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Riley Evans Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Spiraling down into the inner world

Riley Evans, sexy and very horny blond with a beautiful natural body, was certainly born to be wild and untamed until she came in for a session that is. Don't get me wrong, Riley is still wild and probably untamed, as far as most people around her are concerned but she has certainly shown that she can be tamed and trained under the right circumstances.

As I always say, it is all about finding the trigger, meaning the one thing that turns them on and eventually makes them give in to it and with that to me. You see, most beautiful girls know what kind of damage they can do to most men simply by showing up which often leads to the fact that they are treated as being unattainable and certainly uncontrollable.

The trick is to tear down the facade and to let them feel and experience their, as I call it, softer side. You will know what all this means once you catch some of her amazingly intense clips. Riley is another wild yet sweet girl, very intelligent and witty, extremely sexual and most importantly, a wonderful subject with a very vivid imagination. To make a long story short, get ready for another hot and wet session.

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Riley Evans Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Programmed to obey

To tame a beautiful girl like Riley, it is important to make her feel and experience that her mind and with that, her body are no longer under her control. Could there be any better way than to make her feel aroused, helplessly played with and eventually orgasmed on command for a very long time? As you know, I always enjoy the part where the girls go from being relaxed to orgasmic simply because I say so. Of course it is a slow process which should never be rushed. Taking control too early often makes the subject drop out of trance and as mentioned, it is important to wait for the right moment.

When would that be, you might ask? Whenever your subject’s body is helplessly quivering and shaking under your suggestions and when their moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams. Riley is exactly doing that and I can feel that she is ready to let herself go. Lust is an incredibly strong motivator and Riley is no exception. Driven up the wall and overcome by lust and the desire to surrender, she drops under my control as her body goes into lustful convulsions.



Riley Evans Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a mindless horny girl

You have to surrender your mind before you are allowed to cum

Prolonged and or denied orgasms as well as slow mind reduction are great tools to make the subject feel out of control. Riley can not seem to wait to get out of her panties. The suggestion that she will feel the stimulation between her legs with even more intensity makes her almost tear off her panties and when she feels her hands helplessly pulled between her legs, her sexy body starts to go into convulsions again. It is time to slow her down and to make her wide open eyes focus on the watch as her mind drifts out and into the watch. I make her know and feel that she is controlled and that she has no choice but to surrender into mindless bliss.

 It seems like the more forceful my voice gets, the more aroused she becomes. All she wants at this point is to be a good girl and I can feel her desire to orgasm for me as hard as possible. Empty and mindless yet very aroused, Riley surrenders into a series of orgasms at my command. She keeps repeating “I am a mindless horny girl and I want to please you”. Now it is time to drive her even further up the wall by denying her to orgasm and to make it clear to her that she has to surrender her mind first.

Riley's desire to show me that she is a good little girl is what eventually takes her over the edge. Her intense mindless stares, her begging, her slow repetitions and her helpless surrender can not be described. Towards the end of the segment, our little girl just mindlessly stares into blankness as my hand waves across her empty eyes. Very intense and sizzling hot.



Riley Evans Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
have no choice

The systematic training and taming of our beautiful young girl continues and it includes crawling while feeling helplessly fucked, kneeling while repeating mantras (slow and long reps), zombie/sleep walker pose, empty wide eyed stares, intense rolling eyes, begging, orgasms at the snap of my fingers, sleepy drifting eyes, slow mind reduction, lots of screaming hard orgasms, unconditional surrender and the willing acceptance of having a master and being owned. Here again, all this only begins to describe what is going on in this clip, Riley's young body is quivering and shaking and I can see the surrender in her eyes. She keeps repeating “I have no choice” and it is obvious that she really means it and it drives her crazy for lust. In order for Riley to experience the bitter sweet feeling of surrender I have her repeat mantras “I am orgasmed by my master”, “I am a mindless slave” and “you are my master”. Enjoy her beautiful body from every angle.



Riley Evans Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel that you are nothing without me

All I want is to please you, I am your slave

Now it is time for the final initiation into sexual slavery. Riley is placed on the altar and she feels watched by a group of men who want to see her being trained to become the best and most pleasing sex slave there has ever been. Her hands are forced to caress her breasts; hot wax is dripping on her soft skin as her body goes into lustful spasms. I can feel that she is turned on beyond belief and this is the perfect time to make her feel the most intense sexual experience she has ever had. Riley's body quivers all over the altar as she feels helplessly penetrated and used. She keeps screaming “All I want is to please you, I am a slave” but I am still not satisfied. I want her to show me that she wants to be the best trained slave a master could have and I keep pushing her even further.

