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Sammy Sneak Preview Members - Click here to view this clip


I have no mind of my own

Sammy Grand, shy, young and very nervous first timer reminded me a bit of Leah Livingston another one of my favorites girls. Just as sweet, shy yet bubbly at the same time, Sammy is, like Leah, the kind of girl you want to take in your arms and play with her. What makes this even better is that Sammy is another one of my favorite "Daddy's little girls" you know the kind of girl who just loves to please and be a good little girl for you.

Our little girl was actually nervous for two reasons. For one, she had never been in front of a camera and she certainly had never been hypnotized. (we all know what that word means, right?) I had a feeling though that once I would get through to her and get her to let go of herself, she might turn into a very sexual yet sweet young girl who can drive every red blooded guy nuts, simply through her sweet submissive demeanor and of course her sexy girl next door look. Was the session always easy? No, absolutely not but than again it was more than worth it.

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Sammy Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
Daddy's little girl

We started the first part of the session a bit differently. I had her lay down for this one and instead of doing the floating arms and hands in the beginning, I had her raise and lower her arms towards the end to increase the depth of her trance even more. Great close ups of her face, body and feet, particularly when I take off her shoes in the middle of the session, as well as eye checks at the end. I have no mind of my own.






Sammy Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Allow it to happen and let go of yourself

Sammy seems deeply under and it is time to loosen her up and to let her drift into her own sensuality. By having her imagine a sensual surrounding, my little girl starts to show first signs of arousal. The tongue between her legs becomes more and more intense and before long, Sammy is horny as can be. There seems to be a hint of a smile on her face which is often a sign of the subject feeling pleasure.

Ever noticed that some girls smile when it feels good and they seem to have this indescribable glow on their faces when the orgasm subsides. Watch the clip and you will know what I mean, it is hot. Of course, my little girl is not allowed to cum right away. First she has to learn how good it feels to let go. Having her repeat: "I let go of myself," helps her cum unlike ever before.




Sammy Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
First mind and will removal

Daddy's bad little girl

Futile fight and first surrender

With her legs spread wide, Sammy is ordered to give her wet pussy a real hard workout. Completely absorbed by her own lust and the desire to please me, Sammy's futile fight to hang on to her mind and thus be in control does not last too long. Every ounce of her will seem to pour into my finger.

With her eyes wide open, Sammy surrenders to the feeling of blissful mindlessness and her orgasms seem to become stronger and harder felt every time. She calls me master without me even mentioning it and when I have her repeat: "I want to be a good girl," it hits me, she is a Daddy's little girl. The way it turns her on is not easy to describe but it sure is hot. Watch her sweet and total surrender and of course great stares.





Sammy Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
There is only one master, mantras and more mind removal

Mantras can drive little girls crazy and over the edge This next segment is very intense and it shows how mantras can drive a girl crazy for lust. Repeating there is only one master, drives her up the wall and having to pinch her own nipples while masturbating absolutely drives her over the edge. Of course there is more, like "pretty girls like me need to be trained" and "take all of my mind master". Not enough, how about the bottomless, standing up, arms out, open eyed surrender while ordered to orgasm. Still want more? go watch the clip it is hot. It is amazing how my sweet little girl suddenly turns into a horny sex craving and very submissive sex toy, willing to do whatever it takes to feel this good.





Sammy Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
First freeze and bent over orgasms

Sammy is feeling and experiencing her first frozen orgasm and with that the feeling of complete helplessness. Not only is it her first time to be orgasmed while her body is frozen stiff but it is also the longest orgasm she has ever felt. "Thank you for taking my mind and body master." Of course I am not done with my little angel just yet. Bent over with her beautifully round ass pushed out at me, Sammy is orgasmed again and like all good little girls, she has to thank her master for that. Time to put my exhausted little girl to sleep and to let her experience the orgasmic power of the magic wand. Great blank stares, helpless and deeply felt orgasms and repetitions.





Sammy Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless and empty

Crystal re-induction

This one is for the open eyed stares and rolling eyes lovers. Sammy wakes up only remembering the amazing orgasms she has felt so far in the session. Although she would love to feel those again, she is not quite certain whether she wants to let go of her mind, thoughts and will again. The second the swinging crystal goes up in her face, Sammy not only relaxes but also drops right back under. Her futile attempt to stay in control ends right here and now, with her eyes fixated on the crystal,

Sammy is now ordered to masturbate. I can feel her increasing arousal and the more her mind is drained out of her the more aroused she seems to get. Her eyes stare and roll until they seem empty and dull. Sammy is excessively horny by now and repeating the words:" mindless and empty" over and over, finally drives her over the edge. Her young body is quivering and shaking under the orgasms and it is obvious that my little girl is blissfully empty. Time to put her to sleep and play with her. This segment also shows her sweet shyness.





