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Riley Reece Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Ticket to lust

Riley Reece, stunningly beautiful blond bombshell with the sexiest smile (and of course curves) turned out to be sweet as can be. A lot of beautiful girls like her often seem cold and unattainable which can make it hard to work, actually I should better say, play with them but that sure was not the deal in her case. Are we all lucky or what. Riley turned out to be curious and ready to explore her, let's call it, wild side. Like most of the girls, she was a bit nervous but that went away rather quickly and from there she dropped like a rock. As you all know, I am doing this for a while now but it is still an amazing feeling every time I see and feel the girls go under and with that let go of all control over their bodies and minds. Riley was about to feel and experience something so new and unexpected that it made her not only a believer in what I do but also a fan for live.

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Riley Reece Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Made to please her master

Show me your obedience

It often helps to start by "making the subject what to surrender her mind and will." Some subjects like to believe that they are actually the ones who want this to happen and with that, they just let themselves drop into my lap, so to speak. At any rate, it works great and before long, Riley whimpers and quivers under my voice. First our little girl has to learn that pleasing and obeying her master, is the only way for her to be and that it is all she wants. Her beautiful body goes into lustful convulsion and it is time to allow her to experience her first "open eyed orgasm" As we all know, looking the person who makes you cum in the eyes, intensifies the feeling of surrender and with that, intensifies the orgasm as well. Her dark eyes are focused on the light in my hand and she slowly loses her inhibiting thoughts. I keep driving her up the wall for lust and it shows that her only desire is to make herself cum for me. I am cuming for you master. Riley ends up quiet and dim as her mind is stilled for more programming. Great stares, oh my god orgasms and a very intense start of the session.



Riley Reece Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls do as they are told

This one has it all, the intense unblinking stares, screaming hard orgasms, forced as well as denied masturbation, yes masters, deep trance after mind-reduction, posing of her weak and empty body, begging and more.

I am cuming for you master, good little girls cum hard

Riley is taken on an intense rollercoaster ride of emotions, lust and the absence of all thinking. Her beautifully rounded body quivers and shakes while her desire to touch herself for me is starting to feel overwhelming. She is made to feel her hands as if they were pleasuring her wet pussy without being allowed to cum. Of course that is all just the tip of the iceberg. Watch and enjoy her being trained and tamed.




Riley Reece Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Just because your master says so

Horny foot-slave and fuck toy

Want more kneeling, crawling while feeling fucked from behind, unblinking mindless stares, intense orgasm training on command (just because I say so), very seductive "foot-worship," begging, yes master and so much more? Of course you do

Riley is really an amazing subject and it shows that she loves to show off her beautiful feet (wrinkles, spread toes and so on) while seductively playing with her well rounded, perky tits. Of course her again, if you read the above mentioned, you know that there is a whole lot more going on in this one as well.




Riley Reece Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Give me all you've got

Want even more crawling, great close ups of her amazingly beautiful ass and feet, orgasms on command, zombie/sleepwalker pose, slow repetition of mantras like I am your hypnotized slave master, slow thought removal, breath controlled orgasm training, spoiled orgasms, waving hand in front of dim eyes and so much more. Of course you do. Really intense finale of her initial training. Riley slowly gives it all up until she goes down and out. Needless to say, I take my time to play with her limp body, perform some eye checks and...




Riley Reece Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't think I need your help

Riley, who believes to be a rather inexperienced fashion/bikini model, has no idea what kind of shoot she is in for. first we take some very sexy pictures of her and that is when it all starts. Poor thing steps on the towel on the floor and, what do you know, it triggers an unwanted and sure very embarrassing orgasm. Of course that is all just the beginning. All of a sudden she freezes up while holding the beach ball for yet another sexy picture. Needless to say, she is quiet confused and stunt when she becomes aware of her predicament. Me pulling down her bikini top does not help much either, except maybe that it makes her even more, let's call it, uncomfortable. It seems like she does not want my help, at least not that kind of help. Mentioning to her that I have a website and that she would make a very good subject, does not seem to go over too well either. Looks like we have to use the "hand trick" to still her mind so that we can place the dildo in her hand without her getting all upset again.