She feels her hands pulled between her legs and she has no choice but to pleasure herself for me. Now is time for the final take over, I let her wait and beg before she is allowed to orgasm because this time I want her to give it all up. Riley keeps cumming over and over while she repeats “I surrender” and her beautiful body slowly and after a long fight goes out and she sinks into deep sleep (really hot ending). Eye checks and some bonus footage of Lana's feet who got quite excited herself while taking the pictures:-)



Riley Evans Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
The Brainwave converter

Riley, who believes to be my wife, is ready to go to a fancy costume party without me. Can you believe that? I mean, what man in his right mind would let his wife go to a party, dressed like that, all by herself. Of course the argument starts the second she tell me that she wants to go by herself and it does not get any better when she mentions that she is getting tiered of me. I know, it is hard to believe but what can we do, women will always be women. Looks like my unruly little wife needs a more serious attitude adjustment. Of course the idea of being turned into an obedient robot makes her laugh and what the hell is a brainwave converter anyways.

Twenty seconds later, she finds out and what do you know, she snaps at attention as all mind, will, and thoughts seemed to have been drained out of her. Female robots do not need a mind, they are programmed to obey and serve their master. Now it is time to go through all the different programs and settings in her system. Besides the standing up masturbation, the slow and robotic yes masters, the salutations, the repetitions of my commands, the denied orgasm due to system failure there is also the complete removal of her human personality, mind and will. At the end, my unruly wife gets a second chance but it does not look like she deserves to remain human.



Riley Evans Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't think this is going to work

Strawberries with a side effect

Riley wakes up after a brief deepening and thank to short term amnesia, she seems to have forgotten pretty much everything we did so far in her session. Naturally, she is skeptic and it is obvious that she does not believe that post hypnotic triggers could possibly work. Well, lets see about that. The second I leave the room (so she thinks) our little girl seems fascinated by the chocolate covered strawberries on the table next to her and despite me telling her not to touch anything in the room while I am gone, she can not resist eating one of them. Sure enough, the second she puts it in her mouth she starts to orgasm. I wanted to see what she would do once this happened so I decided not to program a particular response. You guessed it, she keeps eating more of it and her orgasm gets better and better. The second I return, she denies having touched anything in the room. OK, lets see what happens once I leave the room again. Priceless, believe me.




Riley Evans Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
What's with the rubber ducky

Just like in the last segment, Riley wakes up not remembering the session and again, we start talking about hypnosis and how it works. Well, what can I say, she is still not convinced that it might work on her while she is taking off her clothes without being aware of it. Let's see what happens when I leave the room. This time she is drawn to the rubber ducky (vibrator which starts to thrust just by being touched) .You guessed it, she just has to try it out. What happens when I come back in the room is priceless. What's with the pillow honey? Denial, lies, funny excuses and of course the inevitable happy ending...



Riley Evans Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I never faint

Riley snaps out of it and she seems very confused about the fact that she is holding the vibrator while her clothes are, well, not on her. Anyway, despite her confusion, she just can not seem to believe that all the stuff I am telling her about hypnosis could possibly work. Time to have fun with her. Riley keeps passing out over and over for no apparent reason and again, her reactions and comments are priceless. Of course I have plenty of time to mess with her while she is in lala land.



Riley Evans Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Smell the roses

Do you have a nice penis

Can the aromatic smell of a newly designed flower really destroy a young girls mind, reduce her IQ to next to nothing, increase her libido to the point of being oversexed and indiscriminate about you she fucks, turn her into a dumb bimbo without her being aware of it or even make her finger herself in public? Well, not according to our test subject but then again, why does she seem to become giggly, play with herself, strip, lose her concentration and eventually show us her pussy and more. Should she have listen to the warnings about the potential side effects our new flowers might have? Fun and sizzling hot.



Riley Evans Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Does it make you want to do bad things to me

Our test subject is still in complete denial about her deteriorating mind as well as her increasing arousal. For some reason she seems to believe that her IQ is at 50 points which we all know, is right there with Einstein's. Could her increasing need to play with herself be an indication that there might be some side effects to smelling those beautiful flowers. Can her reluctance to stop the experiment be an indication of mindless lust? Usually when people say that they are not dumb they certainly are. Rubbing the flowers in her pussy and caressing her tits with them could certainly be interpreted as being shamelessly horny in public. Of course our test candidate does not see it that way. Should a person like her, who claims to be in her right mind, really insist on having that last and final orgasm which leaves her mindless an empty or could it be that she is just not able to stop it from happening. Hot segment with intense struggle at the end.



Riley Evans Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I do not think I can do that

It seems like you have some kind of "snapping" abilities

Riley, our aspiring young model, has no idea that this will turn out into a photo shoot from hell and how could she. Bubbly and full of energy, she seems ready to show me her sexiest poses. Of course she seems a bit confuse when I mention that she has to hold the "mannequin" pose for about 10 minutes. Nobody can stand still for that long. Maybe not under normal circumstances but it is sure possible when frozen in place. Looks like she does not really know what I mean by that but 10 seconds later she is just that, mindlessly frozen in place that is. Poor thing does not even realize that I am messing with her sexy little outfit which Lana had so carefully chosen for her.

