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Raven Rockette Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Dive into the abyss

Raven Rockette, gorgeous brunet with the most beautifully rounded natural breast, had traveled all the way from California to come in for a session of passion. Well ok, maybe that was not the only reason she traveled all the way to our part of the world but she sure as hell sounded excited and thrilled when she found out that we wanted to shoot her during her trip out east. Man am I glad we found her and believe me, you will feel the same way once you watch her session.

As you can see in the pictures, our girl is stunningly beautiful Father from Panama and mother from Europe while born and raised in California) but she also has this sexy sultry voice that promises an explosion of sensuality and sexuality once triggered by the right guy (and girl). I am sure we will see her again at some point in the future and maybe she will even bring another hot chick. As for the here and now, enjoy another intense and real one.

Raven, despite her youth, seemed very interested in the workings of the mind and I was surprised about her insights and her way of looking at things. Slow yet firm induction which leaves no room for her to...

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Raven Rockette Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Thoughtless surrender

Needless to say, Rockette is ready for her very intense and rigorous training and she does not need any time to respond to my suggestions. Her beautiful young body quivers and shakes as soon as I mention that she has lost all control over her body and mind. Time for her to learn that she needs her masters permission to feel good and that only I can make her feel this way. Her hands claw into the couch but as mentioned, she has to wait for my permission and or order to orgasm.

Her moaning and groaning turns into (sultry) screams while her body goes all over the place. after hitting her with a couple of hard felt orgasms it is now time to take the rest of her mind and will. Her eyes are glued to the swirl of lights in her eyes (perfect distraction of the brain/neuro pattern) while her hands are drawn between her legs. Unable to stop pleasuring herself, she feels that obedience is her only choice. Of course there is more. After exposing herself, she is dropped deeper gain at the snap of my fingers and then dropped to her knees for some mental bondage. Unable to move her body she...



Raven Rockette Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I follow and obey my master

To describe all the details of this one would take almost forever but here are some of the highlights. H-no bondage, forced orgasm training, slowly repeated mantras like, I follow and obey my master while in the zombie/sleepwalker pose, dropping deep in the middle of her orgasm, stares, long freezes, mindlessly posed, breast play, hard orgasms on my count of three and more.

Raven goes nuts and the more I push her, the more she wants to please and show me that she is a good little girl. At some point she gets incredibly horny just because I am talking to her which is quite unique. Of course there is more, like her screaming and begging and the intensity with which she surrenders and lets herself go completely. I am cuming for you master, I am your good little girl. The freezes worked very well and you will see her stiffness and how long she keeps her arms up.



Raven Rockette Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Here to be fucked and used

Raven's beautiful body is still stiffly frozen and I order her to fall forward without knowing whether I will catch her or not. Needless to say that I do catch her just in time but she sure does not know that. Her eyes stare into nothingness when she falls into my arms. Time to let her experience another orgasm while helplessly frozen. I can feel that our little girl likes it rough which why I let her wait for some time before making her cum over and over. Needless to say, she goes nuts while her young body goes into lustful convulsions. She keeps screaming, I am cuming for you, I am your good little girl. Of course it gets even more intense when she is ordered to crawl in circles while being made to feel fucked and used. Her hands claw into the carpet and she almost collapses under the impact of the forced orgasms. Needless to say, the above described is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Yes masters



Raven Rockette Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sinking into mindlessness for you master

I want to give it all up for you master

This next one is all about electro shock treatment, foot worship, h-no bondage, mantras in zombie pose, breath controlled orgasm training, begging and screaming and final surrender.

As mentioned, Raven likes it rough which is why I decided (after she slowly and seductively offered me her feet) to make her feel tied up with her legs and feet up in the air while feeling the electro shock stimulation on her tits feet and so on. Needless to say, our little girl loves being played with like this as it turns her on beyond believe. Of course there is a lot more all the way to the end (almost end) where she orgasms so hard for me that she in the middle of it. Our good little girl just drops like a rock which is a good time to perform some eye checks, look at her feet closely and to make her cum one more time while holding her eyes open. Lots of foot worship, yes masters, begging and so much more.



