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Take a nice deep breath and forget all about the thunder

Selena, voluptuous brunet with a very healthy appetite for sex and pleasure, arrived about 3 hours later than we had agreed upon. The poor girl was stuck in a very nasty thunderstorm that seemed to have followed her along almost the entire trip. Luckily, Selena has a wonderful sunny and bright attitude and despite her troubles of getting here, she was in a great mood and told me right away that she could not wait to get started. S

he had no experience with what I do and quite honestly she was not all that convinced that it might work but the idea of letting herself go and just feel without any inhibitions and or choice, was certainly worth a try. Turned out that Selena was an excellent subject and I am sure you will all agree once you watch her clips. The minute I met her, I just knew that we would have a great time together and that it would turn into another one of my very intense sessions. The fact that Selena is not submissive by nature made it even more interesting. Selena certainly learned how sweet it is to give in to blissful and often mindless lust.

The thunderstorm was still roaring outside but Selena went out quickly. Her eyes started to flicker throughout the breathing exercise and I could feel her trying to stay awake as long as possible but we all know where that goes. Down, all the way down. Her voluptuous body kept sinking further and deeper into the chair and her head slowly dropped into a comfortable position.

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Selena Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
The deeper you go the more aroused you feel

�I am letting go of my will�, her first mantra takes her where I need her to be, deep and under my spell.

I keep suggesting that the deeper she goes the more uninhibited and aroused she will feel. Selena follows and her sexy voluptuous body starts to slowly but surely quiver and shake. I can see her getting warm and it is a question of time before she surrenders to her own lust and she lets herself go. She is now intensely horny and wet; her body goes all over the chair until she finally slips towards the floor.

I make her feel the most intense fucking she has ever done and I just know that she wants to cum very badly for me but that of course is way too early. The repetition of: �I let go of my will�, is starting to drive her up the wall. Selena wants to be a good girl so badly but she still has to wait for my permission to be finally allowed to orgasm. When I finally let her cum for me, Selena is hit by the most powerful series of orgasms she has ever experienced. Learning that the length and intensity of her orgasms is up to me; made the feeling of her surrender even more intense and sweet.



Selena Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Oh my god I am cumming!

More mantras and eye rolling, mindless surrender after futile attempts to...

Still excited and wet from the last segment, Selena continues to beg me to take her will which leads to several more hands free orgasms on my command. After that I have her take off her panties and masturbate the hell out of her wet pussy. Her eyes are wide open while she is staring at the mind removing wand. Despite her trying to hold on, I can feel her running empty. Her body is going into lustful convulsions the more she lets go. Still I have to repeat some commands.

Suddenly repetition of: �take my mind� seems to render her defenseless and all she wants to feel is her body and to be a good girl. It gets hot and very intense quickly. Her eyes are wide open: "Oh my god I am cumming", throughout her intense orgasm. Selena's eyes roll all the way back into her head while she is sliding off the couch. Amazing intensity, great close ups of her eyes and contracting pussy during her orgasms. Mindless, empty and in bliss...



Selena Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless, mindless, mindless......

Selena is a horny sweaty mess by now, her body which has already slipped of the couch is quivering and shaking. I have her pull down her bra and pinch her nipples. Somehow I could feel that she would enjoy that and sure enough the harder she pinches her own nipples the more she screams for lust. The mantra: �Mindless� drives her literally out of her mind: �I have no choice, I will obey you�. I keep intensifying the sensitivity of her breasts and Selena's lustful screams become even louder. All of a sudden she keeps repeating the word mindless on her own and it seems like she can not say it often enough. Her eyes go back and forth between rolling back and just mindlessly staring ahead and the repetitions become slower and more monotone. Very intense, amazing close ups and mindless, exhausted surrender.



Selena Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your slave, master

I start her training in this segment by putting her on her knees. Her wide open eyes stare into who knows where and the hand between her legs seems to have a mind of its own: �I am your slave master�. I take her even deeper and by the time I have her take off her dress, Selena is a horny beautiful shell of herself. The vibrator, I put between her legs is making her scream for lust again. She grabs her nipples and starts pinching them again, this time though without me saying anything. Her big natural breasts are jiggling while the rest of her body uncontrollably shivers and shakes. "I have no more mind", "I have no more will", "Thank you master".