You should see how confused she is as soon as her mind reenters her body. Needless to say that I try my best to help her but it looks like removing her top and exposing her bottoms, does not do a thing for her (but a lot for all of us) Anyway, I think she might be better off being in a state of mindless bliss and here again, she does not seem to understand my logic not does she believe a waving hand could possible render her mindless. Well, we all know what happens next. I decide to use her mindless bliss to have her undress without being aware of it before snapping her out again.

What else could possibly go wrong? Confused and apologetic about her nakedness, our aspiring young model makes yet another mistake by stepping on the town that's on the floor which makes her, despite her futile struggle to avoid it, orgasm. Things get worse from here. Riley freezes up at the snap of my fingers in the middle of her orgasm and... I used different triggers (sounds, gadgets) for the freezes and so on which made her a firm believer in the power of my snapping fingers. You will see what this all means once you watch it. Interesting to watch how Riley gradually freezes better and better.



Riley Evans Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I need you to be stern

Our aspiring model snaps out of it again and takes off her top without realizing it while we are talking about her lack of concentration. Of course she apologizes for being not as professional as usual but as soon as I ask her to show me a more serious pose, she starts to laugh. The really strange part about all this is that she keeps reassuring me that she is in fact very serious. I think the only thing that might help her is to be mindlessly frozen again. I decide to put the camera back on the tripod which gives me more freedom to mess with her mind a bit more.


Riley Evans Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you feel the orgasm coming on

Frozen, orgasmed, tickled, and liquefied

As I mentioned earlier, Riley is going through her photo shoot from hell and I am not done with her just yet. Confused and embarrassed but otherwise fresh and up, our sexy young model starts to laugh again as if she were tickled. Of course she tries to convince me again that this is her serious side. Time to freeze her again and to make her beg me to help her. Finally, she seems to come around and now she even wants to go out with me, which is something she would have never done during clip twelve. I think by now, I rather watch her orgasm for me. No, that will never happen, so she says. Oops, looks like the power of post hypnotic suggestions is stronger, yet again. Finally, she seems to be able to freely move and the feeling of being tickled seems to have gone away but now her body liquefies and her mind drops into oblivion. Really hot ending. Lot of different triggers and interaction.



Riley Evans Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I think I am at the wrong shoot

Riley's photo shoot from hell is almost over but there is one more thing she has to do for me and that would be to become a very horny and at times mindless foot slave. Of course that idea does not go over too well with our young aspiring model and after the confusion about her nakedness as well as her sleepiness wears off, she tries to leave. Luckily, I had one more post hypnotic trigger left and sure enough, she drops into mindless bliss and all she wants to do now, is to show me her feet in every possible position. Slowly and seductively taking off her boots and stockings and than showing off her feet is one thing but getting aroused and wet makes it even more exciting and takes it to a whole new level. I actually went down on the floor the get the most intense close ups of her feet as well as her crotch. Before long, our newly born foot slave orgasm and with that, her mind comes back and believe it or not, now she wants to turn me on with her feet. Amazing what a girl can do with her little feet once she feels how much it turns the guys on. Best slow close ups ever.


Riley Evans Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you hear this?

This week’s Fembot story is about a beautiful demure young woman who believes to be visiting her therapist’s home office. She has no idea that she is a Robot and that she has actually walked into technician’s home repair shop from CyberCorp! Right away she starts telling him about her very personal, secret problem with sexual relationships. For as long as she can remember, whenever she's near someone she's attracted to, whenever she's aroused, she hears faint "electronic" sounds.

She knows no one else hears them when she does. As a result, she feels freakish and has become shy, inhibited, and has not dated until recently. As the date progressed, she was so nervous, horny, embarrassed and frightened, that she began to develop even more problems. She begins to beg the therapist to help her: “Doctor! If if if if, ifI ifI I I I ... then I'll never find a man to love and own me!" "Doctor…what does all it mean?" "How can I make it stop?" "Why is this happening to me?" error...error...error …Shutdown.

As she finally shuts down, the Technician reluctantly begins (with best intentions) to repair her – even though he is limited to much less sophisticated tools at his home repair shop, he is able to determine readings showing errors building up due to her having been left running too long without operator maintenance tasks, various sexual acts for clearing the cache, updating certificates, checking add-ons compatibility, etc. Her libido must work through these issues, for her to be able to return to her ideal.

He also discovers that she is a recent conversion, in the wild with no claims on her yet! He is quite pleased about how the upgrade is spreading and with no claims on her, his intentions begin to spread wild as well and he assigns himself as her owner. There is only one way to find out what happens with his new intentions/alterations as the new owner... “I must watch this clip…” Suggested by a long time supporter and viewer...


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