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Reagan ManX Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I am very proud of you

Reagan M, sexy young seductress with perfectly shaped natural breasts, was, as most of my girls are, nervous about the whole thing which is understandable, particularly given the fact that she usually likes to be in control of things. Well, so she thought at least. Turned out that she was more of a "in the closet submissive" than anything else, if you know what I mean. As I always say, most people need a little help when it comes to finding their true passion. OK, I am not saying here that our beautiful young girl has lost her dominant side for good but now she knows how wonderful it can feel to just simply let go and experience uninhibited and guilt free pleasure.

Reagan is actually a very sweet, intelligent and terribly cute young lady with a very, very healthy appetite for sex and pleasure and as it turns out, she is a wonderful subject as well. Many of the girls who come for the session have heard about it and whether they believe it or not, the temptation to see and feel it for themselves is just too great to resist. Well, I am sure Reagan gave in to her own curiosity because as it turned out, we are all in for another very hot and fun filled session.

Needless to say, I had to calm her down first and make her feel relaxed enough to get started. The balloon test certainly took care of her initial nervousness (open eyes here and there, swaying body and long floating arms. The watch eye fixation made her slowly close her eyes and she went down from there.

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Reagan ManX Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Accept that you have no control over your mind and body

Reagan's tanned young body starts to rhythmically move as I make her feel and experience her own favorite sexual fantasy. It often helps to gain control over the subject by letting them experience something they are familiar with and to then intensify that experience. By making a known experience even better and more intense, the subject not only let's go of control but he or she also feels that you are running the show, so to speak. You will know what I mean by all this once you watch this segment. At any rate, it works perfectly with Reagan.

Her beautiful little body quivers and shakes as her hands are helplessly drawn between her legs. I keep taking control of her fantasy by sensitizing her entire body until I feel that she is consumed by her own lust. Now comes the switch, Reagan has to learn that all she wants is to please me and to be a good little girl for me. Her shaking body goes into lustful convulsions; her eyes open in deep trance as she drops even further into mindless bliss. A repetition of “I have no control” drives her even further up the wall and I can feel that she is ready for the next lesson, which is to orgasm on my command. Intense beginning of the session.



Reagan ManX Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me that you have no control, feel it and

Reagan's dreamy and hazy eyes are wide open as she sinks deeper and deeper. Her luscious body still quivers from her last orgasm and I decide to make her cum again, just because I want to. It is obvious that she is deeply entranced and this is, as we all know, always a good time to learn something new. Her hazy eyes are focused on the watch in my hand and I can feel her drifting. Now she has to learn that all it takes for me to make her cum again, is to make her feel helplessly fucked and played with. It looks like, I struck one of her fantasies. My little girl starts to quiver and shake again and she does not dare close her eyes. As we all know, looking the person who orgasms you in the eyes, makes the bitter sweet feeling of surrender, so much more intense. The slow repetition of, no control, drives her further into mindless lust and eventually brings her to orgasm. I am Cuming for you. Hot, hot, hot...



Reagan ManX Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am nothing without you master

Mindless lust, mantras, zombie pose and stares, intense breath controlled orgasms and more.

Reagan's exhausted body drops on her knees and the intensity with which she stares up to me, can not be described. Her big dark eyes keep rolling back as she tries to stay up. My body is under your control master. The next orgasm hits her so hard that her weakened body falls back on the couch. She keeps repeating, I am your slave and again her sexy young body starts to shiver as she feels aroused again. As we all know, slaves don't have to be comfortable which makes me decide to have her stand up with her arms stretched out in front of her.

Reagan just stands there with her mouth slightly open, her empty eyes stare into nothingness and her entire body slightly wobbles as she sinks even deeper. I am nothing without you master. Of course that is all just the warm up to another series of mantras, forced orgasms, rolling heads and eyes. Reagan ends up on her back as she is screaming, nobody has ever made me cum like this. Lot's of intense mindless moments, hard orgasms, slow and monotone mantras like, "mindless slave." and unconditional surrender.



Reagan ManX Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I hear and I obey

This next segment shows
Reagan's final surrender. "You are my master." I can feel her exhaustion as she just stands there with her arms stretched out straight ahead in front of her. Reagan's eyes stare into the abyss, her mouth is slightly open and her beautiful young body wobbles a bit as she has a hard time standing up. Of course the slow and monotone repetition of, I hear and I obey carries her even deeper. Time to make her feel aroused again without allowing her to pleasure herself. There seems to be no more resistance left in her and her body starts to helplessly quiver under my suggestions. Eventually, our mindless yet intensely horny little girl orgasms so hard that it puts her on her knees. Of course that is all just the warm up. What comes next is Reagan's final surrender to her master. More mantras like you are my master as well as stares, rolling eyes, intense orgasms and more. Watching her beautiful body helplessly quiver and shake as she finally gives it all up is too intense to put into words.



