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Let my voice carry you into a different world

Rayna Lee, sensual southern bell with the sexiest natural body, long black hair and silky soft and tanned skin, did not seem nervous at all. As you all know, most of the girls are a bit nervous before the session but Rayna seemed calm yet excited. It did not take me long to figure out that there was something deep inside of her that needed to be discovered and of course to be brought out. As I always say, calm waters go deep. Rayna was about to find and experience that deep intense passion, she always wanted to feel.

Her need and her well hidden desire (until the day of our session) to be a good little girl who just loves to please and submit to the right person, was dying to come out. Rayna's sweet southern charm, her slow lascivious sensuality as well as her fun loving attitude makes her the kind of girl you just want to gently take in your arms, drive her crazy for lust and then let her feel the sweetness of her unconditional surrender to you. Well, maybe you have other ideas as to what to do with her but those were my ideas. Turned out, Rayna was another one of my amazingly hot subjects and she as well found out something about herself, she never knew was there, a different kind of passion.

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Rayna Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
You know that you want to be a good little girl

This is always one of my favorite parts of each session. To watch the girl’s body slowly go from being completely relaxed to going into orgasmic convulsions just because I say so. Of course it is a bit more difficult than that. First of all the girl has to be deep enough for my suggestions to sink into the subconscious. The next step is to find the trigger that gets her going, the one thing that makes her open up. I could go on and on about how this all works, the psychology behind it and so on but the bottom line is Rayna's tanned young body starts to move as soon as she feels her legs being forced apart.

Before long she starts to quiver and shake under the hands which are first gently and then more forcefully caressing her entire body. What is really setting her off though is the feeling of having no control over any of this and her deep seeded desire to be a good little girl comes out as soon as I mention it. Rayna’s moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams as she tries to please me with her surrender. Rayna is orgasmed on my count of three and believe me, the intensity of her orgasm, her shivering convulsive body and her surrender is impossible to be put into words.



Rayna Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please take my mind until there is only lust

Good little girls follow and obey

The repetition of, “I want to be a good little girl” causes her to orgasm again. I can feel how badly my little girl wants to please me and I keep pushing her further. This can only be felt in deep trance. Having to remove her panties makes her feel even more vulnerable, exposed and out of control and her body starts to quiver and shake even harder. Her hands seem to have a mind of their own as they go right to her wet pussy and masturbate her without having any control over it; time to let her experience her first open eyed, mindless orgasm. Rayna's beautiful eyes are wide open as she stares at the swinging watch in my hand.

Driven by her own lust, our little girl slowly but surely let's go of her mind thoughts and will. If you are one of many who love the unblinking stares you will enjoy this one, "Please take my mind until there is only lust." Rayna is horny beyond belief and by now I can feel that all she wants to do is orgasm for me and show me what a good little "daddy's girl" she is. Repeating the word “LUST” slowly and monotone, over and over takes her into a deep and mindless trance. Her body is shaking like a leaf, her eyes are staring into nothingness and I can feel that it is time to allow her to orgasm. Again, Rayna's surrender, her orgasms, the intense stares and her desire to please are impossible to describe but believe me; her session is just as intense as Jenna’s.



Rayna Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Yes master, I want to be a mindless little girl for you

Rayna is just standing there in front of me, her unblinking eyes seem empty as she is staring off into the distance. She does not seem to notice my waving hand in front of her face as she repeats, I want to be a good little girl, master. Her young body starts to intensely shiver and shake again as she feels helplessly fucked and taken without having any choice over it. Rayna's beautiful natural breast bounce all over her chest as she feels another intense orgasm hitting her out of the blue. I decide to take it up a notch and to send her even deeper. Her eyes role back into the back of her head as she drifts deeper and deeper and they remain there even throughout another intense orgasm. Repeating the word obedience makes her drop further into mindlessly obedient trance. With her arms stretched out straight in front of her, Rayna is orgasmed again at the snap of my fingers.

First yes masters and more repetitions show how deeply entranced our little girl is and how much she wants to succumb to her master. Of course that is still all just warm up. The slow repetition of the mantra "mindless shell" takes her close to orgasm again but this time she has to wait for my permission. Let's have a look at her beautiful ass, shall we. Bend over the couch with her ass pushed out at me, Rayna is now ordered to make herself cum for her master as hard as possible. Wait until you see her ass jiggle and bounce all over as she is finger fucking her wet pussy. Too much going on to describe it all. Lot's of mindless stares, mantras, intense orgasms, surrender and so much more.



