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Reagan ManX Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


I am here to be trained

Better, deeper, more intense and amazing than the first time

Learn that I direct the energies in your body

Reagan ManX, aka Reagan M, insatiably horny and intensely pernicious seductress with perfectly shaped natural breasts, was terrible nervous the first time she came in to be trained but that sure went away quickly and she turned out to be a great girl to play with. I remember all the emails we received from all of you guys, asking us to bring her back. Looks like this year shapes up the be the year of the return of all of our favorite girls. Reagan is sure one of my favorites and I could not wait for her to show up in order to pick up the necklace she forgot last time (wink wink) To make a long story short, Lana greets her and uses the necklace to take

Reagan back down into a very deep and receptive state of mind. In other words, she takes her under, thus preparing her for me to take over. It gets intense almost right away. With her arms stretched out in front of her body, she slowly repeats, I missed your control over me master, over and over until I can feel that she is back under my will. Now it is time to show me and let me feel how much she wants to please and serve me.

Her hands start to caress her already wet pussy and before you know it, our little girl is already in bliss as her body shivers and shakes like a leaf. She keeps screaming, I cum for you master, without me having to mention it, which is always a good sign. It gets really intense when she is suddenly not allowed to touch herself while she is made to feel helplessly touched and fucked. I decide to drive her up the wall for lust and then deny her to cum.

I can feel she is crazy for lust and ready to do anything I want. Lots of yes masters, mantras, screaming hard orgasms, denied orgasms, mindless stares and an amazing display of her surrender. I have no control over my mind master, I am here to be trained.

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Reagan ManX Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
My mind is going under your control master

Every orgasm makes you want more

Reagan is put on her knees, her eyes are focused on the light in my hand. She slowly repeats, I am here to be trained master, as she sinks deeper under my spell. Her hands are slowly drawn between her legs and with no control over it, she starts pleasuring herself. I have no control master. Reagan's stare is intensely empty and I can feel that she has let herself go and it is time to make her feel my control over her with even more intensity as before. Orgasmed at will, Reagan screams for lust. Her beautiful little body quivers and shakes under my voice and I decide to keep her cuming for a while.

Every physical sensation, including orgasms, start in the brain/mind and her mind is mine. Slow repetitions of, my mind is going under your control master, take deeper into a state of acceptance and with that, obedience. It gets even more intense when I order her to crawl while repeating, I am your controlled slave master. Of course we are still not quite done. Bend over the couch with her ass pushed out and her knees together (really sexy) she is orgasmed at will for as long as I want to. Reagan is incredibly intense, sensual and highly orgasmic which makes it so much fun to drive her further and further into submission. Yes masters, mantras/repetitions, begging and intense mindless stares.



Reagan ManX Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
You absorb my mind master

I am nothing more than your trained slave master

Mantras, yes masters, begging, total exposure, screaming hard orgasms as a sign of her surrender, intense mind reduction and stares, sleepwalker/zombie pose, crawling and more.

Reagan has to learn that slaves are turned on by exposing their naked bodies to their master. Ordered to bend over and to pull her ass cheeks and pussy apart as far as she can, our little girl slowly starts to feel that being exposed, vulnerable and wide open for her master, is an incredible turn on. One glance into her wet pussy makes it perfectly clear how turned on she is by all this and I decide to orgasm her over and over until she almost falls. Still, it is all just warm up for more intense obedience training. Reagan is ordered to crawl on the couch and to finger fuck her wet pussy for her master.

Her lustful screams become louder and louder and so do her repetitions of, I am nothing more than your trained slave master. Time for more mind reduction. Our little girl is placed on her back and her mind is drained out as she stares at the rotating light. Her repetitions of, you absorb my mind master, become slower and slower. I think I have not even mentioned the part where she stands in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her body while slowly repeating, I am deeply entranced master. Oh well, there is so much going on in this one that it would take way too long to even try to describe it all.



Reagan ManX Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your caged slave master

This next one is yet another hot one. Reagan is made to feel that she is my caged slave and that her only purpose is to entertain me and my friends and that she is put to sleep when not needed. We start off by making her crawl into the cage and the she is put to sleep for more programming. It gets sizzling hot when she is snapped out. Now she feels watched by her master and his friends and all she wants is to please, entertain and show how well she is trained by her master. She crawls like a cat through the cage and then masturbates herself to orgasm while her legs are spread far apart. Her orgasms are too intense to describe and so is her surrender and her desire to please. After being ordered to perform for us, she is put back to sleep and played with. I am your caged slave master (mantra) I am here to entertain master and his friends.



