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Sabrina Fox Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Getting used to having no choice

Sabrina fox, six feet tall, voluptuous red head was toying with the idea of being put under for a few years but she was always either too skeptical or too afraid to actually try it. Besides her fear and skepticism, she just could never believe that it was possible to be orgasmed and controlled simply through the mind. Well, I don't want to say too much here but believe me her session should proof that all these things are not only definitely possible but that they happened to her over and over again. In other words, Sabrina is an excellent subject and her session turned out to be another incredibly intense one. We talked about what I do and I noticed right then and there that she was starting to relax. I knew right then and there that she was ready to be played with. Submission comes naturally to Sabrina but only when she feels strength and authority, meaning she needs the right person to submit to.

The relaxation part of her session went more then well and Sabrina went under without even knowing what hit her. Her eyelids flickered during her brief struggle to stay awake and from there it was clear sailing. I started during the induction to suggest that the feeling of helplessness and the fact that she had no choice would turn her on and I noticed that she went for it.

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Sabrina Fox Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
You will be orgasmed

Sabrina's voluptuous body slowly starts to move and then quiver and shake under my suggestions. Her breathing is getting increasingly deeper and louder. I always enjoy this part of the training tremendously not only because it shows how good the subject is but also how intense the session is about to get. I suggest that her hands are too heavy for her to lift them up, her legs are forced apart and that the vibrator between her open legs is mercilessly thrusting on her clit. Sabrina, who obviously loves the feeling of helplessness, is starting to go nuts for lust. I keep pushing her closer to her first climax without letting her cum. First she has to show me how badly she wants it and how much she is willing to let herself go for it. The more I make her show me her lust, the more she seems to feel it and her body is now all over the couch; still not good enough, now she starts to scream and beg me to let her orgasm and I know that she is firmly under my control. �Please give me permission to orgasm�, �please give me permission to orgasm�, �please give me.... I think you are getting the picture.



Sabrina Fox Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
I give you total control master

Give me your mind and will and you will feel it with an intensity never known before. Sabrina is starting to get hot and I have her take off her top. Sabrina's head is held back on the back of the couch, her big round eyes are wide open when I start taking her mind. All she feels is her lust which makes her conscious mind go into overload and I can feel how she slowly runs empty. The suggestion that the more she keeps her eyes open the more she feels her body is starting to drive her up the wall. Sabrina's beautiful eyes are wide open without me having to make her focus and it shows her mindless absence and oblivion. Sabrina keeps repeating: �I give you total control�; still not enough, I want her to show me her complete and total surrender before she is allowed to orgasm and with that drift into the abyss. Too much going on to describe it all but believe me it is very intense with great stares and repetitions.



Sabrina Fox Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am Cumming for you master

It feels so wonderful to have no choice.

There are more intense stares, slow and monotone mantras and mindless obedience in this segment. Sabrina is hot and sweaty by now and I put her on her knees for more training. One hand is stuck behind her head while the other one seems to have a life of its own. Unable to stop the hand between her legs from driving her crazy, Sabrina is now more than willing to become a good little girl for me. The mantra: �please train me� takes her even deeper and I can feel how she wants to be ready to orgasm for me at any time. Sabrina is literally out of her mind; her voluptuous body is a sweaty and shivering mess, ready to explode at any time; still not enough! I have her stand up and look at the new light I just got. Her attention is distracted and her subconscious mind is wide open for my suggestions. Sabrina learns to mindlessly do and feel whatever I tell her to do and feel. Her final climax is deep and it shows how it takes it all out of her. Very intense mind removal and surrender...



Sabrina Fox Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless Slave master

Frozen and used

This segment starts off with Sabrina having her arms tied up behind her head. Of course there are no ties, what holds her hands together is simply the power of the mind. Helpless and most importantly mindless, Sabrina is orgasmed by the invisible vibrator between her legs. I have her repeat the mantra: �I surrender master�. Her entire body is shivering and shaking and her big eyes are mindlessly staring into lala land.

The intensity of this segment is again not easy to describe. I decide to take it up a notch and freeze her entire body into a statue. The slow and monotone mantra, frozen and mindless, makes her feel helpless and incredibly turned on. Sabrina is orgasmed again simply by me holding the light between her legs. Sweat is running down her face and neck while her helpless body is twitching. Her eyes are still wide open and completely empty while she slowly and with a very monotone voice keeps repeating: "I am a mindless slave master."



