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Sarah Vandella Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Slow journey into the unknown

Sarah Vandella, beautiful young horny blond has all the right characteristics to be the perfect "daddy's little girl". Of course, our sexy young girl did not know that and it took some training to bring out her let's call it “softer side”. The fact that Sarah is, besides being very sensual and sexual, naturally horny, submissive and pleasing did help but there were some doubts to overcome at first. When I say doubts, what I mean is, she just could not believe that she could be orgasmed and put into submission without being so much as touched.

Many of the girls have the same doubts and they are often the ones who go home with the biggest smiles on their faces, if you know what I mean. I have to admit that when we first met, I had a feeling that she might be too nervous and too afraid to let go and although I am often right when it comes to judging my girls, I was definitely wrong in her case.

Sarah started off extremely nervous and her induction shows how she is going through the motion (if you know what I mean). The intensity of her breathing shows how much she tries to calm herself down but at some point that all went away and that is when I knew, I had her. Sarah turned out be an incredibly good subject and that combined with the fact that she is sweet, sexy, intelligent, unconditionally submissive, very horny, wet as well as cute and charming made her one of my all time favorite "Daddy's little girls".

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Sarah Vandella Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Your are mine!

Feel how I take over your body and mind

I am sure I mentioned it before but this is always my favorite part of the session. To watch the girls sliding under my control and to enjoy their young bodies as they slowly start to quiver and shake while their breathing changes from rhythmic and relaxed to orgasmic moaning and groaning before they finally orgasm for the first time in the session, is always very intense. I know, that was a long sentence. Sarah is no exception, in fact she is a perfect example of how a nervous young girl can be turned into a horny and orgasmic sex slave when trained right. This session is short and sweet, Sarah is orgasmed long and hard in no time because I want her to know and feel who is in control of her and that the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel depends on ....



Sarah Vandella Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me masturbate for you

This segment leaves absolutely no doubt about the depth and intensity of Sarah's trance. I have seen countless intense stares, mindless repetitions and screaming hard orgasms but the way Sarah responds (in this as well as the following segments) to my training blew me away. I can feel her being very aroused from the last segment and it is time to have her expose her beautiful body. The suggestion that she feels more aroused with every piece of clothing she takes off for her master, works wonders and her young body starts to quiver and shake like a leaf. Repeating the word "choice-less" drives her even further into bliss. Now it is time to have her open her eyes and to take her into an even deeper trance.

Sarah's stare is unbelievably intense even when I make her feel helplessly fucked. The way she keeps repeating "you are my master" makes it perfectly clear that all she wants is to be a good little girl. She keeps saying "yes master" without me even mentioning it and her lustful screams become louder and more intense. I decide to make her orgasm over and over which makes her feel that all I have to do is order her to cum and she has no other choice but to follow and obey me. Although she orgasms, begs and screams, her wide open eyes seem empty and distant and there is no doubt that she is as deep as can be. Still, we can do better than that.

The over and over repetition of the word "h. notized" makes her drop even deeper and what follows is so intense that I can not describe it. I make her want to please me and masturbate for me so badly, without actually allowing her to touch herself, that it almost drives her out of her mind (I am using the word mind loosely here). Her beautiful tight young body shivers and shakes so hard that it almost makes her fall to the ground while I drive her even further up the wall. Imagine what happens when she is finally allowed to touch herself. What ever you just imagined is not even close to what really happened, believe me. Mantras, yes masters, mind reduction, long empty stares and surrender of mind and will.



Sarah Vandella Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I love having a master like you

To make a beautiful girl like Sarah experience something that is not only new to her but also more intense and fantastic than she could have ever dreamed of is certainly not easy but it is exactly what happened during her session. More intense and completely uninhibited orgasms, slow and mindless mantras, breath controlled orgasm that knock her off her feet, many, many yes masters, unblinking empty stares, helpless freezes, controlled and forced orgasms and complete surrender, makes this segment just as intense as the last ones. I always like to split up the training into different segments, each designed to lead the subject to unconditional surrender. To make the subject feel and admit that she has no more control of her body and mind and to drive her into a state of mindlessly obedient bliss can often be obtained through intense breath and orgasm control.

Sarah eventually orgasms so hard that it knocks her off her feet. Of course that is still just the warm up. Her sexy young body is frozen in place and again, she is programmed and orgasmed at will. I can feel that my little girl is cuming with every fiber of her body while she keeps repeating that no one has ever made her orgasm this hard. At some point, she ends up mindlessly in the zombie pose with her arms out in front and I can feel that she is ready for the final take over. Too many details to go into all of it but I know anybody who is even remotely into female training is going to love this one. Slow and mindless mantras which eventually make her cum



Sarah Vandella Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh my god

Trained, tamed and surrendered!

I am completely mindless for you master.

The best way to turn a beautiful young girl like Sarah into a perfectly trained and very obedient love slave is to make her want to give it all up to make her desire and eventually beg you to train her to perfection. See, the wonderful thing about what I do is that requires no force to take control of a girl like her. The trick is to bring out deeply hidden desires and to make her want to experience herself without having control over her body and mind, thus be able to just feel. The need to be in control often limits us from being uninhibited and with that from just enjoying. When I say, it requires no force certainly does not mean it can not be forceful. I don't want to go too deep into all this but believe me, it worked in Sarah's case and I am sure you will agree with me once you watch this segment of her session.