Selena Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
New lip massager with side effects

After a brief well deserved rest, Selena wakes up not remembering what has happened so far. I was dying to use my new lipstick vibrator and Selena seemed the perfect candidate for my new experiment. Sure enough she sees it on the couch next to her and like most women, she is intrigued by it. When I tell her that it is actually a lip massager, she can not wait to try it out. The second it touches her lips it seems to all of a sudden be stuck and there is no way she can remove the lipstick vibrator.

The weird part about all this is that she feels the vibration right on the tip of her clit instead of on her lips. I can feel that it is slowly driving her nut but she tries to play it down. When I ask her whether she can feel it on her lips she says kind of, sort of. I guess she is still trying to hide the fact that she feels the vibrator on her clit rather than on her lips. Selena starts to squirm and she is obviously embarrassed about all this. Imagine how embarrassed and confused she feels when the little "lip massager" finally makes her helplessly orgasm. Fun segment, lots of embarrassment, excuses and finally an involuntary orgasm which she enjoyed by the way...



Selena Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Why, what is wrong with that?

After a brief deepening, Selena still has no clue as to what is going on. She opens her eyes and while we are casually talking, she pulls down her bra and takes off her panties. I guess somebody suggested that this might be the proper behavior? I wonder who, would do such a thing? Anyway, she does not seem to understand that this is not the proper behavior in front of a total stranger.

Using the little lipstick vibrator where it is supposed to be used, between her legs, seems to be another completely normal thing to do. As far as Selena is concerned, that is. I wonder who made her believe all that? Unfortunately the vibrator between her legs does not only seem to make her feel very aroused, it also makes her feel very sleepy. What do you think, will she be able to make herself orgasm before she falls asleep.

Being the nice guy that I am, I....




Selena Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Sir, you do not tell me what to do!

Selena believes to be an investigator who is looking for a missing jogger. I wonder whether she might be thinking of Jen. Anyway, like some cops, she comes across as intimidating and stern and when I tell her that the girl she is looking for has become my willing love slave, she demands to see her. Sure no problem. Selena's attention is drawn to the covered mirror in the room and she wants to know what it is. Honest as I am, I let her know that it is a mirror and that I would not recommend for her to look into it. You think she would listen but no, she gives me the, Sir you do not tell me what to do, crap. Have it your way. Sure enough, she uncovers the mirror and sinks deep, right in the middle of her rambling on and on. Mindless, empty and much more manageable my little cop is now ready for her training. Make me obedient master, I am a mindless slave. Bent over ass out forced orgasms, striping and helpless masturbation are just the warm up.




Selena Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Please tell me what to do

Selena's behavior has much improved by now and after some zombie walk with her arms stretched out in front of her while repeating mantras like, I am a mindless slave, she seems to improve even more. Time to put her on her knees and to take the rest of her mind. Selena's eyes are rolling back into the back of her head which seems to make her feel even more aroused. Her masturbation becomes even more intense while her mind and will is drained and her futile resistance comes to an end. She keeps repeating, I am a mindless slave, throughout her powerful orgasm and there is no doubt in my mind that that cop is mine. Very intense, rolling eyes and a very steamy surrender scene. The picture is a bit fuzzy here and there which might have been a problem with the tape I was using. Overall a great clip though.



Selena Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Does it bother you that I am naked, Mam?

Frozen day on the beach

Selena believes to be on the beach. She is suddenly confronted with a very disgruntled cop who is on her case for not being nude. Guess who the cop is? Selena becomes all apologetic and tries to explain that she had no idea that this is a nude beach. Sure, and I am supposed to believe that. You came here to look at naked people, Mam. Of course she is not the least bit offended by the cop's nakedness either. It is fun watching her trying to talk her way out of this one. Naturally, being all confused and apologetic, she agrees to take of her bikini off. This is probably a good time to freeze her mindlessly into place and play with her mouth by freezing her lollypop right into it. Of course we have to play with the rest of her body as well. I snap her out of it and now she is really confused. Selena freezes amazingly well.




Selena Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not Europe, Mam!

Selena snaps out of it again and this time she is the only one naked on the beach. Of course the cop has to give her a hard time about running around naked on a public beach. I mean after all, this is not Europe. Selena keeps apologizing and when I threaten her with an arrest, she really starts to freak out. Poor thing seems confused and more than embarrassed about all this. Now comes the part where I want to find out how far she would go to not get arrested. How about having her suck the lollipop as if she was giving me a blowjob, while she is pleasuring herself.

