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Rachel Rose Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Allow your thoughts to drift into...

Rachel Rose, absolutely adorable, cute as a button, sexy, horny and soft spoken brunet went down like a rock which is kind of what I expected. I don't do the rapid inductions too often but I had a feeling it would work well for her and sure enough, after only a few seconds, her beautiful limp body sank into my arms. Needless to say, I could not resist to take a peek at perky breast, check her eyes and to undress her further. My voice slowly starts to make her feel aroused while her body starts to squirm and shiver. She is taken closer and closer to orgasm without having any control over it while I am having fun inspecting her tits. Suddenly I have her open her eyes and as soon as she does, she feels her first orgasm out of the blue so to speak.

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Rachel Rose Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls obey

Getting the subject to the point where they actually want to please and obey as well as accepting that they have a new master who can do whatever her wants with them is always the challenge at the beginning of every session. Well, Rachel seems to get it right away and she loves to show it by masturbating herself into obedient bliss for us. I decide to take her close before "snapping" her back into mindless trance. Her wobbly young body just stands there as she stares into you all know where. Looks like a great time to do some eye checks and to mess with her long neck while she is repeating, I am going deeper for you master.

Of course now that her mind is still and empty, we have to take her back to sexual heights with a surprise orgasm that makes her almost fall. Rachel cannot seem to wait to pleasure herself for us again. Her sexy young body quivers and shakes as she gets closer and closer to you all know what. I am making myself cum for you master. Back to mindless trance and the slow repetition (mantra) of, I am your entranced willing slave master, while in the zombie pose. Our little girl is already well trained and she on my command. Looks like a good time for me to remove her panties and to mess a bit with our sleeping beauty. Yes masters!



Rachel Rose Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am cuming for my master

After making her cum in her sleep while messing with her, we get to enjoy her being trained to be a perfectly submissive and seductive foot slave. As it turns out, Rachel enjoys feet and to please her master with them seems to almost come natural. She starts to seductively run her fingers all over her feet and of course between her toes while offering them. Needless to say, she gets into the wrinkles and spread toes for us. Time to drive her up the wall and take a closer look at her quivering body while she is ordered to bring herself to orgasm. Still there is a lot more to come, after all, we have not introduced her to the "orgasm spot" under her feet yet. Intense orgasms, really seductive foot worship. Needless to say, after putting her to sleep, I take my time to mess with her feet, body, mouth, neck and.... Yes masters



Rachel Rose Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your doll master

Rachel loves to show that she is a good little girl and just as told, she remains in deep trance while posing her sexy young body for us. She keeps repeating, I am your doll master which takes her even deeper. Time to show her again who is in control of her body and mind. Our little girl slowly freezes up as she turns into a beautiful statue. Being helplessly unable to move seems to turn her on and I decide to (slowly) make her orgasm while she is still stiffly frozen. Needless to say, the fun does not end here, after all, our little girl has not learned to beg yet. Time to drive her up the wall again until all she wants is to orgasm. Rachel starts begging but she still has to wait before she can explode into another powerful orgasm. Thank you, thank you master. Suddenly her hands feel pulled behind her back and again, she squirms for lust and now she is orgasmed by....



Rachel Rose Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your empty shell master

Slaves crawl for their masters

Rachel, our entranced beauty, has been placed on her knees with her arms and hands stretched out in front of her for some more training and of course her final surrender. Her repetitions of, I am your empty shell master, are slow while her dim eyes stare into the laser light. Her mind is gone and now she is made to feel touched and orgasmed without having any choice in the matter. Of course that is all just warm up. Rachel drops on all four while I grab her hair and lead her through the room. She keeps repeating, Slaves crawl for their master. Of course there is more crawling while being made to feel fucked, breath controlled orgasm training which eventually takes it all out of her and she collapses, yet to come. Let's not forget the limp play, posing and the sleepy orgasm and, and, and...



Rachel Rose Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Lost in Time

Rachel, who believes to have gone lost in her new neighborhood while jogging, ends up at the wrong house. Impressed by the house but not necessarily the owner of the place, our curious young lady cannot seem to sat away from his precious collection of antic and quite fragile watches. As soon as he (guess who the owner of the house is) leaves to get her some water, she grabs one of the watches and looks at it for just a tiny bit too long.

 Of course my soft voice does the rest and before you know it, she is entranced and stiffly frozen. Let's see what happens when she becomes aware of her predicament. Needless to say, she is confused about all this which is probably why she tries to deny having messed with one of the watches. The fact that I start to undress her does seem to concern her but then again, what can she do about all this. Maybe we should introduce her to the "waving hand" and its mind altering properties. There she goes again and now I can really take my time to remove those unnecessary clothes.



Rachel Rose Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't know what I was thinking

Lot's going on in this one. Our young jogger wakes up not remembering what has happened so far and the fun continues. First we get to watch her masturbate without any hesitation and or morals, as if it was n=the most natural thing to do. Poor thing has no idea that she will not be able to finish herself off as she finds herself frozen and immobile right before it happens. Now she also seems to become clear about her behavior which makes this quite embarrassing. Problem is though, that she really would like to finish herself off, despite the embarrassment it may cause.

Being the nice guy that I am, I try to help her by moving the hand between her legs but that makes it even more worse (for her) Looks like we need to use the "waving hand" trick to send her back into you all know what. I decide to let her wake up knowing that I am her master and that all she wants now is to get fucked by me. Please, please, please. There is a lot more to cum, from more freezes, slow sleep and even more slow limp body and neck manipulation. Eye checks and, and...




Rachel Rose Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Joggers feet are....

