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Rachel DD Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Initial training

Rachel DD, sexy, well rounded and very horny MILF, with a very healthy appetite for kinky sexual fun, came to the right place. I mean where else could she go to experience something, even for her, so new and different that it would change the way she looks at the power of the mind for ever. I always find it interesting when people say that sex is to 90% in the mind because, really when it comes down to it, it is actually a hundred percent.

All of what we see, feel, hear and so on, are really just thoughts which arise when our sensory organs pick up signals like waves, pixels and so on. I don't want to get too deep into this and I have a feeling that some of you might already know what I am talking about anyways. As for Rachel, she was yet another one of our "fetish con" girls who was trying to set up a shoot with us for the last couple of years. Well, this year it finally worked out and we cannot wait to. hopefully, see her again next August during the next fetish con in Tampa. Enjoy her being rendered mindless, played with (limp and otherwise), orgasmed at will and so much more.

Rachel was quite nervous at first and it took a while for her to comfortably let go. I could not wait to take a peek at her DD's during the induction already.

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Rachel DD Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Loss of control

Rachel has to learn that she has already lost all control over her body and with that over her mind. Her sexy little body starts to quiver and shake as soon as she feels uninhibited and not in control of her lust. The idea that she has to wait for my permission to orgasm seems to make her feel weak and submissive. I keep driving her up the wall until I can feel she is ready to accept her situation and succumb to it. Finally, she is orgasmed over and over while her hands seem to have no other choice that to give her wet pussy a hard workout. Time to take her into mindless dimness. Her eyes are glued to the bright blue light in her face which helps to make her let go of her thoughts and mind. Rachel drops even further with every snap of my fingers before she is ordered to finger her wet pussy again. Her entire body is quivering like a leaf as she, again, has to wait for permission to...



Rachel DD Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Obedience training

I am cuming for you Master

Here we get to see our busty blond being

orgasmed on my count of three

Played with while limp and out for quite some time so we all get a closer look at her sleepy body while she is manipulated

Having her feet checked out while sleepy and or driven up the wall for lust.

Rendered mindless and posed like a statue for our pleasure

Ordered to masturbate her wet pussy while repeating, I am your obedient slave master

Being rendered mindless while staring into the light

Of course there is more going on than just that but I am sure you guys know that already



Rachel DD Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under your control master

I am your entranced slave master

I want to cum for you master

Needless to say, there is a whole lot going on in this one as well, everything from sleepy limp body manipulation, foot worship (while out and helpless as well as awake, horny and eager to show off every wrinkle, forced orgasm as well as masturbation training, begging to be allowed to orgasm, repetitions, stares, nipple torture and orgasm training and more. Towards the end, Rachel is place on her knees while her hands and legs are made to feel tied up as she helplessly struggles under the intense thrust of the Hitachi she is made to feel between her legs. Screaming hard orgasms and lots of jiggling DD's. Eye checks.



Rachel DD Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves crawl

I surrender to you Master

First we have our horny blond feel the sweet pleasure of being forced to crawl on all four while being made to feel fucked and used. Rachel's curvy body quivers under the impact of the thrusting penis she is made to feel as she orgasms on my command. Poor thing has little time to enjoy her cum as she is put to sleep. Let's take another close look at her feet, manipulate her weak and limp body and perform some eye checks while she is helplessly out. Time for the final take-over. Rachel has to learn that she is here to please and to surrender. Her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams as she is orgasmed over and over until there is not an ounce of strength or energy left in her weal body. " I surrender to you master." After all, slaves have to learn to give it all up for their master. Of course we are not quite done yet. Let's watch and enjoy her being orgasmed in her sleep before...



Rachel DD Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Dr. Lesley Young

Helpless foot slave

This next one ends with our unsuspecting victim, being taken under and then helplessly played with. Ounce her weak mind as well as wobbly body are under control, she is undressed, her pantyhose are cut open while her feet are inspected.

Rachel, who believes to be talking to her new therapist, seems very uneasy and reluctant to share any personal information with the good doctor because of the fact that he is a man. I guess, she expected to meet a female therapist to talk to about her sex live. I can see that with a name like "Lesley" people might get the wrong impression and I will make it clear in the future that I am a male. OK, maybe not. Anyway, now that she is here, we might as well have some fun with her. Rachel, who really seems uneasy about all this reluctantly agrees to participate in a quick experiment. Big mistake.



Rachel DD Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Dr. Lesley Young and his foot slave

Rachel, who wakes up not remembering what just happened, seems still reluctant to talk to a man about her problems. As we learned in the last segment, our young lady does not seem to believe that trying a fetish, like foot worship, could possibly cure her from her problem but that changes quickly after she briefly goes out for some, let's call it, programming. What do you know, suddenly she loves showing off her feet for us. Her sexy body starts to quiver and shake and I can feel that she cannot wait for me to touch her feet and orgasm her. She cannot wait to expose her pussy as she tears her pantyhose open to show me her wet pussy. Again, her body goes into lustful convulsions before she is put to sleep again. Now I can take my time to play with her limp body, inspect her feet closely and...





Rachel DD Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Let's meet Dr. Freeze

Do you do this with all your female clients?