Sarah is on her knees in front of me and her remaining thoughts and will are slowly drained out. Just like in the last segment, she starts to feel aroused just by listening to my voice, which BTW is something she is programmed to feel. After the slow mind reduction and repetitions, her body starts to quiver and shake again and before she even knows what hits her, she is orgasmed again on my command. Time to put her on all four and to make her want to become my best trained slave ever. Just repeating "I want to be your perfectly trained slave" is starting to make her feel aroused again. What comes next is incredibly intense and you just have to watch it to really understand what I am saying here.

Sarah's begging, her intense orgasms, the slow repetitions, her OH MY GODS and the way she tells me that she has never orgasmed like this leaves no doubt that this is one of my best training clips. Sarah ends up trained, tamed and surrendered while her curvy body is covered in sweat. I included part of her testimony regarding the session in the preview, but since her comments were so astounding that I decided to make a separate clip.



Sarah Vandella Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Trigger play

As far as Sarah is concerned, the session has just begun and we casually start talking about how important it is for the subject to be able to relax. Well, relaxing is good but why does she have to go to sleep on me? Could it be a p. h. trigger like the sound of my toy keychain or is she really tired from the night before? Will she feel odd about her sudden sleepiness and could she possibly suspect that the toy has something to do with all that?

At any rate, she goes down despite her best efforts to stay awake. Of course she does not remember most of this after I wake her up again and she keeps going on and on about how high strong she is and that I am most likely wasting my time with her. Believe it or not, she even laughs at me when I mention the fact that she will go to sleep soon. It is really funny to watch her smile disappear, her eyes widen right before she in utter disbelief. Up and ready to go again, my little girl takes off her dress without realizing it and what makes it even more interesting, she calls me master.

Of course she can not believe that people can just go mindless but then again, she does not know the power of suggestions either. Mindless, with a really empty stare and dim expression on her face, she now masturbates for me. Imagine her surprise and embarrassment when I snap her out of that one "did I just put my hand down my panties, I am so sorry, I am" ...blablabla. Still, our little girl believes to be a poor subject which makes me decide to put her back to sleep. I mean, who needs that? Now it is time to play with her limp body, run my hand over her neck and do some eye checks. Are we done yet? No, there is still the part where she goes, here again in utter disbelief completely blank as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes. Her transformation at the end is priceless.



Sarah Vandella Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to save the world

What happens when Superheroines get too cocky and when they believe that they can actually take me down. Well, that is easy, they are turned into obedient robots so that they can be programmed to behave better. What happens when they don't believe in the power of the remote control and even make fun of you for even mentioning that the device could possibly eliminate their personality and turn them into a robot. That is an easy one; they find out first hand that it does work "I am now a robot". All of a sudden my new toy is serving me food, shows me her pussy, salutes, calls me master and masturbates while standing up. I know, driving her up the wall for lust and then not letting her cum for a long time, might seem cruel but lets not forget, she came here to destroy me, right? Does she need more programming? OH YES. This is one of the most intense "obedient robot" clips and to explain the intensity of her orgasms while her eyes widen, the way she freezes up due to a system glitch and is then driven absolutely insane for lust, can hardly be put into words. Just raising her arm in front of her turns her on and it shows how deeply programmed Sarah is through the previous segments. Real and intense.




Sarah Vandella Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
How the hell did I end up like this

The second I snap our sexy Superheroin out of it, she starts to bitch and she accuses me of having tricked her and that this kind of stuff will never happen again. Imagine her frustration and of course disbelieve when I tell her that she will be my horny foot slave in a few seconds. No way, I warn you. I think those were her last words before I used the remote on her again. Mindlessly empty and obedient, Sarah seems to have no other thoughts than to please me with her sexy feet. This girl knows how to turn on a man with her feet and she loves it. Her wet pussy is wide open and it definitely shows how turned on our mindless little foot slave is throughout this segment. As I mentioned in the first clip, Sarah surprised me and this segment is even more prove of her being an amazingly good and most importantly very horny subject she is. Slow close up of her feet, wet pussy and her empty stares all at the same time.



Sarah Vandella Clips Nine & Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for making me a good female

Deep trance, rolling eyes, freeze, orgasms on command, crawling, begging and slow repetitions are just the beginning.

Sarah, who is made to believe that she is my wife, is waiting for her mother who wants to take her to the opera. Well, that's all good but the problem is that she expects me to join them and boy, do I hate that. First she gives me about the dishes in the sink and the shorts I am wearing for the last three days and then she drops the whole opera thing on me. Did I mention that it is my poker night with the boys. Anyway, no matter what I say, she keeps insisting on me joining them. Looks like it is time to show her the beautiful double sided necklace, I just bought for her. Finally, I am getting her attention and it seems like she can not take her beautiful big eyes off of the necklace. Slowly but surely, my sexy yet unruly little wife drops into a deep and very obedient trance. I have her follow me with her arms stretched out in front of her while taking her into a zombie like trance. It is amazing how deep all of the triggers from the past segments are deep in her subconscious and as soon as she plunges down into trance, she feels aroused again.

