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Raquel & Harmony Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Who is going under first?

Raquel and Harmony could not have been any more different and to turn them into a horny couple was certainly a fun challenge. Raquel, hot and fiery Latina beauty with an undeniable desire for sexual pleasures and Harmony, blond and cool vixen with the most beautifully rounded breasts were different in almost every aspects and the fact that they had never met made it even more exciting for me. As mentioned, Raquel has that typical hot Latin temper and a natural sexuality that makes her irresistible. Harmony on the other hand seemed almost shy and her girlish yet incredibly sweet seductiveness made her just as irresistible.

We started off with a nice long induction and it was interesting to see who would close their eyes first and who would try to resist for as long as possible.

It took me a while to edit this session due to the fact that we encountered a number of technical problems that day. Luckily, I was able to save most of the session and besides some minor parts which might be missing, the session turned out to great.

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Raquel & Harmony Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Getting sexually charged

Raquel and Harmony have never met before and I firmly believe that it is always better to get the girls sexually charged up before trying to get them to play with each other. Once horny they usually turn out to be much better lovers. This segment is a great demonstration of how different the girls are. Naturally, Raquel's sexy young body is the first to shiver and shake under my suggestions. It almost seems like the girls are waiting for each other and they get more and more excited the more they hear and feel each other. Harmony's perfect, tight little body slowly starts to show signs of arousal and before long both girls are under my control. It is interesting to see how differently both girls orgasm. One comes loud and hard while the other one is quieter, almost holds her breath and then ends up with a hint of a smile on her face.



Raquel & Harmony Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to be a good girl, please

Now that the girls are charged up, it is time to get them used to the idea that they have to be good little girls who are only allowed to feel what and when I tell them to feel it. Here again, horny subjects are good subjects. The girls are ordered to masturbate for me. I keep focusing them on the pleasure they are allowed to feel and again Raquel is going nuts. Her desire to please and to be a good girl makes her a very promiscuous little girl. Before long, Harmony's tight body starts to shiver and just as before her legs start to uncontrollably shake. Got Ya. When I see the same hint of a smile on her face, I just know she is mine to play with. Harmony is actually one of those few girls who smiles after an orgasm which is really sexy: "I want to be a good girl".



Raquel & Harmony Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Finger fucked out of her mind

Time to get the girls used to each other's pussies. I have a feeling that Raquel is ready for the next step. Harmony is ordered to finger fuck and masturbate her new friend's wet pussy. Raquel's big dark eyes are glued to the light wand in my hand. Her eyes are tearing and she is starting to get hot but all she seems to feel is Harmony's soft yet forceful hand between her legs. I keep driving her further up the wall until nothing else but to please me and give me her mind seems to exist. The repetition of the word "mindless", is sending her into an even deeper level of trance and finally, driven by lust, she begs me to please take her mind. Are you ready to give it all up? The intensity of Raquel's stare and her unconditional surrender are not easy to put into words.



Raquel & Harmony Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Licked into oblivion

Raquel is still mindlessly staring into nothingness when she gets the order to go down on Harmony. Zombie like and slow, her head disappears between Harmony's well rounded thighs and the second her tongue reaches its goal, our little blond starts to quiver and shake. It is time now for Harmony to find out what it feels like to sink into mindless bliss. Raquel's turns out to be a very good assistant and her tongue lashing is too much for our horny blond to resist. I can feel that she tries to hold on but her attempts are futile. By now I know that when Harmony feels good, her legs start to uncontrollably shake, the hint of a smile covers her beautiful face and she starts to whimper like a horny kitten. I can feel her letting go, her eyes are wide open and there is not so much as a flicker of her eye lids. Harmony's mind is draining out without her even knowing and all that remains of her is a beautiful empty shell.



