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Red Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Believe and let go

Red, beautiful, young and fiery redheaded hard body who naturally likes to please, was not only willing but also very eager to find out whether what I do might work on her. The idea to be trained and to eventually submit to somebody she had never met before, seemed mysteriously intriguing. Can a girl like her be driven into lustful bliss and surrender? Well, I guess, there is only one way to find out. Red, despite her fiery looks, is a sweetheart with a great, fun loving attitude and all that combined with the fact that she is a great subject for my kind of training, makes her most certainly "my kind of girl." Enjoy

Red came straight from her day job which explains her outfit, including the pantyhose. Our little girl does not have a whole lot of experience when it comes to being in front of the camera which made me decide to start her off with a couple of test before taking her down into....

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Red Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your masters total control over you

First rolling eyes, mantras, laser mind alteration, marathon orgasms and definite signs of an early surrender

It does not take long for Red to feel the intense arousal I suggest. Her sexy hard body shakes like a leaf as soon as I make her feel her masters touch and by the time she is made to feel helplessly fucked, she goes into lustful convulsions which make her slide off the chair. In fact, she not only falls off the chair but she knocks over the picture behind her with the chair but she does not notice any of this. (really dramatic and sure a good sign, showing that our little girl is highly trainable) I want her to feel right of the bat who is in control and who has to serve and obey.

Once on her back on the floor, our little girl has to learn that open eyed orgasm are a lot more intense as she cannot hide her surrender (look into someone's eyes when they orgasm and you will know what I am talking about) Her eyes are fixated on the laser light and with that, her mind is distracted while she keeps repeating, take my thoughts master, until she is deeply under my spell. Time to make her feel who is in control of her body and mind. More repetitions of, thank you for making me you slave master while making herself orgasm for me without having any control over it, make it clear to her that she is already enslaved.



Red Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to be the perfect slave for your master

Mind control, rolling eyes, mantras, open eyed orgasms on command, yes masters, mindless stillness, zombie/sleepwalker pose, crawling in circles while repeating, I am your mindless slave master and more.

The above mentioned only begins to describe the intensity of this next segment. Red finds out that she is even more of a submissive than she ever imagined. We start her off with more slow repetitions of, thank you for making me your slave master. All of a sudden she feels helplessly fucked and used without being allowed to orgasm. After all, every perfectly trained sex slave has to learn to orgasm on her masters command only. Suddenly she is hit with a series of orgasms which leave her quivering hard body exhausted which is, as we all know, the best time to intensify the programming of our female subjects. I switch to the red laser light to take the rest of her mind, will and thoughts while she slowly repeats, I am your mindless slave master. Wait, there is still more kneeling and crawling while repeating..... still to come.



Red Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
You have me turned into your orgasm slave

I am nothing without my master

More kneeling, begging and screaming hard convulsive orgasms, denied orgasms, mantras, zombie/sleepwalker pose and walk, bend over ass out (in pantyhose) masturbation as well as feeling helplessly fucked, increased breast sensitivity, rolling eyes, mindless stillness, yes masters and, and, and...

Red's desire to please and to show me how good and obedient she already is, makes this next segment intensely exciting. There are so many slow repetitions and or screaming hard, convulsive orgasms, begging and worshipping going on that it is almost impossible to go into all the details of her surrender. Red's young hard body is taken to the limits and her mind, will and thoughts are taken away as she rolls her eyes in bliss. Every snap of my fingers takes her deeper and deeper until all she wants, is to follow and obey. Thank you master for making me your orgasm slave. The segment ends with her standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her body while repeating, I am nothing without you master. By the time her eyes roll back, I know she is mine to do with as I please.



Red Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Only you control my body and mind master

This next one shows our new love slave being taken over the edge. Red is still standing in front of me and I decide to program her to orgasm whenever I touch a spot in the palm of her hands. Our little girl orgasms so hard that she almost falls over. Time to make her feel and understand that her entire body is under my control. Put on her back and ordered to masturbate, Red learns that I can stop her breathing whenever I feel like it but that is not all.

At some point I decide to mute her, just because I feel like it. I don't know what it is about the breath controlled orgasm but those always seem to drive them over the edge. Her beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions as her eyes widen. I can feel that she wants to proof to me that she is a good little "daddy's girl. " Let's have her crawl and kneel before her master while repeating, you control my body and mind master, you control all of me. After another round of orgasm and obedience training, Red is finally ready to give it all up. She keeps screaming, I surrender, until she drops into bliss. Eye checks, sleepy orgasm, slow camera zoom over her entire body and feet (while I am holding them) mantras, rolling eyes, begging, crawling and unconditional surrender.



