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Scarlett Rose Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


First signs of submission

Scarlett Rose, drop gorgeous, insanely cute, bisexual seductress with the most perfect natural breasts I have seen in a very long time, was more than eager yet very nervous and I had to talk to her about the session for a bit before we could get started. Boy, I am glad it worked out. Scarlett has very little experience when it comes to being in front of the camera and usually, she only does girl/girl scenes.

Turned out, our sexy young girl is naturally submissive, seductive and fiery, cute beyond believe and most importantly, very horny. Of course being naturally submissive does not mean she did not put up a fight here or there but that only makes it so much more fun, don't you think? Did I mention her sexy accent and those very sensual cat like moves or her intense screaming hard orgasms? I could go on and on about how intense the session was but I think you better go and see for yourself.

Scarlett proofed right of the bat that she is very suggestible. Her hands were looked tied during the "magnetic hands test" and she could not open them despite her best efforts. Watching her beautiful eyes slowly close (with lots of flickering eyelids) is hot. Body language, twitches, close ups and more.

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Scarlett Rose Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I will now take you into a different world

The harder you try not to...the harder it will hit you!

Scarlet is slowly taken into one of her own very intense, erotic sexual fantasies. As soon as her conscious attention is captured by the sexual fantasy, the programming begins without her being able to think or to judge the suggestions. The trick to get to the subconscious, is to get around the conscious mind and then.... You will know what I mean once you watch this.

Scarlett's beautiful body starts to quiver and shake all over the couch, her legs spread wide and her hands see unable to stay away from her already wet pussy. The more she feels how her body and mind are slowly slipping under my control the more she starts to moan and groan until she eventually screams for lust. It is quite impossible to describe her cat like and very sensual moves as she becomes more and more aroused. I tell you, that girl is pure, raw sexual energy with just the right mix of sensuality. Feel that you body is under my control and that your orgasms are mine as all of your will has been removed. Very intense start of her training.



Scarlett Rose Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel how your masters thoughts take over

Scarlett's beautiful body goes into lustful confusions as I keep her cuming for as long as I please. She has to learn and feel that she has no more control over her thoughts, mind and body and that being a good little girl for me is "not" an option. Scarlett goes crazy and when I make her open her eyes, I can see how deeply entranced and horny she is. Open eyed orgasms and surrender do not come naturally and the subject has to be at a certain level of trance but once the subject is at that level of depth, it only makes it so much more intense. Looking the person who makes you orgasm in the eyes makes it impossible to not show your surrender and helplessness. Again, trying to describe the intensity of this segment is quite impossible.

Scarlett keeps repeating, I follow and obey, until she is orgasmed again. She starts calling me master which is always a sure sign of surrender. Now our little girl has to learn that there is no need to touch herself and that she can be orgasmed at will whenever I make her feel helplessly fucked. Of course that is all just warm up. Scarlett is put into the slave position on her knees and her mind is then slowly removed. She keeps repeating, my master makes me feel good, over and over. Her voice becomes slower and slower with each repetition. Now it is time for her to learn to orgasm at the snap of my fingers. More slow mantras like "I am an obedient slave, forced orgasms and lots of programming are still to come. Lots of yes masters, intense stares, slow mantras.



Scarlett Rose Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a slave under control

I am nothing more than a slave, I was born to serve you master

More slow mantras, yes masters, forced orgasms and unconditional surrender

The last clip description did get a bit long, so I will try to keep this one shorter. Scarletts's big dark eyes are mindlessly staring at the light on her forehead. All of her thoughts and will are removed, leaving her empty and ready for more programming. She keeps repeating the words "complete mindlessness " until she drifts into the abyss. Her hands go up to her perfect breasts and touching them for me, makes her feel fucked and taken. Her young body tarts to quiver and shake as she orgasms, simply by touching her breasts. I just love the power of suggestions. Repeating the mantra, I am an obedient little girl and you are my master, takes her even further down under my control.