Raven Rockette Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
that seems to be an unsavory idea

Raven believes to be a well-known fortune teller who is dealing with a somewhat irritating customer who wants to find out whether his relationship with his disobedient girlfriend, will get any better in the future. Guess who the customer is? Anyway, not only does our little fortune teller believe that women should not be obedient but she also thinks women should actually be, how can I say this, bad girls, meaning they should be in charge. As we all know, that is not really what I believe and I think we need to look a little deeper into the crystal ball, so to speak, in order to find the right answer to my question.

Madam Raven is tricked into looking at my "magic light" and although she still cannot seem to see the answer I was hoping for, her eyes suddenly seem mesmerized by the light and before she even knows what hits her, she sinks into deep mindless trance “I will obey master”. It seems like all she knows how to say is "yes master" which I think that is absolutely sufficient for now.

Madame Raven is about to find out what it feels like to orgasm on command while I perform eye checks, be mindlessly posed and frozen in place, be placed on her knees for some nipple torture, masturbate without any inhibitions, mindlessly stand there with her arms stretched out in front of her, be orgasmed at will and so much more. Yes masters, mindless stares, obedience training, repetitions, intense orgasms and complete surrender.




Raven Rockette Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
That would not be fair to her as a person Sir

Madame Raven, our famous and formerly trained fortune teller, wakes up with no recollection of what just happened to her. Well, we talk about my headstrong girlfriend again and this time I mention that I might have to hypnotize her so she would learn to obey. Oh no, Raven sure does not agree with that, after all, women are equal. Needless to say, our young fortune teller considers herself to be way to powerful to ever be taken into trance. Of course that idea goes away quickly when she starts to slowly freeze up from head to toe. It actually starts with her feet and then moves up to her head. Yes, she seems confused and then dim and mindlessly frozen. Time for me to adjust her appearance, meaning to mess with her. Things get really bad (for her) when she becomes aware of her predicament. Sure there is some bitching and pleading, some unwanted orgasms when I Spank her ass and so much more fun. The end is even funnier (not for her) when I leave her naked and frozen to her next client who seems to up as we speak. No, please come back here, help!





Raven Rockette Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Will I be a millionaire ? Madam Raven, who still does not seem to remember her prior experiences, seems to have a hard time being serious. I mean, the second I ask our fortune teller whether or not I will ever be a millionaire, she laughs her ass off. Now that really hurts. Of course there is a lot more of that to come. Poor thing has no idea why she all of a sudden feels tickled. Things get worse (for her) when she freezes up again in the middle of her apologies. Her excuses are funny and her confused and embarrassed behavior is even funnier to watch. More unwanted orgasms, mindless stares and a very dramatic ending.




Raven Rockette Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Yoga Feet

Raven, who believes to be my wife, has no intention to have sex with her husband, despite the fact that it is Wednesday. She goes on and on about her Yoga class and that she needs to stay in shape. Our little girl even pulls the, I told you about this last night, card which is not fair. I mean what man really listens to the wife's blablabla about her day. Oh well, looks like I need to show her the new blinking light toy, I bought for the . Like a well trained little wife, she goes under after just a short fight and now she learns that foot slaves have no other rights than to please their masters with their well taken care of little feet. Raven licks and sucks her feet as if it was her masters dick in her mouth, whips her own feet while being ordered to orgasm, crawls (hot close ups of her beautiful ass and feet) orgasms on touch and more. As mentioned our little girl like it rough which you will see when I whip her feet and ass. Different and hot



Raven Rockette Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Human program deactivated

I am a thing owned by my master

Raven, who still believes to be my wife, slowly wakes up not remembering what just happened. First she changes into a different outfit without actually realizing that she is doing it. Well, what can I say, the girl is well programmed. Of course she still talks about going to her yoga class, as I mentioned, she does not remember what happened. Needless to say, she is not in the mood to play the "robot game either" but that changes quickly once I trick her into looking at my new gadget. Robot Raven is now deactivating all "human programs", meaning she has no recollection of ever having been human. In fact she is now programmed to feel that she is, although perfect in appearance and texture, merely a mechanical toy. There is too much going on to describe it all but there is a lot of programming, activation and deactivation of programs, masturbation, denied orgasms, self spanking, stiff walk, monotone speech and so much more to see. At some point, my robo wife seems to remember her human nature despite the fact that she seems to be stuck in her robot body which, believe it or not, makes her bitch and complain for a short time. Why only for a short time? Well, go see how it all ends.




