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Scarlet Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Female training - Step One - Impress your subject

Scarlet, sexy and naturally horny young brunet with a beautiful hard body loves to please and she wanted to come to see me so badly that even the terrible rain, tornados and the thunderstorms could not deter her from driving all the way to our studio. Wow, that sure sounds dramatic but it really was a nasty weather which you will hear in some of the clips. In fact I did try to cancel the shoot but she was already on the way and I am sure glad she made it. Now, being naturally pleasing and submissive does not necessarily mean she was an easy subject.

Why would that be, you might ask? Well, sometimes the girls try to please so badly that it makes them try too hard and in that case it is important to get them to relax and to guide their attention in a different direction first before taking control of them. You will know what I mean once you watch her clips. Did it take me long to get her where I needed her to be?

No, not at all... Did I use a lot of deepeners, reinforcements, triggers throughout the session? Yes, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun to watch her go deeper and deeper without even trying. To make a long story short, I am glad she made it in that day, despite all the obstacles and so was Scarlet because it turned into a life changing and definitely intense experience for both of us. Enjoy our sexy young and cute young girl’s journey into unknown bliss.

As you know, many of the girls, including Scarlet are nervous at first and a long balloon test often helps to make them already believe that there must be something to this whole hypnosis thing. I always like to watch their surprised faces when I tell them how long their arms were up in the air and how it would not be possible without what I just did. Lots of body movement, eye movement including twitches and more of your favorites.

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Scarlet Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Step two - Make them feel your control over their bodies

Learn to please because that is what you are here for

Taking control over the subject does not have to be forceful at all. In fact it is often more effective to make them give it up all by themselves. How do you do that? Try using lust, the need and desire to masturbate and the feeling of being helplessly touched and taken. Leading your subject into a sexual experience while using deepeners at the same time, makes them follow your suggestions, after all, who does not like to feel good. How do you know that it works? When you see them squirming and shaking, claw their hands into their thighs, slide off the couch, moan and groan and eventually repeat, “I have no control”.



Scarlet Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
step three - Empty out their minds

You are here to learn

Scarlet has been responding well to my training so far and now it is time to take her deeper even yet. I can feel that she wants to close her eyes as I have her stare at the watch and it takes the over and over repetition of the word, “submission” to finally take her deeper. Again, using her own lust is the key to get her to let go. Of course, it is equally important to let the subject feel who is in control of her body and with that, of her mind. Once empty and mindless, the subject can easily be orgasmed for as long as her trainer and master says, which again proves to the subject that you do in fact have control over her. How do you know it worked? When your subject ends up exhausted and ready for more deepening which eventually leaves her staring into nothingness. Don't stop there though. Now is the time for another round of intense orgasm control, meaning touch less orgasms on command. Intense stares, slow mind reduction, slow and monotone mantras, orgasm control, begging and some brief eye roles. It is really interesting to see how our sexy little girl transforms throughout the segment.



Scarlet Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step four - Make your female slave feel who is in control

I was born to be your love slave master

Placing the female subject on her knees and then make her crawl and bow while feeling helplessly fucked not only makes her understand where her place is but it also makes it clear who is in control of her every move. The slow repetition of a mantra like, “I was born to be your slave” or the words, “love slave” takes the subject deeper and prepares her for the instantaneous orgasm training at the snap of her master’s fingers. Long orgasms certainly prove to the female trainee that the amount of pleasure she is allowed to feel, here again, depends on her master’s mood and grace.

How do you know it worked? Watch their tight young bodies go into convulsions while listening to their first “Oh my Gods”. Another good indication for the surrender of the subject is when they start to scream, "You control me" over and over. Now is a good time to take the slave through another round of intense breath controlled orgasm training. It got a little intense and at some point I stumbled over the edge of the carpet. I tell you, the things that can happen when you get caught up in the action are amazing. Slow mind reduction and great close ups



Scarlet Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step five - Make your slave feel and know that they are here to obey and please only

Born to serve you master

This segment shows how, through the use of slow and intensified mind reduction, reaffirming mantras like “I am a mindless slave”, self inflicted and very arousing nipple pinching, orgasms on command, mindless moments as well as intense loud orgasms leads to the unconditional surrender of our female love slave. Watching your slave’s young body go into lustful convulsions or just mindlessly stand there as she repeats some of the mantras is always a wonderful feeling for the trainer and master. The perfect female training with intense mindless stares, zombie pose (arms out in front-hands down), orgasms, screaming as well as mindless silence.