Riley Reece Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
No nude shoot ever

This what high dollar fashion models do

The shoot from hell continues. This time we have her convinced that she is a famous high fashion model who is here to show us how to properly give a man a blow job. As we all know, that is what high-fashion supermodels do to further their career. Well, maybe not but that what she is made to believe. I have to say, the way she describes every detail of what she does whenever she blows a guy and than demonstrates it, definitely makes me want to be the lucky guy who is getting it. Really hot the way she describes and does it. Of course her bliss ends once I freeze her and hen make her aware of the fact that she is really a high fashion bikini model who all of a sudden finds herself with a dildo firmly stuck in her mouth right in front of the camera. Poor thing is frozen and the dam dildo does not want to come out of her mouth either. Finally, she unfreezes and the nasty thing drops out of her mouth but before you know it, she steps on the towel again. If you don't know what the towel does, see clip six or better yet, watch the clip.



Riley Reece Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh my god

I am a professional and no, I do not have a weak mind

There is too much going on to describe all the details but believe me, it a fun clip with lots of freezes, tickling, dim stares, apologies, embarrassment and unwanted orgasms. I am so, so sorry.

Our high dollar model just cannot give me the kind of poses I need, even though she tries. The problem is that she either breaks out into uncontrollable laughter and or freezes up in mid motion. Needless to say, she is just as confused and embarrassed about all this as she "should be." Well, in all fairness, she does not really have much say in all this. Being the nice guy that I am, I help her by squirting cold water on her tits, by making her aware of the fact that her tits are exposed while she is frozen, offering hypnosis to help her move (she does not seem interested in that one) and so on. Needless to say, none of it really helps but it sure as hell is a lot of fun to play with our confused young lady.


Riley Reece Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
All high-fashion models are gagged and bound

Our sweet and somewhat innocent young model goes through one more round of her photo shoot from hell. This time we make her believe that she is a bondage model. Of course we do not need any ropes and gags and what have you to make her feel tied up and helplessly bound. Things do get a bit, let's say, sticky, once her sooty high dollar model becomes aware of what she is actually doing. You guessed it, the bitching begins and I have no other choice than to "gag" her. Here again, no actual gag needed. It is really hot to watch her struggle and quiver while forced to orgasm by the Hitachi she is made to feel on her clit. The "waving hand trick" renders her mindless and obedient. I am nothing but your slave master. Zombie pose, more freeze, a fun ending are still to come.


Riley Reece Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
The Italian (shoe) job

Here we have Riley believe that she is a "shoe model" who has been hired by the owner of a small High-end shoe store chain to promote the new line of Italian shoes. I can't help but notice that she seems to feel very uncomfortable when I start to talk about her feet and there is no way (so she believes) that she would show me those sexy size 10 feet. First we have her slowly try on a couple of those sexy high heel shoes before turning her into an obedient foot slave. What does the trick are those delicious strawberries which she cannot seem to resist. One bite and she drops into obedience. What comes next is more than hot. Riley seductively tells (and shows us) how she gives us the "foot-job" of our dreams by using the dildo to demonstrate. Of course there is also mindless foot worship, stares and more. It is really exciting to listen to her talk about her feet, sexy wrinkles and so much more. Pantyhose lover's dream.


Riley Reece Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Want more feet

This one is all about feet, freeze, confusion, the waving hand, obedient mindlessness, sleepy orgasms while I am holding her eyes open and more.

