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Scarlett DeMitro Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Good girls go deep

Scarlett DeMitro, super horny, naturally submissive curvy blond was extremely excited and ready to go the minute I explained to her what the session is all about. The idea to be rendered into a state which would allow her to let go of all her inhibitions and to be driven into blissful submission, was extremely appealing to her. A lot of the girls who come in for a session are somewhat submissive by nature which is why they would like to try it in the first place.

Well, Scarlet is certainly one of those girls but that does not mean that girls like her drop by themselves into blissful mindlessness and obedience. On the contrary, it takes a lot of strength and authority to place somebody like her into the desired state. What can I say, Scarlett turned out to be an amazingly good subject and I can truly say that her session is real and definitely exciting to the last minute.

After placing her into the desired state of mind, so to speak, I decided to play with her limp and sleepy body, move and pull her gently, perform some eye checks before....

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Scarlett DeMitro Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves don't have to be comfortable

As mentioned, Scarlett likes and needs it rough and as we all know, she came to the right place. First we hit her with a succession of orgasms on command. Her curvy body goes into lustful convulsions as soon as I use the "good little girl" trigger while taking all choice away from her. I can feel that all she wants, is to surrender and to be placed into a state of mindless obedience. Her eyes open and as suggested, it makes her drop again.

Time to drop her on her knees for more intensified training. Unable to stop her masturbation and equally unable to orgasm without my permission, Scarlett experiences her first taste of being an object under somebody's will and mind. Yes master, I am your horny slave. Once allowed to cum, Scarlett learns that I also decide over the length and intensity of her orgasms.

What can I say, the girl experiences her first marathon orgasm. Time to take it up a notch by disallowing her to touch herself while still feeling the same intense lust. Scarlett goes nuts and I decide to drop her even deeper, one snap at a time. Her eyes flicker and cross and she drops. Suddenly her hands feel tied up on her back while the rope around her neck.... Very intense start to the session and I am sure you will agree with me that our little girl is definitely a keeper.



Scarlett DeMitro Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am nothing without you master

Here we get to enjoy lots of hypo bondage while orgasmed by the thrusting Hitachi, begging, prolonged waiting before being allowed to orgasm, self inflicted nipple torture and orgasms, yes master, mindlessly being posed and manipulated, eye checks during orgasm and torn up pantyhose

Trying to squeeze all that is happening into the highlights above is not easy and it can, at best, only describe a small bit of what is going on. Scarlett is taken to intense sexual heights which make her scream and beg and then all taken back down into complete mindless stillness while she is posed and manipulated. At some point she admits that she had never cum this hard in her life. Her sweaty and very horny body quivers and shakes uncontrollably when she feels tormented (lustfully that is) by the thrusting Hitachi which she is made to feel between her legs. Scarlett goes so deep that there is no way for her to wake up from this by herself, even if the world around her was on fire. Too much to describe but definitely worth watching.



Scarlett DeMitro Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Your masters little doll

This next segment is all about feet, limp body manipulation and intense orgasm training.

Scarlet is still intensely aroused from the last segment. She keeps screaming, I surrender master, over and over until it makes her orgasm. Of course that is just warm up. Again, she is ordered to pleasure herself but this time she is made to feel her masters power by being put to sleep before she is allowed to climax. Scarlett drops like a rock and now I can take my time to slowly remove her shoes, cut her pantyhose, expose her bare feet and then play with her toes and so on. Really hot for everybody who like feet in combination with limp body manipulation.

Although she stays asleep, our little girl is slowly made to fee aroused again while her limp body and feet are manipulated until she is brought to orgasm again. Of course we are not done yet. Next she has to learn that she is no more than a sleepy doll which is only there to be played with. Did I mention the part where she poses her feet for us before being orgasmed by the...




Scarlett DeMitro Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your hypnoSlave master

I want my master to enjoy me,
I am your horny fuck toy

Mantras, zombie/sleepwalker pose, unbelievably intense breath controlled orgasm training that makes her pass out, crawling while repeating, I am your entranced slave master, begging, kneeling, bend over while being made to feel fucked and used (this one actually takes her over the edge) screaming hard wet orgasms and so much more.