Rayna Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no mind and no will of my own, master

Now, Rayna has to proof that she is willing to give it all up. Put on her knees, Rayna is order to masturbate herself to orgasm. Not any old orgasm though, this time she has to make herself cum so hard that it takes her out. Giving up all strength and energy for her master should become her ultimate surrender. Do you want to give it all up? Yes master, I have no will and mind of my own. Rayna comes with an amazing intensity and I can feel all of her strength leaving her body. At some point she does not even have the strength to touch herself but I keep her cuming until her shivering and shaking little body slowly goes out. The intensity with which she looks at me throughout this segment. her quivering and shaking little body and the final drop into unconditional surrender, certainly made Rayna another one of my all time favorite subjects. Rayna goes down with the most intense empty stare I have seen in a log time. She just lays there with her eyes open without being aware of my waving hand or anything else I do to her.



Rayna Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You are kidding, it is just water

love sick and very horny babysitter in lustful trouble

Rayna believes to be a babysitter who is watching my . Being only twenty and all, she is, unfortunately, not the least bit interested in my advances. What a bummer. Oh well, the only reason I went into her room was, to get the bottle of water, I had forgotten there earlier. Looks like I got there a bit too late. My little babysitter has already started to drink the water and my warning to not touch it not only comes too late but it also makes her laugh. Somehow she does not seem to believe that the water is sort of a science project and that it might have certain side effect on women who drink too much of it. Water that makes you get , horny, loving and a tat bimboish just does not exist, right.

Well, what can I say, I tried warning her but then again who believes me anyways. Sure enough, slowly but surely her speech seems more slurred, I am all of a sudden kind of cute and certainly not too old anymore, she is not interested in dong her homework anymore and her hands start to wander all over her silky skin. I think by the time she flashes her boobs and spreads her legs a bit too far, it is safe to say that there is something about the water that makes it, let's say, a little bit different than your average bottled water. Of course she denies being giggly and horny but her hands tell a very different story.



Rayna Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am falling in love with you love sick and very horny babysitter in lustful trouble

I am falling in love with you

My little babysitter still insist that everything is just normal and that she does not feel a thing and that she is certainly not horny and or that she is getting naked. Of course not, everybody touches their breast here and there and who needs panties, right. Her speech is getting more slurred but that is not a sign of her getting fucked up at all. The fact that she starts talking about falling in love with me is absolutely normal as well and most girls her age giggle all the time anyways, right. Slowly but surely, Rayna loses all control over herself and the vibrator on her wet clit seems to drive her over the edge. It gets very intense quickly as she tries to prevent the inevitable from happening. Insane for lust and unable to save herself from falling in love, Rayna finally let's go of her remaining mind, thoughts and will and surrenders. Rayna ends up a mindless loving shell of herself with only one desire and that is to please her master. Unbelievably sensual transformation, absolutely intense unblinking stares and lots of yes/no orgasms which lead to unconditional surrender.




Rayna Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Did I just say that?

Rayna, who has no recollection of what has happened so far in the session, finds herself in the middle of a TV show. The idea behind our new nightly show is to interview people of all walks of life and to let them share their opinion on all kinds of topics. Tonight's show is about hypnosis and the effect it might have on peoples’ mind. Well, it certainly looks like Rayna does not believe in any of this and she makes it perfectly clear that it would not work on her. Let's see what happens when I snap my fingers. Nothing at first but after a second or so, she suddenly starts calling me master. Poor thing is even more confused about it than I am. OK, I am not really confused about it but she does not know that.

After a few “yes masters” and some “no masters” the whole thing gets even more confusing. Rayna suddenly takes off her dress without realizing that she is doing it. I have to say, she is even sexier in her underwear but as I mentioned, the little girl has no clue. Of course when I ask her to take off her dress for me, she seems all offended. The yes and no masters are just flying out of her mouth no matter how hard she tries to avoid saying them. Still, the idea that people can just orgasm on command seems way too far out there. Let's see what happens when she counts from one to ten. One, two, three...oops.



Rayna Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
What kind of game is this?

Our sexy little girl still believes to be in the TV interview and she still does not believe that hypnosis could possibly work. OK, let's change the subject and talk about people being tickled by their partners. You know, the kind of fun tickling torture that couples do to each other. No, not a good subject either, Rayna is not ticklish and believes it is silly for couples do that to each other. What do you know; all of a sudden she starts to giggle and laugh and even takes her bikini off. It gets really confusing when I snap her out of it again; the poor girl even forgets that she is naked, for a moment at least. What can I say; Rayna's confusion is as much fun to watch as her laughing and screaming yet futile attempt to stop the tickling. To make things even more confusing, I ask her whether she can imagine going completely mindless and dim when I snap my fingers. Of course not, that wou...



Rayna Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
No, I am naked!

The TV show from hell continues

Our little non-believer snaps out of it again and does not realize that she is completely naked. Just to mess with her a bit more, I compliment her on the beautiful dress she is wearing and that seems to make her feel real good. All of a sudden she hears the rattling noise and as if struck by lightning, she suddenly realizes that she is butt naked. Oh my god. I try to convince her that she is fully dressed but she insists that she is naked and of course she tries to cover up as good as possible. The second I snap my fingers, she feels completely dressed and absolutely fine again. Our little girl has completely forgotten that she felt naked just a second ago. Now she even likes to show off that beautiful dress she is wearing. Well, you all know me by now and although I am a nice guy, I just can not resist using the rattle noise again, “Oh god, I am naked”. Can we make this more awkward? Of course, just imagine her starting to masturbate herself to orgasm without even knowing what is going on. Suggested by one of our viewers.