The pantyhose slowly come off and Riley continues with her foot-job demonstration. I can feel her getting intensely aroused and ready to orgasm. Time to freeze her and to let her become aware of what she is doing. Here we go again, our prudish model seem confused, a bit bitchy and definitely embarrassed. I can't really blame her, after all, she does not remember exactly how she ended up like this. The fact that I am using her, let's call it, immobility, to take a slow and very close look at her sexy feet, seems to unnerve her even more. The waving hand puts her out of her misery and back to mindlessly showing off her feet. The slightest touch of my hand makes our horny foot slave orgasm almost instantaneously. Time to put her to sleep and to...



Riley Reece Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
i was not born yesterday honey

I really don't care about your opinion

Riley, my sexy yet disobedient wife, really believes that I allow her to go to a "girls only" Halloween party dressed like this by herself. Sure honey, everybody is half naked at a girls only party. Anyway, to make a long story short, our pretty bad liar ends up (just like my first wife) being my obedient Robot toy. Needless to say, there is a lot of programming going on as well as repetition of orders, some robot walk and talk, bottomless masturbation and at the end there is a "clit deactivation. Best part though is her blow job demonstration and detailed description of how Robot Riley does go about pleasing her master orally. Lots of yes masters, salutation, stiff and robotic movements and more.




Riley Reece Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't think you should do that to me

My unruly wife wakes up again and believe it or not, she still talks about going to the "girls only" party. Needless to say, we cannot have that. Being the nice guy that I am, I mention that I have to hypnotize her and that she is in fact an easy subject. Well, that does not go over too well, as you can imagine. Before she knows it, her little body is stiffly frozen while I am messing with her. Her complaining stops as soon as "the hand" waves across her face, leaving her dim and finally quiet. There is a lot more to come. Up again, she still believes to go to the party but then she realizes that she is way too tired. No matter how hard she tries, the is no way she can stay awake. Poor thing goes out in the middle of her desperate attempts to get up. After playing with her limp body for a bit, I decide to have her come back so that I can drop her right back to sleep in the middle of her bitching at me. Still, she does not believe to be a good subject which means, we have to "transform" her into an obedient robot for some more fun. Lots of freeze and sleepy fun. Neck play, eye checks and more.




Riley Reece Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Not that Sanders guy again

Riley enters wearing a pleated tennis skirt and tank top with her in a ponytail pulled through her tennis visor.

Frank: Wow you're not sweating at all, its 90 degrees out their. I'm burning up over here.

Riley: Oh I'm a Florida Girl, I barely even notice the heat.

Frank: I guess. Gee wiz, your not out of breath at all, I'm gasping over here.

Riley: Oh I do allot of cardio. I would be happy to help you with your conditioning. Your backhand has really improved, but you tire too easily. If you want to win next month's club match you're really going to have to put allot of work in over the next few weeks.

Frank: I'm trying, but lets face it I'm never going to be as fit as you. Besides I don't care about winning the club cup, just beating Frank Sanders. I don't now why, but that guy just gets to me. He always has to flaunt his gold key membership in my face. Well I got a surprise for him, Guess who just got his own Gold Key membership.

Riley: You didn't

Frank: I sure did. Just upgraded this morning, it cost me an arm and a leg, but it will be worth it just to see look on Frank's face.

Riley: Congratulations, have you chosen a girl yet?

Frank: Excuse me?

Riley: A girl, have you selected one yet or did you order a custom unit.

Frank: I'm sorry I'm not following you.

Riley: Haven't you read your GoldKey Packet?

Frank: No but, I'm supposed to get one at the orientation dinner tonight?

Riley: Oh I'm sure they'll fill you in at the orientation. So Is 11:00 am Thursday OK? I think we should spend the first half hour working on your serve.

Frank: Hold up a minute, what did you mean order a custom unit

Riley: Please Wait, while I verify your membership……………..Frank T Willson…searching……searching……Gold Key Membership…….Confirmed!

Frank: What is wrong with you, Riley, you're acting very strange today.

Riley: Nothing is wrong with me, I am functioning within design parameters.

Frank: Design parameters? What are you talking about?

Riley: Please do not be alarmed, but I am not what I appear to be. I am a robot, an android to be more precise.

