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Deep within minutes

Savannah C, sultry, sexy and very horny blond with big eyes and a beautiful hard body to fall in lust with, was quite intrigued when I told her what I do and I could see it in her eyes that she was dying to try it out. We ran into Savannah at the annual fetish convention and although I usually don't like shooting in hotel rooms, I decided to make an exception and boy, am I glad I did.

Besides being very beautiful, naturally submissive, (which BTW she did not know about herself) and extremely horny, Savannah also turned out to be an amazingly good subject. In other words, get ready for another intense session. I could go on and on about how deep she went, how intense her orgasms were, how mindless her stares were, the rolling eyes, how stiff her frozen body was, how she turned into the perfect slave, robot and foot slave and how...but I think it is best if you just go ahead and see for yourself.

The first part of the training begins with the swinging watch (lots of right/left, left right eye movement. Savannah's head wobbled and then fell backwards as she drifted under my spell.

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Savannah Costello Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
I want it so badly, please

Savannah is slowly taken from feeling gently caressed to helplessly fucked and played with. Our little girl had mentioned before the session that she considers herself more dominant than submissive but as often, it turns out that deep down inside she has been waiting for the opportunity to let herself go and to experience uninhibited lust without having to stay in control. Sure enough, the more I make it clear to her that she has no choice over any of this, the more aroused she gets. Stripped of inhibitions, will and thought, Savannah finally surrenders, her sexy body goes into convulsions, her hands claw into the chair and she begs me to let her have it, which of course is something she has to earn first.



Savannah Costello Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
unconditional surrender to your master

I want to mindlessly follow and obey

Time for my sexy little girl to learn what my training is all about. Savannah is standing naked in front of me, her hands are "magically" forced between her legs. Unable to stop pleasuring herself, she is driven very, very close to orgasm, of course without being allowed to cum just yet. First she has to learn to please her master and to unconditionally follow and obey. What better way to get her there than through lust. Finally, she is orgasmed at the snap of my fingers and our little girl orgasms so hard that it almost puts her to the ground. The slow and monotone repetition of the mantra, "I want to follow and obey", takes her even deeper. Savannah's eyes are wide open and empty and as mentioned her voice is slow and monotone as she keeps repeating her mantra all the way over to the bed. Very intense segment, showing her unconditional surrender.



Savannah Costello Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
You are my master, I am here to please you

Empty and very horny shell of a beautiful girl

This next segment is not only for our, zombiefication, intense wide open eyed stares, slow and monotone repetitions and re-induction lovers but also for our intense breath controlled orgasm fans. The segment begins with Savannah just staring into the camera as she repeats, "I want to follow and obey", over and over. She is pleasuring herself and although very excited, her eyes stay wide open and empty. I always enjoy their first open eyed orgasm which is something most of the girls have never experienced before. Believe me, most of them get hooked on them after my session. Anyway, I decide to take her deeper by having her stare at the watch again. Her intriguing eyes follow the swinging watch into an even deeper mindless trance.

The vibrator between her legs is slowly driving her up the wall as the slow repetition of "I need to be trained" keeps her mindlessly obedient. I am sure I have mentioned this before but finding the trigger, the one thing that really turns them on, is most important for any trainings session. I can feel her intense turn on, the second I order her to stop breathing until I allow her to breath again. In fact she got so turned on by the idea of being controlled like this, that it almost made her orgasm right then and there.

What comes next is not easy to describe. Savannah goes nuts and her breath controlled orgasms are insanely intense, her wide open eyes can not be described as her hands claw into the bed and........."I want to please you, you are my master".



Savannah Costello Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your slave, master

Feel how your master orgasms you

Savannah's big eyes are staring at me and again, I have her hold her breath as she gets hit, out of the blue, by yet another intense orgasm. Her sexy little body goes into convulsions as she gasps for air. She just can not get enough, placed on her knees with her arms stretched out straight in front of her, she now repeats, "I am your slave master" as she feels helplessly penetrated and fucked. Three more repetitions finally make her orgasm. Her eyes seem empty, her hands claw into the bed again as her body shivers and shakes under the explosion. Feel how your master orgasms you. Of course that is just the warm up.