Raquel & Harmony Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless slave, master

Harmony, blank and gone, is still repeating the words, mindless slave. Her eyes are wide open but it is obvious that there is nobody home. She seems the be the perfect instrument to help me drive Raquel into even deeper submission. Raquel, just like her little friend, seems out of it and when Harmony is ordered to eat her out, her hot young body goes into convulsions the second her clit is touched: "I am letting go of all my mind", becomes her mantra and before she even knows what hits her, my little Latina surrenders into mindless bliss. It even intensifies when I let her experience the power of the breath controlled orgasms. Raquel comes all over her friends face and again the intensity with which Raquel lets herself go is very hard to describe: "I am your mindless slave master".



Raquel & Harmony Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your love slave master

The girls are blankly masturbating each other's wet pussy. Their slow and monotone repetitions of "I am your love slave" is starting to make my two little love birds feel very excited again. Like clock work, they orgasm on my count to three. Empty and exhausted the girls are now put into the zombie position. You know, the one with the arms stretched out in front, eyes empty and dim and nothing else but to serve on their minds: "I am your love slave master". Let's have a look at their beautiful asses, shall we? Bend over the couch with their asses pushed out at me the two are ordered to pleasure themselves. "Please I want to cum for you master, please". What a couple of good girls.

As I mentioned, we had some technical problems that day but I was able to save all the important parts of this segment and believe me, it is short but sweet.




Raquel & Harmony Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I love being your friend

I haven't done a doll segment in a while and I had a feeling that Raquel and Harmony would make a great couple of horny pleasure dolls. Just look at them, aren't they the cutest. Of course there is a lot of game playing, like the first vibrator masturbation and the doll dance. It does not take long and my little dolls just love having me as their new best friend. Not surprising, considering the amount of pleasure they are feeling. Are my little dolls promiscuous? Absolutely and despite their occasional wind down episodes, they are just too much fun to watch. Also fun watching them being all concerned about their winding down friend but helping me to wind them back up, makes it all good again. French kissing, orgasms with a smile and lots more.




Raquel & Harmony Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
I will turn you into a mindless, frozen statue

The girls wake up and seem a bit confused, or I should say, a bit shocked about what just happened. “I am not a little doll”! My mentioning that I might freeze them into sexy little statues does not go over too well either. Anyway, on their way out, both suddenly stop dead in their tracks, mindlessly frozen, they are now all mine to play with as I like. Unbelievable stares on both girls but as soon as I snap them out of it they start bitching again and the only thing I can think of is to wave my hand in front of their eyes and oops, they are mindless again. A bit later they are frozen and aware again and guess what happens? Yea, here we go again, the waving hand in front of their cute faces not only shuts them up but also let's them go blank again. Lots of back and fourth, bitching, mind tricks and guess what, at the end they have forgotten everything again until they freeze up fully aware, that is.



Raquel & Harmony Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Maid.

Harmony, our new sexy maid, is not too thrilled by the idea that the boss’s wife is hitting on her. Raquel however is dead set to get a piece of her ass though. Harmony, shy and a bit confused does not even know what hits her. The second she drinks the cough medicine, Raquel offers her, all strength and will disappears from her. Vulnerable, mindless and helpless, our young maid is now trained by her new mistress. Harmony is turned into a cum drinking, promiscuous and subservient sex slave: “I am a good slave”. Of course at some point, both girls have to serve me. As we all know, there is only one master. Bouncing tits, girls orgasmed from behind and being eaten out are only a few of the hot scenes you will find in this clip.




Raquel & Harmony Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless slave duo

This one is short and sweet. The girls are both mindlessly eating each other out and who ever cumms first has to serve the other one. As I always say, two mindless, horny and oversexed slaves are better than one.