Sammy Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The cleaning lady's little daughter

Sammy, thinking that she is the cleaning lady's daughter, is absolutely not thrilled about having to clean my house in order to help out her sick mother. She seems to be even less thrilled about the fact that I am hitting on her. Shy and timid yet firm she keeps turning me down. My god, she looks so very cute in her little maids outfit and her shy and sweet demeanor is even more of a turn on. Being the nice guy that I am, I stop hitting on her and I even warn her about the candy on the table. What is so dangerous about the candy, you might ask? Well, we keep it around for our offspring in order to keep them somewhat sedated and mindless. Try it, it makes bringing up the young ones so much easier. In other words, you eat the candy and your mind, thoughts and will go away. I can feel that

Sammy does not believe a word I am saying and sure enough, the second she thinks I am gone, her little hands grab the lollypop ring and she starts sucking away. Not for long though, all of a sudden her face seem to drop, her eyes lose all spark and her arms drop. We all know what that means. Mindless, helpless and obedient the cleaning ladies little daughter turns into an almost robotic love slave. Mindless masturbation, controlled orgasms, crawling and being bent over with her ass pushed out are just the beginning of her training.




Sammy Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The cleaning lady's very horny little daughter

Sammy seems to enjoy her training and the "yes masters" are just pouring out of her mouth. At some point between crawling and showing me her young and very horny little body from every angle, it seems like the yes masters are turning her on and she even repeats them throughout her orgasm. Pinching her own nipples makes her cum and spanking her tight little ass makes her realize that she has been a bad little girl. Of course I have to snap her out of it and listen to her complaints for a bit but as soon as I snap my fingers, my little girl is back in her empty yet very horny and obedient world. Mindless, robotic and obedient, Sammy is ready for more training.





Sammy Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
The transformational effect of Music

Today we are testing the effects of music, mainly from the east, which has been enhanced with subliminal messages. The test will show whether the ancient old music in combination with the subliminal messages has any effect on women's libido and or mental state.

Sammy, our volunteer for this experiment states that she started working at the research facility two days ago and that she is fully aware of the consequences this experiment might have. She also states that she does not believe in the effects the music is supposed to have. The idea that music could possibly make her horny and decrease her mental capacity and judgment seem absurd.

The cameras are set and the experiment begins. A few minutes into the experiment, the subject starts to gently run her hands over her body. When asked whether she feels anything her answer is no. Although the subject seems to become more and more aroused, she seems to be in complete denial of her feelings. Her lab coat is open by now and it appears the subject is masturbating. Still she does not seem to acknowledge the fact that she is horny. When I tell her that the experiment might be a failure and it is probably time to turn of the music, she asks me to please leave it on because it sounds nice.




Sammy Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
The mind removing effect of music

It has become quite noticeable that the subject has become increasingly aroused while her concentration seems to lessen. A few minutes further into the experiment, the subject is blatantly asking to get fucked. Her morals seem out the window and her young body is quivering under her own hands. Again, I offer to turn off the music but now the subject pleads with me to keep it going.

When asked whether she is ready to relinquish the rest of her mind for sexual freedom and to be allowed to release some of the tension in her shaking young body, the subject first refuses to do so. It is noted though that her obviously futile fight does not seem to last for too long. It is also noted that the subject seems to suffer from reduced brain activity. In the final stages of the experiment our subject seems to have fully transformed into a mindless sex toy with not much else on her mind than exactly that, sex. She follows with her arms stretched out in front of her into an unknown yet very blissful future.




Sammy Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmic Robo Doll

Sammy can not seem to believe that I can turn her into an obedient and perfectly programmed robot simply by using the remote control. What can I say, about two seconds later, she is standing at attention while saying: "I am your programmed pleasure unit master." After playing with my new toy a little, I decide to use the remote again to turn her into a smiling, very orgasmic and just as obedient little robo doll. My little doll is amazingly well programmed and she knows how to say "yes master" after every command she receives.