Reagan ManX Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
You own me and my mind

Still caged, Reagan has to proof one more time that she has surrendered. This time she is ordered to masturbate without being allowed to orgasm. I keep driving her up the wall for lust until her screaming and intense begging fills the room. Her eyes widen as if she cannot take it anymore. Time for some breath controlled orgasm training. Now she goes really berserk. She struggles, her body quivers and shakes intensely and finally goes into lustful convulsions when she is finally allowed to explode. She keeps repeating, all of me is under your control master and just by doing so, she orgasms again. Well, let's see how she likes the feeling of being helplessly fucked and used. Sure enough, she goes crazy again as she is made to feel pounded hard and deep. She screams, I surrender, over and over and there is no doubt in my mind that she feels just that, unconditional surrender that is. I keep her cuming until she with her eyes crossed. There is still the neck/limp body play, the final orgasm while I am holding her eyes open, eye checks and more, yet to come.



Reagan ManX Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Sir, I don't think you should be doing this

Reagan, our incredibly cute repair girl has been sent by the cable company to fix some connection problems at my house. (well, that's what she is made to believe anyways). The first thing she notices is how fancy my place is and sure enough, she wants to know what I do for a living. The fact that I am a known collector of rare coins, mainly from the middle and far East regions of the world, does not seem all that glamorous to a young girl like her and my story about the magic properties of some of the coins I collected, seem to amuse her more than anything else. I have to say though, she does seem attracted by the shiny silver coin on the coffee table. Sure enough, the second I leave to get the confirmation number for the repair order, our curious young lady sneaks over to the table to take a closer look.

The funny part is that when she picks up the coin, nothing seems to happen but then when she looks at it again, her body freezes up and her mind goes, who knows where. Now I can take my time to take a closer look at her body and to take off some of those unnecessary clothes she is wearing. It get even better when she becomes aware of her stiffly frozen body and the fact that I am messing with her. She reluctantly admits to have picked up the coin and it seems like she is starting to believe in the magic. Sir, do you have another coin that makes me unfreeze. I think after having messed with her and her clothes for a while, it might be a good time to introduce her to the waving hand.



Reagan ManX Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Sir, enough with the jokes please

The second I snap our sexy repair girl out of it, she gets all flustered and her confusion seems obvious. The fun part about all this, is that she apologizes for her appearance. Isn't she sweet. This time she is programmed to pose and then mindlessly freeze up into a statue whenever I use certain triggers. Needless to say that when I mention that I not only collect coins but that I am also a hobby photographer, Reagan has no intention to pose for me and she certainly cannot wait for an hour for me to get the confirmation number from my office. See, that is exactly why I had to program her. Sure enough, two seconds later she poses and then freezes up.

I keep doing that a few times and before snapping her out of it, I have her mindlessly take off one piece of clothing. Let's see whether she learned her lesson in the last segment. No, sure not, the second I leave the room, she sneaks over to the silver coin and we all know what happens next. She does not think that being frozen is all that funny but then again, who gives a.... Do you think that when there is such a thing as a coin that makes you freeze up, could there be a coin that makes you orgasm. Of course not. Oops. Waving hand trick, freeze galore, great stares, intense orgasm and lot's of hilarious responses from our girl.




Reagan ManX Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
The other woman in the mirror

This next one is different and sizzling hot. Reagan, who believes to have just walked into the studio to ask me whether I would allow her to come in for a second session, entrances herself in the mirror. Deeply entranced, she sees a beautiful woman in the mirror instead of her own image and the two are starting to make love. Reagan feels her own hands as the hands of the other woman. Wherever the other woman touches herself, Reagan feels the sensation in her own body and vice versa. It is not easy to explain but believe me, it is hot and different. At the end after being put to sleep, Reagan goes so deep that you can actually see some drool coming out of her mouth.



Reagan ManX Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't think anybody would do that

The power of the written word

I don't know how I did it but I managed to tape over the first seven minutes of this segment. I must be getting old. Anyway, the remaining footage of the segment is way too good to throw out and although the clip starts mid way, it is still a great segment. Her is what is missing. Reagan believes to be my secretary who has agreed to come to my house over the weekend to help me prepare the annual company Easter party. She does not seem all that excited about my idea to play a game in which every employee has to pick one of those plastic Easter eggs, open it and then do whatever the note in the egg says. Nobody would ever flash in front of everybody and or take of their clothes, go mindless and so on. The fun part about all this is that she does everything the note in the egg suggests while telling me that nobody would ever do such thing in front of their co-workers.

Here is where it starts. Reagan picks another egg, hoping that this time it will be something more sane. "Go on your knees and masturbate." The second she reads it, she drops to her knees and brings herself quickly to orgasm while being completely unaware of what she is actually doing. This time, my otherwise prudish secretary thinks that this is a great idea and that everybody would love to do that. Oh good, we have a winner. The next egg she opens says, "masturbate and orgasm in front of everybody. Again, she brings herself to orgasm without even knowing it while telling me that nobody would do that kind of stuff in front of their coworkers. She even apologizes for not liking my game and she almost begs me not to fire her. Do you think she will do as the next note in her last egg says. Turn around, flash your ass, spread your cheeks and pussy and then orgasm. Reagan is frozen a few times while being programmed, rendered mindless and put to sleep as well throughout this fun segment.