Reagan ManX Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you going to turn everybody into Easter Bunnies?

I am a mindless obedient slave, do with me as you please master.

Reagan is made to believe that she is the owner of a catering service and that I have hired her to help me with my big party tonight. You should see her face when I mention that it is my annual Easter party. I guess, she does not really believe in that kind of stuff which I understand but does she have to make fun of my party? Oh well, and if that was not bad enough, she does not seem to be the least bit interested in going out with me! I have heard many excuses as to why they don't want to go out but very few have come up with the "I am really only into women" excuse. Of course my idea of . hypnotizing her in front of everyone and make her orgasm does not interest her at all, to say the least. I like it though when they resist, somehow it makes it more interesting and fun to tame them anyway and eventually they all have to learn that there is nothing more important than to please their master.

Reagan's journey into submission begins when she reads my menu suggestions for the dinner party. She does realize that what she is reading has nothing to do with a menu but by then it is already too late for her to take her eyes off and by the time she reaches the bottom of the page she is already in deep trance. Her arms drop, her eyes straighten out and turn dim, her mouth opens slightly which means, she is ready for me to take over. What follows next is hot; Reagan turns out to be the perfect slave and the way she fucks her wet pussy with the vibrator shows the intensity with which she wants to please me and show me her surrender. Lots of yes masters, slow repetitions, zombie stand, long blank stares, rolling eyes, orgasms that put her on her ass, obedience training, denied orgasms and so much more. Really hot the way she is entranced yet aroused. Reagan shakes and shivers while obviously deeply entranced like no other.



Reagan ManX Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You are here for me to play with you

Another hot obedient robot story. Our sexy young cook snaps out of it feeling completely embarrassed and apologetic. Understandable, particularly given the fact that she does not seem to remember much of what just happened and the fact that she is naked with a vibrator stuck inside her wet pussy, does not help the situation at all! One would think that she might have a bit of an idea about the kind of power I have over her but as soon as I mention the fact that she will be an obedient robot soon, our little cook seems to have serious doubts "That can not be, nobody can.... I am a robot master". After removing all of her personality and will, her transformation is completed and we can move on to teaching her to serve food, masturbate while standing up, answering by saying yes master, orgasm only when allowed, stand at attention and even freeze up when told to do so. Very intense segment with lots of yes masters, controlled orgasms, will and personality removal and.....




Reagan ManX Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip

As far as our little girl is concerned, the session has just started which is probably why she just can not believe that many of the girls who come to see me, almost instantaneously fall in love with me. The nice thing about all this is that they do not only fall in love with me but they also think I am the best looking guy they have ever met which makes them really want to get fucked by me! You don't think that a beautiful young girl like
Reagan could throw herself at me, offer me her body while she is talking about falling in love? Well, maybe not normally but if you ever want that to happen to you, try using the word "lovebirds" at the right time and then see what happens.



Reagan ManX Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
The IQ goes off in smoke…

These are so like strong…

Reagan comes back from a brief deepening and again as far as she is concerned, the session just started. I notice right away that she seems a bit nervous and the only thing that might calm her down is a cigarette. Sure enough, the second she sees the smokes on the table next to the couch, she just has to have one. I wonder how the cigarettes got there? Oh well, my warning that the cigarettes are quite strong and that they make a lot of people feel light headed and aroused, is a complete waste of time. “I am a smoker; I know what it feels like” blablabla. Of course there are a couple more side effects to smoking that particular brand which include but are not limited to IQ reduction, extreme and uncontrollable arousal, mindless lust and the need to get rid of one’s clothes. Go see how it affects our little girl and find out whether she actually, at some point, has to admit that there might be something to my warnings. Will it be too late for her though?



Reagan ManX Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I did not touch nothing…

Reagan believes to be all alone in the room as she is waiting for me. Naturally, she sees the vibrator right next to her on the couch. What do you think? Will she be able to resist using it and if not, will it be stuck to her pussy? Could you imagine that I come back into the room right when she is really enjoying herself? I mean, that would be cruel, don't you think? Will she try to hide the fact that she has that dam vibrator stuck in her pussy? How far will she go trying to fool me? Hilarious comments after she almost gets herself off.



Reagan ManX Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am totally in control

Mindless and sleepy and so unaware

Reagan who believes to have just met me simply can not imagine that some of the girls fall asleep on me in the middle of the session. That would never happen to her of course. Oops, there she goes with her eyes wide open as if she was hit by something in the head. Looks like I have some time to play with her almost naked and very limp body. Up and awake again, the little girl has no clue as to what I just told her which is understandable given the fact that she was out without knowing it. Anyway, after her initial confusion subsides, she again can not believe that anybody could just go blank and mindless without even realizing it.

No way, I am always in control. Oops, there she is, mindlessly staring into who the hell knows where. OK, this is the time to expose her tits and play with her some more. Shall we wake her up again, not realizing that she is naked and see whether she can stay awake for long enough to finally start the session? Will she go down again and again after....... Reagan is so determined that things like this could never happen to her and she swears up and down to be different than some of my other girls which I think makes this even funnier.



