masturbate while posing…..Hey stop changing my settings…Defense Mode Activated……Now you're going to get it ….Just wait until I… Stop Don't touch that!…I swear when I get my….Sex Mode Activated….. Oh Don't you DARE!

PEPPER: Hi sex...sex….sexy…I'm Pepper what's your name?

FRANK: Oh that's not important

PEPPER: but what should I call You?

FRANK: Let's just stick with sexy for now.

PEPPER: user name Sexy……Saved…

How may I please you….Sexy?
Go find out what happens next.


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