Reagan ManX Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
That's never going to happen

Reagan, a hot webcam goddess, is made to believe that she is talking to one of her best customers via SKYPE. Of course he, just like so many others, wants to have her address but that is, as we all know, a big no no. Needless to say, the guy is kind of sneaky and the necklace her sent her to her P.O Box, is more than just a friendly gift. Like all girls, Reagan has a big smile on her face as she tries on the new necklace. Needless to say, the smile goes away quickly as she drops into mindless obedience. Now she is ordered to text her address to the customer and then to (mindlessly) wait for him.

The fun begins. Reagan has no other desire than to slowly take off her thigh high boosts and to show off her feet. Knowing that her customer is turned on by what she can do with her feet, she herself gets turned on beyond believe. Reagan becomes more and more aroused while seductively showing off her feet and when her customer places a vibrator between her legs, she has no other choice than to orgasm. Needless to say that she is introduced to those very sensitive spots under her feet that make her almost instantaneously orgasm. Great transformation. lots of foot worship, mindless stares, yes masters and more. After being put to sleep, Reagan is orgasmed one more time while I am holding her eyes open.



Reagan ManX Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
This might be fun for you but...

Our hot webcam girl snaps out of it again and it seems like she is more than surprised to see her customer standing next to her bed. Luckily, the text message on her phone (the one she sent me in the last segment) proofs that she must have given me her address. Still a bit confused about all this, she tries to get rid of me and me telling her that I have developed a tickle/ freeze fetish since we last talked, does not make me anymore welcome. Of course we all know that she cannot do anything about it and sure enough, she goes off with laughter, is frozen and orgasmed while feeling tickled a few times. Yes, I have to admit, the vibrator between her helplessly frozen legs was my idea. Was I responsible for her falling asleep and or the fact that towards the end, she loves all the wonderful things we just did?



Reagan ManX Clip Twelve
Part One & Part Two
Members - Click here to view clip Part One
Members - Click here to view clip Part Two
Reagan, a beautiful yet bitchy stripper, give her boss a really hard time about the maids costume her wants her to rear on stage. That is way too girly and prissy for a "fem- dome" like herself. I noticed to my own surprise that Reagan has more of a bitchy and demanding side to her than I thought and that is what makes this segment even better. Anyway, she gives me a hard time about the costume and when I mention that she needs a serious attitude adjustment and some reprogramming, she goes off at me even more. All that ends when she makes the mistake of sitting down on the chair and with that on the buzzer that is placed on the chair. Her brainwaves seem to be altered within a second and all that is left of Reagan is a mindless robot in need of programming. Now she changes into the costume without any will of her own

I am programmed to serve you master

Part two starts with her cleaning and dusting for a bit and then she is made to dance, orgasm herself by using the duster between her legs while being programmed. Her power is reduced a few times to low levels which eventually make her freeze in place (sometimes right before she orgasms) her will and thoughts are removed. Many robotic repetitions, yes masters, stiff walk and movements and more.




Reagan ManX Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Why can't I think

Reagan, our reluctant stripper who still does not want to wear the maids costume, gets so hyped up that she needs a cigarette right away. I cannot tell you what a difference a cigarette can make. Slowly but surely, she not only calms down and becomes receptive and open to whatever I want her to do but she also seems to feel increasingly aroused while not even aware of it. Reagan becomes more agreeable and willing with every drag and her body just like her thinking, seems to move slower and slower. She cannot help but to turn into a willingness, horny and easily programmable sex slave. Her eyes become increasingly dim while she notices that her thoughts seem to become slower . It becomes harder and harder for her to think and to talk and by the time she finally orgasms (despite my warning), her mind is long gone.



Reagan ManX Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Nail polish remover and Fembots don't mix

I have been making cheap ass porn movies for years but now they want me to direct androids to play the part of the female performers and that my friend sucks. I mean, I understand that it is probably cheaper to use androids as they don't need breaks, food and so on but come on, most of them don't even look all that real. Luckily though, they hired this beautiful makeup artist to make these things (for a lack of a better word) look real and lifelike.

Needless to say, the second I saw her bend over one of those things, I was in lust. What a body on her man. Anyway, I just had to offer her a part in the movie but that, as it turned out, was not one of my better ideas. The poor thing got so flustered and nervous that she accidentally spilled nail polish remover all over her chest and that was when the trouble began. Not only did I have to find out that she was a fembot herself but also that she was absolutely not designed to withstand fluids.

Yes, I did try to repair her but when she started to give the brush a blowjob and masturbate with the same brush as if it was a vibrator, I was close to giving up on her. Of course other things went wrong, like her motor skills seemed off as she seemed to pick up the stuff she dropped a minute ago. Suddenly there was hope and I got so turned on by her dance and masturbation that I almost forgot what she really was. I think by the time smoke came out of her mouth and body, even I had no other option than to....



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