Reagan ManX Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I could try to please myself for you Sir

I hear these kind of sob stories every day

Reagan believes to be the stage manager at a concert. It is quite interesting to see what happens when you give people just a little bit of power. Reagan turns into a hard ass who has no sympathy for a hard fan who asks her for back stage passes so can finally meet his favorite star. I am sure you guessed who the fan is. Anyway, no matter what I say, she is not willing to let me through. Looks like I am not cool enough, not hip and young enough and certainly don't blend in with the celebrity crowed. Dam, here goes my lifelong dream of meeting my favorite star. Well, maybe not, after all, I came prepared.

Reagan, although reluctant, agrees to deliver the little present I brought for my idol. Of course she has to make fun of it and it is obvious that she thinks the little camera I brought, is a stupid gift. What can I say, as soon as she accidentally hits the button, my little hard ass turns into a frozen and mindless mannequin. This would probably be a good time to go and see my favorite star but I decide to mess with Mrs. hard ass first. As you all know, I am not to crazy about women wearing all kinds of unnecessary clothing and I think this might be the time to dress her more appropriately.

The other thing I like to do in a situation like this, is to make the girls become aware of the fact that they are frozen and under my control. Of course that does not always go over too well and some of the girls even suspect me to have somehow turned them into mannequins which understandably causes them to bitch particularly when I am still undressing them. All girls like the orgasms although most of them are unexpected or even unwanted and certainly a bit restricted due to the fact that they can not move.

Reagan is no exception and after switching her back and forth between being mindless and manageable to aware and not so manageable, I decide to see what happens when she tries to "please" her way out of her predicament. Different and hot with great close ups as well as full body shots of her frozen body. Reagan was so deeply entranced and mindlessly frozen that she did not even noticed when I stopped for a few minutes to change the tape. Fun ending, showing her transformation from hard ass to...



Reagan ManX Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am cuter

Reagan was a bit of a hard ass in the last segment (if you have not watched it, don't worry, I took care of her problem) which makes me wonder what will happen, when I give her a taste of her own medicine. This time she believes that I am the stage manager and that she is the groupie who is dying to see her favorite star. How far do you think she will go to sway me to give her the backstage pass. Will she try to seduce me. Will she offer me her goodies. Will she turn into a masturbating little slut to get her way even if it cost her he mind. Will she be so turned on that she can not stop herself from..... Really hot and amazing to see what our little girl does to get her way.


Reagan ManX Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Somebody please help me

Alright, let's have one last round of fun with
Reagan our not so nice stage manager. The poor girl wakes up feeling confused and embarrassed about her nakedness which is understandable, given the fact that she does not remember most of what just happened. Thinking that I just walked in and saw her naked, she keep apologizing while scrambling to get dressed. Unfortunately, (for her) she is till not willing to give me the dam backstage pass, I so desire. Looks like I have to give her yet another present with a trigger. You know, the kind of present that triggers a particular response.

Reagan, who has been way to serious so far, starts to uncontrollably laugh and giggle. Things get worse as she seems to feel a "tickling sensation" all over her body. Do you think that freezing her in this kind of situation might help her or maybe an orgasm will get rid of the tickling. I don't really think so either but it sure as hell is fun to watch her beg, quiver and....



Reagan ManX Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I want to feel you inside of me

I can not believe, I just drop.... Seduction program loaded, sensory level.......

It took me a while to find the second hand computer store everybody was talking about and as expected, it was hidden away in one of the seediest neighborhoods in town. I guess, one can not ask for too much when shopping for a used computer besides the sales girl was absolutely stunning and that made me forget the trip to get there in no time. What made it even better was the fact that they had the laptop I was looking for and when the girl told me that she was using it herself, I just knew it would be a great buy. I wish I had understood what she meant by "using" it herself. I don't know how it happened but she picked up the laptop to hand it to me and all of a sudden it slipped out of her hands and landed on the floor. Dam, here goes my new laptop, was my first thought but as it turned out, that was only the beginning of a long series of problems. T

he sales girl did not seem quite the same after that. First I thought she might be in shock because she dropped the computer but as it turned out, that computer was her lifeline, so to speak. To make a long story short, she malfunctioned right there in front of me. Of course, she did not go bad right away, first there were the repetitions and the stuttering and some jerks but then it got worse and worse.

Now when you look at the pictures, you see her masturbating stripping, flirting and so on which might raise the question of how I got her to do all that? What is also interesting is the fact that I ended up with a whole lot of great used computer equipment. What made my buying experience (I am using the word buying loosely) even more special is the fact that I had a dream girl willing to fuck and suck me the way I never even knew existed. What could possibly go wrong with a deal like that, right? I think Fembot-Reagan is a must see.


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