The interesting thing about Scarlett is that she repeats many of my suggestions on her own, without me even mentioning it which clearly shows that she wants to show her submission. Again, she is orgasmed hard and at will before her remaining will and thoughts are removed. Her beautiful eyes stare at the watch, her arms are stretched out in front of her as she repeats, I am nothing more than a slave, use me as you wish. Too many intense stares, slow mantras, intense hard, loud orgasms, yes masters and begging to mention all of them.



Scarlett Rose Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
You are here to serve and to be enjoyed

Scarlett is made to believe that she is in a room surrounded by mirrors and that there are a bunch of men watching her from behind the mirrors. She cannot see who is watching her and my voice seems to come from the speakers on the wall. It has been made clear to her that her only purpose is to please and to seductively offer her beautiful young body to whoever wants her.

Scarlett is very sexual as well as sensual and the idea of being desired by men she does not even know and who might possible use her as they desire, seems to turn her on. She starts to dance and to seductively show off her beautiful body from every imaginable angle. Her hot cat like moves as she rolls around the couch, the way she touches her body as she offers herself to be used, cannot be described. Eventually, she brings herself to orgasm after being ordered to do so. Her body loses all strength and she slowly goes to the ground. Helpless and fully aware, she can see one of the men coming into the room and....... Really hot ending.



Scarlett Rose Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You have no defenses against these

Look at my breasts and.... Scarlett is made to believe that she is an undercover agent who has infiltrated my harem. She seems a bit surprised yet very self assured when I let her know that I am very suspicious of her and that, although she has not yet officially being initiated into my harem, her behavior seems odd, to say the least. Finally, she admits to being here to investigate and to eventually arrest me.

Wow, she has some kind of nerve, don't you think? Scarlett seems to have just the right weapon to take me in without using any force. You guessed it. She pulls out her beautiful breasts, with a triumphant smile, that is and tries to hypnotize me. Poor thing, before she even knows what hits her, she herself ends up in deep and very obedient trance. Scarlett keeps repeating, I am an obedient slave, over and over until she mindlessly stares into nothingness. Let's see how seductive and promiscuous my new slave is. Ordered to entice and seduce her master, Scarlett starts to seductively show me her beautiful body from every possible angle.

(Her seductive moves are not easy to describe) Looks like my little undercover agent is in need of an attitude adjustment and what better way is there than to make her "vibrator fuck" her wet pussy while repeating, I am nothing but an obedient slave. Needless to say, she is not allowed to orgasm. Slaves have to learn that the amount of pleasure they are allowed to feel is up to their master only. Of course there is a lot more going on and as usual, it is far too much to describe it all. Scarlett ends up kneeling on the bed with her arms stretched out in front of her as she is ordered to hold her breath until she ...

Many yes masters, slow repetitions, intense breast hypnosis during which I almost knocked over my tripod, denied orgasms and more.



Scarlett Rose Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
More harems girl training

Our sexy young undercover agent wakes up and believe it or not, she admits that she kind of enjoyed what just happened to her (horny little which is just the way I like it) but she still insists on leaving. Looks like she is over the whole trying to me thing and I cannot really blame her for that one. Needless to say, we cannot let that happen just yet. Does she believe me when I mention that she will not be able to leave do to a sudden tickle attack. Of course not but then again, 30 seconds later she rolls around the bed, begging and screaming for mercy. Sorry honey, you should have thought about that before I had to resort to more drastic measures.

 Could this be the end of her torture. Of course not. We have not even frozen and orgasmed her yet. Mindlessly frozen and helpless, my little girl just sits there, as she is staring into who knows where. At some point her mind comes back and now she calls me master without really knowing why. When asked whether she wants to experience an orgasm while frozen, our little girl says....?!

Guess what our horny little girl says or just go and watch the clip and find out for yourself. After holding her breath until she again, Scarlett is programmed to have no other desire than to be my harems slave for as long as I want her to.