The same thing happens when I have her raise her arms in front of her body. Anyway, it looks like my little wife needs a serious attitude adjustment and what better way to start than to put her on her knees and then make her crawl and bow for her master. Next comes the standing up masturbation, which we all know is very uncomfortable but then again, slaves don't have to be comfortable. I drive her very close to orgasm before she feels her arms being helplessly pulled up in the air. The feeling of not being able to pleasure herself seems to drive her up the wall and all she wants now, is to orgasm for me. Of course that would all be too easy and I decide to freeze her body with her arms still up in the air.

Sarah's beautiful body goes into lustful convulsions and she begs me to allow her to please me. The next thing my wife has to learn, is that pinching her nipples drives her absolutely crazy and that it will make her orgasm as soon as I command her to do so. This whole segment is very intense and I did take my time to take her deeper and deeper throughout this segment by using triggers and deepeners. Sarah keeps rolling her eyes even throughout some of the orgasm which very intensely how deep she is. Towards the end, I decide to drive her absolutely nut by letting her wait for "the magic touch" There will be a part one and two available but I think this one is much more intense when watched from beginning to end.





Sarah Vandella Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I have a calzone waiting in the car

This is a bit of a different freeze segment. Sarah is a great subject and this segment shows how she is slowly trained to freeze up more and more during the segment and how it turns her on to be helplessly immobilized. My little girl is made to believe that she is delivering a pizza to my house. Don't you wish all the pizza delivery girls would look like that. Anyway, she is very sweet but not interested in joining me for my pizza dinner. What really gets me though is when she Sirs me, don't you hate that?

All of a sudden, she spots the beautiful necklace, I had strategically positioned on the couch. My warning to please not touch it, seems to make no impression on her; in fact it makes her grin in disbelieve. I can not blame her, after all, who would alter a necklace like this through electromagnetic frequency which might lead to the immobilization of the human body. I should probably better say, leads to the slow immobilization of the female human body. Needless to say, the second I leave the room to get the money for the pizza, our sneaky little girl grabs the necklace and puts it on. It is fun watching her calling me as soon as she feels the slow effect of the necklace. As if I could help her. OK, maybe I could but where is the fun in that. Sarah shows again that as soon as she drops into trance, her body starts to shiver and it its obvious how it makes her feel aroused.

I start freezing her arms in front of her (zombie pose) and again, the little girl gets wet and her curvy body quivers under my touch. Time to snap her out of it so she can feel her frozen body while aware. Believe it or not, she feels kind of confused by all this but she also tells me that she feels turned on by it. At some point after a few more unexpected freezes, Sarah is so orgasmic that she can not stop cuming even when I unfreeze her and it is really an amazing site to watch her lustfully convulsing body during this intense freeze segment. Mindless moments, yes masters and, and, and.. Sarah keeps calling me master which shows how deeply she is trained.



Sarah Vandella Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The calzone is getting cold

More fun in this last clip with our sexy delivery girl. Sarah does not seem to think that feeling tickled is all that much fun but then again, little girls can not always have what they want. I let her jump around a bit and decide that she is not the most ticklish girl I have trained but never the less, watching her hop around is fun. What is even more fun is to watch her surprise when she is suddenly hit by a very powerful orgasm which almost knocks her off her feet. I think the only way to respond to her asking me to help her is to put her to sleep and to play with her neck and limp body, don't you think? Back up, our delivery girl just had it and she wants leave. Unfortunately though, in the middle of her getting dressed, her body goes through another one of those nasty freeze attacks. Again, as soon as she freezes and drops into mindlessness, her body starts to lustfully quiver and shake. Next comes the part where she mindlessly takes off her clothes and.... If you like to know how it ends you just might have to watch the clip.



Sarah Vandella Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I already have a master

If I had just known how beautiful Granny's new maid was, I would have shown up to visit her lot sooner but then again, how should I have known. To be honest with you, Granny and I were never that close but I remember my parents always talking about her having all that money stashed away in her mattress and yes, I am honest enough to admit that I wanted some of it, if not all of it. Anyway, I knew Granny was not doing too well and I thought I check on her and maybe get something out of it. I know, not very ethical but let’s face it, she won't need the money soon anyways and it would be a shame if it got lost under her mattress.

Trying to get the new maid’s help to find out where the old hag was hiding her stash and to ask her to administer the new "special medicine" I had prepared for Granny, proved to be a bad idea. At first I did not really get it but when she kept referring to Granny as her “master” and that she could only follow her master’s programming, it finally dawned on me that she might not be a real woman, if you know what I mean.

The fact that she started to glitch and eventually malfunction was another indication that something was definitely wrong. Luckily though, our sexy little fembot made a big mistake by telling me that I could program a "second master" into her system. I just wish she told me exactly how to do it. Yes, I had lots of fun with my new toy and yes it was steamy and sexy but did I get any closer to the old hag's money? Due to lack of time, I decided to only offer the full-length version for this weeks fembot update.


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