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Rene Phoenix Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Show me the depth

Rene Phoenix, cute, sexy and extremely horny bi-sexual blond was dying to find out what my sessions are all about. The idea of letting herself go to the point where it was actually possible to feel intense pleasure without any inhibitions, fear and guilt was more than tempting and definitely a turn on for her. Of course having to submit in the process seemed even more arousing as our little girl is quite submissive by nature. Of course nobody just submits and learns to obey just because one tells them to.

First there has to be the initial futile attempt to fight it, which as we all know, makes surrender so much more pleasurable. In other words, Rene needed a strong hand and constant reassurance that she was controlled and tamed. Yes tamed is right. Rene is definitely a wild one and turning her into a horny, purring little kitten was a lot of fun and I am sure we all will remember this one for a long time.

Slow floating arms test, eyes going from left to right and back during the eye fixation, body language, twitches and close ups of her entire body and face.

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Rene Phoenix Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
The more aroused you are the more you lose control

The beginning of her transformation

I had a feeling that Rene might react well to suggestions that would make her feel overpowered and sure enough, as soon as I give her the feeling that I am simply taking all control over her body and mind away from her, our little girl starts to lustfully whimper and moan and groan. Suggestions like the one described in the title make it feel even more convincing to her that she has absolutely no control over what is happening. In fact, suggestions like that are kind of like a catch 22 suggestion.

 Helplessly aroused and unable to stop Rene's sexy little hard body goes into lustful convulsions as she is driven into a series of long and hard orgasms. Taking off her skirt seems to make her feel even more exposed and vulnerable which is always a good time to make them open their eyes. Why is the eye opening important? Try it out yourself and you will see that looking the person who brings you to orgasm in the eyes while cuming, makes one feel the defeat and surrender that comes with every orgasm, even more intense.



Rene Phoenix Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
First oh gods

I had a feeling that Rene's session might be intense and very sexual and sure enough, as soon as she gives in to the idea of being controlled and with that, to be able to experience and feel her body in a way she had never even dreamed of, Rene explodes like a volcano. If you like intense stares during even more intense orgasms, slow mind zapping while feeling tied up, slow and monotone repetitions and mantras, zombie/sleep walker pose, first oh gods and intense open eyed orgasms, this one is for you. I used a different kind of light to zap her thoughts and mind while driving her into deeper and deeper trance.

Rene's body feels helplessly tied up in the beginning of the clip which is something she seems to subconsciously like and it helps her to surrender. Of course that is only the warm up and what follows is her slow transformation into becoming my mindless slave. I am Cumming for you, I am a mindless slave, no choice and so on. The above mentioned are just some of the mantras she is ordered to repeat.



Rene Phoenix Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless horny slave in orgasmic bliss

First freeze, even more intense stares, orgasms at will and lots of screaming and begging. Rene's arms and hands are tied behind her back as she mindlessly stares into nothingness while she slowly repeats the words mindless slave, over and over. I keep taking her deeper into mindless bliss before hitting her with another intense orgasm on my command. I can see a couple of tears running down her face as she becomes even more excited and horny. Her little body shivers ad shakes and now it is time to freeze her into an orgasmic statue. Rene's mouth opens and I make her feel gagged and used as she is ordered to orgasm again.

Stiff and frozen, her sexy body is swayed back and forth while she keeps cumming over and over. I tell you, our little girl likes it rough. Of course there is more to come. Slow repetition of mantras like, I am just a slave and do with me as you wish. Placed in her knees, Rene keeps repeating, I am just a slave, without me having to tell her and it shows that every repetition turns her on even more. Still there is more mind reduction and unbelievable intense stares to come. I am an orgasm slave, master. Really intense female training with lots of begging and screaming as well as quiet mindless stares and mantras.



Rene Phoenix Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a helpless horny slave

Rene has to undergo a ritualistic transformation in order to proof that she has become an obedient love slave. Place on the bench her arms are helpless pulled behind her head, her body is weakened to the point where she cannot get up. I can feel that being rendered helpless turns her on and that she is ready for the final takeover. Her sexy young body is quivering and shaking and it is now time to remove the rest of her mind and will. Her eyes are clued to the light in front of her eyes and I tell you, those stares are among the most intense I have seen.

The hot wax, she is made to feel, slowly drips on her soft skin, driving her absolutely nuts. She keeps screaming, I am a horny slave, as I drive her further up the wall for lust. Of course that is all just warm up for the even more intense breath controlled orgasm. I have done this a few times but, here again, Rene responds with an amazing intensity to having her breath stopped and controlled as it is a sign of her unconditional surrender. I am nothing more than a horny slave. Unblinking stares, repetitions, intense orgasms and unconditional surrender. Rene's first few clips show an amazing transformation which progresses in each clip, which is why I recommend watching them together.



Rene Phoenix Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
This next segment is absolutely perfect for Rene as she loves to worship feet. In fact, feet are her number one fetish and it comes as no surprise that Lana drove her up the wall in this next segment. Many of you asked me to include Lana a bit more in the sessions and, well here it is. Rene, who is made to believe that her fiancÚ has been looking at her feet while she was asleep, has second thoughts about marring the guy, after all, she is not into feet. Long story short, my fiancÚ is first rendered mindless (in the middle of her telling me to fuck off) and then weakened to the point where she is fully aware yet unable to move.

To make things worse, she is orgasmed by the mystery woman who suddenly shows up in the bedroom. Watching Lana's hands manipulating and caressing Rene's sexy little feet, while she is stimulating her acupressure points until the little girl has no other choice than to orgasm (under protest, one might add) is seriously hot and every foot lover's dream. Very intense transformation from bitchy to mindless and helplessly weakened and followed by even more intense foot-worship. Who is she and why...