Raquel & Harmony Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly eaten out

If you are into intense mindless stares, helplessly immobilized, shivering and quivering young bodies then this clip is certainly for you. Harmony is helplessly weak on her back in the spread eagle position while Raquel is eating out her wide open pussy. Our sexy blond is unable to move and her young sexy body is trembling under Raquel's tongue. Harmony's mind is, despite her attempts to hold on, slowly drained out. The desire to cumm makes it impossible for her to stay in control. It is hot to watch her quiver and shiver until it is all out. Her big eyes are wide open and stare right through my hand when I wave it in front of her face. Empty and zombie like, she is now ordered to do the same to Raquel. Finally both girls are orgasmed out and just empty shells of themselves. I decide to put them to sleep and then play with their limp bodies. Unbelievable stares, eye checks and more...



Raquel & Harmony Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
These are just Marshmallows!

The girls have a hard time believing that the Marshmallows they are about to test, might reduce their IQ and turn them into horny bimbos. That is ridiculous, right? Well, I did not say it will; I only suggested that it might. Both start arguing with me about how crazy that all sounds and I have to agree with them. Well, for now, I think the proof is in the pudding or in this case marshmallow! Raquel our fiery Latina who enjoys life’s pleasures to the fullest starts to munch away on those delicious Marshmallows. Harmony on the other hand, concerned about her girlish figure, takes those dainty little bites.

It does not seem to make an ounce of difference, both girls, despite what they are saying, seem to change without even realizing it. Those are just Marshmallows and I don't feel a thing. Of course not, just because they are getting more bubbly and silly and start playing with themselves and each other or get naked does not mean . Awesome transformations from sophisticated, proper to silly and horny... The stories and comments the girls come up with are absolutely hilarious. Great IQ reduction and bimbofication segment.


Raquel & Harmony Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Marshmallow bimbofication completed

The girls think that I am gone to get some napkins and while they are still talking about the fact that they don't feel a thing; the action gets hotter by the minute. Raquel suddenly comes up with the idea to make nipple clamps and pussy rings out of those harmless marshmallows. Speaking of harmless marshmallows, I think the fact that the girls are oversexed, giggly horny messes, means absolutely nothing. What do you think? By the time they end up in the 69 position on the floor, it is probably too late for them to ever know what happened to them and there is certainly no way for them to even notice me. Somehow the girls end up being a couple of stupefied, mindless zombies. Really great IQ reduction and bimbofication segment...



Raquel & Harmony Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Porn stars gone wild

Raquel and Harmony seem the perfect cast for our new porn flick about a couple of space girls. Just like every porn flick I have ever watched, there is very little plot, lots of girl/girl sex and the inevitable overacting. I have to say though, just looking at these two sexy beauties, makes me look foreword to yet another day at work. The girls seem to be pros and get right into the action. Harmony, our space cop, barges in to arrest Raquel and puts her into submission with her infamous space .

Our villain Raquel, freighted and now promiscuous has no choice but to give in to her capturers advances. I told you, not much plot but a lot of hot action. The girls kiss and play with each others pussies until they finally orgasm each other. Gosh, I love my job. Anyway, things go south from her. Harmony, for no apparent reason, starts to twitch and to eventually malfunction which leaves her friend Raquel a bitching mess. The poor thing has no clue that her little friend is a fembot and for some reason she seems to believe that I have something to do with her friends, let's call it, condition. Things get so bad that I have to shut her off as well just so I can work on Harmony.





Raquel & Harmony Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Porn stars gone haywire

I guess that's what you get for working with a couple of fembots but what can I say, they are cheaper and usually low maintenance. Not this time though. After some more extensive repair work on Harmony, I decide to put her in maintenance mood and then perform some tests to make sure she is back to where she should be. Standing up, exposing her breasts, cupping and squeezing her breasts, seems to all work fine. Let's see how Raquel is doing. The Masturbation and instant orgasm test seem to cause no problems and I think it is safe to turn both of them back on. Maybe that was not my best idea. Now my two beauties seem a bit stiff and not to coordinated. Don't get me wrong, it is still hot to watch them making out and all but as I said it is not quite the same as before. It takes another malfunction and repair to get them back to normal. Now they are ready to have some fun with me. I just love my job. Why do I work as a lighting assistant instead of being the director?







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