Still on her knees, Savannah is ordered to stop breathing and just like before, she goes nut for lust. Her young little body shivers and shakes and she orgasms so hard and so long that it slowly but surely puts her out. Her twitching and completely exhausted little body slowly goes to sleep. Are we done yet? Of course not. Out cold, my little girl does not even feel the eye checks, both at the same time and then one at a time, just to make sure, she really is in lala land. One more orgasm in her sleep, while I am holding her eyes open, takes care of her and she is finally done.



Savannah Costello Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I am an obedient robot, I will serve you master

On her first business trip with her new boss, Savannah does not seem to be interested in, let's say, her boss's private life. In other words, she is not really interested in me and it comes as no surprise that she turns down my offer to take her to dinner. She gives me the, too much work, I have a fiancÚ and no, I am not hungry speech. I guess we all know what that means. I think next time, I have to word the ad a bit differently.

Anyway, my comment about my favorite website, robolust.com does not really seem to make her feel more inclined to spend some more time with me. Luckily, she agrees to open up the site on her computer, just to see what I am talking about. Suddenly, she feels the implant in her neck as she struggles to look away, widen and then just stare into nothingness. Savannah's body straightens out and her transformation into a perfectly programmed and very obedient robot is complete, "I am a robot, I will serve you". Let's see what's hiding underneath all the unnecessary clothes, teach her to salute, play with herself on command, say yes master and so much more.

I used my new camera to shoot this clip and I guess I should have read the manual. There are (about 20 sec or so) black borders on the side of the picture which might have been because I accidentally hit the settings button. The clip is besides those few seconds absolutely amazing.



Savannah Costello Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Obedient robot training

In this segment, our sexy fembot has to learn to clean up her clothes, crawl to the bed on all four, bend over and orgasm, say a lot more yes masters, masturbate and orgasm standing up with her big robot eyes wide open, repeat slow and monotone, salute, deactivate and so much more. Of course we all know that robots do not really have to breath, particularly during orgasms which is something, robot Savannah is just perfect at. Very intense training clip. Savannah's orgasms, her twitching and shaking little body, the intensity with which her hands claw into the bed, her robotic and mindless surrender are impossible to describe. Of course we have her snap out of it at the end and...




Savannah Costello Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I have not eaten yet

Suffering from short term memory loss, our girl believes to have just gotten here and that the session has just started. Of course, being professional and all, she is dressed appropriately for the occasion. Well, that is what she believes anyways and I am certainly the last person to tell her otherwise. We keep talking about the session and she keeps mentioning that she has no experience with what I do and that she might be a tough subject. Unexpectedly and out of the blue she goes down like a rock. Could it be that snapping my fingers took her out? Of course I have to check her out, move her limp body around like a rage doll and perform some eye checks. Nothing though, the girl seems out cold, limp and helpless.

After waking her up again, she does not seem to remember anything but I can not help but notice that she seems very confused, particularly about the fact that her breasts are hanging out. No problem girl, maybe we can get started with the session now? No, the second she tells me her name, she goes out again. More limp body play, some foot examination and the eye checks are needed, don't you think? Up again, she tries to explain the whole thing with the fact that she has not eaten all day. No, I don't think that is it, the second I mention....




Savannah Costello Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
This is called the 'sultry look'

The oh so professional fashion model and her slow descend into deep sleep.

There is too much happening in this next segment to describe it all. Savannah's futile fight to stay awake, her funny and somewhat confused explanations and excuses for her strange behavior, the way she is hit by an overwhelming tiredness and her final surrender to it, is absolutely hot to watch. Savannah has no clue as to why she can not seem to stay awake despite her efforts to first hide it and when that does not work, to fight it and when that does not work...... Once asleep the girl has to be moved, checked and played with. Did I mention the sleepy orgasm at the end? Oh well, she might not even have noticed that one anyways.



Savannah Costello Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
What's there to laugh about?

After a brief deepening, our sexy little super model wakes up again, still not remembering a thing. Of course she does not seem to believe that what I do would really work with her, after all, she has a strong mind. In fact, she seems a bit too serious for my taste and I decide to make her laugh. How would I do that? By snapping my fingers, of course. All of a sudden she feels tickled all over her body and feet. Does that throw her off a bit? Oh yes, but what really drives her nuts is the fact that it seems to arouse her. Savannah's body goes all over the bed and the disbelief in her big open eyes when she is all of a sudden hit by an orgasm, is indescribable.




Savannah Costello Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
You are one of those role players, aren't you?

Surgeon Generals Warning: Smoking may increase your risk of slow 'freeze attacks' which may lead to your body's inability to move. In rare cases, the inability to think has been reported as well.