As mentioned, this next segment takes her over the edge as she is driven into complete and unconditional surrender. Scarlett goes nuts when she is ordered to bend over while repeating, please master use me as you wish. Her hot body almost collapses a few times before she is actually allowed to pass out. I am cuming for you master. I don't think I have to say more here for you guys to see that this is another hot and super intense one.




Scarlett DeMitro Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
A different kind of wedding-night

Everything from slow entrancement, love slave training to limp body manipulation as well as some foot action

Scarlet, who believes to get married to a buddy of mine (in my house that is) does not seem to be thrilled about me interrupting her last minute preparations for the wedding. Needless to say that my strange offer to have a bit of, let's call it, extracurricular fun, meaning some hypno fun, before the big moment, makes her feel awkward and yes, a bit upset. Oh well honey, suite yourself. To make a long story short, I cannot resist a beautiful girl in wedding dress and before she really knows what's coming, she finds herself (reluctantly) staring into the revolving crystal.

 Despite her trying to resist it, she drops into mindless trance and it is just fun from here on out. Scarlet learns about the intensely bitter sweet pleasures of bondage, forced orgasm training, begging for permission to orgasm, crawling and more. In other words, Scarlet turns into an obedient and willing orgasm slave who loves to spank her own ass (red) to show her devotion and her need to be made a better little girl. After our girl has proven to be willing and obedient, she is put to sleep and I take my time to take off (slowly) her shoes and stockings and then pull her body all over. Lots of yes master and repetitions as well.




Scarlett DeMitro Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to be used

I think you need professional help.

Our horny young brides maid seems to have forgotten all of what had happened to her so far and again, she does not seem all to happy about my attempts to hit on her. What really drives her over the edge though is my comment that she would make a great addition to my "Robot collection".

Here again, who cares. The last thing she says before the transformation sets in, is something like, "I don't even want to deal with this on my wedding day". After that, it is all over and she has no chance against the "transformation" as well as "programming" process. Scarlet learns that she is just an object, just like the vibrator she is ordered to use to pleasure herself for us. In fact she goes to show us that even when the vibrator is mercilessly thrusting on her clit, she cannot even get aroused without me activating her arousal program. It is really hot to watch her trying to not get aroused before she was allowed to do so. You will know what I mean by this once you watch this. Great objectification/robot segment with lots of excitement, yes masters and more.




Scarlett DeMitro Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
My arm cramped up

I am stiff right now

This next segment is hilarious (thanks to her comments and excuses) very sexy and loaded with mind games and freeze fun all the way to the point where she puts herself out (with a little help)

Scarlet, who believes to be applying for the job of a babysitter at my house, seems quite interested in my mannequin collection. What seems to fascinate her the most is the fact that they all seem to have a big bust which kind of unusual for mannequins. Anyway, it is a long story and you will see all that once you watch this. Time to talk about her moral values, after all, she is here to watch my two sons. Needless to say, she goes on and on about the importance of moral standards blablabla.

Here we go. The second I excuse myself to go to the restroom, our curious young lady gets up and checks out the mannequin. Poor thing freezes up the second she touches one of her breasts. Oops, let's see what happens next. I cannot go into all the details but what follows is funny and hot. Of course my idea of help is not appreciated and my undressing her leads to even more, let's call it, complications. As mentioned, her comments and excuses are funny as he.. but they sure don't save her from... Towards the end, her hand (somehow) freezes over her mouth and nose and she has no choice than too slowly pa....


Scarlett DeMitro Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleepy mindless foot slave

Scarlet, who is still in lala land from the last segment does not seem to feel a thing when I slowly take of her shoes, cut and remove her pantyhose and then manipulate her limp body. I take my time to inspect and to play with her soft feet before slowly making her feel aroused again. Still under and limp, her little body starts to quiver and shake under my touch. Of course at some point we have her mindlessly offer us her feet while caressing them gently for all of us to enjoy. There is too much going on to describe it all but towards the end, I decide to let our young baby sitter become aware of her "actions" which leads to a great deal of embarrassment, excuses and...



Scarlett DeMitro Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I need to go home

Scarlet, our horny baby sitter, is more than apologetic and even more embarrassed about her recent behavior and now she really tries to convince me that this is not her usual self. She even offers to come back another day. I would have almost believed her if it was not for her (uncontrollable) laughing while telling me all this. Of course, despite what it looks like, she did not try to hit on me at all. Things get worse (for her) when she freezes up again. Luckily, she laughs about all this, well, sort of. I guess it is another one of those unexplainable "laughing attacks".