Scarlett Rose Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you out of your firkin mind

Stars do not "DO" feet

Scarlett, who believes to be the star of a strip club, is called into the office by her manager. Somehow, she seems to feel that the guy wants something from her and that it cannot be any good. Why else would her call her into the office, right? With the business being slow and all, the guy thinks that a hot foot show would probably attract a lot of new customers to come in and to check out the club, after all, there are a lot of guys out there who would love to watch a girl mindlessly suck and lick her feet. Scarlett could NOT agree anymore than she already does. Discussed by his idea and the fact that he wants to teach her the ropes, so to speak, she tries to head out and that is when it happens.

The second she gets a glimpse of the "brain wave" manipulator, she stops in her tracks and despite her attempts to resist it, she drops under the evil managers control. Mindless and empty, she follows him to the bedroom with her arms stretched out in front of her...



Scarlett Rose Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you want to see how deep I can put my foot in my mouth master.

Mindlessly entranced, our sexy young dancer is now crazy about her feet. Watching her take of those little socks while slowly and sensually touching her feet is hot. She keeps saying, I am your foot slave, I will always obey you, while showing off her feet from every angle. Of course there is a lot of mindless, as well as aware and very sensual foot licking and sucking going on. Scarlett really loves her feet and the idea that she can turn her master on with them, drives her nuts. At some point she fucks herself with a vibrator while pinching her nipples with her toes. There is too much going on to describe it all, from mindless foot lust to slow and sensual foot play, licking, sucking and so much more. After a brief deepening towards the end Scarlett comes back and now she loves being a foot slave and to prove it, she wants to show me how deep she can swallow her feet. Really hot and intense.



Scarlett Rose Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I will not hurt much at all, honey

Scarlett, who believes to be my wife, wakes up not remembering why and when she went to sleep. It almost seems like she was or so. Of course, she has no explanation as to why she is wearing a strange costume until it finally dawns on her that I must have dressed her up while she was out. I think it is sexy, in fact it is so sexy that I want to play the robot game with her. You all know the obedient robot game, right? Needless to say, my wife hates role playing and as usual, she is not in the mood for sex. Looks like I have no other choice than to use the brain wave converter. Scarlett changes instantaneously before she even knows what hits her and the fun can begin. First we have to completely deactivate her mind and then activate the robot mode.

Scarlett snaps at attention, her body becomes ridged as her head slightly tilts. ( From what she told me afterwards, Scarlett really enjoyed this part of her session and she sure has the robot moves and monotone robot speech down) Of course there is a lot more to come. After deactivating more parts of her brain, robot Scarlett shows no more signs of resistance. She strips, spanks her own ass hard and masturbates while standing up in front of me.

 Suddenly, her body freezes up right before she can bring herself to orgasm and she just stands there as she is staring into absolute nothingness. Really hot to watch her like this. Still there is more to cum, oops, I mean come. Of course at some point she is snapped out of it again and it looks like my little wife still needs a bit more attitude adjustment.



Scarlett Rose Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
The nanny with a "hand problem "

What the hell is a hand problem, you might ask. Well, it is when one of your hands tries to desperately sabotage you during an interview.

Scarlett, who believes to be in the middle of an interview for the nanny position at my house, is all of a sudden by her own hand. The hand crabs and pulls her hair, reaches between her legs, pulls her ear, closes her mouth and nose, exposes her breasts and even spills water on her and that is not all. Of course she tries to get the dam hand under control but her other hand seems weaker and at times a bit rebellious as well. Listening to her excuses and or explanations as to what and why this is happening to her, is hilarious. Of course all this has nothing to do with hypnosis, which in her opinion does not work anyways.



Scarlett Rose Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The Nanny in even more trouble

This next segment is all about post hypnotic triggers. Scarlett wakes up a bit confused and slightly (to say the least) embarrassed and we start talking about the young ones she is supposed to watch when she all of a sudden jumps up and flashes her ass. Now that was embarrassing and sure inappropriate. Of course she tries to play it down but still, I am not sure whether she is morally fit enough for the job. All of a sudden the hand chimes in again and starts pulling her hair. Oh god, what's next?