Savannah, a beautiful escort, who somehow ends up in the wrong room with a guy who has no clue as to why she showed up, seems quite upset and unhappy about the fact that she might be losing out on her $1000 fee for the night. Believe it or not but that is how much she charges for her services. At first, she thinks that the guy is just messing with her and that he might be one of those role players. I think you know what I mean. Anyway, when he mentions that his budget is more like $150 she decides to call the agency for the right room number.

Unfortunately, the agency doesn't seem to pick up and now our little escort seems to get real nervous and tense. In fact she gets so tense that she asks me for one of my cigarettes. Of course, as we all know, I am a nice guy. In fact, I am even nice enough to let her know that my smokes are from overseas and that they could make her feel kind of heavy and somewhat immobilized. I don't think she really listened to that part of my warning. Sure enough, her little body starts to slowly freeze up while still trying to get a hold of the agency.

Of course she tries to explain the whole thing with her being nervous and tense and that a massage will take care of all that. This is really one of my hottest 'slow freeze' segments and the way Savannah slowly loses her ability to move and think as well as her trying to rationalize what is happening to her, is amazing. Of course once frozen, I have to mess with her a bit by removing some of the unnecessary clothes and what do you know, the second I let her become aware of all this, she starts to bitch. You owe me $1000 buster...Waving hands lead to more mindlessness and...




Savannah Costello Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh no, you don't owe me

Our little hooker is still completely mindless and frozen. Her wide open and blankly staring eyes leave no doubt that she is not really with us and I decide to have her mind come back so she can tell us how she feels. I am not so sure that this was one of my better ideas. Here we go again with "You owe me a thousand bucks" and "what are you doing"? I don't think that pulling down panties and bras should cost that much and come to think of it helping her to orgasm by holding a vibrator between her legs, makes her owe me. Don't you think? Enough fun for now.

Waving my hand in front of her eyes shuts her up in mid sentence and now she even takes off the rest of her clothes without me having to do or pay anything. I decide to put her on the bed, in the spread eagle position and to watch her mindlessly masturbate until she is really close to orgasm. Very intense mindless stares, BTW. All of a sudden her mind comes back and all she seems to want to do now, is to bring herself to orgasm.

Unfortunately, she is hit by another 'freeze attack' which makes it impossible for her to finish herself off. Again her stares and some brief eye rolls are too awesome to describe. Being the nice guy that I am, I unfreeze her again and let her get very close again but then all of a sudden.... Really intense freeze segment which by the way turned her on to the point where she...



Savannah Costello Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Maybe this gig isn't for me

I am your foot slave master

This next one is certainly not only for our feet lovers, there is plenty of zombie walk, yes master, slow and monotone repetitions, a very hot re-induction, empty stares, pantyhose play, feet induced orgasms as well as a very dramatic breath controlled wake up orgasm. Our little girl is made to believe that the session just started and when I mention that all my session include lots of foot play, she decides right then and there that this whole thing might not be for her. Well, the swinging watch takes care of her somewhat reluctant attitude. Her eyes follow the watch left, right, right, left, as she sinks into deep trance. "I am deeply h-notized master. After a zombie walk to the bed, all she can think of is to play with her feet and pussy. At some point the pantyhose come off, very slowly that is. As mentioned, lots of hot foot play, close ups, mindless stares and repetitions and more. More zombie walk towards the end, a sudden unexpected sleep trigger, eye checks and not to forget a very intense breath controlled wake up orgasm that takes her out.


Savannah Costello Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Bonjour monsieur

This week's fembot segment is all about Savannah, a beautiful French chamber maid who works at a somewhat futuristic single's vacation club. You know the kind of vacation club where everyone is beautiful, ready to screw and have fun, fun, fun. Who could blame me for thinking that my sexy chamber maid was also part of the "vacation package"? I mean everybody else, from the pool girl to the sexy yoga instructor seemed open to have fun. Unfortunately though, the poor thing had no clue as to what I was talking about. Her idea of servicing me, was to bring me fresh towels, soap and make my bed. What seems really strange was how she kept talking about not having the corresponding programs, particularly when it came to giving me a blowjob! What the hell was that supposed to mean, corresponding programs? Dam foreigners. Savannah is one of our most adorable and sexy Fembots. Be prepared for spectacular malfunctions, orgasms (even while malfunctioning), repairs and transformation scenes.






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