Rayna Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
It does not matter what you like

Rayna believes to be a dominatrix who is dealing with a client who has all of a sudden changed his mind. Instead of letting her control him and beat the living crap out of him, he suddenly starts talking about obedient and well programmed fembots who have no mind or will of their own. Of course that is not her thing, being a dominatrix and all but then again, who cares. She keeps going on and on about never calling a man master and the fact that she always gets to do what she wants when it suddenly hits her. Bam, there she stands at attention with her big empty eyes wide open as if she was struck by lightning.

Finally no more unnecessary talking. One of the first things my new robot toy has to learn, is to salute, masturbate and orgasm on command as well as squeezing her nipples while being orgasmed again. Of course that is all just the warm up. I have no mind and no will; my system is programmed to obey master. Cleaning the carpet while showing off her body from every angle is something every good robot has to learn as well. At some point I decide to snap my little dominatrix out of it in order to find out how she feels about all this. OK, not my best idea but luckily, at the snap of my fingers, she transforms right back into being my obedient robo toy. I order her to sit on the couch with her pussy exposed and to masturbate herself to orgasm. Poor thing gets so close and is yet so far away from cuming. Right before she is ready to explode for me, her system shuts down.



Rayna Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I would if I could

Here we go again, the second our dominatrix snaps out of it again, she tries to get rid of me. Well, we all know that this might not be easy particularly for somebody who freezes up in mid sentence. Mindlessly frozen and heavenly quiet, she suddenly just stands there like a mannequin. Maybe this is a good time to mess with her sexy little outfit as her mind slowly comes back. Seems like she is a bit confused about the fact that her body is immobilized and my attempts to help her don't seem to make her all that happy either.

I am just trying to help but she does not seem to think that having her tits exposed and to be moved around, does help her at all. I can not help but telling her that I like her better when she is mindless and again we seem to disagree yet again. I think the last thing she tried to say was something like, what do you mea.... This could turn into yet another lengthy clip description because there is so much going on but I think I better keep it short. Rayna is frozen, rendered mindless by the waving hand, snapped out of it, played with and eventually orgasmed over and over. BTW, my favorite part is where she rides the broom until orgasmed which is she really something she tried to avoid.



Rayna Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Me being a foot lover, that is too funny

Rayna, a high paid hooker is pretty much willing to do anything for a few hundred bucks, except maybe playing with her feet. How do I get her to not only mindlessly play with her feet but to also show them off, kiss and lick them, bring herself to orgasm and go down on her knees for me. Go and find out. Sensual foot play with great close ups of her feet, ass and pussy.


Rayna Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Robot Movie Hello there good looking

Like every Friday night, I was looking forward to seeing one of my girls. OK, maybe they are not really “my girls” but when you spend as much money on them as I do, it sure feels that way. Anyway, the second I saw rayna that night, one of my favorites, I could not help but notice that she seemed a bit off. Something seemed how I can say, odd about her. Like for example her speech was a bit slow and her concentration seemed off as well.

OH well, who cares, after all, I was there to get myself a piece of ass and not an intellectual conversation. As usual she swiped my credit card through her cleavage and that is when the trouble started. I know I was a bit low on funds but I could have sworn there was enough room for the transaction, I mean; I just made a payment and all. Anyway, she kept going on about the “transaction being denied” and that “I have no access to her pleasure functions”. Imagine if that would have happened to you, I mean you go and see a beautiful woman, your brain is already imagining what you are going to do to her and then all of a sudden you get rejected because of a few missing dollars. I tried telling her what a good customer I was and offered to work out some kind of payment plan but nothing seemed to work.

She kept rambling on about me not being an authorized user and I kept insuring her that I was. All of a sudden she seemed to have had some sort of glitch or maybe she just wanted to show off how smart she was when she asked me for the password. We all know that every successful transaction comes with a password which eventually opens the doors to her pleasure center. At first I thought I was screwed, after all, I did not have the dam password but it seemed, at least at the time, to be a good idea to just throw my old password from last time, at her. Of course she noticed my bluff right away but then it happened.

You might not think this is possible but she was so jumbled up by now that she triumphantly told me that the password I gave her was wrong and that the right password was Alpha X. Here we go honey; I told you right from the beginning that the password was Alpha X. I was in, at least for a while, before she got all messed up. Yes, I had to remove some of her programming and replace it with a more "unauthorized user" friendly programming, yes she brought herself to orgasm for me a few times, she stripped and danced, malfunctioned and most importantly made it an unforgettable night for me. Do I enjoy living in Detroit instead of sunny Florida, maybe not but who...



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