Of course she does a lot more, like orgasm on command with a big smile on her face, masturbate, jump and play what ever game I like to play. After switching her back to my slightly stiff yet very promiscuous robot she now is programmed to stand at attention, walk on her knees and so much more. Sammy is so cute and the smiling orgasm came very natural to her. You might have noticed in some of the other clips that there seems to be a hint of a smile on Sammy's face when ever she feels aroused and or orgasms. Great robot training segment




Sammy Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmic all around robo doll

First my obedient robot Sammy has to perform a solo masturbation, using a vibrator, while on her knees. Stripped off her personality program, my little robot is now introduced to a new program called the "orgasm sequence" program. Switched back to being my sexy and very horny robo doll, Sammy is just as promiscuous as before and the new vibrator game, I have her play, makes her want to play all day long. Sammy is really a cute and sexy little doll. Back to being the obedient robot, Sammy now begs me to clean and cook for me and give me a blow job. Sounds like the perfect woman, doesn't it? All fun has to come to an end and I have her deactivate herself by squeezing her nipples.




Sammy Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Inexperienced, frozen, orgasmed and apologetic

Sammy believes to be the young and inexperienced model for our new active wear catalog. A little bit shaky when it comes to her gym poses but other than that a lot of fun, Sammy is pretty much the kind of girl we were looking for. What makes it even better is the fact that she freezes nicely when ever she hears the word freeze or time stop. First she is unaware of the fact that she was just frozen and the second I snap her out of it, she starts to apologize for being half naked. Poor thing has no clue what is going on. Frozen again in the middle of another pose, my little girl is now aware of her situation but still has no choice over what I do with her. The vibrator between her legs certainly does not make her situation any easier and the subsequent orgasm leaves her embarrassed. I think it is time to put her out again.





Sammy Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
The unaware, frozen and tickled stripper

Sammy jumps around feeling tickled as soon as she wakes up and if that wasn't enough, suddenly orgasms while still feeling tickled. Could it get any worse? Well, try being frozen and feeling tickled at the same time. After a brief deepening, my sweet model wakes up, thinking that stripping in front of me is the most natural thing to do. Being horny and posing seems to be the way to be. All of a sudden she is frozen again and once I snap her out, she apologizes again feeling all embarrassed. Women! You just never know.






Sammy Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
I do not have a Daddy

I don't really know what I was thinking, but it sounded like a great idea at first. Break into the mansion, snatch the money bag's daughter, collect a nice ransom and drop her back off. Nobody gets hurt and I can finally quit my boring job as a robot programmer.

Well, here she wakes up at my place and naturally she starts asking questions like where am I? what am I doing her? etc... Strangely enough she does not really seem to be scared, nor does she even attempt to try to run away. What makes the situation seem even more bizarre is that she keeps denying to be the money bag's daughter. Ok, maybe you would expect her to say that but what makes it so strange is that she keeps referring to him as her owner!

This is probably the weirdest girl I have ever met. She claims not to have a father or mother nor does she seem to have a concept of time or age. Could it be that the old money bag was enjoying himself with one of those brand-new fembot mistresses? Bingo, the girl is indeed a pleasure toy; which now changes everything. Not only will I get my ransom money but I might also have some fun along the way. Come on, he would never know and why would she care. Unfortunately, things are not quite that simple and when she talks about not being programmed to have sex with me because I am not her owner, I just know that I have some work ahead of me. Things start to heat up quickly when she malfunctions, masturbates and begs me to fuck her, all at the same time. I just know it is worth it.







Sammy Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
You are not my owner

Looks like my last repair job was a success. My sweetie is all of a sudden sexy and horny as hell and what makes it even better is the fact that she now thinks, I am her owner. She virtually keeps begging me to come over and fuck her and I can feel how turned on she is by now. Naturally I am still cautious and so I decide to have her play with herself first and to see how she responds to orgasm commands. It all seems to work perfectly, she even responds to double strength orgasms. Out of the blue, she snaps out and seems to remember some of her past and that is not a good sign. You are not my owner, I need my owner. After yet another malfunction, Sammy finally seems to be the way I want her to be, horny, submissive and really into me. Why am I still working as a robot programmer? Go find out.




Sammy Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
My little girl needs sleep

Horny as hell, Sammy tries to masturbate herself to orgasm but for some strange reason, she seems to keep going out. It is almost like she is passing out as soon as it starts to feel good. Might have something to do with my touch? Finally after several unfortunate untimely sleep attacks, it dawns on her that I might have something to do with it all. Now she keeps begging me to let her finish. Being the nice guy that I am, I almost let her finish but what do you know? This time, she puts herself out. Lots of passing out and fun...





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