Scarlet Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step six - Make the subject understand the power of Post Hypnotic suggestions

The vibration theory

Scarlet believes to be the talk show hostess of a nationally televised show which is all about strange occurrences and phenomenon from around the world. Tonight's discussion is about a recently discovered "tickle and sudden orgasm" epidemic which seems to affect mainly young women. Of course it would not be a talk show without any invited guests and tonight's guest is the leading expert on the above mentioned phenomenon.

Guess who that might be? OK, you guessed it. Anyway, Scarlet seems very interested in what I have to say but the idea that the strange occurrence might be caused by a slow frequency humming sound (kind of like a slow thrusting vibrator sound) seems too farfetched. It seems even stranger that the vibration might be enhanced by clothes which would explain why all the women who experienced the above mentioned occurrence ended up butt naked. We all know what happens next.

Naturally, she tries to hide the fact that she feels tickled but then the clothes come off and right back on as soon as I stop the vibrator. I keep playing with her by turning it on and off until she is not only confused and embarrassed but also a bit exhausted. Well, I know that was bad but now let's talk about the sudden orgasm attacks, shall we? Scarlet's comments, excuses and denials are priceless.



Scarlet Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step seven - Turn the subject into a willing foot slave

Our sexy little show hostess seems to remember very little about what just happened and she is very eager to talk about tonight's subject which is all about people's sexual fetishes. Being more the straight laced kind of women herself, she seems to have no compassion for people with, let's say, a foot fetish. The idea of turning somebody on with her feet or even worse, to feel turned on by somebody who wants to be close to her feet, seems strange. I mean, why would a woman use her feet to seduce a man and why would she suck and lick her own feet? Something like that could never make her orgasm because for that to happen she would have to be a foot slave, which she is not. I know the pictures for this clip show something very different from what I just described and I wonder what happened!




Scarlet Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step eight - Turn the subject into a mindlessly frozen mannequin

Our talk show host snaps out of it and she believes to be all by herself. Of course she seems a bit confused and the first thing she does, is to put on her clothes. I don't know what it is with the clothes thing, oh well. I give her time to get dressed and than walk into the room, well at least that is what she believes.

Anyway, the talk show goes on and this time we talk about another strange phenomena that seems to haunt young women in particular. It seems like that the above mentioned young women freeze up into immobilized statues or mannequins and that they often times seem to lose their ability to think during these freeze attacks. I know, sound pretty severe and being the expert on the subject, I offer her my scientific expertise which makes her laugh. I mean come on, Hypnosis based, what kind of joke is that.

Scarlet does not really have time to finish her sentence because all of a sudden she seems to be just sitting there while staring into lala land. Looks like it is time to have a closer look at her sexy little body and to remove some of those heavy clothes. Snapped out of it, Scarlet continues her sentence exactly from where she left of before she even realizes that her top is, let's say, out of place. Naturally that does case some awkward moment, given the fact that she feels a bit embarrassed. Still though, the hypnosis idea seems weird and not really possible. Let's try this again, honey. How does she end up with her and over her nose and mouth while being......




Scarlet Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step nine - Train your subject to helplessly orgasm while frozen

Scarlet seems quite aware of the fact that she is helplessly frozen which is even more so confusing and embarrassing because of the fact that all this happens to her on camera. Of course my idea that masturbation might help to relax her body to the point where she can move again particularly after having an orgasm, seems rather absurd. All of a sudden though, our horny TV personality feels the hand between her legs moving without her having any control over it. Of course the rest of her body is still immobilized which makes this all to crazy. I think it is understandable that she does not really want to orgasm in front of the audience which probably explains why she tries to fight her feelings of lust but unfortunately for her, the flesh is weak. Of course there is a lot more going on in this segment, like the mindless unaware....




Scarlet Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step ten - Train the subject to sleep, orgasm, freeze and undress at your command without even knowing it

OK, one last round of TV show fun. Our talk show host seems to be very opinionated when it comes to peoples sexual fetishes and no, they should never be a program about that on public television. She seems to be particularly adamant about the new sleeping fetish, which although enjoyed by many people should not be practiced. Well, I think in order for her to judge it, she should probably be given to opportunity to experience it first. Sure enough, Scarlet goes out like a light. Snapped out of it, scarlet continues her sentence as if nothing had happened and the fact that her clothes are a bit out of place, eludes her completely.