Rachel, who still does not remember what just happened, slips into a different dress with realizing that it is not the dress she was wearing earlier. Again, she wants to leave and find a female therapist to talk to. Maybe I can refer one of my colleges, like the world renowned Dr. Freeze. Sure enough, our reluctant patient stops in her tracks. Dimly mindless and frozen, our patient just sits there while I am exposing her tits (DD's) Of course there is more. Rachel is made aware of her situation while I am messing (I mean, trying to help her) which really seems to confuse her even more. Why does she end up frozen on all four while apologizing for being naked? Will she be orgasmed despite her not wanting? Will hypno help her to find her mobility or will she end up sleepy and helplessly played with?




Rachel DD Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Have you ever heard of Robolust?

Rachel DD, a famous book author, has just published a best-seller on how to your husband to get what you want. Needless to say, she loves the fact that she is being interview by a reporter of her favorite gossip magazine and she goes on and on about how her book will change women and their place in marriage. Of course I am having my fun with her, particularly when she laughs about me being a "beginner" when it comes to the art of entrancement. To make a long story short, our (quite full of herself) young lady ends up being a perfectly programmed robot/pleasure toy. Blowjob simulation with dildo, masturbation, programming, deactivation, salutations and more.



Rachel DD Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Convulsed, embarrassed and un-conscious

Here we have our bestseller author, who still believes to be the one in charge, being put to sleep while she is trying to hypno me. Believe it or not, she still talks about how it does not work on her and how she will take me down, when it suddenly hits her and she drops like a rock. Needless to say, I use her state of "not being home" to undress her top and to manipulate her weak (limp) body. Up and awake again, Rachel (still full of herself) starts flashing her ass while telling us how much she dislikes the exploitation of women.

Oh well, let's put her back to sleep for more limp body manipulation. Still there is more. In the next round, our successful author seems to believe that all women masturbate when interviewed. I think we should make her aware of what she is doing and then enjoy her embarrassment. Still more to cum. Next we have her experience those nasty yet uncontrollable "laughing" and or "tickle attacks while....



Rachel DD Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Smoking may cause

Rachel, our successful book author seems to really, really want to smoke a cigarette before the actual interview starts. Having forgotten to bring her own smokes, she almost begs me to give her a couple of mine. Well, I think most of you are with us for long enough to know that my kind of cigarettes can easily drive a young woman into becoming a horny, masturbating, oversexed, promiscuous slut who wants to get fucked so badly that even letting go of her mind seems reasonable to her. Watch her (towards the end) when she not only becomes aware of what she just did but also believes to be a non-smoker. Sleep!




Rachel DD Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
A not so simple maid Bot.

Frank: barks a list of orders to Rachel his busty French maid. Rachel is a very basic model, who's stiff posture, blank expressions, mechanical movements and awkwardly pleasant mannerisms does very little to hide her true robotic nature.

Frank: Rachel do me a favor and sweep the floor before our guest arrive.

Rachel Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..for you.

Frank: Oh and be sure to iron the shirt and slacks I laid out for you,

Rachel Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and iron for you.

Frank: Oh yeah be doll and clean the dishes I left in the sink.

Rachel Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and…. iron…and …clean……. for you.

Frank: Oh yeah I almost forgot………I need you to prepare the hors d'oeuvres for tonight's reception.

Rachel Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and…. iron…and…clean…and…cook for you. …………

Frank: Can you do me a favor.

Rachel Of course Sir……… I am programmed to please and obey

Frank: This whole party has got me a little stressed……..do a little sexy dance to take my mind off the event.

Rachel Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and…. iron…and…clean…and…cook …and... dance… for you.

Frank: Well I definitely have my mind on something else now. Harley I want you to load sex program Alpha 416.
Rachel Command acknowledged. ……….. Yes Mr. Douglas………I will sweep…..and…. iron…and…clean…and…cook …and... dance…and fuck for you………

I will fuck for you Rachel's processors are overwhelmed by the long list on instruction and she not advanced enough to prioritize the many commands. She appears quite concerned and her calm pleasant voice gradually becomes more urgent.

Rachel Command acknowledged. …………I am programmed to please and obey…………I am programmed to please and obey… Hi I'm Rachel 2000, How may I Please you?

Hi I'm Rachel………. I will sweep for you now………….. Rachel Hi I'm Rachel………. I will iron for you now………….. (she picks up the iron sitting on the ironing board and begin to stiffly iron the board itself with the unplugged iron. without warning she sets down the iron and seems to be frozen in place just staring off into space.)

Frank: Rachel are you OK? Rachel are you there? Hello earth to Rachel!

Rachel Hi I'm Rachel……….I'm programmed to please and obey……………I will cook for you now………… No!…….I will iron for you now………… Rachel No!…….I will sweep for you……..I…will …..I…will …..I…I ..will iron…...I will cook….I will clean……. I will…..will…will…dance…….I will dance for you

Rachel I will Dance for you……Would you like to see my body?……to see my body….to see my body………I'm programmed to please and obey……….I will…I will dance……… I will dance for you…………dance for

Rachel: … I will fuck you now……..must please……..I am designed to please

Rachel: …You may fuck me now…………Harley unit awaiting penetration…………Please fuck me now……. My primary function is pleasure………..I will please you now………..I must be fucked…I must comply…..I must be fucked ………

Needless to say, the story ends a bit messy and certainly not in my....


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