Red Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
In the name of the "sisterhood "

My mind is sliding under your control master

Red believes to be picking up my wife to introduce her to her women's sisterhood group whose mission it is to liberate women. Needless to say, she is not all that pleased when I mention that my wife is very well "trained" and in no need of support from some women's group. Believe it or not but she has the guts to tell me that those brave women will nullify my programming and change her.

The other thing that bothers me is that she wants to pick up my lovely wife right around dinner time, I mean who the h.. is going to cook dinner tonight. Anyway, as you all know, I cannot let that happen, besides, it is time for our prudish young lady to explore her dark side. Needless to say, she does not believe that my "training methods" could possible work on her, after all that is only for the weak-minded. At first she does try to swat the laser light out of her face. No Sir this is not going to.... Next thing she is allowed to say is, I am your entranced slave master. Perfect, that is all she needs to know anyways.

Yes masters, intense rolling eyes, zombie/sleepwalker pose, change into a more suitable (sexier) outfit, mantras, denied orgasms, freezes, fucked by the laser beam, and more. Freezing her right before she can orgasm is particularly exciting as it seems to drive her up the wall. I am your mindless controlled slave master.



Red Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for taking my mind and thoughts

I have been a bad little girl, I need to be punished

Looks like our young lady has still not learned her lesson. The second she wakes up, she complains about the baby-doll she is wearing and I have a feeling that she blames me for whatever is going on although she does not seem to remember all the details of what just happened. No, she vehemently denies having a history of "sleepwalking" spells which might have caused her to change her clothes without remembering. Well, I did not think so but it sounded like a good explanation. Anyway, she ends up, (although she still believes that what I do works) frozen and mindless.

After messing with her clothes and body for a bit I decide to make her become aware of her situation for a while, before taking her down again. In order to program her a bit more, I decide to have her slowly repeat, thank you for taking my mind master. Of course there is still more to come, like the intense freezes, yes masters, bend over self spankings, laser induced orgasms, mindless moments, bitching and so much more. Sir, why is my hand stuck in my butt. Of course there is a happy ending to all this towards the end of the segment when she is convinced that the only reason she came here for, is to give me a blow job.




Red Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Dude you throw like a girl

This next segment shows what can happen to a bad ass dominatrix when she finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thinking that she is hired for a hardcore Femdom shoot, our little girl finds out the hard way that not every man can be whooped into shape. Of course at first we let her go on about how tough she is and that she is going to fire her manager for sending her to a shoot like this. Things don't improve when I mention that I am more into female training rather than domination and that I love to turn them into obedient robots, programmed to serve me. Oh boy that really sets her off. She notice though that I am holding the collar which is part of her outfit. Well, I did mention that I did sort of work on it but that of course, does not stop her from almost forcing me to throw it over to her so that she can put it around her neck.

The second she does, her hands shoot up, her eyes roll and cross as if she was sapped by high voltage. Needless to say, there is no pain involved what so ever but it does seem to do a number on her. After a bit more "sapping" our tough dominatrix is ready to be fully programmed. You have complete control over my programming master. First off we have to find out how well she is programmed to obey by having her whip her own tits, dust the mannequin, pleasure herself with the vibrator without being allowed to orgasm and so on. After that we have to adjust her power-levels which at times makes it impossible for her to move and or orgasm.




Red Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Everybody knows that

I kick your ass if you don't start giving me orders right now.

Our tough dominatrix snaps out of it again and now she is one hundred percent convinced that every dominatrix has to receive orders and that being controlled is part of being a Femdom as well. It is cruel what she makes me do to her but what can I do against her dominant ways of making me yell at her, order her to spank herself, bark and crawl on all four like a , meow and orgasm like a kitten and be yelled at. It is really funny to watch her being all tough and pushy about me having to control her. She almost gets furious when I mention that I don't do that kind of stuff to women, being a nice guy and all. It gets even better when I make her become aware of what she is doing (in the middle of an orgasm) She jumps up and wants to beat me with the whip. Man am I glad the freeze trigger was still in place.