Again, she is ranting and raving about the whole sex on TV thing which, I think, calls for another round of sleep. Up and awake again, she seems just as oblivious as before and yes, the fact that her hand seems stuck in her pantyhose does make her apologize but still, no signs of her having learned anything. How did I get her to undress in front of everybody without realizing that it might be the wrong thing to do and why the hell does she freeze up again?



Scarlet Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step eleven - Teach your slave to never leave

I will mindlessly obey now, master

Scarlet believes to be my ex girlfriend who just stopped by the house to pick up some of her stuff. Of course she seems surprised when I suddenly barge into the room and the fact that I don't think what ever she is trying to pick up is really hers anyways, seems to her of. It almost feels like she is treating me like some pathetic loser and again, she makes it perfectly clear that the new guy she is seeing now, is so much better anyways. It sure looks like I have to use my pyramid crystal, which by the way, she always wanted to have, to take her slowly down into a more manageable state of mind, if you know what I mean. It does take a bit before her eyes are firmly clued to the object in front of her face and it takes some extensive training and deepeners but at the end the she is back in her place. Lot's of yes masters, mindless stripping, repetitions like, I am a mindless slave borne to be used and I am a love slave now, some vibrator masturbation and ....



Scarlet Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step twelve - Teach your slave that any attempt to resist is futile

This next segment is the continuation of the last segment. My horny little ex is pleasuring herself with a vibrator but I think it would be too gracious of me to allow her to orgasm already, after all, she has to learn to obey and surrender her will first. One of the more effective ways to train a slave is to put her on all four and make her feel helplessly fucked as she bows to her master. Of course putting her on her back and teaching her the art of the breath controlled orgasm while in orgasmic bliss, is just as effective to eventually break them in, so to speak. At some point, I had a feeling that my little girl was trying to resist which is something I really like, after all, victory as well as defeat can only come after resistance. Another effective way to teach a slave is to put them in the mindless sleep walking/zombie pose. Lots of yes masters, orgasm training repetitions and more of your favorites.



Scarlet Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Female training - step thirteen - Slaves are Robots by design

Oh my god, what he hell happened
Deactivate Scarlet

Scarlet's final segment is a hot obedient robot segment with lots of twists and unexpected turns. My sexy ex girlfriend snaps out of it again and believe it or not, she still bitches and wants to leave with all the stuff she came here for in the first place. Just to be fair, I do tell her that I like it much better when she is obedient and pleasing but of course she does not listen. Even my prophesy that she will soon be a mindlessly programmed Robot does not make her lighten up. OK well, have it your way, honey. Scarlet snaps at attention while saying, I am a robot, before she even knows what hits her. Of course, to make her transformation even more successful, I have to deactivate Scarlet first, meaning deactivate her personality, mind, will and thoughts. Great instantaneous transformation, yes masters galore, freezes, salutations, services (the return of my property) robot walk and, and, and...



Scarlet Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Android Doppelganger

I am programmed to take care of myself

I will never know how Scarlet O'Harris the most notorious female thief of the 21st century, not only managed to embezzle 2.3 billion dollars from the biggest drug dealer in the country but also managed to send her perfect android doppelganger to serve the 10 years prison sentence for her! I guess $ 2.3 billion can buy pretty much anything. I was the warden of the prison she was sent to at the time and; believe me I had no idea what was going on when I called her into my office.

Everything seemed fine at first but as soon as I tried to find out how she stole the money and where she kept it, her behavior changed. I know, it was not really my job to try to make her talk but to be honest, I really wanted to get my hands on that money and I thought that I might have a much better chance than the police, after all, I could have made her life in prison a living hell or a walk in the park.

Strangely enough, she did not seem interested in my, let's call it “protection”. In fact, she was sure that she could take care of herself thanks to her extensive martial art training. Better food and cigarettes did not seem to mean a thing to her either. In the middle of our conversation, she proceeded to casually take off her handcuff as if it was a bracelet, which made me quite nervous! Maybe, I should not have used the stun on her but as mentioned; I did not want to get my ass kicked by a woman.

Before long her true "personality" came out. I might be a bit slow but when someone malfunctions in front of me, I get it. Of course, her stuttering on about being a secret female android helped to clear things up as well. After tweaking her programming I did get her to think that she was a female escort who could solve all her problems by offering sex and other services. I thought that was kind of clever. I mean, why not enjoy some sex while checking her system for clues about the whereabouts of the money, besides a promiscuous sex toy is so much more manageable.

Well, it did sound like a good idea at the time. Did I find out where the money was and better yet, did I get some well (desperately) needed sex? Was it all worth it? I guess… but you have to be the judge of that.

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