Selena sure knows how to suck dick. All of a sudden she is frozen again. First I let her be aware of it and that of course leads to some bitching on her part and honestly, I can not take that for too long. Blank and stiff again, Selena does not even realize that I am taking her top off again. Her eyes are tearing from being open for a while and when I snap her out of it she feels just as confused and embarrassed as she did earlier. Of course I have to give her a hard time again about being naked. Poor thing, let's have her go blank again. We all enjoy some blank zombie masturbation, now don't we? Great freezes, embarrassment, confusion and mindlessness.




Selena Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you really a cop ?

First we have her do a little more of the zombie masturbation and of course she snaps out of it again, right in the middle of her orgasm. Sorry about that. Here we go again, I am so sorry officer, I don't know what is happening to me. Again willing to do anything to avoid having to go to jail, Selena starts to masturbate for me again. Maybe I was pushing it a bit with that one. All of a sudden, she asks me whether I am really a cop. Well, maybe not but Selena never has a chance to find out. Frozen and mindless again, Selena's big eyes are staring into nothingness. The second I snap her out of it, she starts to scream, laugh and jump around. Looks like something or somebody is tickling her. That was fun, let's do that again but this time with a twist.




Selena Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny feet on the beach

Selena wakes up feeling all alone by herself. Irresistibly attracted by her own sexy feet, she starts to massage and play with them and it sure looks like she feels her foot play right in her pussy. Of course, having an orgasm on a public beach is more than enough reason for the cop to give her a hard time again. More apologies and embarrassment but still, it looks like she is unable to stay away from her horny feet.



Selena Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a very independent woman

Selena believes to be the sales rep for the local cable company and she tries her best to get me to switch to cable. To be honest, I could care less about switching cable but what I am really interested in is her. Of course that is something she is not interested in at all and when I mention that I like my girls to be obedient and well programmed little robots, my little sales rep is about to leave. I can not really have that happen, now can I ? One look at my new pen and it certainly seems like she is changing, I mean losing her mind. Slowly but surely Selena transforms and all she seems to know is that she is a very well programmed robot. A bit stiff but incredibly sexy, my new toy is now cleaning the couch and the floor. Much better, don't you think? Let's watch her bottomless, standing up masturbation while she is stating what a good robot she is. I can not seem to help it but towards the end, I just have to snap her out of it, just to enjoy her reaction to all this. Her reaction is not all that pretty and I decide to turn her back into my obedient robot and after playing with her a bit more it is time for her to deactivate herself.


Selena Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a bad girl, I have great references

At first Selena seemed to be the perfect candidate to rent my newly refurbished condo. She came prepared with references, financial history and what have you. Honestly though, the fact that she was single and very pretty made it even easier for me to give her the apartment, after all, I live right next door and who knows what might happen some time down the road. I am sure you are catching my drift. Anyway, where did things go wrong, you might ask.

The old lamp on the end table is to blame for that and yes I know I should have fixed it before anybody looked at the apartment. The second Selena saw the lamp, she fell in love with it and despite my warning, tried to switch it on. Ouch, that must have hurt! Despite her denial, her overall behavior started to change and she kept repeating herself all the time. Now that might not have been so bad but together with the occasional twitches and weird arm movements, it finally dawned on me that she might not be exactly what she pretended to be.

Watching her malfunction gave me mixed feelings, on one hand it made me feel confused but on the other hand it made me realize what I might be able to do with her after I had a chance to mess with her circuits a bit. I am sure you are catching my drift. Sure enough, transformed into a promiscuous escort, who happens to work for free, Selena becomes a lot more fun.






Selena Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a bad girl, please fuck me hard

It got hot and steamy towards the end of the last segment and escort Selena is in the middle of her masturbation when she suddenly begins to talk about the apartment again and her great references. On one hand she wants me to fuck her and on the other hand she does not seem to have a clue as to what she is doing. Another episode of her malfunctioning and another attempt to repair her later and my perfect sex toy is back. Let's try this again shall we? "I am your perfect sex toy, do with me as you wish". Why am I still trying to find a renter for my apartment? Well, you have to find on your own...



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