Raven Rockette Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Disobedient hand

In this last segment, we get to enjoy Raven, who still believes to be my wife, masturbate without actually wanting to do so. Somehow, right after she wakes up, her "miss-behaving hand" goes straight for her pussy and no matter how hard she tries, she cannot stop pleasing herself. Needless to say, that leaves her embarrassed and confused. Wait until you hear her explanation of all this. Anyway, I cannot help but making fun of her which does not help defuse the situation. Things get even more strange when she wakes up after a brief deepening and now she keeps pulling her own nose while calling me master (without knowing why she would do such a thing) Why does she orgasm and what are her funny ways to play down her predicament. Go and have fun




Raven Rockette Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
No finds, no access

Frank is solicited by call girl Raven Hey baby looking for a goooood time.

Frank Wow look at you, Sure thing darling, do you take plastic. Frank hands her his credit card

Raven Anything for you sexy Raven takes the card and swipes it between her cleavage her eyes widen, her lips part and her head cocks to the side Accessing…. Accessing Account…….Transaction Denied.

Raven I’m sorry sir you have insufficient funds to purchase my services, please return as soon as you are able to provide adequate compensation.

Raven I’m sorry sir, I am unable to comply with your request. You are not an authorized user and have failed to meet the financial obligation required to access my pleasure functions. Frank Come on toots can’t we work some kind of payment plan he slips behind her as his hands search for a seem or anything to indicate an access panel

Raven What are you doing? Stop that! She pushes him away You are not authorized to alter my programming only an authorized user may access my system.

Frank “Oh but I am authorized user. “

Raven Negative, Negative user not found. This unit does not recognize subject Frank Smith”

Frank “Wow, your memory banks must have shorted out, I’ve been an authorize user for years”

Raven Negative, I am perfect, I do not short circuit, you are not an authorized user.

Frank “Boy I hate to think what your boss is going to do when he finds out you denied service to an authorized user”

Raven Searching…Searching….Name not found….You are not a recognized user.

Frank Oh yah then how did I get the password to access your system.

Raven You don’t have my password Frank Of course I do

Raven Fine then, what is it.

Frank Uhmmm its swordfish

Raven Access denied, incorrect password…….

Frank Boy your circuits really are fried. You don’t even know your own system password.

Raven “I am functioning exactly as intended. You provided an incorrect password”

Frank “No I provided the correct password, your just malfunctioning too badly to recognize it.”

Raven “Your statement is inaccurate, you stated that the correct password was swordfish, the correct password is AlphaXL4, which indicates that you are not an authorized user and may not access my pleasure functions. You humans think you so Cleaver, when will you realize that androids a far superior to…”

Frank “AlphaXL4 90” Frank interrupts Raven in mid sentence

Raven Raven freezes for a second, then her body jerks to attention Oh ! Her voice trails of as her body twitches a couple of times before she begins to speak Access De..De.Deny..Deny…...g g g granted. Access granted. her head jerks to the side each time she tries force the words out and again when she tries to hold them in

Frank “now that’s more like it. OK release seal on rear access panel”

Raven No I won’t..You can’t make me…….must resist…resist..re..re….She freezes up momentarily m..m..must comply…Rear Panel released…awaiting command

Frank Frank positions himself behind Raven, looking perplexed by the complex array of wires and circuits before him Hmm where to begin, lets see what this does he reaches into her back and begins to tamper with her circuitry

Raven No don’t touch that, stop you don’t know what your doing Raven begins to twitch and spasm, her eyes bug out as Franks clumsy fingers explore her circuitry

Frank Relax doll, I’ve always been mechanically inclined , now what’s this switch for. Frank twist his wrist and Raven lets out a gasping scream as her torso falls forward to perpendicular angle in relation to her legs Raven Awaiting Command

Frank Load Sexual Software and engage pleasure functions

Raven Negative, You are not an authorized user, you tricked me. I will not comply...will not comply…will not ..comply….error..error program conflict…will not comp

Frank “AlphaXL4 90” Frank interrupts Raven in mid sentence and her head twitches slightly to the side as he body jolts to a stop

Raven Loading program….Pleasure functions engaged…..Would you like to touch my body?

Frank “Sounds great just one more thing” Frank twist his wrist to get more torque and twist an unseen dial in Raven’s back. She begins to teeter and wobble as her eyes bug out

Raven Warning sensor levels exceed design parameters…..current levels may cause damage to my processors

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