Rene Phoenix Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
That was not cool

Rene, my sexy young fiancÚ is orgasmed one more time by Lana's very sensual touch before I allow her to be able to move again. What do you know, despite the fact that she thought it was intense and sexy, our little girl still wants me to leave. Some girls are just slow learns and for some reason, Rene seems to believe that she actually has a say in all this. Let's zap her again with the light wand, shall we. Sure enough, a couple of seconds later, my horny yet reluctant little girl drops back into mindless bliss. Now it is time for her to show me what happens when she mindlessly worships her own feet. Lots of mindless foot sucking and licking, intense orgasms, some masturbation, instantaneous transformation and so much more. Great close-ups of every part of her feet in many different positions as she shows us her wrinkles, spread toes...




Rene Phoenix Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This next segment is a combination of freeze, tickle, forced orgasm and brain washing. Rene, still not happy about what just happened, still needs more training. Tickled to the point where she is unable to speak while being frozen and helpless, she finally begs for mercy but that would be too easy, right? There is a lot more tickling, intense and unexpected orgasms, some foot action and the instantaneous sleep trigger to come. How did I get her to suddenly love feet and why does she suddenly love being tickled while having another woman present? It's all about how you ask...



Rene Phoenix Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I think I need some extra energy

Rene is made to believe that she is a model for our new "energy candy" commercial shoot. The new candy is said to have the same energizing effect as one of those "power bars" that everybody seems to love so much. What a concept, a small, low calorie candy, with the power of a whole candy bar. Needless to say, our young model loves the idea and she starts with a lot of energy and enthusiasm but, you might have guessed it already, before long she seems to lose all strength, despite her desperate attempts to stay up, she goes to sleep, very slowly that is.



Rene Phoenix Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
This next segment shows our sexy young model go from being smart and not all that interested in me to becoming more and more stupid, bimboish, oversexed and almost obsessed with having sex with me. Of course that is not all, there are plenty of warning which she ignores, her obsession with eating those "power candies" her stupid laughs about her own mishaps, her loss of IQ and so much more. Maybe I should mention that she ends up mindlessly staring into nothingness after cuming way too hard. Real fun and intense clip.



Rene Phoenix Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
We are still not done with our candy girl. This time, she wakes up and after overcoming her embarrassment and confusion about her nakedness, she is warned not to eat to more than two or three of those delicious candies as the might make her feel stiff and ridged, or in other words frozen. Does she listen? Will she really freeze up and then be helplessly played with and maybe even orgasmed despite her attempts to suppress it. Will she almost cry. Will she snap out of it just so she can be frozen again?



Rene Phoenix Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
It will all change once you hit the button

Rene, a sexy and quite expensive hooker, has to deal with one of her least favorite customers, who as usual shows up out of the blue without having enough money to pay her for her services. Some guys seem to think that they are so special that the girls just have to cut tem a deal. Anyway, I am sure you all figured out by now, who the customer is. To make a long story short, she tries to get rid of him but then she makes the mistake to accept his gift, a gory cheap-ass necklace that lights up.

Big deal. Of course what she does not know is that once it is activated, it almost instantaneously downloads (zaps) the wearer's mind, will and thoughts which subsequently transforms them into obedient robots with no other programming than to please their owners/Masters. Robotic monotone speech, repetition of orders, yes masters, bottomless standing up masturbation, stiff legged robot walk, salutations and deactivation (navel trigger) I am just a robot master.



Rene Phoenix Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I am crazy about you master

Needless to say that our young hooker is quite upset when she snaps out of it, realizing that she was just my willing and obedient robot. Believe it or not, she asks me for money before getting the hell out of there. Looks like she still needs some attitude adjustment. The "click" changes everything within a split second. Rene drops into mindless trance and all she knows and remembers is that she is an obedient love slave with n mind and or will of her own. Much better. Why does the title say, I am crazy about you master. Well, Rene is, after some intense training, reprogrammed to be absolutely crazy about her master, who can do with he as he pleases. Intense, many yes masters, stares, forced masturbation and a very different kind of ending.



Rene Phoenix Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
What the hell is going on

Needless to say that waking up with a vibrator in her wet pussy, makes our little girl feel very confused and embarrassed and it is understandable that she gets dressed right away while we are talking about the workings of what I do during my sessions. Looks like she is not impressed what so ever and the idea of masturbating in front of me after only knowing me for a few minutes seems to be a bad idea. The fun part about all this is that she starts to masturbate the second I mention the word. Of course that does not mean that what I do really works on her. Can it get worse. Watch her struggling against her own hands which seem to have a mind of their own and you will agree with me that it can actually get worse. Poor thing seems to almost lose her mind when she realizes that her "bad" little hands make her feel oh so good.



Rene Phoenix Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am too young to be reformatted
Doesn't everybody learn a foreign language in three days?

This week's robot segment is about a runaway fembot who tries to rent an apartment in New York. Renting an apartment in NY is tough as it is but try to do it without having any references, former employers and or a real past. Of course our sexy fembot tries her best to persuade the super of the building and when that fails, she even tries to seduce him. Of course the guy is not that stupid and although not the brightest, even he finally puts two and two together. What gave it away that she might not be as human as she had first appeared to be. Maybe the twitches, the lack of references and or a provable past, the repetitions, the widening eyes or maybe the robotic speech pattern she displayed here and there. Find out why she ran away in the first place and how it all ends. Rene turned out to be a fantastic little fembot.


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