Sabrina Fox Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Magic hand and total surrender

Sabrina is frozen and unfrozen, taken to the edge of her orgasm without being allowed to cum and stripped of her will as I please. I can feel how it turns her on and decide to freeze her again. Her entire body is stiff as a board except one hand which without her having any control over it, masturbates her wet pussy until she almost loses it; still not good enough, I keep taking her close and then deny her to explode. Not being allowed to cum and the feeling of having no influence over her quivering body seems to drive her up the wall. Sabrina is ready to do anything I want, �I am letting go of all mind and will master�.

After being unfrozen, Sabrina's hands go up to her breast and squeeze her nipples. I never thought somebody could go that crazy for lust by pinching her own nipples. Sabrina is at that point where all she wants is to show me how obedient and controlled she can be. Next step of her training is to have her orgasm herself into complete surrender by giving me all her strength and will. The last few segments were so incredibly intense that I decide to give her a short break. Repeating the mantra, "mindless and empty� very slowly and monotone puts her to sleep. It is hot to watch her slowly go out while repeating the mantra.



Sabrina Fox Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen Robotized and programmed

I hear and I obey

Sabrina believes to be a tow truck driver who comes to my house to repo my car. Being a repo girl, she is tough and has certainly no mercy when it comes to my predicament. Besides all that, she laughs when I offer to take her to dinner using her car, since I lost mine. That's just not nice. Sir, you are making a fool out of yourself by asking me that. Well, how about I ask you to become my perfectly programmed and very obedient robot? She certainly does not seem to think that I am serious about that one either. The strobe light takes care of that; her eyes are suddenly glued to the light in front of her and her transformation begins: "I am a robot, I hear and I obey". Looks like some robot training and programming is in order. Frozen up and helpless, my little repo-robot is now programmed to obey, orgasm on command while repeating: "Robot has to orgasm" and lots more. Again, Sabrina goes under deep and this segment turns out to be incredibly hot.



Sabrina Fox Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a robot with no mind and will

I am here to please you master.

Fembot Sabrina's programming intensifies. I get her started with some bottomless masturbation while her entire body, except the hand between her legs of course, is starting to freeze up again: "I am a robot with no mind and will". I decide to intensify the programming even more by shoving a vibrator into her panties. Robot Sabrina is not allowed to touch it and it is obvious that it is driving her up the wall. Shivering and quivering like a leaf with her eyes staring into robo-land, Sabrina is now ready for her final programming. I keep intensifying the thrust of the vibrator as well as the intensity with which she feels it by 10 times then 20 times more. Her orgasm settings are heightened as well and Sabrina is starting to lose it. Perfectly programmed and obedient, I now program her to not feel the thrusting vibrator between her legs, just to see how far I can take it. The same thing that sent her through the roof just a few seconds ago now seems to leave her completely emotionless as if nothing was going on.




Sabrina Fox Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Lustful surrender into mindlessness

This next segment is a great example of how lust and the need to orgasm can change a girl's perspective. After deactivating my sexy little tow truck driver, I have her now come back again feeling like the girl who was about to repo my car. Confused, unsure about what had just happened and definitely embarrassed, Sabrina collects her clothes and tries to take off. Unfortunately she does not make it too far before her voluptuous body freezes up again. You all know that I don't like it when they talk too much so I decide to let her mind run out again. It is fun moving her around while she is blank and really not quite with it. Let's have her become aware again but keep her frozen at the same time, shall we? That seems to be even more fun. Now comes the part where I decide to drive her out of her mind for lust. Helplessly frozen, Sabrina has no choice but to helplessly feel the vibrator between her legs. Together with my suggestions it is only a question of time before her own feelings of lust take her to the point of no return. Sabrina starts to beg to become my perfectly programmed robot. Lots of forced and even more denied orgasms until she finally lets go of her futile fight and becomes consciously willing. Sabrina told me after the session that this was one of her favorite segments and that it really drove her nuts.



Sabrina Fox Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
All I want is to be your love slave

This next segment is the last and very intense training round for our little tow truck driver. Sabrina is hot and sweaty from the last segments. Her body is still quivering and quite exhausted while she is standing in front of me in the zombie position,( arms out in front, in case you don't know) �I am a mindless love slave�. I order her on her knees and freeze her again, this time with one arm up in the air. The rest of her mind is draining out and Sabrina's eyes are wide open and empty (Really amazing stares by the way). Now comes the part where I take her through the muted and breath controlled orgasms. Sabrina seems to explode and her face turns red. She even stops her own breathing during another intense orgasm just to show me what a good girl she is by now. This is another example of intense training with lots of screaming, power exchange and complete monotone mindlessness. I have her cum so hard that at some point it puts her out. Her body is twitching while she releases her last energy.