Red Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
What would I do without your help

This next one is just as hot and funny as the last one. Our dominatrix, although still kind of touch, has no clue as to what dominatrixes do when they are on the job. I am so glad that I can be of help to her. I mean we all know that dominatrixes never cover up their breast, always call every male master, stand at attention while demonstrating how much they would love to give their masters a blowjob (vibrator), behave like horny and orgasmic cats who want their masters attention, meow, sleep before they can bring themselves to orgasm, spank themselves and refer to themselves as "horny bimbos". Listening to her thanking me for telling her all this is hilarious. Poor thing sure fights going to sleep right before having an orgasm is hot.



Red Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
What the f.. just happened

Red, still believing that she is a hard ass dominatrix, wakes up and boy, does she seem upset. I guess I cannot blame her but does she have to be so dam serious about all this. Maybe we should tickle her a bit and then freeze her. I have to say, all this does not seem to enhance her mood, in fact she wants to whip me again but, just like before, the freeze trigger still works. Let's make her feel tickled for a bit more and see whether that enhances her mood. No, not really. OK, back to freezing her. The second she becomes aware of the fact that she is frozen, she starts to bitch but having her fingers in her mouth, makes it really hard to understand her. I think we will never know whether she said, I whoop your ass OR fuck my ass. (really funny) Moore freezes, tickling while being orgasmed, and interrupted orgasms are still to come. Eye checks, neck play and....



Red Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view clip Part One
This is ridiculous

This next segment has two parts. First our touch Femdom seems to be obsessed with touching and scratching her middle finger which might not seem all that bad but there is a problem. Every time she touches her finger, she feels deeply penetrated and licked which seem to drive her absolutely nuts. Oh boy, does she try hard to show me how horny and orgasmic she is and of course how helpless she is when it comes to touching her finger. Looks like we have to put her to sleep, I mean how else can we help her. When she wakes up, things are not much better for her though. Now she is by her own hand which does not seem to be under her control, what so ever. Trying to get it off her breasts, pussy and or out of her mouth or even away from her eyes, seems to be a futile attempt. I think this time we need to freeze her. Unfortunately for her though, she still feels aroused and .... Real struggle, real fun.



Red Clip Thirteen Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot Fetish Doll Part One

Would you like to see what is in my shoes

As mentioned in the title, Red has been turned into a sexy foot fetish doll who is programmed to not only love her feet but to also be turned on whenever she feels watched by her owner. Needless to say, our sexy little doll is flirtatious and very sensual when she slowly exposes her well taken care of feet and what makes it even hotter is the fact that she is turned on by the fact that she is being watched by her master. Well, just like all dolls, she has to wind down every once in a while which is always a good time for her owner to do whatever he wants with her body and of course those sexy feet of hers. Let's wind her back up using the vibrator...


Red Clip Thirteen Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Doll - dominatrix-doll

The second part of this segment shows her even more aroused and ready to orgasm but, unfortunately for her, she runs out of charge yet again. I thought it might be fun to let my little doll come back believing that she is a dominatrix who has lost most of her physical strength which, as you can imagine, leaves her somewhat helpless and vulnerable. Being made to feel excited and eventually orgasmed by having her feet touched (pressure points), might be tough for a dominatrix and yes, there is a lot of yes/no and please going on before she reluctantly goes out again. Well, let's have her come back and freeze a big smile on her face before making her orgasm, just like a dolly. Both clips are hot and you will find a lot of your suggestions, including the struggles, the frozen smiles and....



Red Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
My processors can handle it

I want to feel more human again

There she was, in the middle of the night, trying to replace one of her old program chips with a brand new micro chip. I still don't know how she managed to break into my home office but she sure made a lot of noise which woke me up. Well, as mentioned, there she was busy exchanging chips and downloading the corresponding programs. Of course I had told her numerous times whenever she came in for her checkups that the new micro chips were too fast and too powerful for her somewhat antiquated system but somehow she seemed to believe that it would make her feel and appear more human like. I know it's silly but what can you do. Unfortunately, by the time I found her, she had already replaced the old chip and downloaded, who knows what kind of program to match the capacity of the new part.

The more she tried to convince me that her system can handle it, the more she started to glitch, stutter and repeat nonsense. Needless to say, that even if her system could handle the modern chip, she would have had no means to pay for it and my board of directors would have most like fired me for putting it into an old model like her. Her idea of paying for the precious upgrade by offering sexual favors in return was quite tempting though but we never got that far. After she crashed, I decided to not only fix her but to also reprogram her so she could resume her job as (my personal and quite subservient) stewardess. I know, adding the "personal touch" was a bit selfish but ever since I heard about the "mile high club" it was my dream to fuck a stewardess. Anyway, by the time she brought me a globe instead of a cup of coffee, I was...


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