Frank: A robot, stop pulling my leg. Did Sanders put you up to this?

Riley: We're all robots. Lisa, Stacey, Kim, Sarah, all of the girls here are synthetic.

Frank: You mean to tell me that the entire country club is staffed by androids. Yes all of us

Riley: Pretty lifelike, huh?

Frank: I sorry darling, but I'm just not convinced

Riley: You're aren't, well then let me help convince you? Riley 3000………….. opening primary Access Panel. (Riley partially lifts her Tank Top to reveal an open panel) ( keep Riley's body and the Camera very still if you want me to attempt an edit.)

Frank: Holy smokes, you are a robot, I mean an android, well whatever you're certainly not human, that's for sure. Wow you're incredible.
Riley: Ahhh thanks, your so sweet. ( Riley looks down at her open panel and then back up to Frank.) Do you mind if I close up ?

Frank: Oh no of coarse not. Riley: A girl just can't walk around with her circuits showing. Closing primary Access panel.

Frank: I've been a club member for three years, how come I never knew about this? Riley:

Only Gold key members are permitted to know about us……..Your Silver Key membership did not entitle you to certain club benefits.

Frank: what benefits?

Riley: All of the girls work part-time for the club, however we are each assigned a primary user that may access our more, how shall I say, intimate functions.

Frank: Intimate functions, just how intimate are we talking?

Riley: We are programmed to please. Lets just say I'm was designed to be anatomically correct for a reason. Some of our wealthier members choose to order custom units designed to specific physical and psychological features provided by the member . I am one such unit, designed to exact specifications provided by my primary user.

Frank: This amazing, you're amazing. Who is you're primary user Riley?

Riley: You won't like my answer.

Frank: It's not Riley : It is, My primary user is Frank Sanders…………He had the club technicians construct me three months ago.

Frank: Say it isn't so, you're too good for that old windbag. When I think of that dirty so and so touching you I, I just Riley: Perhaps we should change the subject. Shall I schedule you in for 11:00am Thursday.

Frank: Sure I'll see you then, man I just can't believe you're not real, you're just so beautiful.

Riley: Awe Thanks…………..Thursday it is

Frank: Today's Worse than Tuesday its got to be near a hundred out there, wouldn't you say. Riley? Wouldn't you say its even hotter?

Riley: Yes it is very hot……….very hot

Frank: Did you hear that I'm Lisa's Primary user now?

Riley: Oh yes Lisa. Congratulations Lisa is very-well constructed.

Frank: She's not you, but I'll have to admit she's pretty hot, wouldn't you agree

Riley: Affirmative…..she is very hot……….very hot

Frank: Are you feeling Ok?, you don't quite seem yourself today.

Riley: I feel…I feel…….I feel just like a real woman……..a…a….a real woman……  Oh sorry about that, I think my processors got a little overheated in the sun. Your serving is really improving, just remember to grip the racquet like you're…… like you're……its very hot………..very hot… Warning…Riley unit overheating………my circuits are overheating……………unable to regulate……….to regulate………..

Frank: Poor thing, you overexerted yourself. Don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine , once you've had a chance to cool down. ………Wow look at you……….. Damn I can't believe Sanders gets to be with a girl as perfect as you…………. He won't take care you, hell he got a tiny scratch on his new Bentley and instead of fixing it he just traded it in on an even newer one. He doesn't appreciate anything, why if you were to get damaged, I bet he wouldn't lift a finger to fix you, he'd probably just trade you in on a newer model…………Wait a minute………….We would just trade you…………….and then I could exchange Lisa for you………..Its perfect……..This my chance

(Frank slips behind Riley and begins tinkering with her circuitry. her body jerks as removes components an detaches and reattaches wires.

Riley: Who's there…….What….What are you doing to me?……….

Frank: It's just me Darling, I figured out a way we can be together

Find out whether there really is a way for the two to be together


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