Here we get to enjoy our beautiful jogger not only slip into a sexy little baby doll (without her realizing it) but also being slowly entranced and turned into a mindlessly obedient foot slave who loves to entice, serve and please her master with her cute and very soft feet. I know that was a long sentence but ye, try to describe all this without getting to lengthy. Anyway, Rachel loves to show us her most seductive poses while showing off her soft little feet. Needless to say, she is driven into ecstasy, made to beg and plead, orgasmed at will and played with while helplessly out. There is a lot of kneeling, posing, yes masters, begging to be touched and more going on. Towards the end, we have her wake up while her body is helplessly week and make her cum despite her...



Rachel Rose Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to suck on you

Rachel, our lost jogger, wakes up and by the looks of it, she seems quite uneasy about her nakedness and the fact that she does not really remember how that could have happened. Poor thing is so confused that she even seems to have a hard time remembering how to get dressed quickly. Of course the unexplainable laughing attacks don make this any easier on her.

Looks like we need to give her a break and send her back to sleep so that I can take my time to remove those clothes she just struggled with to put on. Things change as soon as she wakes up and believe it o not, now she wants to "suck on me" Oh boy, I wonder what made her want to do that. Let's watch her suck on the dildo before considering to actually let her have the real thing. Unfortunately though, it never gets to that. Suddenly she freezes up with the dildo in her mouth and that is also the moment when she realizes what she just did. Ups, it is kind of hard to express yourself with a big thing like that in your mouth. Poor thing struggles all the way until I put her back to sleep for more limp body manipulation and....



Rachel Rose Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Side effects may include.....

Please stop talking master

Drinking water usually does not make people orgasm but that is exactly what our very thirsty young jogger experiences. Unfortunately for her, she seems very, very thirsty which means for us, that we get to see her "involuntarily" orgasm over and over until she is send back to sleep. Things do not improve when she wakes up because now the sound of my gentle voice drives her right back into orgasmic bliss. What makes this even harder for her to understand is the fact that she calls me master without knowing why. It gets so bad that she asks me to stop talking but that, of course, is not going to happen. Looks like she needs a "sleepy" break so that I can roll her around, spread her.... and so much more.




Rachel Rose Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't hit the button honey

Rachel, who believes to be on a date with me, seems to be bored and not quite happy about being here with me. Oh well, maybe the pictures I send her during our online date period were a bit "outdated" but hey, I had to try. Anyway, bored and unhappy she tries to find a way out of it by calling her girlfriend to pick her up. It is a long story but she ends up using my phone. Enjoy her slow RoboFication/Objectification. Our little girl slowly transforms into a perfect pleasure toy with no personality, mind and or thoughts of her own, after all, robots have programs which makes them devoted to serve and please. Plenty of yes masters, bottomless masturbation, monotone repetition of orders and so many more of your favorites.


Rachel Rose Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The first date itch

Rachel, who still believes to be on a date with me, seems to have suddenly (after a brief nap that is) changed her mind about me. Believe it or not but now she really would love to date me and she sure tries hard to impress me. The problem with all this is though that she slowly but surely gets more and more tiered and sleepy which makes her feel really bad because, as I mentioned, she really wants to impress me. Poor thing goes down despite her best attempts to stay awake.

Things get even worse when she wakes up. Again she really wants to get to know me and make a good impression on her hot date but now she is plagued by this nasty itch all over her body and between her legs in particular. Needless to say, she tries to hide all this, after all, scratching your crotch while on a first date can be very embarrassing. Looks like we better send her to sleep (after enjoying her agony for a while) before messing with her limp little body. Of course things end well when she wakes up one more time and now she really wants to...


Rachel Rose Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Not me, not me, not m...

Rachel Rose The wholesome star the family TV sitcom "Secret Admirer," is called to the office of her irate agent, Frank. When the sweet bubbly Rachel gets to the office, her agent,

FRANK asks: Have you seen the news?

Rachel: "what news"? and inquires "is everything Ok you seem very upset."

Frank: He then confronts her and ask her to explain herself as he turns the laptop on his desk toward the young actress. She is shocked to see a video of a couple having sex in a hotel room.

She replies "Oh goodness what is that?

Frank: Its a sex tape.

The actress responds "I'm sorry but I don't watch those type of videos, please turn it off.

Frank: "do see anyone who looks familiar?

Rachel replies "I've never seen him or, hey! that girl looks like me. She's very pretty."

Frank yells: that is you, would you care to explain yourself?

Oh no that's not me I would remember.

Rachel insists: "That's impossible I would never....would would never...dddddo such a thing.

Frank replies: There's no point denying it, Rachel that's you on the tape, plain as day - its already gone viral. We're going to have to do some serious damage control. For god sakes watch your show, this is an absolute catastrophe.

Rachel insist yet again "Golly I would never make a movie like that, I'm a good girl....a good girl....."

Frank yells: Save it, I'm not the one you have to convince the network execs are going to lose it, not to mention your sponsors. It would be one thing if it was just a run of the mill sex tape, but what's with the whole robot fetish thing"

Rachel responds "I I I don't understand, It is I'm...I'm...impossible......I'm a good girl...a good girl.....warning system error..........Rachel unit is starting to malfunction........to malfunction. I'm a good girl....a good girl........Rachel freezes up....

Frank realizes that his wholesome star is a robotic ex porn star that's been reprogrammed. He figures her family sitcom days are through and he decides to reprogram her to be a porn star yet again figuring that he can make a fortune playing the angle "celebrity sweetheart turned porn star."

Goodness me I think your overloading my pleasure circuits. Oh my goodness what am I doing. I have to stop….I'm a good girl…a good girl I I have to stop….I have to...to to fuck your brains out…..I'm programmed to fuck your brains out….overload me!

Want to know how it all ends, go ahead and watch it!


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