Another trigger makes her expose her breast and yes, now she is really embarrassed but that is still nothing compared to the embarrassment she must be feeling when her rebellious hand masturbates her to orgasm right there in front of me. The dam hand keeps messing with her hair, mouth and nose, dumps water on her and so on. Can it get any worse? Oh yes, go and find out for yourself. Lot of different triggers which make her do all kinds of crazy stuff, the hand and more.



Scarlett Rose Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Another surprise birthday party gone wrong

Frank is hitting on his roommate’s Pleasurebot Scarlett, while she is upgrading her circuitry with several new processor chips. She reaches under her blouse and jerks free one of the old chips and quickly replaces it with a more advanced chip. She then yanks free the second old chip and is about to reach for the new chip Frank had just picked up for her.

Scarlett: “what was that”. Dan : That is the new chip I just bought for you and by the way, I need the money back as soon as possible. You my finances are a bit shaky

Kim: I know, I know but I need to finish my upgrade before Mike gets home. I cannot wait to surprise him on his birthday. You think he is going to like my new seduction program

She grabs the chip and reaches under her blouse to insert it into the now empty slot. As she presses the chip in her body joltz and stiffens. Her eyes widen as she lets out a gasp.

Scarlett: Warning electrical short in Scarlett unit…….Hardware Failure…… processor not responding….What’s happening to me? Why are you smiling…..its not funny! Oh my God you did something to my…my..my…processor.

Scarlett manages to get her hand back under blouse through a series of small jerking motions. Despite her clumsy movement she manages to grasp the damaged chip, yanking it free and tosses it to the floor. Scarlett staggers backward on wobbly legs before regaining her composure her head cocks to the side with a blank stare as she announces without emotion

Scarlett: Processor not found………. processing power has been diminished by 50%.” Scarlett snaps out of shaking her head as if she were a bit light headed. She regains her composure and stabs Frank with her icy stare. You slimy little weasel. I should have guessed. Scarlett: I told Mike you couldn’t be trusted, When he finds out you tried to sabotage me again you’re going to be looking for a new place to live. That chip was worth more than you make in a month. Frank: I’m doing him a favor, its not healthy spending every waking hour with some glorified windup doll. He should be getting out and meeting real girls, not screwing a clock radio in fuckme pumps.

Scarlet: Do I look like a clock radio, you’re just jealous, because you can’t afford me. You ruined everything, I was going to surprise Mike with my new seduction software. Now thanks to you I don’t have the processing power to run it. You better just accept that I…I…am ….I am …..…processing….processing….

Scarlett freezes up unable continue her tirade with only a single processor to run her complex personality program.

Scarlett: “I am Mike’s girlfriend so deal with it…..and another thing if you ever”........

Scarlett: “Boy are you gonna get it when Mike gets back. I can’t wait until he finds out…..finds out….out…out……….processing……..processsing…..What you………Oh . I better reinstall my original chip before I crash my system. You can just stand over there until I’m done, I’ve had enough of your mischief .

Scarlett reinserts the chip and again her body joltz and spasms as she clicks the chip into place. Scarlett: OH ……You trick…..trick….tricked me………must remove…..remove……before……I…..short…short circuit……short circuiting…………error….error….must remove processor…remove processor…..

She again clumsily reaches under her blouse and yanks free the damaged processor

Scarlett: Warning hardware not found………….electrical short in Scarlett……..in Scarlett……….I’m Scarlett…..Hi I’m Scarlett do you want to play with me.

Scarlett flashes her sweetest smile as she cocks her head and curtsies. Frank is floored by the change in her demeanor and cautiously replies

Frank: “uhm ya sure, I guess”.

Scarlett: Loading Seduction Program, …………program loading………………………………

Happy Birthday Sweetie…….I have a surprise for you. You’ll be so pleased with me. I upgraded myself just for you. I have all new processors, Sensor levels set to maximum…..sexual response set to maximum intensity. I am ready to be penetrated.

The above described is pretty close to how it all started but of course the story goes on from here. Desperate attempts to fix her, malfunctions, a lot of very sensual self-pleasuring and ......... Go see.


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