Why does she end up with a vibrator in her panties and exposed tits? You will know when you watch this. I tell you this much though, Scarlet experiences her first orgasm while being tickled. Thing get really confusing when she suddenly seems to believe that she is her to apply for the "love slave" position. Yes, you did read this right. Real fun clip with lots of freeze, tickle, waving hand tricks, mindlessness, excuses, mind games, unwanted orgasms and so much more.



Scarlett DeMitro Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Stop talking to me

For this last segment, I decided to send our sweet baby sitter through a different kind of he... This time she has to put up with her very persuasive and quite talkative pussy as well as her talking tits who seem to have an agenda of their own. Poor thing goes nuts trying to concentrate on all the conversations going on in her head. Her pussy wants to be "massaged" while her tits ask to be caressed. Needless to say, she tries to keep up with our conversation as well and she tries to explain her strange behavior as she yells at her pussy and tits to shut the f.. up. Things get even more bizarre when her misbehaving right hand starts to give in to her pussies demands to be pleasured. Poor thing goes nuts in this one and at the end, she cannot seem to stay away from her...



Scarlett DeMitro Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Secretary Lana: Congressman Smith Ms. Scarlett DeMitro from NoBot just arrived.

Congressman Smith: Please send her in, we might as well get this over with.

Congressman Smith: Afternoon Ms. DeMitro, it's a beautiful day isn't it, I trust you had no difficulty parking.

Scarlett: Please Congressman you can skip the small talk, this isn't a social call. As the official spokesperson for NoBot I represent the concerns of thousands of Americans.

Congressman Smith: Yes of course, what can I do for you?

Scarlett: We are calling for the ban , no we demand the ban of all domestic and service robots particularly the new AI series. You know the ones that are designed to be indistinguishable from human beings.

Congressman Smith: You can't be serious Ms. DeMitro, the manufacturing and distribution of AI units is a $40 billion a year industry.

Scarlett: Oh I assure you, we are very serious. We have collected over 1,000,000 signatures and we will not rest until these abomination are dismantled and turned into scrap.. They may look human, but I assure you these so called synthetic humans are a threat to humanity.

 Congressman Smith: Ms. DeMitro don't you think your demands are little extreme. There's never been a single documented case of an android harming a human. The consumer product safety board oversees the manufacturing and programming of all synthetics and would alert the public of any danger.

Scarlett: They don't have to attack anyone to cause harm, they're taking away jobs from human workers that can't hope to match the productivity of these damn machines. Have you seen the new so-called "domestic units" As if we don't know what they're really for.

These Sexbots are a perversion. How are real women supposed to compete with an entire production line supermodels programmed to cater to a man's every whim. It is the end of the American family as we know it.

Congressman Smith: Ms. DeMitro, I think your fears are unwarranted. The high-end androids that you are describing are luxury items that only a handful of very wealthy people could ever hope to afford. It seems unlikely that the widespread usage of sex bots as you call them, is likely to ever occur, yet alone reach epidemic proportions.

Scarlett: I don't see how you can just sit by in the face of such decadence. Surely you must see, how dangerous these robots are. As technology progresses they will become more and more affordable. Every man will opt for an obedient robot companion instead of a real woman….a real woman…real woman, woman, woman. These androids must be destroyed before its too late…..too late…..too late.

Congressman Smith: Ms. DeMitro, are you feeling alright.

Scarlett: Of course I'm, alright, why wouldn't I be alright? ………Can't you see Congressman?………the androids must be destroyed….. they must be de…de…destroyed………must be destroyed…

Congressman Smith: you sure as hell act like one!

Impossible…………I am Scarlett…I am not a machine…..

Congressman Smith: I hate to tell you, but I think you're malfunctioning!

Scarlett reaches down her blouse and fumbles to open a hidden access panel. With several sharp pulls, she finally manages to yank free a handful of wires. Her body spasms as she stumbles on stiff wobbly legs.

Congressman Smith: Scarlett, what are you doing?

Scarlett collapses to her knees and topples onto her side. She thrashes and jerks until she ends up on her back staring at the ceiling. Scarlett: I am...I am I am a perversion…………a perversion………….would you like to play with me!


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