Sabrina Fox Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Trust me it is going to be fun

Sabrina, suffering from short term amnesia does not remember what has happened so far in her session. For some reason she also does not quite believe that what I do might work on her. Pretty full of herself she keeps telling me that it is all a bunch of BS. Ok and what about the cat costume? Of course the girl has no clue as to what I am talking about and when we start talking about people who turn into cats and in stage hy pno sis shows, my little sweetie laughs again. A really strange sound later, Ms. Don't believe in it is purring and meowing like a little kitten. On all four she starts playing with the yarn I am holding in front of her face and gets all tangled up in it. Of course that is all just the beginning of my horny little kitty. Before she is allowed to drink her milk from the bowl on the floor, she has to show what a good little pussy cat she is. I did not know that cats could be that horny and it is fun to watch her rolling around in orgasmic bliss, meowing and purring, playing and pleasing. My sexy little kitty Cumms so hard that it puts her out cold. Nice long orgasm fight into oblivion.




Sabrina Fox Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained doggy style

Why is there milk in my hair?

Somehow Sabrina still does not seem to get it. The second she is back up, she is confused and apologetic about being on the floor with her tits hanging out but she still insists that it has nothing to do with what I do. The idea of turning into a horny little doggy seems completely impossible. Oops here we go, Sabrina crawls around, barks woof's and pants like a in heat. Like all she misbehaves and needs a spanking and some more severe training. Put on the couch with all four spread apart our horny little doggy is trained and orgasmed like you have never seen before, I promise it is hot. Great stares and breath controlled orgasms.




Sabrina Fox Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you like to laugh

Certainly not just for tickling and foot lovers. Intense female training which starts off with confusion, apologies and doubts.

Do you like to laugh? Who would ever say no to that question? Well, Sabrina should have. The second she says yes, my sweet non believer feels tickled all over her body and under her very sexy feet. She starts to scream and laugh and her voluptuous body is suddenly all over the place. Let's increase the torture a bit by making her cum hard while tickled. Sabrina is obviously out of her mind by now but I decide to intensify the tickling even more while increasing the strength of her orgasm. Still not enough. All of a sudden I make her feel tied up and unable to move while she is still tickled and orgasmed. Sabrina's toes look like they are rolling backwards and I know she is ready to be taken even deeper. This segment is so forceful that Sabrina starts to beg to be taken deeper in order to feel her body with even more intensity. I am sure this one made a believer out of her.



Sabrina Fox Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Give me all of it

Sabrina still shaking from the last segment is now taken even deeper. Her mind is completely absorbed in the powerful orgasm I allow her to feel. She keeps repeating the word "hypnotized" while sinking into the abyss. Her big eyes are wide open and completely empty. I have her surrender every ounce of her mind and physical strength. Weak, with her mouth hanging open and unable to move, Sabrina gives it all. Her body is quivering while she is running empty. Absolutely mindless orgasms, mantras, no flickering mindless stares and intense surrender. This segment ends with a final eye check showing only the white in her eyes.


Sabrina Fox Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a real officer

Officer Sabrina Fox had agreed to pose for the new police academy advertising pamphlet despite the fact that she felt quite out of her element. Being a real officer and all, posing in front of the camera was certainly not her think. I noticed right away that she was, although willing, a bit shy and apprehensive. Another thing that almost got me in trouble was that she did not like being called a cop. I prefer officer. OK, what ever. It is amazing sometimes what I have to work with. Overbearing and somewhat rigid, Officer Fox certainly tried her best and despite the fact that smiling and or being sexy was not really her thing, it went surprisingly well. Well up to the point where she started complaining about the heat in the studio. I am still not sure what and why it happened but all of a sudden she started talking about being designed to handle conflict, engagement protocol and other gibberish. Finally it dawned on me (although too late) that she was one of the new Robo-cops. Tampering with an officer while down and turning her into a sex machine is not necessarily ethical but certainly fun.




Sabrina Fox Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a real fucking officer

OK, I had some fun with her in the last segment and having to boot her up again seemed more than worth it. My sexy little cop, I mean officer, had no clue as to what was going on. She was perfectly programmed to, let's say, serve and protect my needs. Sexy and wet, she did not seem to be able to get enough and begging me to finally do her seemed to have made it all worth it. Again, I was not quite as good as I thought. Sabrina started to talk weird again and it sounded like she was repeating phrases she had been programmed with in order to make it through the academy. Sure enough she went down again and at this point I had no choice but to keep going. The ending of this one is certainly surprising and everything in between is hot and very sexy.



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